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27. Why have white conservatives been so ineffective in America?
  One perspective on an ethical issue:  

An opposing perspective on the same ethical issue:
Conservatives wisely pull punches be-  
They are too focused on limited issues
cause white nationalism is untenable    
rather than restoring full white sovereignty
They wisely support Zionism over  
Too many are weaklings who allow Jews
their own interests to remain "moral"  
to saddle them with Holocaust guilt
They benefit from "diversity" by en-  
They have been infiltrated by Judas Goats
  listing former Trotskyite neo-con Jews    
Also, wealthy whites have been apathetic

Sample argument: Ever since the end of World War II, the unwritten rule among New World Order globalists has generally been "the white man shall not win any more wars against nonwhites." Therefore, the French had to lose in Algeria and Indochina, Britain lost India, Aden, Kenya, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other colonies, whites lost self-rule in Rhodesia, and South Africa, and America fought no-win wars in Korea and lost in Vietnam. In 1999 America's Jewish General Wesley Clark commented about the Balkan wars: "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states." Therefore conservatives must stay with the trend and not buck it, regardless of the likely horrific long term consequences for white survival. Since Zionist neo-cons were powerful enough to drag America into the Iraqi War (see High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper), and because they are also supported by major Zionist national media control (see The New Jerusalem by MCP), any form of direct protest or other resistance must be futile. Therefore, capitulate. Realize that Zionist financial might always makes right. If you cannot beat them, join them. In contrast to traditional American values favoring respect for private property, limited government, and avoidance of aggressive war, ally yourself with former Trotskyite Jews who call themselves "neo-cons." Go ahead and support global militarism, aggressive foreign wars, spendthrift ever-expanding big government, affirmative action, out of control Third world immigration, and white dispossession. Ever since the War Between the States, American "conservatism" has been a pathetic rearguard action, generally adopting whatever positions constituted "liberalism" twenty years before. You must always allow conservatism to become ever more limited in the issues it addresses. You should accept the way it becomes increasingly contradictory and ridiculous relative to original traditional American conservative values. Don't even warn fellow Americans about the coming economic collapse if this risks making anyone feel non-kosher.

. . .

Sample argument: One of the biggest problems with conservatives in America today is that they tend to focus on limited issues such as busing, school prayer, and abortion to the exclusion of a much bigger picture. After these activists make noise on certain issues, they then tend to call it quits. Instead of this, the ultimate goal of conservatism should be to perfect the popular sovereignty of ones own people, even if this means forming a nation within a nation. One may even need to be prepared to form a separate nation or launch paramilitary counter strikes in retaliation for unavenged acts of violence against ones own people. The fulfillment of vital nationalist objectives may require one to risk his life as well as expend time and money, since he may have to defend his group against militant predatory or parasitic hegemony by other groups. This is what it means to be a real "working conservative." Even if one is in a job situation where it is impractical to be an openly militant nationalist, one should at least be providing proxy support to those who can better afford to come out in the open. Someone has to explicitly educate ones own people. Anything short of this is betrayal and decadence. A major reason why America is in such sad shape today is because all of the real substance of popular sovereignty, to include genuinely representative government and the maintenance of an authentic European racial and cultural identity, has been eroded out from underneath most white Americans and replaced with various forms of empty promises, lies, myths, and illusion. They have become disorganized and anemic in the face of Jewish supremacist aggressors such as the ADL who are trying to take away the last of their First Amendment rights. They are also misled by jingoists and Judas Goats (please see the book by this title by Michael Collins Piper) who only advocate a very selectively edited and political correctness spin-doctored form of patriotism and nationalism. Until wimpy white Americans start getting some real nationalist hair back on their chests and learn how to stand up to Jewish supremacists and other aliens, America will continue to go to hell. Don't give up the ship, we have just yet begun to fight.


The core issue behind this question is the extent to which an ethical system can become so selective, compartmentalized, rationalized, or accommodationist that is really soft road to the suicide. This would be analogous to a form of medical treatment that superficially addresses some symptoms rather than the true nature of a very serious growing underlying disease. By diverting attention, a superficial treatment can actually serve as a dangerous decoy. It can create a false sense of security, and waste valuable time and resources while a disease grows out of control. Hence, it can have destructive "parasitic" overtones.

Ethical behavior typically involves engaging in various forms of behavior that places the long term welfare of ones society, family, and self before immediate short term gratification.

A vital part of ethical behavior involves protecting the ethnic-genetic interests of ones own people. This is a concept that is very difficult for most white Americans today to grasp, especially since we live in a "melting pot" society whose Jewish supremacist dominated national media has made a false virtue of multi-culturalism, multiracialism, and race-mixing.

Therefore, let me take a moment to go back through the A-B-C's regarding why it is important to protect ones ethnic-genetic interests. A good starting point is the January 1991 American Renaissance article "Why Nations Fight" by William Robertson Boggs . It observes that " Men fight because there is nothing more horrible than cultural and national obliteration." It also observes how, "America is losing, without a struggle, the very thing that nations have always fought to protect."

And why is this? It is because when people cannot defend their ethnic genetic interests before other more dynamic and cohesive groups, they not only lose their sovereignty (that is, their capacity to determine their own destiny), but they also wind up as a dispossessed and dependent subculture of an alien group. Throughout history, being a minority beholden to an alien majority has never been much fun. In the work place, one tends to be "last hired, first fired." In the political arena, one frequently dares not speak what he really thinks for fear of reprisals from an alien majority with different values . (As an example, if I were a member of Christian minority living in Jewish-supremacist-dominated Israel, I would be fearful of professing in public how I really feel about Jesus, Holocaustianity, Jewish white slavery, and other issues that might otherwise be considered fairly normal discourse within certain Northern European societies). In more extreme cases, being a member of a minority means facing the real possibility of getting genocided. See, for example, the article "Are We the Kurds of the Future?" by Kevin Alfred Strom.

We should also keep in mind many academic arguments which directly tie in ethical behavior with the need to both preserve and advance ethnic-genetic interests. Four major examples immediately come to mind:

First , we have the works of the late British anthropologists Sir Arthur Keith, such as A New Theory of Evolution. In essence, human evolution has involved competition between human tribal units, which has in turn aided the upward evolutionary path towards more fit societies. This is somewhat analogous to the way in one typically finds within small businesses a greater capacity for innovation and productivity than one generally finds within large, integrated, bureaucratized corporations.

The maintenance of EBD's (Evolutionary Breeding Units, in Keith's jargon), has enabled groups to preserve their genetic advantages without diluting them away. Therefore, racist instincts continue in human groups because they have historically conferred survival and dominance advantages. (The way in which Jewish supremacist-dominated national media has brainwashed most white Americans into giving up their racial identity has been a parasitic historical anomaly). Please also note the article "Zoological Subspecies in Man" by Dr. Norman Hall which also describes how "racism" is found in virtually all mammalian species, therefore is not only adaptive as a genetic trait within certain human groups.

We also know that people usually do not want to let their friends down. Therefore, individuals with an ethnic identity are more likely to be on their good ethical behavior to avoid tarnishing their group image than individuals who are thoroughly atomized and have no racial or ethnic identity at all. Furthermore, individuals with a strongly felt tribal identity --which is in essence an extended familial feeling-- are more likely to engage in the social cooperation necessary to overcome severe stresses, to include genocidal invasion by foreigners and various forms of domestic tyranny.

In Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, Tom Chittum points out that there is a terrible downside for societies such as America that try to ignore the time-tested rules of ethnic-genetic competition and instead create utopian leftist societies that completely ignore race and ethnicity (except for special privileged status granted to Jews and Israel and other favored "minorities.") Once a dominant ethnic group drops below 75% of the total population of a country, history shows that the odds of major instability and even fissioning apart within that country begins to skyrocket.

Third, we have Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by Dr. Edward Wilson which shows how traits such as altruism have to be genetically reproduced within the same group that gives rise to them in order for them to survive. We also learn how in the long run, everything is genetic. This "plasticity" in human behavior that we call "learning" is itself highly genetic in origin.

As a fourth example, Dr. Raymond Cattell explains in A New Morality From Science: Beyondism how in the long run we can evaluate all human ethical behavior in terms of whether it is ultimately eugenic (increases genetic fitness) or dysgenic (decreases genetic fitness). This makes sense once we appreciate the long run importance of individualized and group genetic traits explained in sociobiology.

Cattell's insights help us understand better futuristic articles such as "The New Victorians" by William S. Lind which prophesy an eventual return in America to 19th century traditional American conservative values. Sooner or a later whites will have to return to values which promote ethnic loyalty, prudent race-loyal mate selection, and personal racial honor --or else perish.

Cattell's insights also help us understand that ethnic-genetic competition, even in a subtle peace time environment, can still comprise a form of war by other means. When an ethnic group finds itself becoming submerged, it needs to engage in survival tactics reminiscent of military insurgent operations if it is to survive. This includes the need to wage a struggle by proxies. Those people who cannot afford to fight out in the open must at least support proxies and spread truthful information among their own people in privacy.


There are many ideological approaches that give people the feeling that they are "doing something" to protect their interests. At the same time, these ideologies tend to blind people towards the need to protect their own ethnic-genetic interests. The following are some examples:

Marxism: Named after the son of a rabbi, this ideology emphasizes class struggle and totally repudiates the reality of ethnic and racial struggle.

Liberal Christianity. Like Marxism, another ideology of racelessness invented by crafty Jews for gentile consumption. This posits that men of all different ethno-racial groups have spiritual equality before a higher being and hence tends to promote social leftism.

Kevin Strom wrote an excellent article about how the liberalized Dutch Reform Church of South Africa sold out South African whites and led the country to black Marxist rule disaster. Please also see the works of William Gayley Simpson, such as Which Way Western Man? that explain how Christianity is in many ways simply a religious version of the philosophical leftism that is also found on a secular level in Marxism

Holocaustianity. Another slick Jewish promotion. This is the idea that Jewish suffering was so horrendous during World War II that it takes primacy over the suffering over all other peoples, and that furthermore all whites must feel an eternal burden of guilt and shame for the "anti-semitic" activities of certain whites in a certain historical era. Any form of white nationalism is morally repugnant because it might potentially lead to another holocaust of Jews, therefore whites should not be allowed to experience any form of white nationalism.

Neo-conservatism. This is basically a high-jacking of traditional American conservatism by Jewish former Trotskyites and Big Government-CIA aficionados such as William F. Buckley in the wake of World War II. It is basically whatever is left of American conservatism after it is filtered to support Big Federal Government in perpetual Cold War (now in perpetual "War on Terror") and also after maintaining staunch support for whatever serves the best interests of Jews, Israel, and Zionism, even if all of this is directly contrary to America's national interests.

Michael Collins Piper does an excellent job of covering false flag ideologies and movements in The Judas Goats, so I will defer to him further discussion on this topic. Also, please read "Why Conservatives Can't Win" by the late Dr. William Pierce.

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