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Why is anti-Semitism a major problem that just never seems to go away?

(- 5) One ethical issues-related view: Tolerance for Jewish criminality, Jewish control of the strategic bases of ones society, and Jewish efforts to undermine ones own nationalism while aggressively promoting their own --all these things are major litmus tests of treason and decadence. Real Jewish culture (not the phony version portrayed by America's Zionist- controlled national media) embraces the exact opposite values compared to the old Roman concept of "republican virtue." Instead of encouraging the production of useful goods, honest dealing, and open debate, Jewish culture heavily promotes deception, transactional exploitation, intrigue, mafia-style covert operations, and corrupt pharisaical religion. Modern archeologists see almost no evidence for key story elements of the Old Testament, suggesting major religious fraud. Jewish culture lacks effective checks and balances to prevent sociopaths from rising to the top. Jews --not Italian-Americans-- have always commanded the highest levels of organized crime and the vice industries in America. Israel is in actuality a totalitarian state run by Mossad gangsters. The Jewish upper leadership acts like an international crime family. With only 2,000 employees, the Mossad can count on the support of Jews around the world. It functions as the most vicious, ruthless, and criminal espionage operation on the planet. The Mossad has co-opted the CIA in running the global drug trade, and Israel is the capitol of global trafficking in white slaves. Jews in America ran much of the black slave trade in the 19th century and in 1913 set up America's fraudulent central bank. This in turn enhanced the financial "air superiority" necessary to gobble up strategic bases in America such as investment banking and national media. Jews provided major funding and leadership for the Bolshevik Revolution while using America and the Woodrow Wilson Administration as a support base. Well-funded smear organizations such as the ADL have kept files and dossiers on over 600,000 American. The ADL continually introduces "hate crime" bills before Congress designed to ultimately take away freedom of speech in America similar to what it has already pushed through in places like Britain and Canada. The fact that millions of Jews were able to invade America in the late 1800's and do such incredible damage for over a century without any serious resistance is strong evidence that the melting pot society which evolved after the War Between the States was no longer viable against the danger of covert alien subversion. Jewish aggression against the Constitutional rights of Americans must be openly addressed in a viable free society, without exception. Not addressing this issue aids and abets Zionist criminality and is itself criminal. Americans have a civic duty to study real Jewish culture and history themselves rather than rely on national media-fed "impressions." They must step outside this virtual reality matrix and start thinking for themselves in order to regain control of their own destiny.
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(+5) An opposing ethical issues-related view: Hatred and resentment towards Jews is a major litmus test of envy, ignorance, intolerance, and inhumanity. Jews have tended to be better educated than gentiles. One reason is because only the really smart Jews could skip town with their wealth and keep their Jewish identity in the face of persecution. Also, smart rabbis have tended to have larger families. (This has always been OK for Jews, however if you are a gentile and want to breed-up this makes you a dangerous neo-Nazi). In addition, Jews have always gravitated towards occupations that involve speculation, verbal mediation, and transactional dealing. A penchant for this brand of entrepreneurship can only be admired. In addition, lowly gentiles fail to trust Jewish religious accounts and firmly believe that Jews are specially chosen by God. Hence, anti-Semitism can only be a form of envious evil that works against the Will of the Supreme Creator, who must be Jewish. We must promote extreme measures against all evil-doer critics of Jews in order to prevent possible persecutions and to serve God. Significantly, all the major Jewish holidays celebrate Jewish resistance to gentiles who would dare raise their hand against them. Passover celebrates rebellion against Egyptians, Purim celebrates covert operations to foil an anti-Semitic plot, Yom Kipper celebrates maintaining the ability to break all vows with gentiles (justified when vows conflict with Jewish interests, that remain holy and supreme, of course), and Hanukah celebrates resistance to Hellenization. The Talmud laments ancient persecutions where reported death counts exceed any plausible total population figures (both Jewish and gentile). More recently even Jewish scholars have admitted that the number of Jews who died at Auschwitz is below two million and not six million as originally claimed (captured German records put total deaths at closer to 300,000). Nonetheless, inflated accounts of Jewish suffering are always totally justified to promote gentile guilt, increase Jewish solidarity, and prevent more persecution. Individuals such as David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Germar Rudolf who dare to question any aspects of the Holocaust must be jailed. Western traditions of free inquiry and freedom of speech must be disregarded if they conflict with Jewish priorities. Academics such University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer and Harvard professor Stephen Walt who dare to expose Jewish power in America must be vilified. Only by increasing Zionist power can we ever hope to ultimately bring all anti-Semites around the world under control. Anyone who stands in the way of Zionism deserves to be brutally crushed. This includes Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Isaiah prophesied that all nations of the world will bend their knees to Israel. The U.S. Constitution is therefore trash compared to the Talmud and Zohar. We need ever more "hate crime" laws and separate legal bureaucracies to control potentially dangerous American anti-Semites. The only good nationalism is Jewish nationalism. All other nationalisms must be suppressed. The only good white nationalism is dead white nationalism.

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