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What does it mean when a dominant ethnic group begins to decline as a percentage of the overall population?
  A strong environmental viewpoint:  

A strong genetic.viewpoint:
Once everyone becomes a minority,  
When a group falls below 75% of the to-
everyone can learn more tolerance    
tal population, instability and fission climb
Ideology trumps shared ethnicity if  
Race trumps ideology in the long run
only we educate enough people  
and cannot be permanently suppressed
Class and economic differences are  
It is evil to permit ones group to become
  more important than race or ethnicity    
a minority under any circumstances.

Sample argument: When it comes to social functioning, ideology matters more than shared racial biology. It is actually a good thing when everyone becomes a minority, because this may eliminate supremacist attitudes that might foster greedy, exploitive, violent, or divisive behavior. The real divisions in society to focus upon are class divisions based upon economics. If by getting rid of national borders we wind up changing the demographic mix of a society and we reduce whites in America to a minority, this does not matter so long as liberal economic policies promise higher living standards. Whites who do not accept this view are probably anti-social reactionaries who may need to be re-indoctrinated or denied certain freedoms in order to serve the greater good of America.
. . .

Sample argument: In the long run, social functioning has more to do with common biology than ideology. Becoming a minority is never fun for anyone. Making everyone a minority only increases misery for all groups involved. Societies whose dominant ethno-racial groups slip below 75% of the total population historically tend to become increasingly unstable and more prone to fission apart. A social policy that encourages dispossession of a majority may in actuality mean that the strategic bases of society are controlled by an alien group that is acting parasitically against the genetic interests of the declining majority. Jewish national media masters who promote white decline are hypocritical since they typically favor the exact opposite for their own group in Israel compared to Palestinians


Environmental viewpoint:
. . .
For an overview of methods that self-anointed leftist saviors of humanity use to keep unruly social reactionaries in line, particularly uppity racially conscious white Americans, please see "Are You On the ADL's `Hit List'? by Rev Ted Pike and other articles by himself and his niece Harmony Grant in the Rev Ted Pike archive.

Genetic viewpoint:
. .
In my environmental vs genetics article, I discuss the landmark Mankind Quarterly article "Zoological Subspecies of Man" by Dr. Norman Hall which argues that tribalism and "racism" occur naturally in virtually all other mammalian species besides man, to include monkeys, rats, and moose. In his book A New Theory of Evolution, the famous British Anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith argued that tribalism and racism persist as genetic traits because they have served a positive evolutionary function in primitive environments to help Evolutionary Breeding Units (EBU's), or tribes, preserve their superior genetic characteristics compared to less successful EBU's.
. . Given that racism has a genetic basis, we should not be surprised then when we see repeated failures by leftist states and modern liberal media to eradicate it. Communism not only failed to erase ethnicity in the former Yugoslavia and former Soviet Union, but paradoxically helped create tremendous ethnic and racial "blow-back."
. . .Even interracial marriage can create dangerous complications rather than blended racial solutions. According to Dr. Lothrop Stoddard in The Rising Tide of Color, the mixture of whites and Indians in South America created Mestizo classes that often acted more like a third race rather than a resultant race. Instead of solving the two-way white vs. Indian racial conflict, race mixing often created new three-way conflicts and an even bigger mess. Mestizos have often swung back and forth between whites and Indians in their political loyalties, adding to the political instability that has generally plagued latin American regimes.
. . . Also, in his work The French Revolution in Santo Domingo, Dr. Stoddard explained how the mixture of French colonial whites and blacks in Haiti created a mulatto class that eventually sided with blacks to exterminate all the whites on the island. Later the pure blacks waged a campaign to purify the island of mulattoes. All of this took place before in the early 1800's long before the advent of the Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Party, another white supremacist groups that Jewish organizations such as the ADL would have us believe are at the root of all our racial problems.
. . .The Jewish-British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once summed it up when he said, ""The racial question is the key to world history…all is race, there is no other truth." Ironically, his Jewish brethren who run America's controlled national media simultaneously promote extreme anti-racism in their programming directed at gentiles, while privately among themselves they practice virulently pro-Jewish racist support for Israel and other Members of the Tribe everywhere around the world. (If these double standards confuse you, please skip down to the last paragraph in this discussion for an informative link).
. . .In regard to the bullet point: "When a group falls below 75% of the total population, instability and fission climb," this 75% figure is not carved in stone, but rather is an intuitive number that I derived from reading Chapter 15 "Bloody Lessons of Tribal Europe" of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Tom Chittum (carried by America First Books). The following extract from Civil War Two helps to explain this point:

. . . . . .The lesson is clear: The more monoethnic a European nation is, the more likely it is to be peaceful and stable. The more multiethnic a European nation is, the more likely it is to experience tribal civil wars. There is simply no real arguing with this brutal fact . . .[p. 131]
. . .[Chittum provides a list of European countries that depicts their percentages of ethnic minorities. The most multi-ethnic country of Bosnia experienced the most civil war dead. The least multi-ethnic were the most stable and generally devoid of civil war. The quotation ahead commences on page 133]. . . . The most multiethnic European nation produced the most multiethnic dead. If there had been only Moslems residing in Bosnia, there would have been no civil war in Bosnia.
. . . Is America a multi-tribal country and therefore unstable? With each and every passing day, more and more Americans of all ethnic groups are perceiving their tribal affiliation as more self-definitive and more important than their common American nationality. By this measure we are increasingly unstable.
. . .More bad news: Of the European countries, the median size of the most numerous ethnic group is 89%. In America, the most numerous ethnic group (the English-speaking whites) is only 75% of the total population and falling. By this measure, America is again not as internally stable as most European nations. Twelve European nations have primary ethnic groups that are 75% or less of their total population. Seven of these twelve nations are fighting wars, are occupied, or have internal secessionist terrorists.
. . .More bad news: Of the European countries, the median size of the second largest ethnic group is 5%. In America, our second largest ethnic group (the blacks) is 12%. By this measure, America is again not as stable as most European nations. Twelve European nations have secondary ethnic groups that are 12% or more of the total population. Four are fighting wars, two are occupied by foreign troops, one is fighting internal terrorists.
. . . More bad news: Of the European countries, the median size of the third largest ethnic group is 1%. In America, our third largest ethnic group (the Hispanics) is 9%. By this measure, America is again not as stable as most European nations. Two European nations have third ranking ethnic groups that are 9% or more of the population. One is fighting a civil war, the other occupied.
. . .More bad news: In America, 88% of the people speak the most widely-used language (English) as their primary language. Of the European countries, the median size of this [p. 134] percentage is 94%. By this measure, America is again not as stable as most European nations.
. . .More bad news: There are now about six million Moslems in America, and they are expected to outnumber Jews by the end of this decade. America has been described as a Judeo- Christian nation. Are we now to be a Judeo-Christian-Moslem nation and all that it implies? The concept of freedom of religion can absorb only so much cultural diversity. As the Moslem percentage of the population grows, it is predictable that they will demand and eventually get laws allowing polygamy, chopping off the hands of criminals, death by stoning for adulterers, and the host of other antique horrors Moslems embrace. In Miami, Dade County has a special maintenance squad that cleans up dead chickens, goats, lizards, voodoo powder, and other "hex" items found each morning on the grounds of the county courthouse. These items are ritually deposited there by adherents of the Voodoo, Santeria, and similar religions whose members are appearing before the court on various charges. Almost all are immigrants from the Caribbean islands. Eventually, our diversity will increase to the point that there will be no common basis for our laws. That's why America is becoming an undemocratic imperial system, and that's why we'll break up in a civil war.

. . .In regard to the statement "Jewish national media masters who promote white decline are hypocritical since they typically favor the exact opposite for their own group in Israel compared to Palestinians" please see the Aug 2000 Free Speech online article "The Nature of the Beast" by the late Dr. William Pierce. This hypocrisy is part of an ancient PSYOPS (psychological operations) formula that works as follows: "Be privately right wing among members of your own tribe to maintain unity and cohesion, and be publicly left wing towards people outside your tribe to make them drop their guard and not oppose your own tribe." In other words, preach steadfast and courageous in-group loyalty for your own kinsmen (patriotism), and conversely preach peaceful brotherly love and egalitarianism towards strangers (modern liberalism and "liberal minority coalition politics"). Among Jews, the formula in the early 20th century was "Zionism for us, Communism for the gentiles." In my environmental vs. genetic duality article, I discuss liberal minority coalition politics in greater detail (please go to the site and enter the search words "liberal minority" to pick up the thread). Now that pure communism has become extremely shop worn in the West, many formerly Trotskyite Jews have switched over to a new schmiel called "neo-conservativism" which has absolutely nothing to do with authentic American conservatism. Please see The High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper (carried by America First Books) for more details on this amazing story. .

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