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Iceland Gets "ENRONed," Then Goes For "1776"

Part 4

What Nationalist Principles
Might Have Defended Iceland?

First edition published 30 May 2010
Updated 24 Nov 2010

Iceland's tragic experience in the face of predatory globalists should underscore the theme that we live in a world filled with hidden as well as open dangers. If you possess anything that is good and positive, chances are there are people somewhere in the world with a predatory or parasitic frame of mind who want to steal it away from you. No one can afford to be "happy go lucky" and live in a "fools paradise" any more. "Naïveté" can easily lead to racial, ethnic, and national suicide.
Anyone who is incapable of consciously defining and defend their strengths from a nationalist viewpoint will likely eventually see these things get stolen out from underneath them. This includes such intangibles as indigenous ethnicity, culture, religion, and national sovereignty. As I explain on my "Reconciling Libertarianism vs. Nationalism" web page, one requires genuine forms of nationalism in order to preserve genuine forms of libertarianism.
Adding complexity to this situation is the fact that old proverb "the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend" still applies.
On the one hand, anarcho-libertarians like Max Keiser have performed a valuable service to Icelanders by exposing the crooked financial operations of major financiers in the City of London and New York. Unfortunately, individuals like Kaiser are also capable of offering advice that would be a total disaster for the Icelandic people from a long term nationalist perspective. If a person is not firmly grounded in nationalist principles, he may blindly fall for such misdirection.
In his 21 May 2010, 4th hour interview at 11 min, 25 sec, with Alex Jones, Max Keiser commented:

Max Keiser: ...What is happening Iceland, you know we made a film in Iceland about the collapse of the krona, the collapse of the Icelandic economy, and I have gotten pretty friendly with a lot of the legislators up in Iceland. I am proposing to them that they introduce some new economic citizenship so that anyone in the world who wants to escape, for example a U.S. citizen who wants to escape the tyranny of the U.S., can buy a passport for Iceland. And to make it competitive, so it only costs $20,000. Right now there are only two territories or countries that offer economic citzenship: Nevis St. Kitts and Dominica. They are both in the Bahamas. They cost $200,000 and $75,000 respectively. I am saying that Iceland, to be competitive, they can offer economic citizenship for $20,000 and if they could get 200,000 or half a million citizens from the U.S. to renounce U.S. citizenship and move to Iceland, they could raise ten billion dollars immediately to help recapitalize their country, and they are talking about rewriting their constitution in ways that will favor free speech and freedom of the press. Anyone who is interested in freedom of the press would immediately want to immigrate to Iceland. So you have these pockets of resistance and pockets of strength from the work that you are doing directly and the work I have been doing and now these people are starting to respond, because global insurrection against the banking occupation is on!

I shudder to think what may happen if 340,000 New York Jews were to buy citizenship in Iceland, and then use their new majority to take over Iceland's Parliament and turn formerly "Nordic" Iceland into a "New Jerusalem," "New Babylon," or even a "New Neanderthaldom."
For starters, we could expect a total change in Iceland's political and social institutions. As I explain in my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my mutualism vs. parasitism article, the real Israel is not a "democracy," but rather a paranoid, belligerant, Orwellian police state run by Mossad criminal gangsters. One of the basic rules of Right Wing 101 is that as a particular people rises in power, they tend to increasingly imprint their own characteristics on the surrounding environment, and we could expect no less from a Jewish takeover.
We could reasonable expect that Iceland would become "Israelized" and its indigenous Nordic population would become "West Banked" and "Gazad" just like what has happened to Christian and Muslim Palestinians who once formed the majority in Palestine. See, for example, the circa 1900 cartoon titled "The New Jerusalem -- formerly New York" that appears in the article "Revenge of the Neanderthal" by Willis Carto, Barnes Review, May/June 2010, which describes the late 19th century Jewish invasion of New York City that completely altered the political and social institutions of that city. See also the illustration of butchered Palestinian children in Michael Collins Piper's article "Teaching Religious Hatred." I have provided both illustrations below.
We could also reasonably expect that some day little blond-haired and blue-eyed Icelandic children will get on the extermination, organ theft, Mossad-related snuff porn, global pedophile ring, Child "Protective" Services "legalized" kidnapping, or even ritual sacrifice target lists in Iceland just like Muslim and Christian children who have been targeted by Jews for years in Palestine.


Coming to Iceland soon with "economic citizenship"? The article "Revenge of the Neanderthal," by Willis Carto, Barnes Review May/June 2010 has the following caption: "This circa 1900 illustration from the popular Judge Magazine is entitled `The New Jerusalem -- formerly New York' and portrays the growing perception at the time that Jewish people were literally invading the city in waves of late 19th Century and early 20th Century immigration by Jews, overwhelmingly from Eastern Europe, and virtually establishing a stranglehold on business, finance, and social affairs in that teeming metropolis."


Would an "economic citizenship" policy also bring this some day to Nordic children in Iceland? The article "Teaching Religious Hatred" by Michael Collins Piper, Barnes Review, May/June 2010, has the caption: "Pathetic images such as these --of innocent children butchered by the Israeli military (which calls itself the "most moral" military force on the entire planet) -- are seldom displayed to the American people by the pro-Israel media in the United States. These children were killed in northern Gaza, Palestine."


Having already created a mess in America, to include subverting the constitutional form of government created by its WASP founders, we could expect New York Jews who immigrate to Iceland to take everything that is currently positive about Iceland, to include its stable and productive Nordic culture and its Nordic libertarian traditions, and totally mangle all these things in the exact same manner that they have already fouled up the original democratic institutions of America's declining WASP population.
In addition, everywhere the Jews have gone in history, they have shown an amazing tropism towards mixing up their host countries on a racial and ethnic level. Jews invited Moors into Christian Spain, and opened up the floodgates of Third World immigration into America with immigration law changes in the mid-1960's. Thanks to the Jewish influence in America, they have played a key role in reducing the white population from 90% to less than 70% today. Whites are still rapidly declining, in fact, within a few years, the majority of new births in America will be nonwhite, and in about 20 years, given present trends, America will be majority nonwhite. Hence, once Jews buy up enough control in Iceland to set the tone for Icelandic society, we can expect them to change immigration policies to flood Iceland from every corner of the planet with every form of "wretched refuse" (in the words of the Zionist-Marxist author Emma Lazarus, in her famous poem "The New Collosus" about America's Statue of Liberty).
In time, Nordic peoples would be reduced to less than 20% of the total population in Iceland, just like the way WASPs and Nordics have been reduced from over 60% of the white population to less than 20% in America the last one hundred and fifty years.
Nordic Icelanders would soon find themselves servants in the house of their ancestors, being "last hired and first fired." Any native Icelanders who openly protest the alien invasion will very likely find themselves getting summarily fired from their jobs or even put through thought crime investigations for the content of private conversations.
What Icelander with even the slightest shred of patriotism and loyalty to Nordic heritage would allow any of this to be inflicted upon future generations in return for up front $10 billion "economic citizenship" payments?
Max Keiser reinforced my worst my fears in his 3rd hour interview (MP3 link Here) with Alex Jones on 16 Aug 2010, beginning at 8 minutes, 20 seconds:

Alex Jones: Max Keiser is our guest for the remainder of the hour. We are going to get into the economy and all the economic news that is coming in. Max, in Atlanta Georgia and other cities we have seen people getting into fights, riots breaking out over food stamps. We have now got 42 million Americans -- just a few months ago it was 40 million on food stamps -- the equivalent of the digital soup lines. We see major police departments laying off more than half of their police officers and saying those that are left will only generate revenue for the state. Will not help people who are being burglarized or having their cars stolen. This is a road warrior scenario. The taxes are going up, the services are being removed like Argentina or some other country that has been looted by these people. These global banks are offshore. They tried to go into Europe in the last six months and loot that. Merkel kicked them out, calling them criminal. So they have come back towards the dollar. There is some talk of China imploding, and a lot of manipulation happening there. So break down this currency war, who is running it, and where you see it going.
Max Keiser: Well, you know, here is how I am making money on it. In other words I am not thinking about saving anybody in America. Forget them. They are lost. They won't save themselves. So here is how I am playing it. I am buying Corrections Corp. of America. Trades on the New York Stock Exchange. They have got a deal with ICE. You know ICE goes down there and rounds up people and throws them in jail. They have a deal with ICE. They pay them 11 million dollars a month. So Correction Corp of America is paying ICE 11 million dollars a month to go round up people to put them in prison because prisons are a hugely profitable business. You own the prisons, you own the restaurants, you own the hotels. CCA, Corrections Corp of America. So bring it on! All those stupid people who are allowing their government to arrest them and throw them in jail and treat them like slaves and nincompoops, it is going to make money for CCA. I'm passive Alex. I am not going to say anything to help anybody there any more because I am making money like the rest of the world. 95% of the world's population is not American. They are looking at America now as a place to zap money out, to make money. It is not a beacon of democracy. It is not worth saving. It is just a place to make a few extra bucks and then drop it, like a load of garbage on the street.
Jones: Well Max, let me stop you. I know you are being somewhat sarcastic. You normally talk about doing things with stocks to be moral like going out and trying to drive down the price of Coca Cola. If everybody gets this casino, Gulag attitude, and give in to the evil--
Keiser: Look at the story -- look at the story out of the UK. The NHS is launching a pill with a patch. You swallow the pill, and then when your body through the patch senses that the pill is wearing off it sends a text email to you to take another pill. Now if that is not the casino Gulag, we are going to have what we call "chip and pill," the high tech tablets that will text you when it is time to take another dose. So here you have all these people in America, no job, no wages, on food stamps, so here is a new pill that tells you when to give yourself another pill. So now you have all these neurotic, psychotic people with no jobs who are being dosed by themselves who are "texted" for the pills.
Jones: And now the media is proposing lithium in our water and vaccines that literally destroy neurons in the brain to make you docile. We are entering something worse than Soylent Green.

Just wait until Jews reduce Nordic people in Iceland to less than 20% of the population, and the country falls into further chaos from the influx of a hodge podge of Third World peoples and its conversion into a financially driven, Jewish-style casino society. Jews in Iceland will then try to make money off imprisoning Nordic Icelanders who dare to protest. They will also denounce Nordic Icelanders who get marginalized by this new system as "dumb schmucks" who get everything they deserve.
After Jews with ownership in pharmaceutical companies make even more money by adding toxic chemicals to drinking water, food, and vaccines, which not only help keep Icelanders passive but also further a global depopulation agenda, Jews will then start packing their bags in order to leave Iceland for some new victim country.
To paraphrase Keiser, we can expect Jews and other "economic citizens" to then say, "Iceland is not worth saving. It is just a place to make a few extra bucks and then drop it, like a load of garbage on the street."
A major reason why America is in such terrible shape today is because it allowed too many immigrants into this country with purely "economic citizenship" motivations in the late 19th century and throughout the 20th century. All these rent-seekers care about is money. They can care less about the moral, spiritual, cultural, racial, ethnic, or political welfare of the people they exploit as their hosts.
I have had considerable personal experience with high level individuals who have turned their backs on Nordic-related traditions that once laid the foundations for America in the 18th and 19th centuries. As one example, in 1990 I was put through a "thought crime" Board of Inquiry in America as a former Marine Corps officer based upon my concerns expressed in off duty, private conversations about illegal Third World immigration, Holocaustianity-related disinformation, and my interest in the revitalization of indigenous Nordic religion. Please see my1990 letter to defense lawyer Donald W. MacPherson, Esquire prior to a thought crime Board of Inquiry. The Board exonerated me, finding that virtually all the "findings of fact" of the investigative officer were proven wrong, as noted in a 1 Feb 1991 letter from my defense counsel U.S. Navy Capt. Charles Tucker. Nevertheless, the witch hunt hysteria put a chill in mine spine that persists to this day. Capt. Charles Tucker sent a letter to the convening authority prior to the Board of Inquiry which made the point that even if all the government charges were true, the government still did not have a case under the First Amendment.
More recently, Alex Jones has described how at certain schools in the American Southwest, American kids are prohibited from displaying the U.S. flag, for fear it may appear insensitive to illegal alien Mexican children, many of whom want to break off the Southwestern U.S. to form "Aztlan." In "Leaked Machete Script Reveals Race War Plot" Alex Jones even describes a movie filmed in Austin, Texas with millions of dollars of state government funding support that glorifies in the slaughter of white Americans by illegal alien Mexican immigrants.
We can expect that once Jews and other aliens reach a certain critical mass of influence in Iceland, it will become illegal to show the current Icelandic flag in various places. Jewish-controlled media in Iceland will brand this as some kind of expression of "racism," "anti-Semitism," or "nativism," just as Jewish-controlled media in America have already totally demonized the Confederate flag that was once part of the South Carolina state flag. Icelandic school children will also be told that if they show any reverence for Icelandic saga literature, or display any Viking era symbols, this could also be construed as unacceptable forms of "racism," "insensitivity," and "nativism" in the presence of the new alien majority. Please look at my Henrik Holappa archive web page, about the persecution of a young, idealistic Finnish nationalist for his opposition to the rape of Nordic Finnish girls by African immigrants, and also please note the "Elovena" billboard illustration which shows only one of myriad ways that Jews viciously sneer at Finland's Nordic national symbols. Please also consider Marine Marynova's May/June 2010 Barnes Review article "Russia's Christian Martyr's" which describes how Jews "hit Russia and its people in the very heart." We could plausibly expect no less for traditional Iceland once its Nordic leadership element gets dispossessed by Jewish invaders.
None of what I am describing is far-fetched. It has already happened in some degree or another to America's declining WASP population, which is undergoing a slow form of genocide. As mentioned previously in this series, to the extent that both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation took place in countries with majority Nordic demographics, one can make the case that on a deep sociological level, America has been slowly reversing both the American Revolution and the Protestant Reformation in direct proportion to the decline of its WASP populations, and in direct inverse proportion to the ascendancy of not only Jews, but also totalitarian Catholic allies, who are now as numerous as Protestants in America. (Please see may additional discussion about Catholics in America in my "Handling Real Nazis" discussion in Chapter 34 of my Trilogy). The rise of the police state in America has grown in direct inverse correlation with the decline of WASP demographics and influence.


Two other Western titles seem appropriate for Iceland in addition to "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" cited in Part One. First, there is the movie "Bad Company" (1972) --whose title characterizes the Icelanders' investment banking relationships in London and New York. Then there is "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Below, Butch, played by Jewish actor Paul Newman, shows what has happened to countries like Iceland, Ukraine, or even the United States. "Circle Z" bankers have derisively used the term "PIIGs" (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Greece) for other victims. Nationalists tend to believe that "character is everything," whereas anarcho-libertarians and neo-Jacobins tend to ignore character issues.


In the long run, racial and ethnic character issues are everything. A huge part of national as well as personal success involves following long term policies that steer clear of entanglements with "bad company." This is something that anarcho libertarians like Max Keiser seem to be totally blind to.
Interestingly enough, according to former Naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, the father of the recent Jewish arch villain Bernie Madoff (see my additional discussion in Appendix III) tried to warn his son about the consequences of getting in bed with "bad company" on Wall Street:

March 13, 2009 -- BULLETIN. SPECIAL REPORT. No conspiracy charge by feds against Madoff is covering up links to domestic and foreign intelligence
...One long-time Madoff employee told WMR that Bernie Madoff's father, Ralph Madoff, who worked as a New York plumber, once told the employee, "Never, never invest in Wall Street cause it's run by crooks and SOBs." Ralph Madoff told the employee to take his money and "buy books." In Bernie Madoff's case, the apple fell extremely far from the tree.

I happen to agree with Ralph Madoff, namely that Wall Street today is indeed run by "crooks and SOB's," particularly of the Zionist sort, which it makes it all the more suspicious why Iceland's leaders would leverage up their country and make themselves vulnerable to the "tender mercies" of these people, not to mention allowing these malefactors to entice them into buying up companies around the world under peak-market conditions.
Even more ironic, when one takes a hard look at the indigenous Nordic character of the Icelandic people, as well their abundant energy resources and their high level of innate engineering talent, it becomes obvious that they should first focus their national economic strategy on hard manufacturing industries that exploit their natural resources. This kind of strategy is almost the total opposite of the highly leveraged, relationship-driven financial strategy that got them into such serious trouble.
On top of all of this, when one conducts a sociological analysis, the exact same results emerge. A strategy based on the development of natural resources and manufacturing not only fosters greater economic independence, but also associates Icelandic business leaders with more compatible and trustworthy people with similar values, such as Scandinavian engineers who can help develop their geothermal, hydropower, and possible offshore oil resources. .
Conversely, a national strategy in which Icelanders leverage themselves to the hilt to engage in global financial imperialism puts considerable pressure on Icelanders to entangle themselves with Jewish central bankers and Wall Street cabalists who routinely practice fraud by manipulating commodities, stock, and capital markets and who also hold underlying contempt for Western civilization.
Scandinavian countries lead the world in technological innovativeness per capita. Nordic workers are leaders in both physical and mental productivity as well as craftsmanship. Nordic peoples have historically been leaders in automation. On top of this, as Eumonn Fingleton observes in his landmark work In Praise of Hard Industries, industry rather than finance is the critical driver of real wealth creation over the long run. Therefore, it makes more sense for Iceland to aggressively focus on developing its energy resources, which in turn would drive manufacturing industries that capitalize on Icelandic innovativeness, technological proficiency, and worker productivity. They can succeed by manufacturing products where transportation costs to and from Iceland of raw materials and finished goods are a minor factor.
After reviewing Icelandic economic literature, a slogan pops in my mind: "Hard science and hard technology to produce hard industry, hard jobs, and a hardened economy for a hardy people."


"The failed state of Iceland," by Elliot Wilson Friday, 5 March 2010, Euromoney (PDF). Can we consider some of this talk about "babes in the woods" and "country bumpkins" as a form of "alienation" from healthy Nordic roots and a failure to appreciate authentic forms of Nordic-Celtic nationalism?


Icelanders can chain down or completely neglect the financial services area and still become very wealthy and prosperous --probably more so as a result -- as Americans discovered in the 19th century when WASP captains of industry ran the economy and banking was kept decentralized.
Iceland has in fact made huge investments in developing its energy resources between the mid 1990's to 2008 --in some years investing as much as a whopping 25% of GDP. The 2008 Bank of Iceland Economy of Iceland Report (PDF) suggests that Iceland can still triple its power from where it stands today:

Iceland has extensive hydro and geothermal resources and is the only country in Western Europe that still has large-scale, competitively priced power remaining to be harnessed from such sources. Electricity consumption per capita is the highest in the world, at some 38,000kWh per capita in 2007. Even so, only roughly one-third of the energy potential for generating electricity had been tapped in 2008. In no other country is a greater proportion of energy supplied from renewable sources.

The American Aluminum company Alcoa has had a presence in Iceland since the late 1960's and has dramatically ramped up capacity in the last decade. Aluminum smelting is a perfect example of an industrial process that capitalizes on plentiful cheap power and where transportation costs of materials to and from the production site can become a minor factor by comparison.
In addition to ample untapped hydropower and geothermal resources, there is another potentially huge kicker on the upside, namely the prospect of ample offshore oil fields. Offshore oil has been a godsend for Norway in recent decades, and the same could be true for Iceland. The country has already solicited bids for its Dreki area in northern waters.


The unproven Northern Dreki area controlled by Iceland. To the right, currently producing fields close to Norway and the UK.


I am left with the impression that Iceland's leaders suffered from a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dual personality problem during the "outvasion" period. Iceland tried to pursue the development of energy resources and hard industry on the home front --which is typically a "nationalist" policy -- while simultaneously trying to "out-Jew the Jews" in the global financial arena -- clearly an "internationalist" orientation.
In the real world, there is such a thing as spreading oneself too thin, and trying too hard to be all things to all people.
It is also a fact that when zoologists see mammals doing bizarre things, like whales beaching themselves, the first thing they suspect is that they have been infected with a parasites. The same principle applies to Icelanders vis a vis Zionists.
I maintain that if Icelanders had been following genuine nationalist principles, and kept their "national immune system" up, they never would have got themselves in the fix they find themselves in today. If they had focused on executing quality business plans without getting overextended, producing hard tradeable products from hard industries, stayed out of debt, stockpiled food and gold, they could face the global economic storms ahead with a much greater sense of security.
This idea that "nationalist principles" are guidelines, like the "follow the yellow brick road" advice in the Wizard of Oz , is nothing new. In fact, by one interpretation, it is a core theme of the Old Testament. If one interprets the Hebrew tribal deity "Yahweh" from a secular viewpoint as code language for "a vision of what is in the long term best interests to preserve the tribal integrity, power, and self-determination of the Hebrew people" and "apostasy" and "sin" as "falling away" from these principles, then basically what happens over an over again in the Old Testament is that "Yahweh" punishes the Israelites whenever they stop being good "nationalists" and instead whore after alien gods, alien values, and other alien social objectives. The Old Testament, followed by the Talmud, is essentially an encoded nationalist survival manual for Hebrews, particularly geared for the unique sociological conditions of the Mideast where Jews were usually submerged by invading imperial armies or functioned as "professional minorities" scattered about in the context race-mixing, decadent, Asiatic-despotic civilizations.
The troubling question for many dedicated scholars and honest nationalists is what came first? Did the ancient Jews originate as an international criminal mafia, who then fabricated the Old Testament as a "false front" to create undeserved "respectability" for themselves, or is the usual "Sunday School version" closer to reality, where the Jews originated as some kind of historic people in Palestine who documented their "divine" experiences as the self-anointed, self-Chosen Race of Old Yahweh, continually misunderstood and persecuted by all those horrible "anti-Semites" who keep popping up everywhere? I have already mentioned how Isaac Asimov's Bible claims that the Book of Esther is based on an ancient fictional novel, and I have also referred to Dr. Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People, all of which suggests that the Old Testament could comprise a "false flag" form of Hebrew nationalism. In addition, the "Revenge of the Neanderthal" special issue of the Barnes Review, May/June 2010, suggests that rather than coming from God, a core genetic strain in Jews has evolved from Neanderthals who have been involved in a race war with Cro-Magnon Man for over 20,000 years.
If God favors Neanderthal Man over Nordic and Celtic peoples, God help us all.
From a secular viewpoint, nationalist principles can also be consistent with noble and honest "republican virtue" concepts advocated by the founders of the American Republic, as well as the founders of ancient Grecian City States and the Roman Republic. They can also include heroic character traits expressed in Icelandic sagas. This the idea that in order for a republic to survive, the overwhelming majority of its voting citizens must show a certain quality of character in many areas. They must possess a certain level of honesty, competence, mental toughness, social responsibility, cohesion, and mutually supporting behavior. "Republican virtue" includes loyalty to ones own people and nation, which in turn implies "nationalism."
I feel challenged in my effort here to explain how Iceland has hurt itself by violating nationalist principles because adequately defining and explaining nationalism has become such a monumental task. This is for two major reasons.
First, the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, CFR members and other Zionist-affiliated elitists in control of major banks and media in America are generally hostile to the idea of nationalism for every group of people on this planet except Jews and Israel, in which case they are wildly, hysterically, and unconditionally in favor of Jewish nationalism (Zionism), even though this is a very twisted and criminal form of nationalism. (Please see the 10 March 2010 article Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism, by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who is himself Jewish). Major media in America have spewed out an incredible volume of poison and disinformation about nationalism --particularly any form of white nationalism.
At the very top of their demonology list is any form of white nationalism related to National Socialist Germany, the Confederate States of America, or even early American militias. Next down their list is any form of dissent by members of America's dwindling white middle class. (In his 22 April 2010 radio show, 3rd hour, Alex Jones said that the Jewish ADL is calling for law enforcement action against himself for daring to criticize the establishment, even though he does not advocate any form of violence or "white supremacism." In the 4th hour, Jones said that the Department of Homeland Security now admits it exists to ride herd on the American people, to include groping women's breasts and men's genitalia as routine "airport security procedures" to condition Americans for serfdom, and not just to guard against "Al Qaeda"). Third on the list are any nationalist groups anywhere in the world, to include the black nationalism advocated by Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, the American Indian Movement and Mohawk Nation, secular nationalism advocated by Gamel Nasser and other Arab leaders, Latin American nationalism advocated by Hugo Chavez, Russian nationalism advocated by Vladimir Putin, Malaysian nationalism expressed by Mahathir Mohamad ...the list is endless. (See the Orthodox Nationalist talk show by Dr. Mathew Raphael Johnson for more on this global New World Order war on nationalism).
A second reason why it is difficult to explain "nationalism" to fellow Americans is the fact that on a structural and social level since the 1770's, America has experienced a steady accumulation of "stealth anti-nationalisms" on all levels. America society has become increasingly "pluralistic" and the federal government has increasingly become more imperialistic, internationalist, and blank check pro-Zionist. Most Americans have became so conditioned to a relatively rootless, multi-ethnic "Wild West" society (by traditional European standards), that they have been incapable of fighting much more than a delaying action against the steady erosion of nationalist principles in America that has taken place for over two hundred years.
To resolve confusion over these issues, I have gone to some effort to create Appendix IV provided at the end of this work. It is titled: "American History and Genuine Nationalism, Tribalism and Nationalism, Nationalist Axioms and Decision Rules, and Nationalism and the Ideological Spectrum."
I urge the reader to look at Appendix IV. In an initial draft of this work, I included it in the main text because I felt it covered basics required to make my discussion of Iceland in the remainder of this work much more understandable. I have only placed this text in Appendix IV because it spends so much time talking about America and the philosophy of nationalism, and not directly about Iceland. But then again, we have to talk about America and the philosophy of nationalism before we can intelligently talk about Icelandic nationalism, because Iceland currently falls under the dark shadow of the anti-nationalism of Zionist neocons who control most of the current U.S. Government. (Anti-nationalism, that is, towards every country on this planet except Israel). Iceland is also menaced by the Zionist-founded United Nations and the Zionist New World Order. Iceland has also had to deal with the UK Government, controlled by the same Zionist-controlled, anti-nationalist City of London that influences America. Last, but not least, Iceland has made major overtures to Russia over the debt crisis. On an ideological level, Russia may provide some opposition to the New World Order, as discussed in Chapter 32, although Russia's 20th century history as a highly authoritarian empire and military challenger of Western nations can create a number of unpleasant "complicating issues" for an "American nationalist" like myself.
Let us now look at writings by Icelanders about the "outvasion" and consider how they reflect violations of nationalist principles described in Appendix IV.
"Estrogen Will Not Cure Greed and Stupidity" by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, Feb 8, 2009 provides an excellent starting point to address Iceland's problems from a nationalist perspective:

It is the culture of the elite and greed, not the gender of its leaders, that has led us into the current economic catastrophe. This is a culture that does not believe that the good of the many outweighs the good of the few. It is instead a culture that believed - and still does - that the greed of the individual market participants would form some sort of invisible hand that would magically regulate the markets better than any legislative or regulatory body could....
The investment advisers and their political allies viewed themselves as Nietzschean beings who were not subject to the rules that bound the masses but rather were obliged to form their own moral code. Obviously, these supermen were entitled to any financial rewards they could grasp and were not bound by such trivial concerns as national pride, religious dogma, or civil law. Like the Egyptian pharaohs, the only loyalties they recognized were to their immediate families and to one another.
Like the pharaohs, they built monuments to their greatness. They basked in the glow of publicity conferred upon them by the media they owned. They gave themselves extravagant parties that cost several times the average worker's annual salary. They gambled the life savings of the ordinary people on foreign companies, so that their renown would extend to distant shores.
Now, that it has become clear that the beliefs underlying this culture are horribly wrong, it is not enough to replace its male members with female members of this same culture. Change must come from a completely different place.

My "nationalist response": All societies, regardless of ideology or social structure (be they "capitalist," "communist," "socialist," "libertarian," or whatever), have a bell-shaped distribution curve of talent where people with brains (IQ's over 130) or superior "connections" tend to accumulate a disproportionate share of the wealth and power. All societies, regardless of ideology and social structure, require some form of "trickle down" or "paternalism" where people in the center and left side of the bell curve depend on people on the right hand side of the curve to create well-paying jobs and productive industry.
In a decadent society, people with ability and power simply live for themselves and neglect people in the center and to the left. Sometimes "libertarianism" can be a cop out where smart people claim that some mystical "invisible hand" of the free market will take care of everything. Actually they are abdicating power and responsible to people who will "take care" of Iceland's rank file all right --and I mean this in the macabre sense of the term -- like the Israeli white slave dealers who "take care " of Ukrainian women by luring them through false advertising to Israel where they are forced into sex slavery.
In a kleptocracy or tyranny, people with power or ability prey on people in the center or the left side of the bell curve rather than try to help them. In the case of a society that suffers false flag attacks, false flag pandemics, and Agenda 21 depopulation programs, the power elite is literally at war with the common man.
In the long run, simply passing more laws will not solve this problem. As the late libertarian writer Harry Browne observed, laws are least effective where they are needed at the most -- at the top. As the Roman writer Tacitus once observed, "Where the state is most corrupt, the laws are the most multiplied." It is hard to get top people to enforce laws on themselves, or to live by the spirit of laws in resolving gray areas of policy if deep in their hearts they feel contempt for the people they rule over.
In the long run, creating more government agencies will not solve this problem either. Once government grows beyond a certain size, it tends to become a self-serving bureaucratic cancer. It increases centralization and various forms of tyranny.
The American Revolution was largely a libertarian revolt which held that government over the long run is more of the problem than the solution. An important implication of this viewpoint is that in the long run it is self-defeating to not only increase the size of government within ones existing nation, but also to add layers of international government on top of it like the EU, United Nations, or IMF.
A more subtle implication was voiced by Dr. Ralph Raico in one of his Mises Institute lectures, namely that downsizing countries and governments by breaking them apart may be beneficial, similar to the way breaking apart large dysfunctional corporate conglomerates into smaller businesses often dramatically improves managerial efficiency and attention to product quality through increased focus and competition. Similarly, Dr. Ralph Raico believes that the breakup of the Roman Empire was a good thing, because this created competition between smaller states and put pressure on rulers to reduce taxes and forms of tyranny in order to avoid losing their most talented people to competing states. At one point Italy, Germany, and France were divided up into more than a dozen principalities each. This probably reduced overall corruption and aided the flowering of European civilization in the late Middle Ages.
Dr. Raico is voicing a libertarian approach to nationalism, that makes a political analogy between small countries and the virtues of small business competition and innovation. This contrasts with German National Socialist ideology, which sought to integrate parts of Europe under the control of an authoritarian, German imperial super state.
In the long run, multiracialism is not the solution. As Tom Chittum observes in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, history shows that once a dominant ethnic group begins to drop below 75% of a total population, countries tend to become increasing unstable and likely to fission apart. As Dr. Norman Hall observes in Zoological Subspecies in Man, or the British anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith observed in A New Theory of Human Evolution, humans have tribal instincts that have been deeply ingrained in their nature as a result of long evolutionary processes. Wise statesmen try to work within the context of human tribal instincts rather than suppress them with a police state or leftist propaganda. Please see my additional commentary in answer to question 7 "What does it mean when a dominant ethnic group begins to decline as a percentage of the overall population?" in my Have You Been Brainwashed? quiz.
In the long run, the least bad solution seems to be to preserve homogeneous ethnic groups as the core of the nation-state. This tribalistic "glue" in society enforces common values and group solidarity through shared ethnic culture, heritage, and indigenous religion on a grass roots level without resorting to the police state or byzantine laws as an enforcement apparatus. Tribal competition between different states can be a positive thing if kept within sportsmanlike (chivalrous) bounds.
A number of scholars argue that over the long run, tribal morality is the most potent form of morality in existence. They include Dr. Raymond Cattell, author of Beyondism: Religion From Science, and A New Morality From Science: Beyondism, and William Gayley Simpson, author of Which Way Western Man? In fact, Simpson believed that tribal morality is more potent than Christianity, which is a leftist, universalistic religion invented by Jews that tends to undermines white tribalism in favor of global evangelism.
Iceland has not gone far enough with the indigenous religious revitalization advocated by Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson. If people like David Oddsson or Olafur Grimsson practiced both indigenous religion and authentic nationalism, Iceland never would have got itself into such a mess. Instead of pursuing the higher road to Nordic self-sufficiency, it has taken the lower road to Babylon and allowed itself to get blind-sided by "Neanderthals."
There exist alternative interpretations regarding the value of Nietzsche's work compared to the disdain that Iris Erlingsdottir has shown him (a common attitude among many "mainstream" writers and academics these days) that are worth mentioning here. A number of noteworthy American paleoconservatives have praised his work. As two examples, The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche by H. L. Mencken views Nietszche as an original thinker who developed important insights through the way he compared the ethical implications of Darwin's theory of evolution to other moral, ethical, and religious systems. In Which Way Western Man?, the former Christian minister and author William Gayley Simpson found Nietzsche to be an important "de-brainwashing tool" in his intellectual development regarding major religious and social issues. Nietzsche helps to eliminate a lot of "intellectual fire walls" between the way the world appears in biology and zoology text books, and the way it is portrayed by many liberal Christian churches today, to include the way so many modern liberal "Christian" churches condone or openly support white masochism, white self-hatred, homosexuality, cultural Marxism, race-mixing, and blank check support for Zionist criminality ("Christian Zionism"). Among other things, Nietzsche's clear enunciation of the "naturalness" and moral worthiness of the "will to power" can help many neurotic, impotent, inadequate and effeminized males recapture some manhood, realism, and pragmatism in their approach to life.
It is true that Nietzsche liked to make outrageous comments to grab attention and provoke thought. However, as it pertains to this discussion, Nietzsche offered many valuable insights that deserve to be taken seriously. Nietzsche admired the pagan tribal religion of the ancient Greeks of the heroic era (from around 900-500 B.C.) and excoriated Christianity as a religion deliberately fabricated by Jews with bad intent to turn the Roman world on its head in his last work The Anti-Christ. It is quite possible that if Nietzsche were alive today, he would condemn Oddsson, Grimmson, and the two "Bjorgolfurs" for being decoupled from their authentic Nordic tribal religious roots, and for whoring after Jewish "Neanderthals" like George Soros and the Rothschilds or phony Jewish libertarians like Milton Friedman who are in the final analysis biological as well as ideological enemies of Nordic peoples.
Returning to Ms. Erlingsdottir's article, she states:

Iceland was, not so long ago, a flat, homogenous society. The children of the richest people went to public schools with the children of its ordinary citizens. The largest house wasn't that much bigger than an average house. At some time in their lives, most young men went to sea on fishing boats, and most young women worked in the fish processing factories. Foreign vacations were the exception, not the rule.
The children of my generation, however, began to hold themselves apart from the rest of us. They did not work with fish. They received their educations abroad. They do not eat our traditional foods. Their high positions were given to them by right of birth, rather than by merit.

My "nationalist response": The Japanese have proven that it is possible to develop a thoroughly modern, industrialized society, and still maintain racial and ethnic homogeneity. They have figured out ways to fill jobs considered dirty or dangerous without importing aliens.
Realizing that they must retain a homogeneous society to survive as a people in the long run (a social reality no different than what the Nordic peoples face), the Japanese have maintained a firm policy against importing alien labor. They take the attitude that having a chronic labor shortage as a consequence of successful industrialization is a "nice problem to have." They also take the attitude that it is better to err on the side of having a Spartan spirit and learning to pick up after oneself rather than become decadent and expected to be waited on by low cost alien immigrant labor. It is also better to have your own people counting your money instead of the Jews.
In the final analysis, preserving the tribal integrity of ones own society is a question of vision and will. There is no reason why Icelanders cannot fulfill this vision for themselves. They still have a relatively homogeneous society and rich indigenous culture and religion to build upon.
There were many places in 19th century America where relatively homogenous northern-European descended homesteader communities practiced this kind of ethos, and prospered as a result. Once the Jewish-dominated neo-Jacobin American empire finally comes apart at the seams, it will be possible for certain parts of this country to recapture this way of life.
Many Japanese view chronic labor shortages as not only a "nice problem to have" from a national employment perspective, but also as a positive incentive to increase automation. As I point out in my online ebook I, Robot Entrepreneur, many robotics experts expect robots with a human level intelligence in perhaps as soon as 15 years. This will further reduce any need to important alien peoples as low cost service labor. The Japanese have always been global leaders in robotic installation.
Technological innovation has always been a strong suit of Nordic peoples. If they absolutely have to solve a labor shortage over the next 15 years, the best way to about this and retain their tribal integrity is to import Nordic peoples who have become disgusted with their treatment by the U.S., UK, Australia, and other oppressive Zionist-controlled societies around the world.
Returning to Ms. Erlingsdottir's article, she states:

Iceland is not America. We are bound by a common history, a common ancestry, and a common language, not by the ideals of liberty and equality. When the bonds that hold us together are broken, there's nothing left. Americans can reasonably argue about different ways to best realize the dream of freedom, but you do not disagree on that dream itself. Icelanders, however, are nothing without a sense of community.

My "nationalist response": I am very glad Iceland is not America, and I honestly hope Iceland can stay that way. I hope that Icelanders can preserve a society where they can be just as Nordic as they want to be instead of having to kowtow to Zionism, multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, political correctness, cultural Marxism, and other noxious effluents secreted by the more "Neanderthal" parts of American society today.
The Dr. Paul Craig Roberts interview with Alex Jones on 7 April 2010 (third hour) provides a perfect example why many Americans like myself are seriously questioning what it is left in America today that might be worth emulating. Dr. Roberts, a well respected American conservative columnist, was brought on the Alex Jones show to explain himself after he penned his final column "Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It" on 24 March 2010:

Alex Jones: ...[:50] We were talking about how it has now come out and been admitted that Cheney wanted to start nuclear war with Russia [by sponsoring the Sept 2008 Georgia invasion of South Ossetia] I guess to stay in power or something, and that on 8-8-8 ---that same group is still in control of Obama, I mean we are dealing with real psychopaths, Dr. Roberts?
Dr. Roberts: Yes. They are insane people. The United State government is in the clutches of insane people. Not only are they insane, they are evil. In fact, they are probably the most evil that have ever had their hands on government. And the American people haven't a clue. They have no clue at all. They have no clue what is in store for them. And it is because nobody was ever held accountable. So in her murder mysteries, Agatha Christi, the famous English detective novelist, she makes the point that when a murderer kills the first person, he then finds it easier to kill the second, and the third, and the fourth. And the more he can kill, the easier it gets for the taking of lives. And I think this is what we see with our government. They have gotten away with so many things, there is no accountability, and now they are just reckless. And this is why I say it makes you wonder about the consequences of the United States government where there is a nuclear-armed Soviet Union and a China. And moreover a China with a powerful economy and financial power over the United States. The recklessness of the United States government, will do the same thing that Hitler did. He marched off into Russia and destroyed himself. How will our destruction come about?
Alex Jones: And he destroyed 20 million Germans in the process. You are coming back for an hour on the 15th, we will talk about your ideas for solutions here, but it is the naive level of the American people. It is because we are too good. We are Americans, has allowed this absolute evil to grow.
Dr. Roberts. I think that is true. People cannot accept what their eyes and ears should be telling them and so the government never gets held accountable. And of course elections don't matter because it is the same group in Washington. No matter who gets elected to office, it is always the same interest groups...[3:40].

My "nationalist response": I have come to the conclusion that Nordic racial and ethnic homogeneity is a tremendous asset. A major reason why America has got itself into such terrible trouble is because in various increments over the last century and a half, it has abandoned the homogeneity provided by the overwhelmingly WASP population groups who created the foundation for America prior to the War Against Southern Independence (1861-1865).
At the time of American Revolution, the white population in America had levels of homogeneity in various sectors that were nearly on the same level as Iceland. They included the descendents of Puritans in New England, Scots-Irish along the frontier (descended from an Anglo-Saxon people from southern Scotland), and the German-speaking "Pennsylvania Dutch" (actually Rhine West Bank German Lutherans).
In Chapter 34 of my Trilogy I describe how Nordic characteristics had a unique impact on 19th century America compared to other groups:

...When I read books about Northern European ethnic communities in America in the 19th century, I am left with the feeling that the 20th century melting pot really cost us something dear. Those 19th century white ethnic communities were typically the mainstay of the Protestant work ethic and other values that once made America one of the most productive, innovative, and economically self-sufficient countries on earth. They had a vastly greater capacity to adhere to a long term vision, delay gratification, save, invest wisely, and show pride in craftsmanship. This sense of ethnic pride and competition gave Americans more of an incentive to stay on their good behavior on a grass roots level. There is wisdom in retaining Northern European white ethnic tribal competition.
As an example, in The Promise of America, Dr. Lovoll talks about how Norwegian-American communities in Minnesota used to go out of their way to provide lodging and jobs for young Norwegian immigrant women because it would be too embarrassing if any of these girls turned to prostitution. Norwegians in the Northern Midwest often laughed at various Irish Catholics who were less than half as efficient in clearing land and building farms. One can infer from Dr. Lovoll's scholarly work that Irish losers would often go back to Chicago to become bar tenders, cops, drunks, and glad-handing politicians who work for the Jews --just like Mayor Richard Daley today.

Books like The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant have documented how Nordics have been in decline as a percentage of the white population in America ever since the mid to late 19th century, and they have been replaced by Catholic immigrants from Southern Europe with a higher degree of innate authoritarianism and childlike emotional dependency and lower percentages of innovators and early adopters in their population groups. Then to add insult to injury, America got hit by waves of millions of Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century who brought with them a vastly higher degree of criminal gangsterism, collectivism, monopolism, and neurotic psychopathology.
Using counter predator vs. predator ecological models, we can easily predict what will likely happen as the percentage of innately libertarian people decline within an overall population group, and the percentages of authoritarian meatheads and criminal gangsters increases. Eventually the "heroes" (the independent-minded, virtuous libertarians) will get completely swamped by the "dog people" and the "rats."
Significantly, I get the sense from "Estrogen Will Not Cure Greed and Stupidity" by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, Feb 8, 2009, that even with a fairly homogenous Nordic-Celtic population, Iceland just barely has the critical mass to keep its own "rats" in check:

....Members of the elite-greed club are not bound to the rest of us by this sense of community. They are Icelanders only by accident of birth and feel no existential obligation to our nation. They were willing to sacrifice the nation's wealth to enrich themselves, but they will not sacrifice their wealth to save their countrymen. They belong to a transnational class of plutocrats, and have forfeited their right to participate in our attempts to remedy the harms they have wrought on our society.
Having a woman Prime Minister and an equal number of male and female cabinet ministers is all good. But any positive changes Johanna and her female colleagues will bring about will be because they are in tune with the values of society at large, rather than the values of the current ruling elite. Not because they are women, but because they are Icelanders.

My "nationalist response": Gender issues aside, Iceland will never fully overcome this debacle until a larger percentage of its leaders become dedicated, fully informed nationalists --taking what I call the "international nationalist" approach that I describe in greater detail on my home page. They must maintain an unswerving loyalty to preserve the heritage and sovereignty of their own people, while developing the sophistication to deal with a complex and often dangerous external world filled with human predators and parasites.
The history of nations is typically written in blood and sacrifice. It is typically necessary to tap into deeply felt, common religious instincts to motivate altruistic sacrifice for the common good. There is nothing better for motivating preservation of a tribal nation state than a tribal religion.

"'Crime Once Exposed Has no Refuge but in Audacity." -Tacitus, by Iris Erlingsdottir, January 19, 2009 observed:


Unfortunately, there was no moral underpinning behind the actions taken by the government, ostensibly for the public good. Rather than protecting the public, high-ranking government officials had used the occasion to solidify their positions and to enrich themselves, their relatives and their friends. Knowledgeable oversight of the financial sector never materialized, and warnings of impending disaster were ridiculed and ignored.
When a commercial opportunity arose, it went to one of the in-crowd. When an important position opened in the government, it went to one of the in-crowd. As was happening in the United States, talent, competence and experience took a back seat to loyalty.

My "nationalist response" The issue that Ms. Erlingsdottir raises here is more complicated than whether or not commercial or government jobs go to members of a particular Icelandic "in-crowd."
On the one hand, Icelanders need to preserve tribal loyalty and protect their society against alien infiltrators who would shamelessly rape their country if left unchecked. On the other hand, they have to guard against forms of cronyism and nepotism that undermine meritocracy or could reward criminality.
Norwegian and Japanese nationalists have developed some interesting "hybrid" approaches to try to address these questions.
The Norwegian government has retained 50% ownership of Statoil, one of its leading energy firms. In many respects, this is analogous to a "poison pill" defense used by corporate boards of directors on Wall Street to prevent hostile merger and acquisitions by aliens.
Libertarians like the late Harry Browne, author of Why Government Doesn't Work (PDF), are correct that "government" --particularly large government that has "outgrown" direct contact with its constituents -- is typically all about dim-witted, wasteful bureaucrats who try to grow their departmental interests like cancers. Bureaucrats also typically lack the entrepreneurial talent necessary to create real wealth.
Despite all these problems with government ownership, the prospect of complete takeover by Zionist kleptocrats like George Soros is vastly worse. Hence, retaining some kind of government ownership may be the least bad of many bad options. At least 50% of the profits are guaranteed to flow to a government that hopefully will pass them on to the people of Norway, rather than loot them out of the country, as in the case of the Jewish oligarchs who took over Russian natural resource companies during Yeltsin era.
In an effort to promote competitive meritocracy while retaining "all in the family" tribal control, the Japanese have promoted"in-house" competition. METI, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry ("MITI" prior to 2001), encouraged the policy that within each strategic industry Japan should have at least three different competitors owned and operated by Japanese.
I think that a huge problem with Iceland's power elite is that it is not adequately committed to nationalism and industrialization. Instead, it has been brainwashed by the "Yuppie" values of the "me" and "X" generations encouraged by Jewish-controlled media in America and the UK.
In his 7 April 2010 1st hour interview with Alex Jones, (36:01 into this show) Alan Watt of "Cutting Through the Matrix" commented on how horrible this brainwashing in America and the UK has become:

Alan Watt: [36:17]...Yes, and what you find too is that the big authors who worked for the Fabian Society, which is just a specialized arm to control left wing for the socialized world, to bring in on behalf of the elite, results by the elite themselves, and funded by affairs, they are all specialized branches of the same thing. And you will find their authors have talked about this particular age we are in today. One of them was Arnold Toynbee, a professor at Oxford. He was the one who taught Rhodes Scholars for world government on behalf of the elite. And he said in his own history books as a philosopher and historian, he said that this is what happens at the end of an age when an empire is going down. Now the elite always moves out before the empire crashes, by the way. You never see that the rich people get put under. And they bring homosexuality to the fore, lesbianism. Party, party, party for the wealthy elites, and then the rest emulate that too. There are fewer and fewer children. Infanticide becomes very common. And so they know the techniques of bringing down society. Everyone is partying, having fun. Entertainment, drama, plays staged as never before. And this can be re-implemented at any time in any culture in any empire. As long as you bring in the same formula in sequence, you can recreate that and bring the people down to a particular slave level. And that was also said by Professor Carol Quigley who was a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations. And he taught at the U.S. State Department. He taught the diplomats, and he also taught the guys in the Pentagon. So they use knowledge for weapons. Knowledge is power. And it can be weaponized, if you understand the techniques and formulas to reintroduce the same sequences, you can bring people down as you control them. Every stage of the way. And today we are living as a Sodom and Gomorrah. Regular television now is basically pornography. They are bringing up live, simulated sex shows on British morning TV. This kind of stuff. This is the key, too. To break all natural bonding rules that create a strong cultural society. And it starts really with a man and a woman. That is the first target. You divide them, you conquer them, you then separate the children. The state rears the children with new values, which are all politically correct. Every intake in kindergarten is taught to a scientific formula so that then taken the previous year are given a little upgrade from the previous year before them, for what they will expect to happen culturally in their society in their lifetime, so that when it happens they think it is normal. And Beria, who was a KGB, or NKVD head of the Soviet Union in 1934 at an international communist meeting talked about this. He said that is takes 70 years to alter a society in a cultural way to our advantage. Now, he said, in 1934 it takes five years through indoctrination of the intakes of children. Today it is down to year by year by year through kindergarten. It is a scientific indoctrination, so that they will be brought up in a world where brain-chipping will be normal, hermaphroditic beings cloned in laboratories will be normal, all kinds. There will be no such thing as pedophilia anymore. That is another big goal. The destruction of all normality means that you are defenseless against the big boys because you have no cultural values to hold on to and stand up for. When you cannot stand up for anything, you are totally defeated. .
Alex Jones: You are now a blank slate that they can program anything they want into. You are an empty hard drive.
Watt: Yes.
Alex Jones: Now I want to go over this, contestants turn torturers in French TV game show...

My "nationalist response": The situation has deteriorated to the point that one must consciously resist global media to avoid being poisoned by it. This should be a conscious objective of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative.
Industrial development usually requires much longer planning periods and payback time horizons than speculative financial trading operations. However, over the long run, it is really the only road to true wealth, as Eamonn Fingleton explains in In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, Is the key to Future Prosperity. Only hard industry can provide tradable goods with a superior ratio of quality to price, thereby increasing physical wealth and earning a source of foreign exchange. Only automation can make infinite, sequential improvements in productivity and cost reduction. A long term sense of caretakership by the elite in a society towards its own work force and national resources is vitally important to help motivate long term planning and reinvestment for industry.
Deep down inside your business leaders have to care about enhancing the domestic industrial power of their nation. They have to take pride in creating good jobs for young men entering the job market who need to support wives and families. Instead, in degenerate counties like the U.S.and UK, we have too many "business leaders" who only care about making as much money as quickly as possible by by cutting covers anyway they can, so that they can afford more cocaine and hookers. They could care less about the growing ranks of the unemployed or underemployed from deindustrialization and outsourcing as long as it does not happen to them.
Anarcho-libertarian economic ideology, where somehow the "free market" will magically improve living standards while everyone just looks out for himself can actually be a smokescreen and cop-out to justify criminal and treasonous behavior towards ones own nation and people. This is why I continually insist that while anarcho-libertarians can make many good points, they reflect only 25% of reality at best and may only be considered "necessary but not sufficient."
"'Crime Once Exposed Has no Refuge but in Audacity." -Tacitus, by Iris Erlingsdottir, January 19, 2009 observed:

And as the Americans learned when disaster struck New Orleans, loyalty can't hold back the floodwaters once the dam bursts. As thousands of Icelanders are swimming in debt, the top officials and plutocrats fly over in their private jets, mouthing words of pity, but not accepting any responsibility for allowing matters to get out of hand. Not one member of the government has resigned or accepted responsibility, and not a single member of the financial elite has admitted any error. No investigations appear to be under way, but the government has appointed a special prosecutor: the sheriff of Akranes, a rural town of 6,000, is to investigate some of the most complicated financial crimes of all times! And we are told that we need to "move forward" and "stop pointing fingers!"
Somehow, the members of this small tribe got it into their heads that they were special, and that the rules applicable to everyone else did not apply to them. They see themselves as indispensable to the proper functioning of the government and the business enterprises -- despite all evidence to the contrary -- and cannot conceive turning over the reins to others.
Ultimately, their failure is their lack of trust and solidarity with their countrymen. They had to have known long ago that the house of cards they had constructed would fall, and take down their country with them. Rather than coming clean early on and trusting their political opponents to work out a solution, they funneled money to foreign bank accounts, foreign businesses, and foreign homes to ensure that they would escape the wreckage, then used their contacts in the government to keep the illusion intact as long as possible, while they jumped in their lifeboats.

My "nationalist response": The "members of this small tribe" that Ms. Erlingsdottir refers to above have actually committed treason and embraced the parasitic values of an alien tribe called Zionists. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to call them a "criminal gang" rather than use a word like "tribe" which might cast unnecessary aspersions on healthy and legitimate forms of Nordic-Celtic Icelandic tribalism.
I think that another important reason for the selfishness of the power elite is that it has been programmed with selfish "Yuppie" values that confuse"libertarianism" with "libertinism." A viable nationalist policy must openly make the distinction, and clearly denounce libertinism.
Throughout history, successful libertarian societies have sought to simply decentralize political power and social responsibility, but not get rid of these things. If anything, such societies need even more social responsibility and initiative on a local level, not less.
In addition, on a cultural level successful libertarian societies have simply sought to decentralize such manly and womanly virtues as mental toughness, far-sighted social planning, and law enforcement, but not get rid of these things either.
In order for a libertarian society to work, one often needs a spirit of self-sacrifice and volunteerism, where the common citizen goes out of his way to take on additional responsibilities to insure the success of the overall society. As an example, Tennessee adopted the motto "The Volunteer State" from the early 19th century pioneer era when the values of its citizens were much closer to the libertarian values of medieval Icelanders.
In contrast, the libertine is an amoral, irresponsible, and selfish person who seeks to exploit freedom for his own personal gratification, and could care less about what social burdens he dumps on others.
A number of historians have observed that Scandinavian farmers in the Midwest in the 19th century who worked their own land were typically tougher on themselves than any lords of the manor were on serfs in the old country. Similarly, as volunteer members of militias or sheriff's posses, they typically showed greater courage and initiative than most European professional soldiers or police. Lastly, as voting members of a republic, these citizens tried to be even better informed and vigilant than aristocratic rentier classes in old Europe.
One of the main reasons why America is in such sad shape today is because so many of our own "leaders" have used "freedom" as an excuse to shirk rather than assume greater individual responsibilities. .
As one example, the late Harry Browne, who was once a Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, said during one of his online seminars said that fighting never resolves anything. He said that he never saw a conflict he would not walk away from and handle through reason.
Although I like Harry Browne's book Why Government Doesn't Work, I view his expression of pacifism as a form of self-indulgent cowardice. Most early American libertarians ranging from soldiers in the American Revolution to settlers on the Oregon Trail, had almost the opposite attitude.

Left: Eric the Red, an example of a medieval Icelandic "libertarian" who was no pacifist. Right: An example of Hollywood art imitating life. Steve McQueen plays "Nevada Smith," whose personal vengeance against the murderers of his parents is consistent with early American libertarian values of the frontier.


In a true libertarian society, men actually have to be tougher and more proactive on average than citizens who want to feel "protected" by professional police furnished by a "statist" society.
As another example which demonstrated post WWII confusion between libertarianism and libertinism, Hugh Hefner conflated "real freedom" with "anti-Puritanism" in his 1966 interview on William Buckley's Firing Line.

William Buckley Interviews Hugh Hefner on Firing Line (1966) Part 1. Playboy founder discusses the reasons for his "anti-Puritanism."


Having previously referred to Puritans in this work as "hardline followers of an inverted religion fabricated by Asiatic Jews with possible Neanderthal lineage," I am not overly fond of their theology either. However, the self-restraint of the Puritans, who came from the most Nordic part of England, reflected a certain stern streak in the Nordic character. Their personal drive and self-discipline was an important component of the old Protestant work ethic that helped make America the greatest industrial power with the highest standard of living in the 19th century.
It is hard to be a good libertarian when one is destitute. Therefore, a certain level of rationality, self-restraint, and work productivity is required to build a successful economy and sustain a viable libertarian society.
Regarding Hefner's Playboy Philosophy, some of the biggest constraints on sexual morality have more to do with "objective reality" than any particular religious or political ideology, as Dr. Raymond Cattell might have pointed out in a book like A New Morality From Science: Beyondism. Most men are more constrained by their financial ability to support a family than their ability to have sex. If a guy knocks up a girl, usually somebody has to help take care of her and raise the kid. Conversely, if a man never gets a girl pregnant, his own family line dies out. If everyone within a tribe or race fails to reproduce, they effectively genocide themselves.
In many ways, Hugh Hefner was simply slick about working the porno cash register on a society that had become highly disoriented from Jewish cultural Marxism promoted by Jewish-controlled national media and also by WWII Allied propaganda that condemned the conscious German Nationalist Socialist emphasis on supporting large and healthy white families.
Part of the severity of the early Puritans in America came from the fact that many of them had to deal with a very harsh environment, to include a very real threat of getting wiped out by winters or Indian attacks.
It is also worth mentioning that the original focus of the libertarian ideals of the American Revolution was to combat tyranny, not to promote self-indulgence. To overcome the forces of tyranny, one requires a certain critical mass of men motivated to engage in self-sacrifice for the long term common good, rather than focused upon immediate personal gratification and self-indulgence. Remember, at the onset of an insurrection, tyrants typically control the financial system and military forces, whereas rebels are typically poverty stricken and have mostly honor and moral suasion on their side to organize successful resistance. One of the greatest enemies of true patriots are informers who give police state oppressors the information they need to unjustly smear them in controlled media or to even round patriots up and kill them. This is because tyrants typically have more than enough money (since they typically control the banking system and can literally print it) to buy off corrupt able people. Resistance to tyranny has never been easily, particularly once the moral backbone of ones own nation has been eroded.
The libertine can be an irresponsible social parasite or criminal. By dumping unwarranted banking system risk on their fellow citizens, and by encouraging a bad national strategy that ruined society as a whole while benefiting only a few, Iceland's irresponsible leaders were practicing libertinism and not libertarianism.
Before leaving the topic of sex and society, some good excellent additional reading that squarely exposes flaws in Hefner's philosophy have been written by Dr. Henry Makow, a Canadian-Jewish writer. His works provide valuable links to other sources. The following are some examples Dr. Makow's insightful works:

2010-02-28 Most Men are Victims of Porn
2009-02-24 Why All Porn is Gay (Encore)
2001-11-01 Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution

The article "Wall Street on the Tundra" by Lewis comments upon important redeeming character traits of Icelanders:

“I think it is easier to take someone in the fishing industry and teach him about currency trading,” he says, “than to take someone from the banking industry and teach them
how to fish.”
He then explained why fishing wasn’t as simple as I thought. It’s risky, for a start, especially as practiced by the Icelandic male. “You don’t want to have some sissy boys on your crew,” he say s, especially as Icelandic captains are famously manic in their fishing styles. “I had a crew of Russians once,” he says, “and it wasn’t that they were lazy, but the Russians are always at the same pace.” When a storm struck, the Russians would stop fishing, because it was too dangerous. “The Icelanders would fish in all conditions,” says Stefan, “fish until it is impossible to fish. They like to take the risks. If you go overboard, the probabilities are not in your favor. I’m 33, and I already have two friends who have died at sea.”

My "nationalist response": The "nationalist" viewpoint looks at character traits as a potential source of national "comparative advantage," whereas the "environmental viewpoint" generally ignores them.
America is a good example where the environmental viewpoint, or "egalitarianism," has been pushed to such extremes that it is actually inverted. For example, most Americans are brainwashed by their controlled media and education system to believe that Jews are most noble people on earth, whereas in most other countries throughout history they have been viewed as one of the most deceitful, psychopathic, and ignoble of all races, as noted in the "Neanderthal-related" articles. Americans are also taught to not only be oblivious to the steady decline of its Nordic population, but consider it "racist" to raise the topic, and even rejoice in the way Nordic Americans have been biologically replaced by illegal Third World immigrants.
This anecdote about how Icelandic fisherman are willing to be more daring than Russians is an excellent example where alleged "hillbilly traits" can be a fantastic strength.
On a military level, "valor," "toughness," and "initiative" have been longstanding"trademarks" of Nordic peoples. For example, The History Channel -Barbarians - The Vikings begins "Late in the eighth century, they burst from the frigid seas of the North, to take the world by storm. For the next three hundred years, they ravaged the civilized nations. Nothing can stop them. Not the oceans. Not the dread of the unknown. Not the rulers of Europe. They are the Vikings, and behind their barbaric legend lies an even more spectacular reality. Explorers, settlers, and traders, Vikings strike out across the sea in search of plunder and legitimate wealth..."
In more recent centuries we have seen either Nordic peoples or closely related peoples employ a tremendous combination of valor and small unit initiative to achieve impressive battlefield results. A classic example was the Battle of King's Mountain, South Carolina during the War of Independence, where militia made up of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and Scots-Irish Americans surrounded and annihilated a British and Tory unit of equal size utilizing innovative and flexible tactics. One of the American leaders, Isaac Shelby of Tennessee, exhorted his men "When we encounter the enemy, don't wait for a word of command. Let each of you be your own officer, and do the very best you can....If in the woods, shelter yourselves and give them Indian play; advance from tree to tree...and killing and disabling all you can...."
Other historic examples include the Dutch-descended Boer Kommando units, that fought the British army to a standstill although badly outnumbered in the Boer War, or the part-Nordic, part-Finno-Ugric peoples whose patrols wreaked havoc deep behind Soviet Army lines in the Winter War.
In his article "Military Matters: Learning from Norway" William S. Lind laments the lack of interest by the U.S. military in developing fluid maneuver warfare tactics that were once exemplified by "Norway's greatest naval commander, Peter Wessel Tordenskjold."
The 1998 Reader's Digest article "What makes them so tough? The harder the challenge, the more Norwegians like it," by Lucinda Hahn has the following abstract summary "Norwegians' superior showing in winter sports is traceable to their abiding love for life and its challenges. Everyone, including children and elderly people, takes weekend skiing tours in the forest. They are never bothered by the cold temperature for they are always attired warmly." This, combined with their stoicism and adventurousness, usually characterizes them as a "hardy people."
Fishing was was once classified as one of the most dangerous occupations in America, more so than being an IRS or FBI agent, steeplejack, coal-miner, or high rise steel worker. Its practice for thousands of years by Nordic peoples has been both a reflection of their character, and at the same time has also put a stamp on their character. It is quite common in sociobiology for genetic sculpturing influences to serve as both a cause and an effect at the same time.
Dr. Odd S. Lovoll, a retired Norwegian-America professor of Scandinavians studies at St. Olaf's college, told me once that he had conducted a study of fishing villages in western Norway. He was surprised at the relative scarcity of graves of adult males compared to women and children. The local people told him that in earlier eras, most men who spent their lives at sea could expect to eventually run out of luck, get caught in a bad storm, and drown.
These character traits can have enormous social, political, and even economic implications. My 1957 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica notes that the northern European countries tended to be much more resistant to fascism than the southern European countries in the 1930's.
Referring to predator vs. counter-predator ecological models, it takes a certain critical mass within the general population of individual initiative, intelligence, and courage to face off the bullying of would-be tyrants. Using the diffusion of innovations paradigm, it also takes a certain critical mass of innovators and early adopters as critical thinkers to see through and resist tyrant propaganda
In his 7 April 2010 (2nd hour) interview with Alex Jones, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts deplored the lack of individual courage and self-sufficiency found in America today, combined with a reliance by the state on bullying rather than reason:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: [36:13]...Where is it going? The local police now are militarized. If you go to a gun club, all the police will be there. They have got automatic . weapons. There will twenty, thirty, forty or fifty of them and they are practicing massed fire, and what is it all about? It is for controlling the people who pay our salaries. So the whole thing is set up to prevent any kind of opposition from the population. And it is like you say, they can now declare anybody to be a terrorist. And therefore they can confiscate not just your life and rights, but all your assets. So it is a police state. People are not aware of this. They still pray the government is there to protect them in some way. I get a lot of emails from people who are already suffering the types of intrusions where they read my book about how the law has been destroyed and they are wondering what they can do. Of course they haven't any rights, so they can't do anything. I don't know how much of it is a plan of the direct goal in mind, or how much it is just police grabbing power. And of course it does not much matter, because under either system we have lost our rights. It is very hard for people, even if they are organized, and have weapons, to resist because of the kinds of weapons that police and military have. I mean, they have military rifles, to the kinds of weapons that people have is feeble.
Alex Jones: And now under NORTHCOM we have the military everywhere, conditioning the public at DWI checkpoints, at the Kentucky Derby, at football games, searching children, running checkpoints on the highways, an armed camp drilling and training to go after us.
Roberts: Right.
Jones: I want to cover one other issue before we get into the economy, Dr. Roberts. Have you seen the gun camera footage from three years ago in Iraq that Wikileaks released a few days ago. They said that they have got scores of these videos that they are going to be releasing where they are killing the kids and shooting a minivan trying to get a wounded reporter off the street, and a secondarily I get these emails, it is a minority of emails, saying "How dare you criticize our troops? This is a war" Well yes, this is a war that was built on lies on WMD's, we go invade the country, we kill over a million of them, and there is this droning, brainwashed message that we have got to support the troops by keeping them in two or three or five or six tours, and treating them like garbage when they get back. There is just this mindless supposed patriotism to worship tyranny. It is very reminiscent of what happened in Nazi Germany.
Dr. Roberts. Yes, that is right. They are Brown Shirts. I have been calling them Brown Shirts for years, and you have described it accurately. That is exactly the situation. This is another reason I thought writing for these people is pointless. I mean, they cannot fathom the danger they are in. And many of them, of course, are still fighting the Vietnam War. They are still angry that we did not win the war, but suppose we had won, what would be any different? The whole thing is some form of emotional infantilism. There are still people who are three years old. They are ruled by some sort of blind emotion which is incapable of thought. They cannot even take in facts. So talking to them is a waste of time.
Alex Jones: Well it is arrested development. They are very childlike. Facts meaning nothing. And it is this petty power trip that they are part of the state. They are part of the system. They are winners. But that very system is destroying their future as well, and as you know, as someone who has researched history, once you get into one big lie, then it is a bigger lie, a bigger lie, and then things accelerate at the end, and do you now agree that we have now reached that acceleration point where all of this preparatory slide into tyranny and corruption has seemed fast, but we ain't seen nothing yet.
Dr. Roberts. Yes, that is true, and if you look at the complicity of the Federal courts, even the supreme court, I mean how quiet they have been and tolerant of this. And the law schools, and the law deans, and the bar associations, and the law firms. Where ever you have looked there is just acceptance. There is essentially acceptance of this. You would have thought all the prestigious law schools would be on their high horse. The bar associations. People would be screaming "What are you doing? You can't destroy civil liberties on the basis of a hoax?" But that is exactly what is happening. And people are accepting it. They just try to find some way to make money out of it.

In contrast to the mental "hardening of the arteries" evident across America, "Wall Street Tundra," the author explains how a Nordic spirit of personal initiative, problem solving flexibility, and heroism is still alive and well in Iceland:

... No one thought that Icelanders might have some natural gift for smelting aluminum, and, if anything, the opposite proved true. Alcoa, the biggest aluminum company in the country, encountered two problems peculiar to Iceland when, in 2004, it set about erecting its giant smelting plant. The first was the so-called “hidden people”—or, to put it more plainly , elves—in whom some large number of Icelanders, steeped long and thoroughly in their rich folkloric culture, sincerely believe. Before Alcoa could build its smelter it had to defer to a government expert to scour the enclosed plant site and certify that no elves were on or under it. It was a delicate corporate situation, an Alcoa spokesman told me, because they had to pay hard cash to declare the site elf-free but, as he put it, “we couldn’t as a company be in a position of acknowledging the existence of hidden people.” The other, more serious problem was the Icelandic male: he took more safety risks than aluminum workers in other nations did. “In manufacturing,” say s the spokesman, “you want people who follow the rules and fall in line. You don’t want them to be heroes. You don’t want them to try to fix something it’s not their job to fix, because they might blow up the place.” The Icelandic male had a propensity to try to fix something it wasn’t his job to fix.

My "nationalist response": This is an interesting passage because it makes individual initiative look like a weakness. This is typical of many Nordic traits, which tend to be duel-edged swords. They are great strengths in some situations, "weaknesses" in others. This has to be factored into any nationalist analysis that looks for areas of "comparative advantage" regarding competition with other countries.
It can be a misleading over-generalization to state that in manufacturing you do not want people who try to fix something that is not their job to fix.
Two of the greatest inventors in American history saw themselves as "tinkerers" and "experimenters," namely Thomas Edison and Nicolas Tesla. Edison said that genius was 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. While Tesla was more theoretical in his approach than Edison, he still continually engaged in abstract forms of tinkering.
Nordic New Englanders of the 18th and 19th centuries gave rise to the term "Yankee Ingenuity" through their propensity to tinker. They contributed successful inventions completely out of proportion to their percentage of the overall population.
In My Life and Work, Henry Ford talks about how he was always looking for ways to increase shop floor beneficial suggestions and innovation. The Scanlon Plan is another famous example in American management history of an incentive system designed to increase shop floor "heroes."
In fact, one can make the case that when the Japanese started to take the shop floor quality improvement ideas of W. Edwards Deming more seriously than their American counterparts in the 1960's, this became symptomatic of the beginning of America's long decline in manufacturing capabilities.


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