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Does ethnic solidarity matter in the defense of liberty?

(- 5) Environmental (leftist libertarian) view: "Liberty" originally meant the ability of individuals to act freely without interference from the state. Once educated, the "reasonable man" should clearly understand that government is ultimately about politics, force, and bureaucracy. There are very few things government can do well compared to the private sector. Once the "reasonable man" understands the government's encroachments on American liberties over the last 150 years, he should see the light and act accordingly. In regard to racial issues, we think that we can synthetically create "individualism" through race-mixing, which tends to atomize people, and also by condoning alternative lifestyles, to include drug culture and gay marriage. Our neo-con friends inform us that racial and ethnic loyalty constitutes a form of "collectivism," whereby a sense of group racial loyalty undermines the individualists' ability to do his own thing. Lastly, we can approach members of America's leadership elite and trust that they will become acting libertarians if only we can demonstrate the logic of our cause. The problem with people like David Rockefeller and Dr. Henry Kissinger must be that real libertarians have simply not made a really strenuous effort to educate them. Maybe people like spendthrift former Fed Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan need remedial instruction. Somehow having been in the inner circle of super anarcho-libertarian Ayn Rand and other Jewish co-tribalists did not quite do the trick for this man. Perhaps we just have to sell libertarianism much harder and be a lot more patient with these people and just really keep the faith.
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(+5) Genetic (rightist libertarian) view: America was founded by Nordic and Celtic peoples who have always lived in relatively decentralized, middle class, homestead-oriented societies going back to prehistoric times. This innate tendency was sculptured in their gene pools by long evolutionary histories spanning hundreds of thousands of years in dispersed, frost zone environments. The U.S. Declaration of Independence was merely a symptom of older tendencies predating the early republican experiences of ancient Greece and Rome. Maintaining ethno-racial cohesion is absolutely vital, because when tyrants come after rebels, the only people rebels can really trust to shelter and finance them and not snitch are people related by blood and culture. A cardinal axiom of Right Wing 101 is that the closer people are related by blood and culture, the more likely they are to act as altruists and mutualists towards each other, and conversely the more distant they are, the more likely they are to turn on each other as predators or parasites. The fight for liberty involves more than just academic theory. Far more important, just like the Scottish hero William Wallace dramatized in the movie Braveheart, one must hear the bagpipe music and feel the call of the blood to adequately motivate the group effort required for the triumph of their freedom against power elites that knowingly exploit the people. Libertarian talk is informative, but sometimes this talk can be very cheap. Sometimes libertarian philosophy is nothing more than the sheep's clothing worn by grinning, low cunning predators. It takes a lot more to motivate real results in the fight for freedom than academic theory.

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