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Volume XVI Number 3.....MayMay/June

Anti-Christian religious teachings and perceived predatory practices by Jews in money-lending have resulted in outbreaks of anti-Jewish rebellion. Shown above is an 1899 illustration of one such incident that took place in Moravia.


Ancient Teachings
Still Prevail...


by Willis A. Carto

Jewish writer Samuel Roth's provocative 1934 work, Jews Must Live, candidly addressed the theme of Jewish notions of "chosenness" and "superiority" which had been consistently instilled into the thinking of the Jewish people throughout history. Roth described the nature of the Jewish religious teachings that were brought to him in his earliest years:

What the goyim [non-Jews] had was only a temporary possession which 'the stupid law of the gentiles was attempting to make permanent. Were not they, the Jews, God's chosen? Did not God mean in the very beginning that all the good things of the world should belong to His favorites?
It was the Jew's business to remember this at all times. Especially in his dealings with the goyim, It was practically a moral obligation on the part of every conscientious Jew to fool and cheat the goy wherever and whenever possible.
The impression that this arrangement made on me at that time was the world had been created by God for the habitation and prosperity of Israel. The rest of creation--cows, horses, nettles, oak trees, dung and goyim-were placed there for our, the
Jews', convenience or inconvenience, depending on God's good humor for the time being.
We despised the goy and we hated his religion. The goy, according to the stories crooned into the ears of the children, wantonly worshiped an unsightly creature called the yoisel -- and a dozen names too foul for repetition. The yoisel had once been a human being and a)ew. But one day he had gone out of his mind, and in that pitiably bewildered state, had announced that he was the Lord God Himself.

Roth describes that tale as "an extraordinary caricature of the founder of the opposing religion." And, course, the yoisel in that tale was Jesus Christ.

A rabbi is shown instructing a student in the philosophy of the Talmud, which is the real foundation of the Jewish religion and its guide toward Jewish attitudes directing the other peoples of the planet. In the Talmud can be gleaned the origin of what is today referred to as 'The New World Order."


WILLIS A. CARTO, is founder of The American Free Press and The Barnes Review.


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