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Why is it so important to address criminality at the highest levels of America's power structure?

(- 5) One ethical issues-related perspective: All this talk about Congress and national media being run by packs of criminals and sociopaths is simply based on a desire by right wing crazies to smear their political enemies. First they talk vaguely about "criminals" and "conspirators" because they do not have the guts to come out in the open and identify their real enemies. Then they start to use more explicit language. This language always focuses on Jews and Zionists. Happens every time. They just cannot get over it. But if you give in to them and do not immediately suppress this crank talk, then next thing you know it is Jews, gays, blacks, and other minorities back in the cattle cars and en route to concentration camps. The real criminals are not the alleged criminals themselves, but rather the neo-Nazis who talk about criminals. What these crazies really need to do is understand that "criminals" are just victims of circumstances and simply do what they must do in desperation to get by. Some get caught, and others don't. The really clever criminals become wealthy or become successful politicians. But you and I would probably act the same way if we were put in their shoes and subjected to the same temptations. Therefore, in order to really understand "criminals," we need to learn how to empathize with them and feel their pain just like we should feel the pain of gays, Jews, and other specially victimized peoples. Our empathy should also include pedophiles and serial murderers. They are often just as much "victimized" and distressed as their victims due to their disadvantaged sociological circumstances beyond their control. In fact, it helps us to hurt other people once in a while by telling them lies or ripping them off. This helps us stay attuned to the jungle environment of the mean streets of globalized, cosmopolitan America. It is almost like combat training in the military. It also makes life much more exciting and interesting when we are free to juggle other people any way we want. If you cannot deal with all of this, you are simply a dumb, wimpy schmuck and you get what you deserve. The fact that national media leaders condone scatological and pornographic material is actually good because it is "real" and helps us learn how to "think tough" and adapt to a more cosmopolitan world of moral relativism. It also helps white people get more humility relative to other races to see their women folk look like naked animals and play with themselves in public. The idea that there might be a genetic basis to criminality is just more racist, right wing clap trap. What we really need are more social programs to eliminate white pride, anti-Semitism, gay-bashing, insensitivity to butch feminists, and other forms of misbehavior.
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(+5) An opposing ethical issues-related view: Right wingers often talk about "criminals on Capitol Hill" and criminal Zionist leaders who control most of our Congressman, national media, and financial sector. And there is much truth here. There exists not only criminal cultures, but also strong evidence for genetically-based criminal predispositions. This suggests the existence of "viral persistency" behind evil policies promulgated by various ruling elites, particularly if they are inbred. Although this view of the world tends to drive modern liberals crazy, there is too much evidence to ignore it. Academic studies on sociopaths often focus on the ones who get caught and convicted. There is probably a much broader quasi-sociopathic population that never gets caught, to include otherwise honest people who get deeply infected by sociopathic values. Without proper social safeguards, the manipulativeness of sociopaths often enables them to rise to the top of various organizations through corrupt, expedient means. As an example, many intelligent observers believe that the U.S. Government has lied about 9-11 by denying that Zionists set it up to foster wars for Israel. They also believe that a controlled national media cover-up has been orchestrated by Jewish supremacist sociopaths. Certain academic studies claim that while sociopaths are thought to comprise 3-4% of the male population, they commit about 50% of all crimes in the U.S. There seems to be a significant genetic factor, as suggested for example by a Swedish study conducted from 1930-1949 where children born of convicted parents and raised in a law-abiding homes were four times more likely to become convicted than adopted children of law-abiding parents raised in a law -abiding home. According to another study (Yochelson and Samenow) there appear to be defining elements of a "criminal personality," as follows: To such an individual, the constraints of responsible living are absurd and unimportant. He seeks crime in search of excitement rather than crime coming to him. Instead of friendship, he seeks avenues of triumph. Lying is a way of life, with lies of omission more frequent than commission. He disregards the rights of others, but demands from others the utmost trust and consideration. He rarely sees anything from another's point of view. He never develops a realistic concept of family life, an education, a vocation, or a sense of community. Others are always to blame, not himself. Kindness is weakness and other people are expendable. He does not know how to get along with responsible people on a day-to-day basis; he practices the extremes of total withdrawal or inappropriate intimacy. Lastly, he is fragmented in his thinking, largely ignoring the past and long term future; sincere one day and completely insincere the next.

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