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Iceland Gets "ENRONed," Then Goes For "1776"
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Night protestors in front of the Icelandic parliament building

--Iceland Gets "ENRONed,"
Then Goes For "1776"--

The Crisis of 2008-2010

Globalist central bankers have already stepped on the U.S., UK, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, and what they arrogantly call the "PIIGs" (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Greece), not to mention most Third World countries. Did they finally take one step too far with the wrong people?

A paleoconservative country analysis

by William B. Fox

First edition published 30 May 2010


Part I

Introduction and Overview

What is the significance of the Iceland debacle? Americans and Europeans take heed --Iceland could be the "canary in the coal mine" regarding what is probably coming to your neighborhood soon!

Part II

History, Context, and Performance: A Chronology in Six Acts

Act I The "Bagel Western:" The "Good" Go Astray, and the
  Ideological Degradation of Iceland's "Immune System"
Act II Enter "The Bad" and "The Ugly;" Alien "Pathogens"
  Infiltrate and Inflame Iceland
Act III Icelanders Leap Into Global Financial "Berserkerdom-
  Chutzpah"and "Zombie March" into an Icelandic
  Financial Version of "Stalingrad II" 
Act IV The City of London "Pulls the Trigger" On Iceland,
  While the U.S. Financiers Ignore Iceland and Rescue the
  "Better Connected"
Act V Developing a Viable "Work Out" Strategy: As the City
  of London, IMF, EU, and Other Sharks Circle Closer
Act VI Thinking Outside the Box: Populist Revolt, Female Prime
  Minister, Referendum, Modern Media Initiative...Global

Part III

Are Icelanders victims of high level subversion?
A "False Flag" Analysis

In Chapter 7 of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy, I provide strong evidence that 9/11 was an inside job that used sophisticated decoy techniques to hijack America. In this work, I explain strong evidence that Icelanders have also been victimized by high level intrigues that have severely distorted --if not gravely endangered -- normal social, political, and economic functioning, causing Iceland to become a highly destabilized society run by imprudent, greedy, and even treasonous people.

Part IV

What nationalist principles might have defended Icelanders?

How can Icelanders achieve economic prosperity and preserve their sovereignty at the same time? I take the position that "nationalist principles" are required to restore normal social, political, and economic functioning in Iceland --and enable the people to regain control of their own destiny.

Part V

What can we do?

If it can happen to Iceland, it can also happen to other Scandinavian countries, not to mention many other countries around the world, to include the U.S. In addition, most Americans remain in deep denial regarding the seriousness of the problems in their country. Perhaps they need to first look at foreign countries like Iceland and Greece before they can begin to objectively look at themselves. Unfortunately, the wake-up process can also involve telling Americans things about themselves and their real enemies they do not want to hear.

Part VI

and Appendices

Valuable links I have come across in researching this work and extracts of important works. Also, extracts of valuable works to provide deeper background.


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