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Pedro Varela, owner of Libraria Europa, arrested in Spain in April 2006 for providing books critical to the Jewish version of WWII history.

Editor's Note by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books


Nationalism is extremely alive and well today —that is, Jewish nationalism among Jews around the world. In fact, a highly authoritarian, warlike, deceptive, and criminal brand of Jewish nationalism called Zionism is widely promoted and accepted in America today. As Michael Collins Piper has documented in books such as Final Judgment, The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, and The GOLEM, this alien form of nationalism is usually diametrically opposed to American national interests.
Historical revisionism is also very much alive and well —that is, anything that apologizes for Zionism and magnifies public sympathy for all alleged Jewish suffering and persecution. This brand of revisionism has a strong criminal component, because it covers up Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination, 9-11, and other conspiracies.

Conversely, if one dares to seriously question Zionism, or engage in honest historical revisionism, the world can suddenly become a very different place. In fact, it can become very hostile and oppressive.
On a broader philosophical level, it almost goes without saying that white nationalism is currently heavily out of favor. The same can also apply to the viewpoints of libertarians who question abuses of central government power without specifically referring to the Jewish lobby or white nationalism.
However, we must not give up hope. One way to explain the reason for this hope is to use a stock market analogy.
When certain stock market sectors zoom to the stratosphere without any real earnings visibility, such as various "fluff" technology sectors in the late 1990's, that can be contrarian sign that too many euphoric people are already overly invested. There is very little new money to come in from the sidelines to push these speculative stocks any higher. Sane people should stay away. In fact, clever people may see this as a contrarian sign to now accumulate positions in the most out of favor sectors that may now present the best bargains.
History and societies are cyclical, just like stock market sectors. When the controlled national media has succeeded in saturating the public with a "happy-go-lucky," multi-racial, multi-cultural, internationalist, utopian mentality while at the same time that social, political, and economic fundamentals are deteriorating everywhere (please see my Critical Issues section), that can be a strong contrarian indicator for thinking individuals to start heading in the exact opposite philosophical direction from the mania and madness of the crowds.
It often feels coldest and darkest barely hours just before dawn. The suffering that the individuals depicted below have endured may in fact be a "bottoming out" contrarian indicator that the worst is soon to be over, and that white nationalism and honest historical revisionism are headed for a long upswing as the new winners. This is particularly true if we can maintain a free Internet.
Zionism has already had a very strong and spectacular run throughout most of the 20th century, just like the fluff stocks of the late 1990's stock market bubble. But it cannot go on forever, because it is an inherently nonproductive and destructive way of life. Israel simply cannot sustain itself without perpetual massive foreign aid, perpetual manufactured crises to sustain that aid, and perpetual promulgation of archaic and discredited religious fantasies. It is analogous to fluff stocks without any real earnings visibility.
In the long run all these things will crash. Always.
The following is an alphabetical list of activists who have paid a heavy personal price for their stand against the Orwellian New World Order. It barely scratches the tip of the iceberg of a very long list of patriots. I hope to add to this list over time.

Spokesman-Review caption: "Edgar Steele, attorney for Richard Butler, talks with the media outside the Kootenai County Courthouse in August 2000. (Liz Kishimoto / The Spokesman-Review)"

The Legal Terrorism Assault on Edgar Steele and His Family

There is very strong evidence that Edgar Steele was unjustly arrested and imprisoned on 11 June 2010 for his political views. He is a First Amendment lawyer with nationalist leanings who has dared to defend the "politically incorrect." There is also evidence that the ADL-FBI COINTELPRO was involved not only in the complete fabrication of a dialog in which Steele is purported to have arranged the murder-for-hire of his wife, but the FBI also knew about a pipe bomb fastened under the driver's seat of Mrs. Steele's car that might have killed her and many innocent bystanders while she was driving around with it for perhaps two-three weeks. Ms. Steele fortuitously discovered the bomb herself after her car was put on a rack at an oil change shop.
Edgar Steele was convicted on Thursday, 5 May 2011 based upon what I view as a frame-up. The following articles provide a good overview of the outrages committed against himself and his wife. He and his family need your donations and other support for his continued legal defense and appeals. Please see his official site at

2011-10-12 Framing Steele: A Case Study of Sovietized American "Justice" by William N. Grigg
2011-05-06 Edgar Steele Denied Defense, Framed on All Counts by James Buchanan
2011-03-21 Federal Fraud Apparent in Two Cases, But Will Courts Cover for the Feds? by Pat Shannan, American Free Press.
2011-01-23 Pastor Dan Johns interviews Cyndi Steele and her Lawyer Wesley Hoyt (transcript).
2010-12-06 Jamie Kelso interviews Cyndi Steele, her Lawyer Wesley Hoyt, and Roland Hinkson (transcript). Roland Hinkson is the father of David Hinkson, who also got railroaded and put away in a federal supermax prison. Attorney Wesley Hoyt sees similarities in the political frame-ups of both Steele and Hinkson.
2010-12-20 Wife of `Killer' Speaks; Cyndi Steele Goes Public; Says Her Husband Has Been Framed by Pat Shannan, American Free Press.
2010-10-22 The Frame-Up of Edgar Steele: Outrageous attempt to railroad truth-teller whom the liars don't like by This is a lengthy web page that covers important details of the frame-up, and is a recommended link at (Steele's official site).
2010-09-27 Requesting Help from Congressional Delegation by admin,
2010-09-20 Ed Steele's `Intended Victims' Thwart Accuser's Release by Pat Shannan, American Free Press.
2010-08-30 Black Ops Insiders Reveal Secrets by Pat Shannan, American Free Press
2010-08-02 Jailhouse Letter from Ed Steele Explains How He Was Framed by Pat Shannan, American Free Press.

Miscellaneous articles about judicial corruption

2011-03-21 Bad Prosecutors, Corrupt Judges Have Become the Norm by Jim Traficant

From American Free Press, April 20 & 27, 2009, p. 14

John Demjanjuk. According to Michael Collins Piper in "Frail Old Man Faces Bloodlust of Israeli Lobby:"

An 89-year-old retired Cleveland autoworker, Ukrainian immigrant John Demjanjuk is— yet again—facing deportation from the United States.
The government of occupied Germany has charged Demjanjuk, who became an American citizen in 1958, with 29,000 counts of being an accessory to murder. It’s alleged that Demjanjuk—who had been a member of the Soviet Army captured by the Germans during World War II—became a guard at the Sobibor work camp in Poland. There, it is said, Demjanjuk helped usher at least 29,000 to their executions.
On the face of it, the charge against the old man is fraudulent because reputable historians have refuted stories of such mass killing at Sobibor.
Despite Demjanjuk’s advanced age and multiple physical disorders including severe spinal, hip and leg pain, a bone marrow disorder, kidney disease, anemia, kidney stones, arthritis, gout and spinal deterioration, repeated efforts by his attorneys to stop his deportation have failed. So it is likely that Demjanjuk will be taken to Germany and tried for his alleged crimes and—considering the notoriously corrupt and venal nature of the courts in Germany—he will almost certainly be convicted and face the rest of his life in confinement.
This is not Demjanjuk’s first brush with legal terror. In 1981, Demjanjuk was stripped of his citizenship when the U.S. Justice Department claimed that he was an infamous Nazi guard known as “Ivan the Terrible” at the Treblinka work camp in Poland...

Interestingly enough, Demjanjuk's biggest political "crime" seems to be the fact that he just happens to be an old man that Jewish groups decided to railroad for political purposes, underscoring the point that in the long run, no one is safe if we do not stand up for our rights.

Chester Doles and two of his children

Chester Doles. Regarding his persecution, Hal Turner wrote:

"Chester is a good and decent White activist who was totally shafted by our Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG). He is in federal prison because the feds didn’t like him being an energetic and effective pro-white activist.
Many years ago, Chester had been in a fist fight with a guy in his home state of Georgia. He was found guilty and given Probation. Years later, the feds passed a law which says basically “Anyone who COULD HAVE BEEN sentenced to more than one year of jail for any violation of law, loses his right to own or possess firearms.”
Chester was NOT sentenced to such a jail term but COULD HAVE BEEN, so after a sleazeball FEDERAL INFORMANT named Luther Grey made allegations about Chester, the feds came calling at his home. They found Chester’s wife owned a perfectly legal, registered gun. They arrested Chester for being “a felon in possession of a firearm!.” Even though the gun was his wife’s, they said he had “access to it” and therefore was in violation of federal law! (That’s the level of shear bullshit the feds resort to in order to make life tough for anyone who is pro-White!)
When Chester was able to raise $75,000 to hire former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr as his attorney to fight the charge, the feds got really slimy and told Chester that unless he agreed to go to jail for 7 years, they would arrest his wife too! They would charge HER with allowing a felon access to a gun!!!! That would have left their twelve (12) children without parents. Chester took the deal so his wife and children could survive intact.

Please also see "The Chester Doles Sentencing Hearing: An Eyewitness Account."

Matt Hale
see "Railroading of Matt Hale" by Edgar Steele, Esq.

Henrik Holappa came to America on 11 July 2008 hoping to seek asylum from political persecution in Finland. Nearly five months after submitting his paperwork for political asylum --for which he got a receipt -- and after making a routine immigration court appearance, with another one scheduled for July 2009, the immigration authorities ambushed him on a country road north of Pittsburgh and put him in handcuffs an leg irons! They put him in a local county jail with hopes of ultimately deporting him back to Finland, where he could face 4.5 years in jail based upon his opinions. Apparently when he filed his asylum papers, the attorney failed to have him sign a certain block, causing a three day delay to get it corrected after the deadline. Normally this would be viewed as an extremely petty and inadvertent technicality that became moot once amended papers were promptly filed. The government ignores Mexican, black, and Jewish asylum seekers who have been in this country illegally for years, but this man is different. . Learn more about how an asylum-seeker got jailed for his opinions --in America!

Germar Rudolf In the Middle Ages the authorities tried to get you if you questioned whether the sun orbited around a flat earth. Now Jewish pressure groups and their front men try to lock people up if they question any articles of faith of the new religion of "Holocaustianity," also known as the "Holocaust Industry." Even if one happens to believe most of the orthodox Holocaust story, questioning any anomalies or particulars is still not permitted.
It is quite sad that this archaic witch-hunting is taking place in our so-called "modern" era. Rudolf was arrested in America while living with an American wife with whom he has had a child. He was deported back to Germany and is now in jail for his investigative journalism, technical research, and political views.
"The Holocaust" is the intellectual blackjack that the Jewish lobby uses along with charges of "anti-Semitism" to throw whites into paroxysms of fear, guilt, and self-hatred --and on a broader social level squash all forms of white nationalism while simultaneously cowing white political leaders into continually coughing up untold hundreds of billions of dollars of support for the Jewish state. As a psychological warfare weapon, it is arguably Israel's most potent weapon, perhaps even more so than its atomic bombs. And forget about the tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians who were mass-murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks (see The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution and Jewish Murderers Of The Russian Revolution videos below), or the in-excess-of thirty million white Americans who have been biologically replaced by illegal Mexican immigrants in the last few decades following immigration law changes in the mid-1960's sponsored by Jewish groups (see America: A Changing Country video below) or any other examples of hard or subtle anti-white gentile genocide --all that matters is Jewish suffering. Jews will hardly ever-- if never-- apologize to gentiles for acts of ugly anti-gentilism. Conversely, for some reason gentiles must always apologize to Jews for any real or perceived indications of "anti-Semitism."
Here is a novel idea: before gentiles make any more concessions to Jews, demand that Jews show us just a little bit of consideration in return!

Toben, Dr. Fredrick. Please see the 24 Oct 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast article "Orwellian Alert! British Crackdown Threatens Us All" by Maj William Fox, Dr. James Fetzer, and Capt Eric May. The article begins:

Dr. Fredrick Toben, an Australian citizen and historical revisionist scholar, was arrested and imprisoned while passing through London’s Heathrow Airport on Oct. 1. He was en route from the U.S. to Dubai. British authorities are trying to enforce an EU warrant issued by the German government that criminalizes anyone who publishes material online “of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature.”
Rev. Ted Pike, a major American pro-First Amendment activist, states in “Toben Grabbed: International Hate Laws Bite Down” that “Every American, especially Christians, should protest this outrageous attack on freedom of speech. Although most Americans do not think like Dr. Toben, his arrest is just a taste of what will come—for Americans like you and your family—if we do not defend freedom now.”
In his article “Extradition Will Make Dr. Toben a Martyr,” author Chris Huhne, British Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, may be squeamish about Toben’s ideas, but he at least stands like a man for his civil liberties. He stated: “Dr Toben is accused in Germany but his offence is to post on an Australian website. Germany has taken on itself the role of censor, because of the capacity to download content in Germany. It is hard to see where such an attempt to extend jurisdiction might end, or what its chilling effects on freedom of speech might ultimately be.”

Thanks to international public pressure, Dr. Toben was released from British jail and allowed to return to Australia. However, his troubles were hardly over. Hounded by the usual nasty Jewish groups down under and subjected to the same kinds of hate crime laws that their co-tribalists are furiously trying to implement in America, Toben's web site was shut down by court order, which among other things charged:.

On 17 September 2002 the Hon Justice Branson made a declaration and orders which had the effect of requiring the respondent, Dr Toben, deleting from a website which he controlled (the Adelaide Institute website) a document which was entitled “About the Adelaide Institute” and any further material which conveyed a number of imputations which offended, insulted or humiliated Jewish people for reason of their race. Justice Branson’s orders restrained Dr Toben from further publishing information which conveyed the following imputations: A. there is serious doubt that the Holocaust occurred; B. it is unlikely that there were homicidal gas chambers Auschwitz; C. Jewish people who are offended by and challenge Holocaust denial are of limited intelligence; D. some Jewish people, for improper purposes, including financial gain, have exaggerated the number of Jews killed during World War II and the circumstances in which they were killed.

According to the news clip below, Dr. Toben now faces substantial jail time and a fine in Australia for failing to censor his web site in order to adequately appease intolerant Jewish supremacist groups:




Topham, Arthur. The publisher of The Radical Press, got scheduled to appear before a Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) Tribunal in March 2009 on account of a complaint filed by Harry Abrams of the Canadian B'nai Brith about his Internet articles critical of Zionism. In Canada, a separate administrative system with punitive powers oversees "hate crime." This is over and above the normal civil court system that handles traditional libel and defamation suits. Incidentally, this is exactly what the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith is trying to set up in America with its proposed "hate crime" laws always popping up before Congress. Fortunately in America such laws that attempt to create centralized administrative control have been defeated so far. Conversely, in Canada today it is actually illegal to openly criticize homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, and other "federally protected groups" on pain of massive fines and imprisonment. I quote free speech activist Harmony Grant in my Lone Star Iconoclast article "Facing a Thought Crime Tribunal —North of the Border" who claimed that Canadian thought crime tribunals "had a perfect conviction rate up until June 27, 2008 when the CHRC finally dismissed a complaint against Maclean’s magazine for anti-Muslim hate speech." Please also see my article "In Defense of the Radical Press" and the Rev Ted Pike archive for more background on why we must stop the ADL's evil anti-free speech legislative initiatives at all costs.

Arthur Topham of Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Traficant, Congressman James A. See update article "Capitol Hill Hypocrisy" by Michael Collins Piper, who maintains that Traficant was completely framed on account of his principled stands for American interests against the Jewish Lobby and Israel. See also Mike Piper's book Target Traficant, Traficant's June 4, 2003 letter, and his personal site with articles and art work. He is currently serving out a nine year prison sentence. He refuses to confess to crimes that he did not commit, and therefore is not eligible for early release.


Shaun Walker and his wife Cindy prior to Kangaroo court

Shaun Walker, As a consequence of getting into some kind of altercation with nonwhites in a bar in Utah, which apparently caused bruised egos but not bruised bodies, the Feds keel-hauled former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker and former Alliance member Travis Massey. See Honor and the Railroading of Shaun Walker, American Dissident Voices, May 5, 2007, by Chairman Erich Gliebe.
Gliebe noted that "Walker and Massey were convicted of both charges against them: conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, and interference with a federally protected activity. Each charge carries with it a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. The sentencing is scheduled for later this summer." According to the Wikipedia article on Shaun Walker, on August 13, 2007 he was sentenced to 87 months in prison.
At a white nationalist web site, Shaun Walker's wife commented:

I'm saddened to have to set the record straight ... our OWN people don't even have the facts straight.
Let me say unequivocally — Shaun Walker WAS NOT in a bar fight. Keith Cotter and Brad Callahan LIED on the stand to save their skin. There WAS NO conspiracy. If you are truly interested in the case, don't read newspaper accounts — read court transcripts. You will see how unbelievable this case is. ZOG wanted them to plea bargain and show remorse for crimes they didn't commit — they all 3 kept their honor and integrity — they did not BOW DOWN, roll on each other or confess to crimes they didn't commit.
Shaun, Travis and Eric had been handed down gag orders and are now in the appeal process. They are unable to set the records straight.
Eric and Travis are still in the Salt Lake City County jail. I'm sure they would appreciate funds in their commissary and/or letters of encouragement.
No good can be had for being judgmental and/or perpetuating bad information for our "OWN".
Mrs. Walker

Just below this post, "Anchorage Activist" commented:

If what Mrs. Walker asserts is true, then that might immediately explain why the victims never pressed state charges and why the State of Utah never filed charges. You can't file charges unless there is a crime.
The implications of this are positively chilling. This means Keith Cotter made up a complete cock-and-bull story to save his own ass. This means Brad Callahan needlessly corroborated Cotter's story (and why would Callahan do this - he wasn't being charged with anything - he had to legal incentive to roll over on the Shaun Walker Trio). And this means the Federal prosecutors were either incredibly negligent in failing to check up on Cotter's story, or they deliberately chose not to cross-check Cotter's story and prosecuted anyway. If the latter is the case, then the Feds conspired with a snitch to put an innocent man away.
I can understand why, in her present distraught state of mind, Mrs. Walker would mildly take the pro-white movement to task for "not having our facts straight". But the information the media provided was all we had. The gag order imposed on the defendants, while originally intended to reduce the possibility of jury subornation, also denied the defendants the opportunity to make their case to the public. It would have been helpful had Mrs. Walker posted her information much earlier, then the rest of us could have spread her input far and wide as well. There's no way any pro-white blogger could have proclaimed Shaun Walker's complete innocence, based upon the information publicly available, without anything tangible to back it up.

Please visit the web page "The Truth" posted by the wife of Shaun Walker for more information.
There is a huge irony involved here, as the late libertarian Harry Browne pointed out in his classic work Why Government Doesn't Work. He pointed out that government programs typically have unintended consequences that are the exact opposite of what was officially intended when the legislation was passed. The federal prosecutors and agents involved in going after Walker and Massey might get more notches in their gun stocks for self-promotional purposes within the Federal bureaucracy, and another "atta boy" from sinister organizations such as the ADL who have achieved cozy relationships with Federal agencies, (please see the Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant Articles Archive about ADL aggression against the First Amendment and also about Federal efforts to encroach on local police departments), but to the average white American, this case dramatizes how contact with nonwhites per se can dramatically increase the risks of getting framed and railroaded if anything adverse should take place. This kind of extremely heavy-handed punitive behavior is likely to increase de facto white avoidance of nonwhites and self-segregation, and not encourage more integration. In addition, the FBI and ATF depend heavily on leads from common citizens to solve crime problems. However, this kind of heavy-handed behavior involving political dissidents, lumped in with other disasters for civil liberties such as at Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, Real ID, etc., may increase the risk that the general population will be less inclined to volunteer information or get in any way involved with federal agents. Among other things, people will be concerned that if they file complaints, the authorities will then find some little thing wrong with them rather than the people they are complaining about. Rather than live up to Western concepts of "republican virtue" (please see my discussion of "republican virtue" in the "mutualism" part of my mutualism vs. parasitism discussion), Americans will tend to act more like the Chinese portrayed in Ways That Are Dark, with the attitude, "The nail that stands up gets hammered."
Therefore, even if the FBI "wins" on the "front end" by going after political dissidents, it may lose on the "back end" by getting reduced cooperation from the general population. On the back end it also destroys the "counter predators" required to keep Zionist tyranny and unlimited Federal government "predators" in check, thereby accelerating the demise of America as a viable, innovative society with rational institutions.

Ernst Zundel and his wife, Ingrid Rimland

Ernst Zundel The German citizen, who was living in Tennessee with his U.S. citizen wife, was arrested by police and deported to Canada, and then subsequently on to Germany were he was sentenced to five years in prison for daring to defy Holocaust propaganda. Yet another martyr before the new secular state religion of Holocaustianity.

Suppressed First Amendment Rights

The initial effort by leading European American and white civil rights activists to hold a conference in Memphis, Tennessee on 7-9 Nov 2008 was thwarted by both general bomb threats and specific threats on the lives of the hotel general manager hosting the event and his family. Undaunted, the patriots were able to successfully hold their conference at a different location, but only after speaker Dr. David Duke was evicted from a second hotel room for the bogus reason of being labeled a "security risk." Imagine the screams of national media indignation reverberating across our land if this kind of treatment had been inflicted on any Jewish, African-American, or Mexican American organizations or leaders? Worse yet, national media either ignored the story or completely twisted it. Read more about the conference in "Euphoric Conference Held Against All Odds!" by Memphis-based talk show host James Edwards. Left to right in photo above: Henrik Holappa (Finnish activist), John de Nugent, Paul Fromm, Dr. David Duke, Mosha Galshenko (Russian author), Knud Erickson (Danish activist), James Edwards, Derek Black, Don Black. See also the Euro 2008 Conference thread here.

Released Political Prisoners:

David Irving, famous British historian, was imprisoned for thirteen months in Austria for comments he made regarding Holocaust revisionism approximately sixteen years earlier. He was finally released in December 2006 without being forced to serve his full three year thought crime sentence.

Kevin Alfred Strom: (See his author archive). A brilliant writer and understudy of the late Dr. William Pierce and Dr. Revilo Oliver, he has been afflicted with two disastrous marriages while trying to raise three children and deal with the extreme stresses of championing the white racial nationalist cause while at the same time supported by only limited financial means.
It is clear from the writings of his first wife, Kirsten Helene Kaiser, as well news reports of statements made by his second wife Elisha Strom, that Kevin Strom has been married to two women who (a) are not on his intellectual level and who completely fail to appreciate the gravity of his cause that opposes genocide of whites (b) they are completely incapable of relating to him or supporting him on a deep emotional level (c) they have a very limited capacity to endure prolonged situational stress and (d) both of them have been all too willing to ally themselves with his worst political enemies.
It is hard enough to keep marriage together today without being a white nationalist activist, in fact, according to some statistics, about 50% of marriages in America today end in divorce. Imagine how much harder it is to have a stable marriage when one is in a high profile position constantly fighting Jewish and Federal supremacists, and one has very limited financial means to boot.
Thrown in jail in Jan 2007 on pedophilia charges, a trial in Oct 2007 found no evidence that Strom has ever engaged in any overt form of criminal behavior towards any child. The charges were thrown out. However, rather than go through another trial in Jan 2008 on multiple charges of "receiving" and "possession" of child pornography on his computer hard drive, Strom accepted a plea bargain deal to get multiplied charges dropped in return for pleading guilty to one count.
This count of "possession" involves what some libertarians might call a "victimless" crime since even if the charges were true, there was still no evidence that Strom ever paid for, promoted, or distributed such material. He operated purely within the privacy of his own home, and the alleged materials were probably downloaded for free. If his wife Elisha had not raised hell over this issue in the midst of a messy and acrimonious divorce proceeding, it is very unlikely that anyone else would have ever known or cared about any of this.
After reviewing the evidence, one is left with the impression that if Kevin Strom was simply an ordinary prole, and certainly not a high profile white nationalist political activist, probably the worst that could have happened to him would have been some form of mandatory personal and marital counseling, but certainly not jail time for over a year and a half.
Please see additional details on the Kevin Strom case in his author archive. I note that "If you want to see what groups like the ADL and their corrupt Federal collaborators really fear, please take a look at the articles archived in this section (which are purely political and have nothing to do with pornography). They fear how these kinds of articles may help Americans do a better job of thinking for themselves. In truth, most of these crooks could care less about what Kevin Strom looks at when he gets sexually aroused in the privacy of his own home. You certainly do not see the ADL protest tolerance of pedophilia in the Talmud or Jewish leadership of the pornography industry in America. It is all part of just one big cynical game for to them to score political correctness points, manipulate appearances, and aggrandize their own special privileges at the expense of the diminishing Constitutional rights and declining welfare of Americans at large."

Back cover of Randy Weaver's book The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge

Randy Weaver. A white separatist and former Green Beret who only wanted to be left alone at his home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho with his family. Wikipedia describes how the government tried to entrap him to snitch on fellow white separatists:

"Randy Weaver had been claimed by the Federal government to have attended the Aryan Nations church and to have been to a rally held by the same group. Weaver was approached and asked to inform, a request he declined. Weaver was then approached at an Aryan Nations rally by an undercover ATF agent Kenneth Faderley (masquerading as a biker named Gus Magisono) wishing to buy some sawed-off shotguns. Weaver supplied shotguns to Faderley/Magisono however he claims to have supplied full-length weapons and told Faderley/Magisono to shorten them himself, whereas the ATF maintain the weapons received by their agent were illegally shortened when said agent received them. Another account states that Weaver shortened them in front of the undercover ATF agent, to his requested length, and they were only slightly shorter than legally permitted. Weaver was then approached by ATF agents and told that they had evidence of his possession and sale of illegal weapons, and offering to drop the charges in return for his co-operation in infiltrating the Aryan Nations. Weaver refused. Weaver was not a member of Aryan Nations. He was initially arrested by ATF agents on minor charges[2] relating to transfer of a short-barreled shotgun without a license in January 1991."

Randy Weaver's courageous stand against Federal tyranny came at the terrible cost of the lives of his wife Vickie and son Sam. However, he also gave Orwellian government a bloody nose in return. He made the public aware of his persecution, and recovered some damages through civil suits.
We would be only that much further down the primrose path of the police state if courageous patriots like himself did not take a stand.
Please see his two books: The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge and Vicki, Sam & America - How the Government Killed all Three.

Foreign Nationalists and other Dissidents

Hendrik Moebus. Rock musician and German citizen imprisoned in America for allegedly making inflammatory political statements while on parole for murder of a nonwhite in Germany. See the Free Hendrik Moebus web site.

Syvlia Stolz:
According to "Sylvia Stolz's Last Words In Court" at Twin Cities Indymedia: "German Patriot Defence Lawyer Sylvia Stolz was sentenced to 3 and-a-half years in prison and disbarred for 5 years - such is freedom in 'democratic' Germany. Below Sylvia's comments to the court. She says the Court is perverting and repressing the truth with the cudgel of `Holocaust,' making a mockery of justice. Her trial has made clear the criminal absurdity of prosecuting `Holocaust Denial.' How can one deny something that never existed? She says these entire proceedings began as a show trial in a kangaroo court and never progressed beyond that point. The main proceedings were projected with smoke and mirrors and the official fairy tale of `Holocaust' was enforced by undisguised force. She observes that the political intent of the Court is the ultimate eradication of the German Nation and its replacement by a mongrelized and deculturated population of mindless consumers."

Pedro Varela:
In April 2006 he was arrested by Spanish police. David Duke commented: "A staunch and courageous Pedro Varela shown handcuffed and taken away by Spanish Thought Police! [See illustration at top of this web page]. What was his crime? Publishing books with a politically incorrect opinion, that’s what. In a Spain where sick pornographers are free to publish videos of films of unspeakably degraded women, you cannot publish a book that dares to expose the extremist, Jewish supremacists who push for war with Iran and support the Israeli criminal state! Police say they confiscated 5000 books. That’s B O O K S, my friends, not bombs, and they are books that don’t condone any violence or terrorism such as the popular Hollywood film, V is for Vendetta."
However, some progress is being made. See also the Nov 2007 article "Spain Abolishes Thought Crime Law - Withdraws from Germany’s Holocaust Persecution Alliance."

...That white nationalists are trying to prevent

Central Asia-The Death of Beauty

This video describes how Nordic whites who originated in Central
Asia were massively exterminated by invading Mongols


The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution

How Jews created murderous, Orwellian hell in a great white country.


Jewish Murderers Of The Russian Revolution

Notes from the YouTube description:
Jewish Murderers Of The Russian Revolution: The third Revolution was the Bolshevik uprising in Russia, of which this treatise focuses. The Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Jewish bankers, led by Jacob H Schiff of the Jewish Banking house, Kuhn, Loeb Co. Jews gained prominent roles in the Soviet government.
IN THE DARK NIGHT OF JULY 16 1918, Tzar Nicholas II and his pious Christian family were shot and bayoneted in cold blood by these Cheka Jews: 1. Jacob Yurovksy, a Jewish Czech 2. Sergei Medvedjev 3. Lev Nikulin, a Jewish Czech 4. Peter Yermakov 5. Fyodor Vaganov, a New York Jew 6. Jacob Sverdlov, (Yankel Solomon), the first President of the Soviet Union. He gave the order to murder the Royal Family. Sverdlov began his Anti Christian career when he joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in 1902. *** This was the beginning of the wholesale slaughter of over 8,000,000 Russian Orthodox Christians from 1918 through 1943.
Stalin is century's bloodiest figure "Kaganovitch and many senior OGPU officers (later, NKVD) were Jewish. The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders.."
Amschel Rothschild finances the Bolshevik revolution. The three Jews Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin kill over twenty million Russians who were opposing the Jewish swindle. Russian artists, teachers, intellectuals, leaders are imprisoned and sent to the Gulags. In 1933 -34 the Ukraine farmers refused to turn their land over to the communists and Stalin confiscated their crops and starved seven million to death.
The Gulags is where fifty million white Christians were sent if they opposed the Bolshevik/Communist/Jewish swindle called Communism. In 1917 Lenin lead the revolution of the peasants against the Czar, and then they raped Russia till this day. Jewish Talmud is the source for communism
In 1869, Jacob Brafmann, a Jewish convert to Christianity published a book in Russian about the Jewish communal organization, "The Kahal" which suggests that organized Jewry indeed was conspiring against the Gentile population. Fifty years after "The Kahal" was published, Christian Russian civilization was brutally destroyed by the Bolshevik Revolution which was a front for the Jewish bankers.
"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer."
What World-famous Men have said About the Jews The Jews are the only people in the world who have found hostility in every country in which they settled in any numbers. The big question is — WHY?


America A Changing Country

An outstanding analysis narrated by the late Dr. William Pierce shortly before his death in 2002. This documentary explains how America is steadily declining before a human tsunami of Third World invaders. He also describes the fifth columnists who are selling out this country. Over 30 million white Americans, have been biologically replaced by illegal alien Mexican immigrants in the last decade. The Jewish-controlled national media continues to replace any form of White Anglo-Saxon culture with Jewish-Afro-Mexican-Third World culture. All of this constitutes forms of both physical as well as cultural genocide of American whites. The white middle class is dropping by about 1-2% of the total population every year, and is probably on track to become a minority in as little as 15-25 years. (See Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America). This is a demographic and sociopolitical disaster, which if not reversed, will condemn America to either become a forever stagnant consolidated Third World country like Brazil or else break apart in a desperate effort to recapture white sovereignty in a least some geographic areas. .

Depleted Uranium: The Invisible War part 1

Over a million people have already suffered permanent genetic damage, disabilities, and shortened life spans as a consequence of one of the greatest environmental disasters and war crimes in history perpetrated by the U.S. government and its Zionist masters. Excellent seven part series with footage of Dr. Rokke and many other important experts, witnesses, and victims; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7. Includes not only documentation of only mass casualties, but also U.S. Government cover-up. Produced by French company Canal Plus and released in February 2000. It investigates the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions by UN and NATO forces — in particular the US — in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991, Bosnia in 1995, and Serbia and Kosova in 1999.


Europeans in America, Part 1

There is now overwhelming evidence that Europeans were in America first at least 2,000 years before American Indians. This suggests that Europeans were probably genocided by Mongoloid invaders. See also Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7a, Part 7b, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18a, Part 18b, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22.


Armenian Genocide

One of the risks of becoming a minority --which is where America's declining white middle class population is headed within a few decades-- is that the risks rise that one can become a target of genocide like the Armenians. Other examples in which white minorities have been genocided include the French Revolution in Haiti of the late 18th-early 19th century where blacks genocided not only all the whites, but all mulattoes, and the more recent genocides of whites in the former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and the genocide taking place right now of the dwindling white population in South Africa, which foolishly gave up the reins of top political power in the early 1990's.

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2010-08-24 French revisionist imprisoned for writings by Paul-Eric Blanrue, "In France, a writer, father of eight, is in prison for his historical research. And the so-called free press says nothing about it!"



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