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Alex Jones Interview with
Birgitta Jonsdottir
Member of the Icelandic Parliament

March 9, 2010


Editor's Notes and transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books

Alex Jones: The entire world is watching what has just happened in Iceland. Goldman Sachs and others went in, in the last five years, got the country deep in debt in derivatives, knowing that they were going to implode the derivatives. This is just the wealth they get with all this fiat, financial, Madoff, Ponzi scheme garbage. It is that once it implodes, the banks come in and loan more money to the government, literally indenturing the people as slaves. And the whole world is watching because Greece --the people are revolting, and ten years ago Goldman Sachs went in, set up a system, got them deep in debt. The banks got rich off of it. Now they are saying the roads, the infrastructure, the famous places, the islands must be given to the private bankers. Top Democratic and Republican lawmakers are saying the same thing is now going to happen here, where a year and a half into the banker takeover of October 2008, the financial terrorism --or they said, "Give us unlimited trillions or we will have a depression. We are going to use it to unfreeze the mortgage market." And then they clamp down on the mortgage market even more, hoarded the money, and they won't say where the money went. So here is the headline: "Iceland votes `No' to Debt Deal for Collapsed Bank." Now a year ago they declared anti-terror powers on Iceland, froze people's bank accounts, would not let them get their own money out, saying "Your money is ours," for the Dutch, British, and U.S. banks. And Birgitta Jonsdottir and others ran for office. She is the current chairman of the Civic Movement parliamentary group on the Icelandic Parliament, leading the charge against these people. They have got other initiatives to make themselves a free press zone against the shut-down of the Internet. She is with us for the next hour. She joins us via video link from Iceland. And Ms. Jonsdottir, thanks for coming on with us.
Birgitta [Editor's Note: Henceforward I will use the Icelandic practice of referring to the individual by their first name]: Thanks for having me.
Jones: It is good to have you here. We are about to go to break, but this is huge what happened, because if the rest of the world takes what you have done as an example, we could end up actually routing this group of criminals.
Birgitta: Absolutely. I mean I hope that what we did by forcing the government to allow the nation to vote on this will be an inspiration for other people, and it was essentially almost 63% of the nation showed up for the polls and 93% "No".
Jones: 93% said "No." 93% said "No" to what? Tell folks specifically what happened.
Birgitta: Basically we are saying "No" to privatization -- or socialization of private debt. In other words, the bail out of the bankers.
Jones: The socialization of private debt. Where the bankers come in, sell a bunch of derivatives, and then claim the people owe it.
Birgitta: Uhhm. Well the thing is some of the Icelandic bankers decided to branch out because of deregulation --branch out to Europe, open Internet bank accounts there, and when these accounts collapsed, the reason is that the government claimed that the Icelandic nation should fork out bank guarantees for this. And you have to bear in mind there are something like 317,000 people living in Iceland, and the accounts in Holland and Britain were around 320,000, so each Icelander should have shouldered around 20,000 Euros per person.
Jones: And to add insult to injury, they use anti-terror laws to try to take people's money.
Birgitta: Yes, and what they did just shortly after the collapse, Mr. Darling, the UK finance minister decided to -- and Mr. Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK, said to put terrorist acts on Iceland, which classified us among other nations just as North Korea, Zimbabwe, and other instances such as Al Qaeda -- What this did, during the middle of our financial melt down in Iceland, was that it dried up all loan lines to Iceland and we were facing food shortages and medicine shortages.
Jones: Well let us break down the history of what happened, what it has led to, where you go from here, this is so exciting, 90 plus percent of the country saying "No" to the jackals. The Icelanders know who their enemy is, they know who the criminals are, will we follow their example? [5:02 beginning of break, 8:16 back from break]
Jones: Parliament member from Iceland, Birgitta Jonsdottir is our guest. One of the main leaders, the leader of her party, 90+ percent voting over the weekend to say "No" to the private bank heist, the banking tyranny. You have found it folks, the tip of the spear in the fight against the New World Order. We are here Monday through Friday 11:00 A. M. to 3:00 P.M., Central, the most listened-to alternative patriot radio show on AM-FM global shortwave satellite and Internet. Going back to Birgitta, continuing, recap what the banks did, the fraud, the year of protest, the terrorism act used, the threats by the banks to shut your country down, food shortages, and the people standing strong.
Birgitta: Well I guess it all began, well I am sure many of your listeners have seen the film about Enron. And Enron was about the same size as the population in Iceland. So very many, when we works, I don't know the national TV in Iceland, many people felt that we were like the regular staff of Enron, not knowing what the tops were up to. And when everything collapsed in August 2008, most people in Iceland had no idea what was going on. So it came as a complete shock to the nation. So what had happened five years prior, the banks were privatized with a little help from the Independence Party in Iceland, and the Progressive Party. They basically donated the banks that really, good prices, also prices to their friends and allies. Because we are, 80% of our regulations around banks are based on the EU recommendations, they managed to start to branch out to other countries. And they were basically like very many of the other bankers, high on world domination fantasies, and they wanted to take over the bank sector in the UK and in Europe. And I guess they didn't make a lot of friends. And in general they were quite naive. And they had no understanding about how the system worked in general. So it was like school children running amok with a lot of virtual money. I would say sort of sucked out of regular bank, or you know people would save their money in banks and so forth. And they actually conned people into moving their savings into these Icesave accounts and it especially targeted the elderly people and immigrants and so forth. But that was during the last year of this insanity. So people in general thought that we were going through this incredible big boom, which I guess was largely just an illusion. So people took loans, they offered 100% loans on mortgages and so forth and foreign currency loans some parts, and right now very many people are facing foreclosures. They are facing foreclosures because of, if they went bankrupt on a car loan, because in Iceland we don't have that wonderful legislation you have where you can actually return the keys of your house, and then you are sort of free. They will follow you with your debt for the rest of your life, and you will never be clear.
Jones: And to be clear, the banks have done this in Argentina, in Greece, in Spain, in the U.S. They make this fiat derivatives bubble. It is just made up, crud paper, they certify it as AAA gold-rated, they sell it to governments, they sell it to citizens, they get all the wealth. And then it came out that Goldman Sachs and others, by design, mainstream news, McClatchy newspapers and others, they then blow it out at the time of their choosing and use the implosion to then come in and buy everything up. And Iceland is the only modern country to be put through this scam, to say "No." Continue.
Birgitta: It was a long way to get to that now, I tell you. A lot of fight. In general, what happened as I am sure that most of the listeners to this show understand how the IMF works. So what happened after the terrorist act was placed on Iceland? The UK and the Netherlands government said that with a little help from our Nordic friends, said OK, if you want to get any loans, or [have] the loan lines open, you have to go into an IMF program. And in order for you to go into an IMF program, you are going to have to solve this Icesave dispute, which is this dispute about the banks that were in the UK and Holland.
Jones: And so let me just stop you for a moment. Going back a year ago, the food is not being shipped in, everything is falling apart. They are saying we have got to sell all the government assets, take citizens' tax money, all for these banks, and the BBC reported "Iceland, Britain's Unlikely New Enemy," this is from a year ago, and it says until a few days ago, Britain was admired and respected by the average Icelander, but the UK's move to seize the assets of this isolated European state have provoked a backlash of feeling of escalating resentment. They "Treated us like terrorists," grabbing the government accounts, grabbing people's bank accounts, saying "we are going to take your money under terror laws and give it to the bankers." Continue.
Birgitta: It was maybe not that extreme. They took over an Icelandic bank called the Heritable Bank in London. But what they did is they dried up the credit lines to Iceland. The long lines so everybody had to forego cash in a time of complete financial meltdown.
Jones: But that is what it said. In some cases people could not even get their money out for a while though.
Birgitta: Yes, yes, yes. Everything was blocked. Students and people from Iceland living abroad could not get money out of their Internet banks and so forth, so they had to either starve or rely on friends and family if they had any in the area. But it also created a very different, difficult paradox because the Social Democratic Party that is in power now in Iceland had just one dream, and that is to join the European Union. So within all of this turmoil they decided let's apply for an application or to join the U-A [Editor's Note: She probably meant to say EU].
Jones: Just like Greece ten years ago, you have got to go into debt and sign the deals with these bankers as part of their rules to get into the EU.
Birgitta:Well also how the bankers have used it. The UK and the other governments basically blackmailed us with the EU application as well and said "We will not support your EU application unless you decide to go into court over Icesave. Unless you just choose to --, you are going to have to chose to become isolated, from North Cuba, or Cuba North, or do what we tell you. And that they went even so far as wanting to make a hell of a lot of money out of us by giving us, forcing us to pay huge interest on this, but we managed to stop that. And right now I am in a committee of the leadership, working on finding a solution to this and I found it completely unacceptable that the Icelandic nation will take on any burdon from this ordeal.
Jones: Birgitta Jonsdottir, a member of the Icelandic Parliament, continuing, so let us move up to the referendum. What did the referendum state? It passed by over 90% as you just told us. This is completely freaking the bankers out because if countries realize this has been done by fraud, and it is a Madoff scheme, and that the money is not owed, the next step is talking about prosecuting the bankers that Ron Paul and others are talking about in this country.
Birgitta: Well the interesting thing, the really disturbing thing about the bankers in Iceland, or the Icelandic bankers, is that none of their assets have been frozen. Most of them are living in London, and as many people know London is ranked among the fifth best tax havens in the world. And so they are actually getting back their companies. They are getting back the power and lots of write offs, and that is making a lot of people very upset and angry.
Jones: OK, be clear, flesh that out. The bankers that sold you out in your own country, most of them don't even live in your country, and the banks know that they are their minions so they are staying in power.
Birgitta: Yes, I mean they have lost their banks, but they have not lost their companies. So I mean one of the oligarchs, Icelandic oligarchs, he owns the biggest independent media outlet in Iceland. So you can imagine what sort of news you are getting from that outlet.
Jones: But the good news is that 90 plus percent vote against him, it shows it is not working. They always have brokerage firms. They seperately run banks. They get the taxpayer's money. They move the money out into their own accounts, then they implode it and try to take over the nation, but you have check-mated them.
Birgitta: Well for now, yes, definitely. And I guess, I don't know, it is actually surprised me that the President of Iceland decided to listen to the nation, but there was a huge petition. More than 60,000 Icelanders called on him to allow us to have this national referendum. And it was interesting. I had some, there was actually some documents leaked from the U.S. embassy in Iceland, Rejkavik Iceland, and I found it on And it was interesting how the British and the U.S. Treasury were very much interested in doing everything in their power to stop the national referendum. And then the same thing applied to, I got some information that I don't know if you are familiar with the Paris talk. But they were very keen on stopping this national referendum. Because especially in Europe they are very much afraid that like Greece and Ireland the people there will demand to have a national referendum about the situation in their country.
Jones: Oh this is big. This is huge. I mean the magnitude of this, sending the message that this is fraud, we are not paying it. We are about to go to break, but start telling us about the documents and the Paris Club and how the banks don't like what has happened in Iceland.
Birgitta: The Paris Club is a very interesting club. It is sort of a secret club run out of Paris with some of the most powerful nations in the world. They determine the interest rates on nations that have a debt moratorium. Apparently it is the case of Iceland that that national referendum has been discussed in that club. I did a research trying to figure out who was is in the club, who attended the meetings, and it is impossible to find any information, at least on the Internet. So I will actually call on if anybody who listens to this who has any information about the Paris Club please provide me with that information.
Jones: We will give your email out before you leave. A lot more coming up with a member of the Icelandic parliament. [20:04 beginning of break...end of break 24:03]
Jones: It is a mind game. Can the Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff types that are running the international banking scam, take over the planet, set up a bank of the world that you pay all your carbon taxes to, that is being announced. Can they make Spain, the U.S., England, Iceland, Argentina, Nigeria, pay 30 plus percent compounded interest on fraudulent crud they created and sold to governments. Why aren't they going bankrupt. Why aren't they being arrested for the fraud. Why aren't countries saying, "No, we are not going to give into your financial terrorism?" They told Iceland they would destroy them in the last year if they didn't capitulate and basically become debt slaves of these people in perpetuity. Iceland had a referendum, 93% said "No" over the weekend. And one of the ladies who came from nowhere, just like you can do as citizens around the world, with the truth, founded a party, is the leader of it, is one of the main groups that got this done, is Birgitta Jonsdottir joining us from Iceland. And we will give you her email and web site before she leaves us later in the hour so that you can send her any intel, because we are all working together on this. There are some other initiatives in Iceland, it being a beacon or hub of freedom. So tell us about the threats, what led up to the referendum, what the referendum states, and now where you go from here?
Birgitta: Well, what led to the referendum was that basically we had a contract made between the nations last summer. And it was so bad that the Parliament actually had to spend two or three months making amendments to it in order for it to be safe for us to pass it. And it still had high interest but we did put some rules on the payment in accordance with GDP so that if there was no growth in Iceland, they wouldn't pay anything during those years. However, it was extremely bad, and we are still paying 5.5% interest.
Jones: Which compounds. Go ahead.
Birgitta: 5.5% interest on it. So just paying the interest would have like, so 317,000 people in Iceland, 80,000 Icelandic taxpayers would be paying only the interest of this Icesave deal.
Jones: And that is the same model they have used in all these other countries, Third World countries where you will have a billion dollar loan backed by nothing from the IMF or World Bank to save Nigeria, and then 20 years later they owe 50 something billion on one billion dollars.
Birgitta: Exactly. And the thing is that the IMF, which is supposed to be an institute, something that all the nations that are a part of it, pay into every year, and it is supposed not to be interfering between states or between countries. But the Brits are big shareholders in it, and they have been using it to black mail us into submission. And that upset Iceland tremendously because most Icelanders are not very happy or keen to be in the IMF program to begin with, because being in the IMF program means that there is a complete erosion of everything that we know as a welfare system. And before all of this we had a very good educational system, very good healthcare, everybody had access to healthcare gets the same doctor as the President without paying anything. So we feel that all of that is going to be lost if we do not stand up to these forces that we are dealing with. And I have actually put a proposal in Parliament last week about finding a plan B to get rid of the IMF, because there is a lot of fantastic experts and economists like Joseph Stiglitz and many more who have offered to help us find a solution that would be different than --
Jones: And he said that the banks are engaging in criminal activity and the Federal Reserve is destroying America. He is a Nobel Prize winner for those who don't know.
Birgitta: Yes exactly, I actually had the privilege of meeting with him last year and also Jim Perkins, and Jim Perkins said that we should form an alliance with countries that are facing similar situations as we are in and I think that is actually a very good idea. And I have been trying to encourage this government which is a left wing government which should be fighting very much against having an IMF program in Iceland, which IMF programs go very much into privatization of everything. But we will see what happens. Really the spirit in Iceland right now is like having only 1.3% of the nation saying "Yes" to this Icesave deal, and 93% saying "No." There is really a spirit or demand from the general public that the parties move beyond party politics and start to work for us, not I and I and I. Frankly we need for parties and people to start to focus on joint solutions beyond party politics.
Jones: You have got to circle the wagons against the bankers. Stay there. We are going to come back and take calls for Birgitta Jonsdottir. I am Alex Jones. Calls only for her on the banking cartel. We will also talk about are the people of Iceland excited that they have had this big victory. How will the banking empire strike back? 1-800-259-9231. We will be right back. [Start of break 29:50... 34:50]
Jones: I want to get back to Ms. Jonsdottir, one of the main leaders of the Icelandic Parliament, successfully getting this referendum through. How excited are the people about this referendum and how is the establishment, the banking cartel, striking back?
Birgitta: Well, people are very happy because it was our first national referendum. It was a historical day. We had a little get-together on the Saturday night and the mood was fantastic. In general, I really hope that we can keep the spirit up, the nation joining together, and we need to move that ambiance into Parliament and into the government as well, so they carry on the message from the nation. The bankers haven't really said much right now. I guess that they are planning the next strike. However, they are using the British and Dutch government in their favor, and it was a bit sad but our democratically elected Prime Minister decided to stay at home sulking instead of participating in this historical moment. And despite her doing that and giving us a strong message to the biggest party in Iceland, people decided to go out and vote anyway. And there are very many very exciting things happening in Iceland. We just spoke for a proposal which was called the Icelandic Media Modern Initiative which has gained worldwide attention. We were suggesting that Iceland will take the lead on freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of expression, by actually modernizing and pulling together the best legislation to protect sources, journalists, whistle-blowers, publishers and ISP hosts in order to get that information out to the geneal public.
Jones: In fact I have the article right here. Icelandic Modern Media Initiative saying the West is moving, and Europe, England, the U.S., and Canada and Australia to censor the Internet. To shut down free speech. Wired Magazine last week had the headline "Cyber Security: The End of the Open Internet" [Editor's Note: This probably pertains to the article: "Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet" by Ryan Singel,, March 1, 2010] this is really happening, and so now you guys are moving to say, "Look, we will allow Wikileaks to be here. We will allow independent journalism. We want people to move here, and come here, and put their servers here really as an information revolution." The people are finding the power they have to say no to the banks, and this is really growing.
Birgitta: Yes, and I really hope that it, for some reason Icelanders are right now a bit shy about placing themselves as doing anything that would be considered the best --. they don't want to fall in the same pit, so I guess the most skeptical people about this proposal are Icelanders. We however managed to get all the parties in Iceland on this, and three party chair leaders, so I am quite optimistic that we can pass this through the Parliament. We are basically proposing or tasking the government to take on this challenge, because it requires a lot of legislative changes. But you know in general, it has been overwhelming, the support we have got from all over the world.
Jones: And now Greece and Spain and countless others are going to try to follow your example.This is a true revolution against the global banking dictatorship attempting to establish open world government and tyranny. I have got some questions here from our Twitter page. Again, it is a repeat of some of the things I have been asking about. What are the consequences of not conforming...we just dropped our video connection to her. We will get her back. And we are going to go through some of these questions for her and your phone calls, as soon as we get her back. We try to bring you a lot of the guests via video connection plus there is better audio connection on Skype. But there are some problems when they are on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Obviously. But we are going to get into some of that. But what are the consequences of not conforming to EU demands. Finance minister Steingrímur, a "No!" vote does not mean we are refusing to pay. What are her thoughts on his statements? We will find out if that statement is true, and what her take on that is. Also what could anti-war and anti-debt slavery movements learn from the success of the movement party [Editor's Note: Citizen's Movement] in Iceland? And so those are some of the questions, we will go to live questions from listeners. Don't forget that you can't not only listen to us on AM FM dial, auto affiliates picking us up, several new affiliates each week, the show is exploding, you can also listen via the free podcast. It has the link at the top of, on the radio listen page and the free iphone ap. Five star rating, over 400 ratings now. Five star ratings. Even if you don't have an iphone, your friends and family probably do. Go to, front page there is a banner that gives you the sublink on the iphones -- the iphone store to the free download link. Please send that to your friends and family. That is another great way for us to reach new people with the news and information we cover. The guests we bring on, the callers, all the information using this radio/TV show as a platform of awakening and resistance to this tyranny. OK Birgitta, going back to you, here is a Twitter quesiton from e9adam, "What is the consequences of not conforming to EU demands?"
Birgitta: Well, there has been a lot of doomsday consequences, scenarios told to the nation. I seriously have a feeling because of this very strong signal from the Icelandic nation and actually very little interest among nations that join the EU that there was exactly a statement made by the chief of the EU application procedure, saying that the UK, Netherlands, and Iceland --the application should not be interferred, you know, with despite --.
Jones: So, so first they were threatening to not let you in. Now that you don't want in, they are saying, "Oh no, go ahead and come in, we want to rob you like Greece." Here is another question.
Birgitta: [Laughter]
Jones: I have heard this statement, is it accurate? The finance minister Steingrímur, am I pronouncing that right?, said a "No" vote does not mean we are refusing to pay. What are your thoughts on his statements?
Birgitta: Sometimes it really surprises me what he says. It sounds like he is working for the British and the Dutch, not us.
Jones: So he did say that?
Birgitta: Well he did say that, however let us not forget that the bank in question actually has a sustainable amount of assets that can be recovered. And so far what the British and Dutch can claim in it will actually be recovered by at least 88%.
Jones: Yes, that was in the Times of London. They claimed that you all owed them $20,000+ every individual and they had to take over all your infrastructure. Now they go, "Guess what, we don't even need that money. We already had the assets. So it was a giant --just like the banks here that have robbed us are already recording record profits, the same banks that are trying to rob you. I mean that is such a key point that it turns out that they have the assets to begin with.
Birgitta: Yes, and the thing is that they actually decided that Darling, the financial minister of the UK, he decided to move money within his own ministry and then earmark some of it, $700 billion Icelandic to the Icelandic nation, and then expect us to pay full interest, really high interest on that. I mean it is a brilliant scheme, but we will not do it.
Jones: Exactly, you are wise to it. Americans should get wise as well. The collapse of Iceland was a private matter. "Why did they want the people to pay it?" is a question from resistarchipelago.
Birgitta: Well, I mean in general, like every time you look at how the IMF functions, I was actually reading a secret document leaked to Wikileaks. It was a brilliant source if you want to sort of dig deeper into the real conspiracies of our world. And it was a manual from the military sector in the U.S. talking about unconventional warfare. And in the unconventional warfare, the section about financial warfare, they talk about the IMF as one of their choice weapons. So, you know, I encourage people to study how the IMF functions.
Jones: Exactly. It is a private consortium for blowing out countries. And the banks are attacking America. This is a criminal group. Let us go to some phone calls. Rick in Arizona, you are on the air with Birgitta Jonsdottir, one of the main leaders of Parliament, defeating the scumbag banks. Go ahead, Rick.
Rick in Arizona: Well yes, thank both of you for fighting for freedom. I appreciate it. I have a question that has to do with one of your Twitter questions about -- I don't know if it is a President that runs Iceland --is it the leader of Iceland, do they call him a President?
Birgitta: Well, we have a President, and then we have a - he doesn't really have a lot of power-- but the main power lies with the Prime Minister of Iceland, and the finance minister. They sort of co-share the power.
Rick in Arizona: OK the subject I have here is for Alex also. I do not know if your staff watched the whole Benedict Beck [Editor's note: Deliberately conflating "Glen Beck with Benedict Arnold?] last night, but at the end of his show he was discussing the 93% voted "No," to pay it back, and the 1% voted for it, and then at the end of that part of his segment he did mention that the leader of Iceland said that they will repay it.
Jones: Was he saying this was good? Because he supported the banker bailout.
Rick in Arizona: I don't know if it touched on that...
Jones: I mean he always flip-flops. He is calling for new taxes to pay the bankers, value-added VAT. Did Beck imply it was bad that Iceland said "No."
Rick in Arizona: No, he did not imply that, but he did mention that the leader of Iceland said they will pay it anyway. He was just kind of -- you know, I don't know if he was doing a flip-flop like the...
Jones: So was he supportive of Iceland?
Rick in Arizona: He was supportive of their vote, yes.
Jones: Well, good for him. Good for him. I support him. I saw him do some good work last Friday. I mean, I want to like Glen Beck, it is just that I appreciate your call. Herman in New York. You are on the air with Ms. Jonsdottir.
Herman in New York: Can you hear me?
Jones: Yes sir.
Herman in New York: I have a question and a comment. I want to go with my comment first. Did you see the article about how the state might not be returning some of this illegal tax money that the U.S citizens were paying to the bankers? They may actually hold it due to their state deficits?
Jones: Absolutely, and now they are saying, "Oh, that tax return that Obama was going to give you, now most of you won't get it." But I am going to let you go Herman, because I think these are questions for our guests. So she is here especially for this. Cody in Washington, you are on the air with us. Go ahead.
Cody in Washington: Thanks, and I just want to say -- in Iceland, I like the music, culture, people, and everything. My question is what would you suggest if you could that we as citizens could do who were born into this corrupt system. What can we do to make a change like you guys are in Iceland to stand up?
Jones: Well, they got involved. They got educated. They took action. Birgitta, comment on what he just said. How do we mimick and learn from your success?
Birgitta: Exactly like I said. Just go and do it. We had eight weeks before election. We had more money, but we used the Internet. We used all the reasons we possibly could do. We went and talked to people everywhere and basically because people are hungry for change, you could involve so many people. And what we decided to do was not to hang our agenda on left or right politics. We decided to have an agenda. A checklisst. A hit and run movement that would go inside, for example, the Parliament and try to implement new changes there.
Jones: It is simple. You did not owe the money, and you are not going to pay it.
Birgitta: Exactly. We never got any of this money when it comes to ICESAVE why should we pay it?
Jones: So why are the American people giving $28 trillion to the banks? Cody thanks. Andy in Florida, you are on the air.
Andy in Florida: Hi. Well Iceland was always a home to Figaro's, now it seems to be a home to freedom. And I just want to say I have known a lot of Icelandic people, and I think that we as people who travel should visit Iceland and help support it. I know if we go there, there are issues with our credit cards being honored in Iceland. I was wondering what are the day-to-day effects that Icelanders are feeling from this whole situation?
Jones: Yes, tell folks. There was food shortages everywhere. Break it down.
Birgitta: Well, we have sort of all the private lines open once again. And because it is a relatively small system we could quite quickly recover or get back on track. There are no problems now with cards or anything like that. You can easily use your Aemrican credit card in Iceland or any credit card. The big problem we are facing now is that you know before the collapse we had like 1% unemployment. In one month it shot up to 10%, and now we are dealing with something around 14%. And people are facing foreclosures and the government is not really capable of dealing with these problems because we are within this IMF program, and they are keeping the interest rates really high, which is a total fail in a situation like this. The interest rates should be similar to your interest rates. Almost zero. So we are, before, like in 2007, we were up on to the UN standard as the most developed nation in the world. Like one of the richest nations in the world. And so this is a huge leap in a really short period of time. There is an Icelandic exodus. There is a lot of people moving away from Iceland because they see no hope being here. And I think it is critical to stop that exodus and to try to find a common vision among different people.
Jones: Absolutely. I mean, we see how the banks destroy societies. First world, the only first world country in Latin America, Argentina, has been destroyed by them. And we see them holding you hostage, cutting off the credit cards, cutting off the trade, trying to force you into submission, but you said "No." So it is important for people to support what you are doing. We are going to come back in a final segment with our guest. Earlier this morning I got a call from, Tyrell Ventura wanted to talk to me, and I was on a break, I had to go. And I think it had to do with this. We just got this: Jesse Ventura just had an article up on Huffington Post. They offered me to write an article once, and I did not even do it because I knew they would censor, and they sent me an email back after they posted it saying "We are not going to have your conspiracy theories up here." So we will get Ventura's take on that in the next few days here. [51:03.... .54:19]
Jones: ...American Conspiracies we are selling out of the gates at a discount at $5.00 off the book. Get a free film of your choice, DVD, at And this is "Hello, I am the coauthor of the book on American Conspiracies with Jesse Ventura and I just wanted you to know about this." He sent this to our office and the Huffington Post did an earlier review of the book. This review was just part of a chapter, and they said, "Huffington Post editorial policy laid out in blogger guidelines prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories, including those about 9/11. And we have removed the post." So we will talk about this censorship. They invited Ventura to do this. And then when they saw it, took it down. That is why this material is important. That is why Iceland is moving for freedom is important,. Birgitta Jonsdottir, I cannot describe how wonderful this success is. I know you have another hard road ahead of you. But the success you have had as a beacon of liberty and resistance worldwide to the parasitic banks, we salute you.
Birgitta: Well thank you. I really hope that it will be an inspiration for others, and I really, I carry on my call for support for people who will follow up what will happen in Iceland. Because all the support we have felt from around the world, from the general public supporting the Icelandic general public is extremely meaningful and we set up this web site to save the people of Iceland and we read some of the quotes from there. It was an unofficial petition, a sport petition and it was amazing to hear where the big rally protest -Oh not me, I was not organizing it, but we found --
Jones: I am glad you brought that up. Give us the web site so that people can support what you are doing. Give us your email for people who want to send you intel. [A long pause]. Did we lose her again? OK, let's get her back on the phone. That happened once before, but that is OK. [56:21]. Because here at the end of the show I wanted to give out some of the web sites. But again this Ventura thing is outrageous. We are double and triple confirming it right now with his book being censored, the material being censored. Because people who own a web site can do what they want with it, but when you invite something, put it up, and then take it down and just say, "Oh, it is a conspiracy theory," that is wrong. This book and hardcover is very well-written. For those who still read, you need to get it. But it doesn't matter, for the price of the book, you get a free DVD, so you are basically just buying the DVD, getting a free book. Look at it either way,, Jesse Ventura on with us for a full hour this Friday, and I have been wanting to get the coauthor of the book on as well [Dick Russel]. We will try to get him on tomorrow ...
[Editor's note: Birgitta was not able to return to this show, so this is effectively the end of it as far as her interview was concerned.]



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