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Iceland Gets "ENRONed," Then Goes For "1776"

Part 3

Are Icelanders Victims of High Level Subversion?
A False Flag Analysis

First edition published 30 May 2010

Updated 21 Dec 2010

In this section I use the term "false flag operation" in an abstract sense to connote a major decoy operation by a criminal/parasitic power elite to destabilize and exploit a society for its own own benefit.
Deception is inherently hostile, because it constitutes theft of truth. The term "false flag" comes from the practice of certain pirate ships who flew the flag of a friendly nation while closing in on prey to keep them off guard until they could grapple and board them. The pirates might wait until the vary last moment to raise the Jolly Roger until it was too late for their surprised victims to defend themselves.
As I explain in Chapter 38 of my Trilogy, a false flag operation may be viewed as key form of covert 4th generation warfare, using the paradigm of military analyst William S. Lind.
On the flip side of all this, a "nationalist" analysis looks at factors that help keep a society healthy, strong, cohesive, aware, and independent. Using a medical model, a "false flag" operation is like a deliberate disease infection process, whereas "nationalism" is similar to "whole body health measures" that seek to boost the immune system through adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise, and positive mental attitude. In many ways "false flag" and "nationalism" are inversely correlated with each other, like cat vs. rat or "predator vs. counter predator" models in animal ecology.
There are many different interesting permutations of the false flag concept. In Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy I explain 9/11 as a classic example of a violent, completely fabricated false flag operation run by Mossad-CIA. In Chapter 38 I discuss other aspects of false flag operations that help the reader form a deeper understanding, such as the nature of covert forms of 4th generation warfare and the use of PSYOP (Psychological Operations) in support of such campaigns.
A deception campaign can include an unnaturally positive event as well as a completely fabricated violent attack or "MIHOP" ( Made It Happen On Purpose). A "sugar false flag" operation might include an artificial liquidity-driven business boom and bull market generated by a central bank. The central bank typically increases the money supply, plus expands credit by dropping interest rates and dropping fractional reserve requirements of member banks. The surges in liquidity usually fuels a climate of speculation, which in turn induces many businesses to get overextended. This is situation becomes especially dangerous when the same people who control the central bank are also tightly in league with people who control major media and Wall Street research departments. The sum total of all of this is often enough to convince prudent people to drop their guard. When the bust comes along, the overextended businesses go bankrupt. Then false flag bankers who fabricated this artificial boom-bust cycle can swoop in and gobble up good assets for pennies on the dollar.
In Chapter 33, I provide actual cases in American history from the video The Money Masters where central bankers like Nicholas Biddle during the Andrew Jackson era openly admitted that they deliberately played these destructive games on the public.
This also reminds me of the 1962 Walt Disney movie The Mooncussers, where pirates set up fake lighthouses to lure merchant ships to run aground on moonless nights, and then go out in rowboats to loot the ships, claiming them as salvage.
A sugar false flag operation can also be purely psychological in nature. A growing number of Americans believe that the Moon landings were a hoax designed to garner false prestige for America, as discussed in Chapter 38. This not only kept military space programs run through NASA on the Congressional funding gravy train, but also helped to offset America's blackened reputation from its failures in Vietnam. Longer term, it also helped mask the steady decline in the American industrial base and American competitiveness that began in the mid-1960's, along with erosion of the white middle class. It bought America's criminal power elite more time to continue their looting of America and America's black check support for Israel. It also created the illusion that America could be as successful with "social reengineering" as it had apparently been with "space engineering." If a country is clever enough to be able to successfully make a round trip to the moon, why can't it also be clever enough to figure out a way to indulge in dropping LSD, race-mixing, wife-swinging, extreme feminism, and other nihilistic expressions of Jewish "cultural Marxism" promoted by Jewish Hollywood and get away with all that as well?
Some of the first major "mainstream" documentation of America's decline appeared in the 1980's. This included the books Profits Without Production by Seymour Melman (Alfred Knopf: 1983), U.S. Competitiveness in the World Economy by Professor Bruce R. Scott and George C. Lodge (Harvard Business School Press, 1984), or the 16 April 1990 Forbes article "Why Japan Loves Robots and We Don't" by Andrew Tanzer and Ruth Simon.
In fact, in 1987 Professor Bruce Scott at the Harvard Business School published a paper titled "U.S. Economist in the World Economy: An Update" which he used for the lecture circuit. It begins:

The U.S. has been in competitive decline since the mid-1960's; continuing decline can be expected until major economy policy and institutional changes are made...

America's Zionist power elite has been served notice for a long time to rehabilitate the white middle class and the Protestant work ethic, and refocus America on the basics --or else. Instead, they have continued to run America ever further down the road of the casino economy geared towards financial speculation, knowing full well that it will all come to a bad end. It is like they are addicted to intrigues that produce quick gains, whether it involves false flag operations that quickly manipulate public opinion, or economic policies that offshore industry which are designed to produce relatively quick short term profits for a few while sacrificing the long term industrial prosperity of America.

If lunar landing skeptics are correct, then the "Moon Hoax" would qualify as a "sugar" false flag operation. Apparently Wall Street scams, false flag pandemics, and "Holocaustianity" fables are not the only areas where the American public has been massively "PSYOPed" by a criminal power elite.
Another important type of false flag operation is the "LIHOP." An "opportunistic" or "LIHOP" (Let It Happen On Purpose) false flag operation embellishes an actual event so much that that it contains most of the propaganda characteristics of a completely synthetic false flag event. In Chapter 15 I explain how Hurricane Katrina in 2005 got magnified by the likelihood that saboteurs blew up New Orleans dikes to create artificial flooding, and in Chapter 34 I explain how media uproar over an alleged Von Brunn Holocaust Museum shooting incident may have been a distortion and embellishment of a "friendly fire"-related death of a museum guard.

The "Holocaustianity" story really rings the cash registers for Zionism, as noted in Chapter 34 of the Trilogy, or The Holocaust Industry:Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by Norman G. Finkelstein.


Icelandic leaders were penetrated by "Circle Z." They were deceived into dangerously over-leveraging their country in the context of extremely risky global financial markets. They were selectively "thrown off the lifeboat" along with Lehman Bothers by "Circle Z" bankers in the Sept-Oct 2008 time frame. The potential damage to Icelandic national sovereignty has been extremely serious.
Things can always go from bad to even worse if Icelanders fail to wake up. If Iceland ever gets saddled with a Zionist power elite in permanent direct control of the country, we can expect that they will eventually run Iceland completely into the ground just like America. This would include not only the replacement of productive industry with financial speculation, but also the importation of enough racial and ethnic "diversity" to create a heavy burden of permanent social strife. We could also expect these criminals to try to keep most Icelanders fooled most of the time through the routine use of various types of false flag or black ops.
I have adapted the following outline of false flag characteristics from Chapter 8 of my Mission of Conscience series as part of a preliminary analysis.


False flag operations typically reflect major geopolitical interests

George Soros is in a class of his own when it comes to addressing major geopolitical interests. I have already provided Wayne Madsen reports that detail his operations. I will briefly recapitulate some points stated earlier here:
a) Madsen stated: "Soros has long preyed on Iceland's economy. WMR's sources reveal that during the winter of 2007-2008, Soros hedge funds were shorting the Icelandic krona."
b) Soros wants to use Wikileaks and other Iceland based entities as false fronts to selectively attack competitors. Please note my discussion in Chapter 38 about how Mossad-CIA has tried to exploit the prestige other Scandinavian entities, such as Norwegian shipping companies and the Nobel Prize Committee, for its own false front purposes as well.
c) After encouraging an artificial boom and bust cycle with Iceland, Madsen claims that Soros wants to come in and buy up strategic assets for cheap
d) By increasing unemployment and other forms of social distress, Soros hopes to stampede Iceland into the EU and other "common market" or "free trade" organizations, thereby reducing barriers to Zionist-controlled multi-national corporations that want to move into Iceland and take over its natural resources.
A number of major media have explicitly identified Iceland's potential in the natural resource arena. The following are two examples.
Iceland on Track for Joining EU by Ian Traynor,, 24 Feb 2010 states:

Foreign policy analysts have long predicted a contest between the US, Russia, Canada, and Scandinavia for control of the mineral wealth and shipping lanes of the far north...

E.U. Body Sees Strategic Reasons to Encourage Iceland by Stephen Castle, New York Times, 24 Feb 2010 states:

On Wednesday, the European Commission made no secret of its interest in Iceland as a foothold in the Arctic region. Its rich mineral resources will, analysts suggest, be increasingly contested by global powers.
Stefan Fuele, the European commissioner for enlargement, said that there had been much discussion about the “strategic importance of the Arctic.
“I think this is where our partners from Iceland can be extremely helpful,” he said at a press conference in Brussels.
On Tuesday, Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister, made a similar argument at a meeting held by the European Policy Center in Brussels, saying that Icelandic membership would bring the Union into Arctic issues where “the E.U. is virtually absent from the big play.”

At the other extreme from natural resources, in the realm of ethnic and cultural intangibles, "Circle Z" also has another geopolitical objective. This involves ongoing psycho-political warfare against Nordic peoples in particular, and the white world in general.
a) Jewish organizations spearheaded the immigration reform act in the U.S. of the mid-1960's that opened up America to Third World immigration. America has dropped from 90% white in the 1960's to around 70% today. Within a few years, more nonwhites will be born in America than whites, and nonwhites will have an absolute majority in about 20 years, given current trends. For more on this trend as it applies to Europe as well as North America, see The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization by Pat Buchanan.
Jewish controlled media in America routinely demonize white nationalists and encourage multi-racialism and interracial marriage. (As an example of a white nationalist viewpoint on this issue, please see, "Who Rules America?")
There is also a conscious tactical advantage for Jews to encourage race-mixing among non-Jews. The ancient formula is "be publicly left wing towards people in the out-group to make them drop their guard, and privately right wing among your in-group to enhance their tribal strength and cohesion." A short hand for this is "Communism for the gentiles, Zionism for the Jews" as suggested in the title of Sir Winston Churchill's famous article "Zionism versus Bolshevism. A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People."
b) Zionist groups have actively encouraged Third World immigration into Scandinavian countries as well as America. See the article "Will Beautiful Norway be Snuffed Out?" Arthur Kemp, 22 April 2009. The city of Malmo Sweden is now almost completely Muslim. Zionist groups in control of Finnish media have even run billboard campaigns that mock indigenous white Finns, such as the militant Negro woman in Finnish traditional attire who stands in for the blond-haired, blue-eyed Elovena "poster girl" of Finland on billboards. See the Henrik Holappa archive page for more details on Jewish media control in Finland and anti-Finnish initiatives.
Jews have historically harbored a longstanding racial hatred of whites that reminds many researchers of the apparent race war between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals that took place over tens of thousands of years. Some believe that Jews today actually reflect Neanderthal DNA remnants.


Mocking indigenous, Nordic-looking Finns on a Helsinki billboard. Coming to Iceland soon courtesy of the City of London, George Soros, and the New World Order --if Icelandic people prove themselves too gullible and weak to defend their own heritage, freedom, and popular sovereignty.


c) Zionists have waged a continuing battle for political power consolidation in both Europe and North America. They have simultaneously shown contempt for genuine forms of Nordic libertarianism as well as the Nordic peoples themselves.
Zionists have converted London from a mostly Anglo-Saxon and Celtic city after WWII into a majority nonwhite city, and have even promoted a paranoid, Orwellian, surveillance society. For example, “`Intelligent' Pre-Crime Surveillance Cameras Coming Within Five Years: Minority Report style devices to monitor `suspicious' individuals" by Steve Watson,, Sept 23, 2009

Britain has more security cameras than any other country in Europe. Estimates puts the total at 4.2 million, or one for every 14 people, with one million in London alone. Privacy International, assesses that the British public is the most watched citizenry in Europe.
To put that in perspective, in the Communist police state of China, which has a population of 1.3 billion, there are just 2.75 million cameras, the equivalent of one for every 472,000 of its citizens.

At the time of the America's War for Independence, the white population in America was overwhelming WASP and Nordic. It is also important to note that the Protestant Reformation tended to flourish in those parts of Europe with majority Nordic populations. In the last century, the Nordic percentage of the white population in America has dropped from over 75% to less than 25%. One might argue that on a deep demographic and sociological level, by replacing Nordic stock, America has effectively reversed both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation.
Today, the steady march of the U.S. government towards an ever more authoritarian police state shows all the most corrupt and repressive tendencies of the Catholic Church of the late Middle Ages. It is arguably worse on a secular level than everything Martin Luther ever protested against. It also reflects a vastly greater percentage of innately authoritarian people within the general population than what existed in 1776. For more on the rising police state and increased censorship and repression in America, please see Chapter 28 and see Chapter 31 of the Trilogy. For more on demographic changes that have biologically replaced Nordic America, see my "Handling Real Nazis' discussion in Chapter 34.
In my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my mutualism vs. parasitism article, I explain how part of the Jewish tenancies towards multiracialism and monopoly may reflect a subconscious tropism towards the Asiatic-despotic, Babylonian type civilizations where Jews have spent much of their evolutionary history as "professional minorities." Their unique evolutionary history has "gone to seed," that is, has become stamped in their DNA. Jews are a partially race-mixed people, and people tend to instinctively reshape the environment around them to share their own characteristics.
In addition to all of this, the May/June 2010 issue of the Barnes Review argues that there is strong evidence of Neanderthal genetic remnants within Jewish populations. Many Jews today have facial features that resemble Neanderthal reconstructions in museums. Jews have no significant tradition of aesthetic art, and similarly no art has been found on the walls of Neanderthal caves. Subterranean Jewish hatred of gentiles may simply be a continuation "by other means" of tens of thousands of years of prehistoric race war between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal populations in Europe.
The innate subconscious Jewish urge towards monopoly, collectivism, deception, perversion, "neurosis," and psychopathic behavior that I have just mentioned is almost the exact opposite of the innate traits of rugged individualism, political decentralization, wholesome grass roots culture, and manly, chivalrous competition found among northern European groups like the Scots-Irish in American history. As one example, the Scots-Irish are a largely Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people originally from southern Scotland. Teddy Roosevelt notes in The Winning of the West how the Scots-Irish played a disproportionate role in the pioneer culture that "won the West." James Webb observes in Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America how they have produced great leaders like Andrew Jackson and George Patton and were major founders of the country music industry in places like Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas.
Given their track record, there should be little doubt that the long term geopolitical objective of the Zionist oligarchy in places like Tel Aviv, the City of London, and New York is to degrade and even liquidate the racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage of all Nordic peoples throughout Scandinavia and replace them with aliens.

False flag operations typically piggy back off honest operations ostensibly designed to guard against the very evil that gets executed

The "piggy-backing" that took place with Iceland was conducted on a more subtle and abstract level than the exploitation of military exercises by Mossad-CIA on 9/11. However, an important underlying principle of false flag operations remains the same: the operation accomplishes the exact opposite purpose for which it was publicly intended.
As an example of military exercises that got hijacked by "terrorist" violence, Webster Tarpley, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, has counted 25 different military exercises that took place at the same time that America got hit by the 9/11 terror attacks. (See Chapter 8). Similarly, the anti-terror exercises that took place in London on 7-7-2005 simulated the very subway and bus explosions that actually took place. (See Chapter 13).
False flag operators need choreographed exercises so that they can use them as a template to precisely plan false flag events on top of them. This includes decoying military and police reactions to terror operations in progress by camouflaging them as exercise "chatter. " Military and police exercises also give false flag operators a valid excuse to insert themselves in command posts (like "Cheney in the Bunker" on 9/11) where they can better control military, police, and even media reactions during all phases of the operation. Lastly, they can divert part of the massive funding for exercises to conduct actual false flag attacks.
Now let us examine how malefactors were able to piggy back "abnormal" on top of "normal" banking practices during the Icelandic "privatization" process.
The normal function of a banker in a healthy society is to facilitate economic growth by prudently funding productive projects in proportion to reward and risk. Bank loan officers should create a well-informed, mutually beneficial relationship with borrowers and focus on economic fundamentals like income, cash flow, and assets. In the process, banks should also reward savers for participating in the loan process and capital markets. "Privatization" is supposed to enhance successful entrepreneurship and economic growth by reducing ham-fisted bureaucratic intervention.
Following "privatization," Icelandic banks milked an image of prudent lending practices and stable operations under the old system to draw in savings. They used this equity capital to leverage themselves to the hilt to make speculative acquisitions overseas. They in essence performed a "bait and switch" on their banking clients, implying a conservatism that did not exist, and then deploying depositor capital into speculative investments as financial middlemen that were unsuitable given the background and lack of explicit consent of most of their customers.
"Suitability" and "consent" are key words in the securities industry. "Speculative investment" often implies a gun-slinging, impersonal, "devil take the hindmost," and "get rich quick" attitude behind the deployment of capital rather than friendly, mutually beneficial economic relationships. "Speculative investment" also tends to focus on "market sentiment," "futures" and other intangibles rather than economic "fundamentals" like current income, cash flow, and assets. Because of these intangibles, it is much harder to prove deliberate fraud if in fact that is what has taken place. In arbitration hearings and court cases, it is much easier to go after a stock or commodities broker on suitability and consent-related issues than fraud-related charges.
Rather than aid solid economic growth, the "privatized" banks wound up imploding the Icelandic financial system. By late 2008, the Icelandic government completely reversed all privatization by reestablishing government control over 95% of its banks. When all was said and done, the privatization exercise in Iceland had accomplished the exact opposite of everything intended for banks, depositors, borrowers, and the overall economy alike, just like the hijacked military and police exercises during New York 9/11 and London 7-7 facilitated rather than prevented the very terror events exercised.
The "privatizers" demonstrated a tremendous ability to conduct concurrent speculative operations that piggybacked off the old conservative banking operations. They also had adequate government and local media power to contain any adverse public reaction during the initial phases of their "outvasion."
The Icelandic "privatization" and "outvasion" had some other interesting features in common with New York 9/11 and London 7-7:
a) All three operation were controlled or spearheaded at the top by likely malefactors. Examples include "Cheney in the Bunker" on 9/11, Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu who was within a few blocks of the explosions in London on 7-7 (Chapter 13), and the "two Bjorgolfurs" who served as billionaire point men of Iceland's banking "privatization" program.
b). Each operation was in actuality counterfeit in nature. For example, on 9/11 U.S. fighter-interceptor assets were redeployed to Alaska and other areas away from New York City and Washington, D.C. During the London 7-7 terror attacks, the prime Muslim "bombing suspects" were shot dead by police in London rather than arrested and allowed to tell stories that might contradict the official government story.
The primary engine of Iceland's "privatization" program was its central bank, which fueled international financial empire-building, all done ostensibly in the name of "libertarian ideology." Yet authentic libertarian ideology is generally hostile to the very existence of a central bank, preferring to keep money out of the hands of private centralized bankers and politicians and in the hands of grass roots entrepreneurs. It also tends to favor political and economic decentralization and localism rather than international expansionism.
Please read Chapter 33 of my Trilogy for detailed background on this issue. The following is an extract that summarizes some particularly relevant points:

A key point of this chapter is that when we approach the concept of the false flag operation on an abstract intellectual level, the Fed Reserve Banking System and its Wall Street allies qualify as continuing false flag operations against America. They pick America's pocket while misdiagnosing America's real economic problems.
On the most basic level, the Fed is a "fiat money" machine, and there is plenty that is wrong with just this alone on a purely philosophical level.
The great French philosopher Voltaire once commented that "fiat" or "command" money always returns to its intrinsic value --which is nothing (the value of the paper a totally debauched currency is printed on). "Fiat money" is money that is unsecured by any tangible asset such as gold or silver. It can be created out of thin air as easily as printing up notes.
What Voltaire was really saying is that history shows that giving central bankers and politicians the power to issue fiat money is like giving access to an unlimited supply of booze to alcoholics. At a minimum, this is not a power to be handed over lightly to anybody, and certainly not on a permanent peacetime basis to the revolving door of political hacks and Zionist cronies one experiences in a corrupt democracy steered by Jewish controlled national media.
The ultimate danger, as I cover in my centralization vs. decentralization article, is that eventually the proverbial tail wags the dog. Rather than use the power to print money as a last ditch resort, it becomes a first resort. Politicians and central bankers start to invent programs that "justify" printing ever more money. Their ability to spend becomes a power drug, and they become junkies. They even start promulgating unnecessary foreign wars, Rube Goldberg "domestic improvement" projects, vote-buying pork barrel spending, and myriad other horrendous forms of waste.
All this contrasts sharply with the "free money" system used by most Americans during many periods of colonial history and most of the early 19th century. What this meant is that Americans were free to use whatever they wanted for legal tender. This included Spanish and French gold and silver coins as well as U.S. dollar notes, which were backed up by grains of silver in the 1792 coinage act.
One of the ironies of a "free money" system is that while on the surface it may sound "anarchistic, " in reality history has demonstrated that it tends to evolve into the most conservative and strait-laced of all financial systems. When the common people are able to exercise their free will, they tend to gravitate towards gold and silver-based forms of money. This is because mines are generally incapable of growing the global gold and silver supply more than about 4% a year, and furthermore, for thousands of years of practical experience, gold and silver have always emerged as the best forms of money on account of their special characteristics. (For a more detailed discussion, please see my 2004 series that starts with: "The Dual Nature of Gold and a Mystery")
In contrast, a central bank system, which sounds on the surface like it is the most "controlled," "scientific," and "progressive" approach of all, is in reality the exact opposite. Central banks have always tended to debauch their currencies and create underlying social conditions for increased political anarchy and moral disorder. Since its inception, the Federal Reserve in 1913 has debauched over 98% of the value of the dollar, and it currently looks like this trend will not stop until the dollar reaches zero.
In plain political terms, what it means to do away with a central bank and fractional reserve system is that the control of money and credit is kept out of the hands of politicians and big money center bankers. Control of money and credit is completely decentralized and kept in private hands. Just like alcoholics who cannot get their hands on booze, there is no longer any temptation for politicians and central bankers to turn into wag-the-dog junkies who manipulate money and credit as self-serving ends in themselves.
Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, another libertarian author, claims that many academic studies show that the American economy performed very well in the 19th century under free money circumstances, where popular choice often dictated that the dollar remain easily exchangeable with gold and silver.
In addition, Dr. Murray Rothbard explained that the old, relatively decentralized free banking system of the 19th century which allowed local banks to fail actually worked pretty well, all considering. It punished local bankers for their incompetence and cleared out economic distortions at the local level rather than allowing their bad lending decisions to continually accumulate upwards at higher and more centralized levels --leading to the kind of systemic overall financial system blow out we face today. It also prevented fractional reserve lending from getting too leveraged, as it is today.
According to Dr. Rothbard, most Americans were able to devise personal financial asset safekeeping strategies that easily compensated for bank failures, which never amounted to more than 1-2% of all banks in a given year. They usually kept their money deposited in different banks or hidden on their property in the form of gold and silver coins or notes tied to these metals. Since under the old financial system the value of the dollar appreciated by about 50% between 1813 and 1913, keeping a little money stashed inside the mattress was actually a good idea.
Banks were vastly more conservative in this era, rarely lending out more than about two to three times as much as they took in with deposits, compared to over ten times today. They were also less capable of manipulating the financial system. In contrast, the very highly leveraged fractional reserve system we have to today makes it relatively easy for banks to manufacture artificial booms and busts through changes in their lending policies. The video The Money Masters, which I cover in detail later in this chapter, describes historical cases where major money center bank tried to deliberately create "false flag" artificial busts to scare the public into supporting the creation of a privately owned central bank.
The common man generally liked the old free money system because it helped bring stability and prosperity. The relative size and prosperity of the middle class steadily grew in the 19th century. By 1900, the average working man could afford live in a nice house and support a wife and large family. America had a larger industrial base than England, Germany, and France combined, and the average worker earned more than twice his European counterpart. For reasons I do not have the space to get into here, various economic and political philosophies behind the "free money" system and "nationalism" worked together in the 19th century to promote industrial reinvestment in America plus empowerment of a growing white middle class. There were also important racial and ethnic factors behind the continued growth and prosperity of the middle class in the 19th century, to include the Protestant work ethic practiced by what was once the overwhelmingly WASP population.

There were other important ways in which the Icelandic "privatization" of its banks was in fact a counterfeit inversion of a genuine libertarian process. The following are three additional examples:
a) In the real world a successful privatization process is generally a patient, well thought out, and well-coordinated operation. In his Orthodox Nationalist MP3 lectures, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson describes how incremental privatizations conducted in Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Russia (under Putin) have been vastly more successful than quick "privatizations" encouraged by individuals such as the George Soros "color revolutions" which have invariably handed control over to Zionist "kleptocrats." These latter versions of "privatization" have generally resulted in increased economic malaise.
b) The Icelandic "privatization" process handed control over to individuals with little or no banking experience or track record, as previously described in this work regarding the "two Bjorgolfurs" and David Oddsson. I have also provided accounts that describe this peculiar "privatization" process as cronyism and lacking transparency.
c) A number of Icelandic cheerleaders for the "privatization" process and "outvasion" suggested that Iceland could become another "Switzerland" of global banking. However, Swiss banking has traditionally used a totally different approach to attract depositors. Up until the 1990's, the Swiss franc was on the gold standard with almost no inflation, totally unlike the inflationary fiat money system operated by David Oddsson's central bank. Swiss accounts offered confidentiality, diversification, and certain tax advantages, such as an ability for certain high net worth people to compound their wealth without limit inside Swiss tax-deferred insurance annuities.
Unlike the Icesave accounts, Swiss accounts generally did not try to push the risk envelop by offering top of the market yields. Swiss banking business was gradually built up over the centuries through satisfied relationships and referrals rather than through quick and highly leveraged mergers and acquisitions. Last, but not least, Swiss bank accounts offered the allure of operating in the context of long term Swiss political and economic stability, whereas Zionist-allied Icelandic banks crassly exploited the reputation of Nordic peoples for honesty and stability in a very cynical manner.
There are other important topic areas outside of banking addressed on this web page that show false flag piggy-back characteristics. In her 9 March 2010 interview with Alex Jones, Birgitta Jonsdottir explained how she became suspicious of the IMF:

I was actually reading a secret document leaked to Wikileaks. It was a brilliant source if you want to sort of dig deeper into the real conspiracies of our world. And it was a manual from the military sector in the U.S. talking about unconventional warfare. And in the unconventional warfare, the section about financial warfare, they talk about the IMF as one of their choice weapons. So, you know, I encourage people to study how the IMF functions.

I have already provided quotes from G. Edward Griffin, John Perkins, and other sources earlier in this work which characterize the IMF and World Bank as Trojan Horse operations, so no need to go into it further here.
In regard to the topic of Wikileaks, I have also provided quotes from former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen about how this can also serve as a Trojan Horse. For example Madsen claims that George Soros wants to use Wikileaks as a false front with maximum legal protection to selectively "out" and defame his adversaries.
While I am generally a staunch defender of the First Amendment and a free press, let us for a moment consider how even "honest and open journalism" can get hijacked to serve sinister purposes. One example can involve cases when media that tell the truth fail to tell the whole truth. This is also known as "lying by omission."
In Chapter 38, I discuss "limited hangouts," where propagandists try to preoccupy their audiences with 70% of the truth in order to steer them away from the 30% they do not want them to know, or where they do not want them to "connect the dots." One can argue that "limited hang out" is the backbone of all successful propaganda, because propagandists must feed their audiences enough truth to make their lies credible. Truth then becomes the bait which wraps around a hook of lies.
An important variation of the "limited hangout" technique is known as "hiding in plain site." The propagandists will give his audience the truth, but at the same time manage its reaction and perception through various "guilt by association" or other emotional association techniques. As an example, when shown something horrible, the audience is shown opinion leaders who reassure the audience that passive acceptance is the wisest reaction.
Anarcho-libertarian ideology can be abused as a potent tool to support "hiding in plain site" PSYOP's. Many Anarcho-libertarians have a blind faith that "free markets" and "individual choice" will create some kind of mystical, "invisible hand" that always causes things to work themselves out for the best over the long run. They also tend to have a blind faith that all people are basically "good" and "rational" will act as "mutualists" towards each other when shown the logic of this behavior. This is a dangerously simplistic and unreal view of human nature, that ignores the existence of parasites (criminals), predators, and innate conflicts of interest.
I do not want to leave the reader with the impression that I think Wikileaks is "bad" and should be canned. To the contrary, I think that on the face of it, Wikileaks and the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative are great ideas. One reason why I created a pro-free speech archive at my web site is that I believe that we face very serious threats to the free Internet and intellectual freedom around the world. Even if everything said about nefarious infiltration plans by George Soros is true, this is still is not any reason to pull the plug on the Wikileaks concept. That would be like throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water. Even great ideas are vulnerable to abuse. If anything, if there are problems with concepts like Wikileaks, the Modern Media Initiative, or any other free speech-related ideas, this only shows that we need even more of these things around the world.
Competition creates better products, to include Internet sites that fight for truth. Increased competition also reduces forms of media monopoly and censorship.
I would like to see other Scandinavian countries, not to mention all countries around the globe, try to compete with Iceland as free speech havens. This should include offering protection for people like myself who offer pro-nationalist views.

False Flag operators typically require local control

In Chapter 8 of the Trilogy I describe forms of local control:

The plutocratic handlers of the CIA-Mossad team typically acquire control of most major media within a target area.  In addition, they control key individuals in the local government and police. 
Control exists in many forms, on many different levels.  Let us start with the macro social level. 
Captain May likes to talk about the “5 P’s” of control in a society.  Politics, Police, Press, Preachers, and Professors.  
In his book Viper’s Venom, p. 302, Col Donn de Grand Pre uses a similar acronym of the “7 M’s”:  Money, Media, Markets, Medical, Mind, Morals, and Muscle (military). 
In Chapter 6, I talk about how one can abstract the McKinsey 7-S paradigm (shared values, structure, systems, style, staff, skills, strategy) that describes key elements for small business success to also apply towards understanding the key elements of popular sovereignty and nationalism.

I have already explained the shady back ground of George Soros and the "two Bjorgolfurs," both of whom were formerly the two richest men in Iceland. Obviously with their tremendous wealth they were able to wield considerable control behind the scenes.
The media influence by George Soros does not appear to have been any more benign in Iceland than in places in Eastern Europe where Soros has sponsored "color revolutions," as suggested by the following Madsen reports:

March 26-28, 2010 -- Wikileaks and Iceland media law are stalking horses for Soros
Following up on WMR's March 25, 2010 report on Wikileaks's ties to U.S. intelligence, Mossad, and George Soros, WMR has received additional information that points to the Icelandic media law that would turn the economically-battered country into an information safe haven for websites like Wikileaks as being a contrivance of George Soros's Open Society Institute (OSI)...

March 25-26, 2010 -- Suspicions abound that Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations
WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad's own cyber-warfare activities.
... Our Asian intelligence sources report the following: "Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself. Its [Wikileaks'] activities in Iceland are totally suspect." Wikileaks claims it is the victim of a new COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program] operation directed by the Pentagon and various U.S. intelligence agencies. WMR's sources believe that it is Wikileaks that is part and parcel of a cyber-COINTELPRO campaign, such as that proposed by President Obama's "information czar," Dr. Cass Sunstein.
In January 2007, John Young, who runs, a site that publishes a wealth of sensitive and classified information, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front....."
...In China, Wikileaks is suspected of having Mossad connections. It is pointed out that its first "leak" was from an Al Shabbab "insider" in Somalia. Al Shabbab is the Muslim insurgent group that the neocons have linked to "Al Qaeda."
...WMR has confirmed Young's contention that Wikileaks is a CIA front operation. Wikileaks is intimately involved in a $20 million CIA operation that U.S.-based Chinese dissidents that hack into computers in China. Some of the Chinese hackers route special hacking program through Chinese computers that then target U.S. government and military computer systems. After this hacking is accomplished, the U.S. government announces through friendly media outlets that U.S. computers have been subjected to a Chinese cyber-attack. The "threat" increases an already-bloated cyber-defense and offense budget and plays into the fears of the American public and businesses that heavily rely on information technology...
...There are strong suspicions that Wikileaks is yet another Soros-funded "false flag" operation on the left side of the political spectrum. WMR has learned that after former Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) decided to oppose Soros's choice of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's deputy Mark Malloch Brown as President of the World Bank, succeeding the disgraced Paul Wolfowitz, Soros put the Wikileaks operation into high gear. "Daniel Schmitt" hacked into Coleman's supporters list, stealing credit card info, addresses, and publishing the "take" on Wikileaks. Democrat Al Franken, who was strongly backed by Soros, defeated Coleman in a legally-contested and very close election.

Without even mentioning Soros, Europe's Biggest Financial Swindle Since World War II, by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, June 16, 2009 comments on Icelanders' dissatisfaction with local media:

Half of Icelanders believe that this corruption has infected the media. The major media outlets are owned by the same individuals widely suspected of manipulating the economy for their personal benefit. With few exceptions, the reporters repeat the right-wing narrative that the economy is already on the rebound, and that the government should loosen its controls.

The Nov 2002 Euromoney article "Questions over Landsbanki’s new shareholder" commented on how the "two Bjorgolfurs" were able to escape media scrutiny for some time:

Is it a good idea for such a large stake in the bank to be controlled by individuals with no track record in banking? And what’s the background of these people who apparently earned their fortune in the beverages business in Russia? Indeed the validity of one of their first, key acquisitions in Russia – a soft-drinks bottler in St Petersburg – has been challenged vigorously in Russian and Icelandic courts by the original owners.
Several judgments have gone against the father and son. Even within Iceland this does not seem to be well known.

Iceland Turns Hard Left by Professor Hannes H. Gissurarson, at, 2 Feb 2009 commented on the high degree of media consolidation in Iceland:

With his sharp wit and forceful personality, Mr. Oddsson made enemies not only on the left, but also among some of Iceland’s „tycoons.“
In 2004, at the close of his tenure, there was a bitter conflict between him and Iceland’s best-known tycoon, Jon Asgeir Johannesson, the main owner of Baugur Group, which controls more than 75% of the private media in Iceland. Worried about so much power in the hands of one man, Mr. Oddsson pushed for legislation that would have have barred any market-dominant firm from controlling more than 25% of any media company.
Although parliament passed the law, President Olafur R. Grimsson, who has close ties to Mr. Johannesson, refused to sign it. Needless to say, Mr. Johannesson has since used his media empire to conduct a relentless campaign against Mr. Oddsson. Strangely, the Icelandic left is joining forces with Mr. Johannesson against Mr. Oddsson. However, the government cannot easily dismiss the central bank governor, who is supposed to be independent.

Regarding forms of bank regulatory control, many sources claim that it was practically nonexistent during the "outvasion" period. Following the October 2008 crash, many politicians dragged their feet and refused to come forth with the facts and explain how the public was set up. All of this suggests a high degree of high level compromise.

Insiders usually personally profit –in more ways than one

In the Mission of Conscience series, I describe how a false flag operation typically coincides with short term insider profit-making opportunities. For example, there was an unusually high level of put options placed on airline stocks just before 9/11. The World Trade Center towers were economic white elephants which were under-tenanted and functionally obsolescent. They also had major asbestos problems. They were prohibitively expensive to tear down and replace by normal means. Their controlled demolition under the guise of a "terrorist" attack on 9/11 was a quick and dirty way around these problems for certain New York real estate operators like "Lucky Larry" Silverstein who made billions in insurance proceeds.


"Lucky Larry," the "god of Jewish Lightning," scored"green stuff," over the dead bodies of some three thousand Americans who died on 9/11, over 90,000 real American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, trillions of squandered dollars, and over a million dead Iraqi civilians. If Zionists like Silverstein have no qualms about making money by killing off fellow Americans, why would they care about killing off Icelanders, Norwegians, or other Scandinavians to make even more money?


A caller to Michael Collins Piper's talk show on Republic Broadcasting Network dubbed Silverstein "The god of Jewish lightning." This slang term originated in the late 19th century shortly after the arrival of millions of Jews to New York City to denote the all-too-common practice where Jews stuck with failing businesses would burn them down to come out ahead with the insurance proceeds.
In many ways, insider profiteering in a case like Iceland is more subtle than cashing in on buildings hit by "Jewish lightening." In essence, infectious greed swept the whole society, causing a major portion of the population to leverage to the hilt to make speculative gains or sell off assets without showing any concern whatsoever for who will be in control of Iceland fifty years from now, or what the underlying demographics will look like (from the influx of Third World labor), or what will happen to indigenous Icelandic culture and other ethnic values.
Two of the most obvious examples of insider profiteering regarding Iceland involved George Soros and the "two Bjorgolfurs." Soros cashed in on the decline of the Icelandic Krona, and the "two Bjorgolfurs" rocketed in net worth during the "privatization" and "outvasion" periods to become billionaires by piling up debts that ran the risk of wiping out unsuspecting fellow citizens.
On the back side of the infectious greed episode of the "outvasion" period, many people in leadership post ions continue to put their selfish interests first rather than finally set a personal example of self-sacrifice for the common good in order to restore a sense of justice.
In her 9 March 2010 Alex Jones interview, Birgitta Jonsdottir described continued insider special privilege and self-dealing:

Birgitta: Well the interesting thing, the really disturbing thing about the bankers in Iceland, or the Icelandic bankers, is that none of their assets have been frozen. Most of them are living in London, and as many people know London is ranked among the fifth best tax havens in the world. And so they are actually getting back their companies. They are getting back the power and lots of write offs, and that is making a lot of people very upset and angry.
Jones: OK, be clear, flesh that out. The bankers that sold you out in your own country, most of them don't even live in your country, and the banks know that they are their minions so they are staying in power.
Birgitta: Yes, I mean they have lost their banks, but they have not lost their companies. So I mean one of the oligarchs, Icelandic oligarchs, he owns the biggest independent media outlet in Iceland. So you can imagine what sort of news you are getting from that outlet.


Above: Iceland's elite is still nowhere near as corrupt and treasonous as America's Zionist power elite. They are covering up the the real cause of death of thousands of fellow citizens...or the use thermite to bring down their own buidings...or the use of depleted uranium to poison foreign civilians...or false flag pandemics... or at least not yet. But just give them more time hanging out with the "globalists," and they just might get there some day. Below: If the multi-national pharmaceutical industry does not care about permanently injuring millions of American kids in order to make money selling toxic vaccines (most of which are produced without American oversight in China), why would they care about doing the same damage to Icelanders and other Scandinavian people if this might ring the cash registers as well? (See Jane Burgermeister's for more details).


False flag attacks usually require massive use of generalized background illusion

There were actually many different layers of deception at work in the initial phases of the Iceland "bear trap," some of which were material, and others which were purely ideological.
On a material level, "Circle Z" investment banking firms lured Icelanders into very aggressive business takeovers around the world in the context of dangerously leveraged and manipulated global markets. In the short run, this helped the "Circle Z" bankers generate commissions and advisory fees. It also helped cash out co-tribesmen who sought to sell their businesses in peak-market conditions.
There were also many long term deceptions at play. On an ideological level, Zionist oligarchs in American and the UK have been pushing "environmental" ideologies for many decades, particularly of the top-down variety. A well-documented source on the nature of this campaign when it comes to economic theory is Keynes At Harvard: Economic Deception As a Political Credo authored by Zygmund Dobbs and other prominent Harvard alumni who formed the Veritas Foundation in the early 1960's. See also The Money Masters video in Chapter 33 of the Trilogy and its discussion about how Zionist oligarchs gained control of major American media and funded academic chairs beginning in the early 20th century to promote their agenda. Henry Ford's The International Jew provides excellent insights into how the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and other elite Jewish families played a key role in setting up the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913, and parlayed their control of U.S. media to shanghai America into WWI on the side of Britain under the Balfour Declaration deal. I discuss this episode in greater detail in my article "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes."
Keynesianism is an environment top down (or "neo-Jacobin") economic philosophy that justifies continuous big government intervention and central bank manipulation in the economy. The "monetarist" school of economic advocated by professor Milton Friedman, who influenced David Oddsson with his "libertarianism," is another "environmental" philosophy that ignores racial and ethnic differences.
In the real world, Jewish tribalism is a major factor in explaining Jewish political and economic behavior in power centers like New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and the City of London. Jewish power could never survive in America without the ability of a Jewish-controlled central bank to engage in virtual unlimited taxation of Americans through its ability to issue fiat money and expand credit in a fractional reserve system. Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, who is Jewish, admitted this much in his famous essay "Gold and Economic Freedom" where he explained why the modern welfare state could never survive under the spending "strait jacket" of the old gold standard.
I have listened to many financial talk shows in which leading money managers puzzle over how a former self-styled "libertarian" member of the Ayn Rand inner circle like Alan Greenspan could preside over one of the most inflationary central banks in history. (See, for example the transcript "What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?" where James Puplava interviewed Lawrence M. Parks, Ph.D, November 6, 2002). For me, the answer is very simple; Greenspan's "libertarianism" is voiced for public consumption. In private, Greenspan's first loyalty is to Israel and other Jewish interests. Yes, Alan Greenspan probably does love libertarianism somewhere within his fractured personality structure, but he also loves Israel and Zionism even more. He knows full well that Israel could never survive very long if Zionists did not use America as a superpower riding horse. They could never accomplish this feat without first creating and controlling its central bank. This in turn gives them the ability to create money and credit out of nothing, and literally buy off America for Jewish interests as well as fund pro-Zionist superpower programs.
Only a central bank can create nearly unlimited fiat money and bank credit. Only a central bank can come up with the trillions of dollars necessary to fund American military adventures overseas necessary to support Israeli interests in the Middle East and around the world, to include the economic "hit man" activities described by John Perkins. Only such a central bank can finance the domestic pork barrel spending programs that buy votes for the Jewish-led liberal minority coalition explained by Wilmot Robertson in The Dispossessed Majority, giving Jews major domestic political power. Only through such a central bank, with its incredible ability to subsidize Jewish-owned Wall Street firms and enrich insiders with inside information, can Jews achieve a vastly higher percentage of billionaires than any other ethnic group in America.
Milton Friedman's "monetarist" school of economics critiques Keynesianism from the "environmental bottom up" anarcho-libertarian perspective, but still keeps its adherents safely within an "environmental" intellectual sandbox for "problem-reaction-solution" manipulation purposes of "controlled opposition." Monetarism is tolerant of the existence of the central bank, instead of calling for its outright abolition.
This contrasts with hardcore anarcho-libertarians like Dr. Murray Rothbard or paleo-conservatives like Thomas Jefferson or Henry Calhoun. In this way, someone like Oddsson can get programmed by crafty serpents like Friedman to think he is reforming bureaucratic stodginess within the Icelandic economy along "libertarian" pathways, and then later grab the helm of the central bank to fuel international financial imperialism without any pangs of conscience, and all the while never suspecting that he could be walking Iceland into a trap created by a bad tribe. In other words, Oddsson was probably ideologically "false-flagged."


This 7-8 Oct 2005 Mises Institute seminar implicitly comments on the Iceland tragedy. In the world of political illusion, it is quite a trick to aggressively run a globalist central bank and simultaneously have ones countrymen think that one is "libertarian."


I would invite the reader to consider the "Economics of Fascism" seminar run by the libertarian Mises Institute. An important characteristic of fascism, apart from promoting glorification of the state, increasing police state control, and promoting jingoistic interpretations of patriotism, is the way in which top government and business leaders join together to create government-subsidized monopolies and cartels. This business and state power consolidation typically creates a central planning environment where leaders feel that they can make their own laws.
This seminar pointed out that on certain economic issues in the mid-1930's, such as wage-price controls, Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal was actually more "interventionist" than the regimes of Hitler and Mussolini, and therefore arguably more "fascist." Although this 2005 seminar does not specifically talk about Iceland, one can easily see how the same underlying general policies that applied to the Peron regime in Argentina, FDR in America, Mussolini in Italy, and Hitler in Germany can also be applied to Iceland's central bank- fueled international expansionism by a government-crony company partnership.
Iceland’s Conservatives Try to Rewrite History" by Íris Erlingsdóttir, Huffington Post, 4 Feb 2009, gives us a sense about how a phony brand of libertarianism produced something close to the Mises Institute interpretation of "fascism."

Accordingly, the country’s banks were privatized in 2003. However, in keeping with their libertarian philosophy, no effective regulatory and supervisory bodies were created. Instead, Iceland’s political patronage system decided who was going to own the banks and what their reporting requirements would be.

Certain Icelandic bankers also sold assets back and forth to each other to inflate their values, and used deposits to leverage extremely speculative investments, to include corporate takeovers.
Iceland Crisis Report: President Criticized for His Part, Iceland Review Online, 13 April 2010, raised another important issue, namely the inappropriate use of such intangibles as Iceland's heritage and image:

The task force covers in detail how the president developed “his theory” on the supremacy of Icelandic companies and their executives. “The president was efficient in painting a beautified, arrogant and patriotic picture of the superiority of Icelanders based on an ancient heritage.”

I have previously mentioned how President Grimsson traveled to Israel with his Jewish wife, attended globalist meetings, and even raised eyebrows when he flew on the private jet of the Russian Jewish tycoon Abramovich from Alaska to England to watch a soccer match. His public behavior alone promoted a falsely "ennobled" and sugary view of Jewish people. He certainly was not handing out copies of Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke.
The passage above suggests that he also promoted a jingoist interpretation of Nordic heritage that created a sense of false pride which in turn helped set up Icelandic bankers for their fall.
The famous military strategist Sun Tzu summarized the importance of accurately sizing up "enemies " and "friendlies" as follows:


"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War. III. Attack by Stratagem, verse 18.


A big part of the overall problem, apart from pure greed, is that many Icelandic leaders were probably brainwashed by Zionist-controlled media in the U.S. and U.K. to think that international Jewish bankers are somehow noble and worthy of trust and respect, when in fact the exact opposite is true. Earlier in this work I provide a quote from Max Keiser who refers to the leadership of the mostly Jewish-run firm Goldman Sachs as "scum." In my Trilogy, I provide strong evidence that 9/11 and London 7-7 were the work of Mossad-CIA. Furthermore, Israeli treachery against America is a long story, which includes the Lavon Affair, the 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and Oklahoma City bombing.
None of these Icelanders had probably ever read books like The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy by Dr. Kevin McDonald, The International Jew by Henry Ford, Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke, "snake books" like Viper's Venom and Rattler's Revenge by Col Donn de Grand Pre, or more recent Michael Collins Piper books like Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and The New Babylon. See also my Trilogy Chapter 5 "Profiling the Opposing Forces Commander" regarding "Circle Z." These kinds of materials provide important preliminary "threat briefs," to use military intelligence jargon.
Significantly, it is also very important to understand the underlying character of other ethic groups besides Jews. In my "Handling Real Nazis" discussion in Chapter 34 of the Trilogy, I explain that one reason why Jews have become so powerful in America is that they have been able to use Irish and Italian Catholics to front for them. The Jews have always exploited Catholic envy towards WASP's. A writer quoted in The Dispossessed Majority described the mafia in America as a happy marriage of Jewish brains and Italian Catholic brawn. Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper records a conversation where Joseph Kennedy, the father of John F. Kennedy, made a conscious decision to side with the Jews after World War II so that his son could become the first Irish Catholic President of the United States. That certainly wound up being a pact with the Devil. One might wonder about President Olafur Grimsson's own personal pact with Jews.
Virtually all racial and ethnic groups carry their own peculiar mixture of strengths and weaknesses, and Nordic and Nordic-Celtic peoples are no exception. One can get a sense of this from Appendix I below where I provide an extract from Chapter One of Dr. Lothrop Stoddard's classic work Racial Realities in Europe. Among other things, he describes how Nordic peoples have problems adapting to dense multi-racial, multi-cultural urban environments. This has been an important factor in their demographic decline in Europe and America. In contrast, Jewish people are better adapted at crowding themselves into big cities and rising to the top through intrigue than most any other ethnic groups in America.
From my personal observation, having lived in New York City for ten years and been a member of various organizations heavily attended by both Jews and Scandinavians, I think Stoddard's characterization is on target in many ways, but also simplistic. He is correct that there are profound sociological differences between the two groups that are rarely discussed in mass media and history text books, yet have a major impact on relative performance in the real world.
On the asset side of the ledger, in his Chapter III "The Nordic North" in Racial Realities in Europe by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard, portrays Nordics as being relatively level-headed and sensible compared to most other European groups. Other sources portray them as being relatively modest and unostentatious, who value thrift, hard work, and tough success. A number of heroes in sagas, such as Harald Hardrada, developed a track record early in their careers for conducting a thorough reconnaissance of their enemies in order to always devise superior stratagems in battle. Another good example is Hermann the Cherusci, mentioned earlier in this work, who once served in the Roman Army and came to intimately know the very enemy he would later decisively defeat in battle.
Conducting a thorough reconnaissance and acting in a level-headed manner, is exactly what Icelandic bankers failed to do in their business dealings with Wall Street brokers and central bankers. Therefore, I am left with a serious question about President Grimsson's ability to interpret and reinforce the best parts of the Nordic character.
I discuss other peculiarities of the Nordic character in my "Handling Real Nazis" discussion in Chapter 34 of the Trilogy, so no need to go into it here.
Before ending this discussion section, there is another vitally important Info War dimension that I must address that involves a very expansive historical, ideological, and religious perspective.
In regard to the topic of generalized psychological preconditioning in support of deception operations that degrade nationalist defense mechanisms, Iceland was once a center stage actor in one of the greatest PSYOP campaigns ever applied to Nordic peoples, namely the Christianization of northern Europe during the Viking era.
One reason why Iceland produced most of the saga literature of the Middle Ages is because Iceland refused to persecute pagan Norsemen as heavily as other Scandinavian countries, hence most of what we know today about the the Old Norse religion called Asatru comes from Icelandic writers like Snorri Sturluson.
If one knows where to look, there are many eminent sources that explain how Christianity may be viewed as PSYOP created by Jews against gentile society. In his book The Anti-Christ, the philosopher Friedrich Nietszche viewed Christianity as a psychological warfare weapon developed by ancient Zionists to "transvaluate" or invert instinctive Roman values as revenge for the Roman destruction of Jerusalem.
Other sources view Christianity as a "limited hangout" and "Red Herring." Although Jesus confronts Pharisees and ultimately gets crucified by them, Jews still come out ahead as as some kind of divinely privileged "People of the Book" whose tribal history must somehow take priority over everyone else's. Christianity is also a form of "predictive programming," because it shows bad Jewish behavior "in plain sight," but in a context that conditions the target audience to accommodate and accept it (to include trying to change it through evangelism) rather than completely repudiate it.
Last, but not least, Christianity is viewed by some sources as a "counterfeit substitute" for a healthy tribal religion. Christianity originally thrived in urban areas of the Roman Empire among people who had become detribalizd in ancient Rome's version of America's "melting pot." Christianity can stimulate forms of social altruism without being a tribal religion just like a Playboy foldout stimuates a sexual response in men in the absence of a real woman and real sex. Imperialists like the Emperor Constantine liked Christianity because it provided a universalistic ideological-religious formula to help integrate different tribes into their empires.
In Which Way Western Man? former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson explains how Christianity may be viewed as a leftist, universalistic religious version of communism by promoting collectivism, authoritarianism, escapist mysticism, and detribalization. In Rascals in Paradise, James Michener and Grove Day describe how "Blackbirders," or slave traders of the Pacific in the 19th century, preferred to raid native villages that had been Christianized to find new slaves to work plantations and mines, because they found that Christians generally put up less resistance and made more docile workers compared to pagans. Similarly, Nicolo Machiavelli wrote that he found pagan Romans of the early Roman Republican era to be more virtuous than the Christianized Romans who came later, and Salvian the priest wrote around 440 A.D. that his fellow Roman Christians "doubtless seek Roman humanity among the barbarians, because they cannot bear barbarian inhumanity among the Romans." In other words, pagan Teutons and other tribal Nordic folk are more inherently virtuous than Christianized Romans. In The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, we learn how Christianity has acted as a Jewish passport to Western civilization, enabling Jews to posture as "The People of the Book" in order to infiltrate European countries that would ordinarily reject them as aliens or even as a dangerous international criminal mafia. In fact, the first century B.C. Roman philosopher Cicero wrote: "The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers" and the first century A.D. Roman philosopher Seneca wrote in De Superstitione: ""The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors."
An important element to the "know thyself" dictum is to stay attuned to indigenous religious and cultural values. In the first part of this work, I described how Sveinbjorn Benteinnsson of Iceland revitalized the open practice of the Old Norse religion Asatru in his country for the first time in a thousand years in the 1970's.


Allsherjargodi Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Remembered, by William B. Fox, Vor Tru Magazine, 1993 caption: "Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson around the re-release of his reading of The Poetic Edda circa 1990." See Hávamál, Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson - English subtitles on YouTube


The indigenous religious concept is an important one, supported on an academic level by books like Religion From Science: Beyondism and A New Morality From Science: Beyondism by Dr. Raymond Cattell. Other works that lay the foundation include The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Professor Hans Gunther and Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson. I provide links to these and other important works on my Religious Crisis web page.

Caption from Religious Crisis web page: "This photograph by Martin Fackler for his March 19, 2007 New York Times article `Renewed Interest in Japanese Who Died in Epic Battle' had the caption: `Yoshitaka Shindo, grandson of the Japanese commander on Iwo Jima, during the March 14 commemoration of the battle.' This event included the Japanese practice of pouring water over the memorial stone to cleanse it, which has Shinto roots. Other news reports have described Shinto priests returning to the island to perform ceremonies. Iwo Jima has been returned to Japan and now supports a Japanese Air Base." Most nationalist Japanese leaders "get it." Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson did as well.


In my author archive web page, I provide the following introduction regarding why I think the indigenous religious concept is so important for the long term survival of any nation:

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to have a truly effective nationalist movement without the preservation of ones very own indigenous tribal religion. After all, nationalism is ultimately based on the ethic that "charity begins at home" (as in "America First" — get it?). If you do not have enough respect for the ancestors of your own people to preserve the most fundamental cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic components of their "folk soul," what is there to build on? Why would you feel particularly motivated to help build their economy and industrial base, safeguard their political rights, maintain national defense, and otherwise promote their popular sovereignty and long term prosperity?
This conclusion has come from a longstanding search for truth on many different levels, ranging from the theological to the political levels. (See, for example, our William Simpson home page, which links to his classic works One Man's Striving and Which Way Western Man? for an in-depth comparison of Christian theology with a naturalistic viewpoint). However, as an important political aggravation, many conservatives such as myself are extremely unhappy with the extreme leftism and anti-rationality of most Christian Churches. They have seriously undermined Western societies. For example, in the early 1990's the Dutch Reform Church supported Black Marxists against White South Africans, and helped convert South Africa from the most prosperous country in Africa into the wretched social, political, and economic basket case we see today. The early phases of the same deplorable long term trend seem to be taking place here in America. Most Christian churches in America support out of control Third World immigration into this country. This is literally displacing and replacing the white population, yet most Christian leaders never publicly defend dispossessed whites, despite the potentially very dangerous consequences. (See Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Tom Chittum). Deluded Christians attack American white nationalist leaders, while conversely supporting nonwhite leaders and Jewish supremacists in control of national media. The aforementioned Jewish supremacists, incidentally, support the continued Israeli genocide of West Bank and Gaza Palestinians, the neo-Marxist cultural war continually being waged against white Americans, and the escalation of American military interventionism in the Middle East —even if it leads to global Armageddon.
While I doubt that practitioners of an indigenous religion such as Asatru will ever become more than a minority within Christian American, I do believe that even as a minority they can eventually provide an effective counter weight to left wing, self-debasing, deluded Christians and megalomaniacal, subversive Zionist gangsters.
That having been said, I have found that rediscovering the indigenous ancestral faith of my own ancestors has been spiritually satisfying regardless of macro-political considerations. I would do it anyway even if I lived in a majority Asatru country without any serious social or political problems...

Controlled national media typically pre-condition victims to accept illusion specific to false flag attacks prior to their occurrence


Virtually all of the Icelandic writers I have reviewed to date recollect that during the "outvasion" period, leading Icelandic media were mostly cheerleaders for reckless bankers. I have already touched on all this in my "False Flag Operators Require Local Control" section where I quote Europe's Biggest Financial Swindle Since World War II, by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, June 16, 2009, who states "Half of Icelanders believe that this corruption has infected the media. The major media outlets are owned by the same individuals widely suspected of manipulating the economy for their personal benefit. With few exceptions, the reporters repeat the right-wing narrative that the economy is already on the rebound, and that the government should loosen its controls." I also quote Iceland Turns Hard Left by Professor Hannes H. Gissurarson, at, 2 Feb 2009, who stated "... Jon Asgeir Johannesson, the main owner of Baugur Group ...controls more than 75% of the private media in Iceland. Worried about so much power in the hands of one man, Mr. Oddsson pushed for legislation that would have have barred any market-dominant firm from controlling more than 25% of any media company..."
There are actually two levels of media that heavily impact on Icelanders. First, their home media, and secondly, the U.S. and UK media. If home media is not actively working to counteract U.S. and UK mainstream media, then the latter can take over by default.
I followed U.S. and UK financial media very closely from 1995-2005 as a stockbroker, and less closely beginning in 1980, and have found that these media generally act as cheerleaders for Zionist financiers right up until the point that they finally get charged with crimes.
One of the most extreme examples involved Mike Milken, Ivan Boesky, and the firm Drexel Burnham Lambert in the last 1980's. Business Week magazine ran a cover story lauding Milken as a "new power" on Wall Street. Financial World respectfully portrayed Boesky as a great Wall Street sage. Fortune Magazine acted as an apologist for Drexel Burnham. The adulation of these financial "rock stars" only desisted after massive criminal charges were finally filed, and books like Den of Thieves by James Stewart began to appear in book stores that exposed the depth and breadth of their criminality.
The same general pattern applied to the Enron fiasco, as well as the more recent Bernie Madoff scandal. I have provided Wayne Madsen reports that pertain to the Madoff scandal in Appendix III of Part 6 because of evidence that Madoff was tied in with Mossad-CIA. His theft of $50 billion is truly breathtaking.
Speaking of Jewish swindlers, and Jewish-controlled American media cheerleaders, on his Republic Broadcasting Network radio show, author Michael Collins Piper has frequently remarked that one of the best places to find out what is really taking place in America comes from Jewish media geared for Jewish audiences, such as The Jerusalem Post or Forward, because their editors tend to assume that most gentiles are disinterested in what they reveal to their co-tribesmen.
Hopefully in the future Icelanders and other Scandinavians can develop enough alternative media that accurately sizes up alien peoples that they will be able to overcome their chronic tendencies towards naïveté.


False flag operators usually require powerful intimidation propaganda

Iceland's hangover, part I, J by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, January 16, 2009 explains how ordinary "peer pressure" was adequate to keep most people in line during the "outvasion" period.

"Was it possible to work in the banks, in a relatively senior position and not know that things were seriously wrong?"
"I guess some of us suspected that something was not right..." She hesitates. „I mean, of course people knew things were not quite right perhaps, but nothing like this! When you look back now, it's obvious that the emperor was naked riding a huge elephant in the living room, but nobody said anything. I guess we all just wanted it to be true. And you didn't want to say anything negative or second-guess your superiors, because you wanted to be loyal or not ruin your chances ...I don't know. It's like being in a dysfunctional or abusive relationship; you are unable to see the craziness when you are in it. It's only after you are out of the relationship that you see how insane it was."

The clearest case of hardball intimidation propaganda came from the City London, when it branded Icelanders "terrorists," as noted in the 9 March 2010 Alex Jones interview.

Jones: And to add insult to injury, they use anti-terror laws to try to take people's money.
Birgitta: Yes, and what they did just shortly after the collapse, Mr. Darling, the UK finance minister decided to -- and Mr. Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK, said to put terrorist acts on Iceland, which classified us among other nations just as North Korea, Zimbabwe, and other instances such as Al Qaeda -- What this did, during the middle of our financial melt down in Iceland, was that it dried up all loan lines to Iceland and we were facing food shortages and medicine shortages...

Earlier in the show Alex Jones asked why people around the world allow themselves to be intimidated:

Jones: It is a mind game. Can the Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff types that are running the international banking scam, take over the planet, set up a bank of the world that you pay all your carbon taxes to, that is being announced. Can they make Spain, the U.S., England, Iceland, Argentina, Nigeria, pay 30 plus percent compounded interest on fraudulent crud they created and sold to governments. Why aren't they going bankrupt? Why aren't they being arrested for the fraud? Why aren't countries saying, "No, we are not going to give into your financial terrorism?" They told Iceland they would destroy them in the last year if they didn't capitulate and basically become debt slaves of these people in perpetuity...

The most obvious answer on a macro level is that their politicians have been bought off by the banksters, who also control major media.
In her interview with Alex Jones, Birgitta described how the banks continued to try to intimidate the Icelanders, even when they were over a barrel.

Jones: And to be clear, the banks have done this in Argentina, in Greece, in Spain, in the U.S. They make this fiat derivatives bubble. It is just made up, crud paper, they certify it as AAA gold-rated, they sell it to governments, they sell it to citizens, they get all the wealth. And then it came out that Goldman Sachs and others, by design, mainstream news, McClatchy newspapers and others, they then blow it out at the time of their choosing and use the implosion to then come in and buy everything up. And Iceland is the only modern country to be put through this scam, to say "No." Continue.
Birgitta: It was a long way to get to that now, I tell you. A lot of fight. In general, what happened as I am sure that most of the listeners to this show understand how the IMF works. So what happened after the terrorist act was placed on Iceland? The UK and the Netherlands government said that with a little help from our Nordic friends, said OK, if you want to get any loans, or [have] the loan lines open, you have to go into an IMF program. And in order for you to go into an IMF program, you are going to have to solve this Icesave dispute, which is this dispute about the banks that were in the UK and Holland.
Jones: And so let me just stop you for a moment. Going back a year ago, the food is not being shipped in, everything is falling apart. They are saying we have got to sell all the government assets, take citizens' tax money, all for these banks, and the BBC reported "Iceland, Britain's Unlikely New Enemy," this is from a year ago, and it says until a few days ago, Britain was admired and respected by the average Icelander, but the UK's move to seize the assets of this isolated European state have provoked a backlash of feeling of escalating resentment. They "Treated us like terrorists," grabbing the government accounts, grabbing people's bank accounts, saying "we are going to take your money under terror laws and give it to the bankers." Continue.
Birgitta: It was maybe not that extreme. They took over an Icelandic bank called the Heritable Bank in London. But what they did is they dried up the credit lines to Iceland. The long lines so everybody had to forego cash in a time of complete financial meltdown.
Jones: But that is what it said. In some cases people could not even get their money out for a while though.
Birgitta: Yes, yes, yes. Everything was blocked. Students and people from Iceland living abroad could not get money out of their Internet banks and so forth, so they had to either starve or rely on friends and family if they had any in the area. But it also created a very different, difficult paradox because the Social Democratic Party that is in power now in Iceland had just one dream, and that is to join the European Union. So within all of this turmoil they decided let's apply for an application or to join the U-A [Editor's Note: She probably meant to say EU].
Jones: Just like Greece ten years ago, you have got to go into debt and sign the deals with these bankers as part of their rules to get into the EU.
Birgitta:Well also how the bankers have used it. The UK and the other governments basically blackmailed us with the EU application as well and said "We will not support your EU application unless you decide to go into court over Icesave. Unless you just choose to --, you are going to have to chose to become isolated, from North Cuba, or Cuba North, or do what we tell you. And that they went even so far as wanting to make a hell of a lot of money out of us by giving us, forcing us to pay huge interest on this, but we managed to stop that. And right now I am in a committee of the leadership, working on finding a solution to this and I found it completely unacceptable that the Icelandic nation will take on any burden from this ordeal.

False Flag attacks typically have Kabbalistic or Masonic numerological significance.

Chapter 8 of the Trilogy puts numerological analysis in perspective: :

Numeric analysis is typically the last line of analysis that Capt. May uses to possible false flag dates in making his predictions. 
We already covered one of the first lines of analysis in Chapter 5 where we talked about profiling the opposing forces commander and his kosher handlers.  In the “why we fight” section of Chapter 6, we also discussed important trends and structural changes in American history that must also be considered in any deep analysis.
Occult numerology may be the last line of analysis, but since there is strong evidence that it influences the behavior of false flag malefactors, we would be unprofessional to ignore it.

In Chapter 8 I also explain how false flag operators have an amazing affinity for the number "11, " as expressed in such things as dates, building silhouettes (the twin World Trade Center towers), and number of floors (take the 110 stories in each of the World Trade Center towers and delete the zeros as a standard numerological practice to get "11" for each).
The Rothschilds, Sassoons, Schiffs, and other very powerful Jewish families covered in my "Circle Z" discussion go back far in time, and so do amazing "11"-related coincidences. For example, the World War I Armistice was signed “on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month."
Kabbalistic numerologists love "1's. They typically ignore zeroes in dates, and add the digits within year and day fields or else retain the last two digits of a year field added together to reinforce a "1" pattern. Hence, 11-11-1918 at 11:00 AM becomes 11-11-19-11. This is "9/11" on numerological steroids, because it has five extra "1's."
In the Book I Chronology I mention how the Georgia Guidestones were dedicated on 3-22, which is the Skull and Bones number "322", and of course "22" is a multiple of the favored "11" number.
Interestingly enough, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, also appears to be an "11 aficionado." The Wikipedia article "The 2008-2010 Icelandic Financial Crisis" states: "Alistair Darling MP announced that he was taking steps to freeze the assets of Landsbanki in the UK. The Landsbanki Freezing Order 2008 was passed at 10 a.m. on 8 October 2008 and came into force ten minutes later. Under the order the UK Treasury froze the assets of Landsbanki within the UK, and introduced provisions to prevent the sale or movement of Landsbanki assets within the UK, even if held by the Central Bank of Iceland or the Government of Iceland. The freezing order took advantage of provisions in sections 4 and 14 and Schedule 3 of the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, and was made `because the Treasury believed that action to the detriment of the UK's economy (or part of it) had been or was likely to be taken by certain persons who are the government of or resident of a country or territory outside the UK.'"
Hence, Darling's Order implemented on October 8, 2008 at 10:10 becomes 10-08-10; 10, 10, which in turn becomes 1-8-1-1-1. This becomes "8/11" on steroids, because it has two extra "1's."
Earlier in this work I cited the work of Ellen Brown, who described how Alistair Darling pulled the trigger on Northern Rock on 9-11 in 2007, and also pulled the trigger on Lehman Brothers the weekend after its stock got "bombed" on 9-11 in 2008.
The Kabbalists also seem to like anagrams. 10-8-2008 can equates to 1-8-1 which is the anagram of 8-11. A British government PDF about the event shows 081008, or 818, anagram of 1-88. Perhaps this even resonates with the fact that President George W. Bush announced the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security on 10-08-2001, which can also decode to 1-8-1.
It could also be that Iceland falls under a different Kabbalistic numerological system related to an "8" system as opposed to "9" in New York. China is an example of an "8" country. In Chapter 32, I mention that "The Peking Olympics started at 8:08 PM (and 8 seconds) on 8-8-08. According to Wikipedia, “The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture”.
8-8-08 was also the day when Georgia, a country armed and advised by Israel and the U.S., attacked South Ossetia.
As another possible example of a country outside of the "9" pattern for New York, India expressed the number "7" during the "7-11" Mumbai bombing in 2006 covered in Chapter 21. However, in trying to interpret this number, we were left to wonder if this may be less of a Kabbalistic pattern and more of an inside Mossad-CIA sick joke on Indian owners of 7-11 stores in America.
We need to do more research on Icelandic numeric coincidences. For example, Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, is listed as No. 7 in the article""Top 10: Who’s To Blame For The Icelandic Crash." The 27 Dec 2008 article: " The Isle That Rattled the World " states that Jóhannesson "traveled by yacht, jet and helicopter all emblazoned `101' -- the name of a chic Reykjavik hotel owned by his wife."
In Occult numerology, you always knock out the zeroes, so "101" becomes 11. Just a coincidence, or more evidence of Zionist-Kabbalist infiltration and degradation of the Icelandic people?


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