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Iceland Gets "ENRONed," Then Goes For "1776"

Part 2, Act VI

Thinking Outside the Box:
Populist Revolt, Female Prime Minister, Referendum,
Modern Media Initiative...Global Activism?

First edition published 30 May 2010

Iceland Is Burning by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, 29 Jan 2009 explains how protest reached the boiling point in early 2009:

We are calling on the world to help us get rid of this corrupt government," Sturla Jonsson, one of protesters said in a midnight phone call from downtown Reykjavik where a crowd of about 2,000 still surrounded the Althingi House, in front of which a bonfire continued to burn. The protesters pounded drums and other instruments, shouted slogans against the government and parliament and threw eggs and food items, even old shoes at the house of parliament. The protest was nowhere close to slowing down despite it being close to midnight. The parliament postponed meeting until tomorrow afternoon, but protesters, whom police fought all day with teargas, pepper spray, and clubs, vowed to stay downtown all night, "and as long as we have to" Jonsson said. "And I want to tell you that the people gathered here are not "activists" or "militants," he added, "they are just ordinary adults of all ages."

"Iceland Turns Hard Left," 2 Feb 2009, professor Hannes H. Gissurarson voiced concern that this populist revolt could become too reactionary:

... On Sunday a new minority government took over, led by the Social Democrats and the Left Greens, the unrepentant heirs to the Icelandic Communist Party. The main task of the new government, led by Social Democratic Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, will be to dissolve parliament and prepare for new elections in April. An old-fashioned Social Democrat of the Swedish ilk, with little sympathy for the business community, Ms. Sigurdardottir is seen as untainted by Iceland’s financial debacle...

The public can become "too reactionary" if it resorts to political options developed behind the scenes as "controlled opposition" by clever enemies. This is called the "problem-reaction-solution" paradigm where oligarchs use their control over media and political funding to make sure that no leading factions are capable of mounting any serious challenge, even though they appear to compete with each other on the surface.
As one example, up until widespread use of the Internet, many important political topics were completely censored from open discussion between "left" and "right" factions in America. These topics included the need to audit the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System, the JFK assassination and Oklahoma City as inside jobs, Zionist control of major media, and America's steadily declining white populations in the face of tidal waves of Third World immigration.
As a second example, in regard to the ideological matrix chart that I provide in Part 2, Act I, the Zionist oligarchy wants to keep the political debate fenced in between the "environmental top down" or "neo-Jacobin" area and the "environmental bottom up" or "anarcho libetarian" camp. They also want the public to believe that any "genetic" ideologies that might call attention to their innate "Neanderthal" characteristics automatically imply some kind of extremely dangerous "genetic top down" or "Nazi" approach. The last thing they want is a "genetic bottom up" paleoconservative mass movement that can successfully preach limited government, Jeffersonian principles, preservation of civil liberties, ethnic and racial loyalty, and successful public defense against Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology (as outlined in my online "Mutualism vs. Parasitism" article).
As a third example, false flag attacks are designed to stampede the public into accepting a police state, when in fact Al-Qaeda and other terrorists are largely a Mossad-CIA invention. Furthermore, Osama Bin Laden has very likely been dead since December 2001. (See Chapter 12 of the Trilogy)


In her 9 March 2010 interview with Alex Jones, Birgitta Jonsdottir talked about how she has met Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz. She thinks he may have important insights into the IMF and other important issues confronting Iceland.
This may be true, but it could also be true that Dr. Stiglitz serves as "limited hangout" and "controlled opposition." He may fail to provide Icelanders with a full smorgasbord of nationalist analysis or options. He may resemble certain Jewish intellectuals who wormed their way into Harvard's Kennedy School in the early 1990's, who provided intellectual cover for Zionist kleptocrats who looted Russia during Yeltsin's "privatizations."
Wayne Madsen warns about Stigliz's connections in the following report:

March 26-28, 2010 -- Wikileaks and Iceland media law are stalking horses for Soros"
...And look at this, Obama's OMB director Peter Orszag (the name is Jewish from Hungarian-Romanian Transylvania like fellow vampire Soros) and his connection to Iceland: "In 1998, after serving in the Clinton administration, Orszag co-founded an economic consulting group company with his brother and Joseph Stiglitz called Sebago Associates, where he served as president through 2007. The firm's clients have included the World Bank, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and most notably, the Central Bank of Iceland. The once prosperous economy of Iceland has been devastated by the current economic crisis, which its citizens say was carried out by a gang of financial criminals who followed disastrous policies and advice - provided by Peter Orszag and Company.

In his classic work By Way of Deception, former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky cites numerous instances where Mossad routinely infiltrates and plays all sides of any conflict, for example by simultaneously arming both Christians and Muslims in Lebanon and then playing them off against each other. The Mossad initially helped fund Hamas as a religious alternative to the secular PLO, on the theory that Arab secular nationalism is a more dangerous adversary to Zionism than Islamic fundamentalism. Ironically, even the PLO may have received major Mossad-CIA support as "controlled opposition" (source: Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson reported in his April 15, 2010 Orthodox Nationalist show "Venezuela and Syria against the NWO" that General Hafez al-Assad, President of Syria said that the PLO had received Mossad-CIA support as "controlled opposition.")
In By Way of Deception, Ostrovsky cites a particularly outrageous case where both Sri Lanken rebels and government forces received military training on an Israeli base at the same time. Due to a scheduling error, they happened to pass each other while running in formation. Fortunately for the Israelis, these opposing forces did not recognize each other.
A good rule of thumb to uncover such manipulation in Iceland would be to ask what kind of opposition groups on either the "left" or "right" permit Zionists and other aliens to continue building their influence and gobbling up control from behind the scenes?
"Estrogen Will Not Cure Greed and Stupidity" by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, Feb 8, 2009, provides another example of a possible controlled opposition "problem-reaction-solution" paradigm. Icelanders voted in a record new percentage of women in their Parliament --over 30%, including an openly lesbian Prime Minister. Ms. Erlingsdottir explained why a leftist reaction that focuses on gender issues is not sufficient to resolve Iceland's problems:

Despite voluminous evidence to the contrary, men do not hold a monopoly on greed, aggression and stupidity.

Iceland's new PM, Johanna Sigurdardottir. Photo credit:

In Iceland, the gang of thirty or so that made the decisions leading that country's steep rise and precipitous fall were, in fact, mainly male. The recent appointment of Johanna Sigurdardottir as Iceland's first female Prime Minister and the world first lesbian leader would seem to signal an end of an age of male aggression. It is easy to explain away the 2009 uprising of the Icelandic people as the end of the age of testosterone, or to say that the banking crisis would never have happened if women had been in charge, but the reality is much more subtle.
It is the culture of the elite and greed, not the gender of its leaders, that has led us into the current economic catastrophe. This is a culture that does not believe that the good of the many outweighs the good of the few. It is instead a culture that believed - and still does - that the greed of the individual market participants would form some sort of invisible hand that would magically regulate the markets better than any legislative or regulatory body could....
....Members of the elite-greed club are not bound to the rest of us by this sense of community. They are Icelanders only by accident of birth and feel no existential obligation to our nation. They were willing to sacrifice the nation's wealth to enrich themselves, but they will not sacrifice their wealth to save their countrymen. They belong to a transnational class of plutocrats, and have forfeited their right to participate in our attempts to remedy the harms they have wrought on our society.
Having a woman Prime Minister and an equal number of male and female cabinet ministers is all good. But any positive changes Johanna and her female colleagues will bring about will be because they are in tune with the values of society at large, rather than the values of the current ruling elite. Not because they are women, but because they are Icelanders.

This article makes many important points that I will return to later in my nationalist analysis section. Suffice to say for now that there are many social decisions that require sacrifice in the short run in order to achieve a greater good for everyone in the long run. Generally speaking, the more the elite of a society feels a common bond with the rest of society --to include on a religious and ethnic level as well as on a short term economic or ideological level -- the more likely it is that it will be willing to make sacrifices for the long term common good rather than exploit the underlying society for its own immediate gain.
The most dramatic examples of solidarity across society often take place in time of war, when members of the elite may be on the front lines undergoing the same privations and taking the same or greater risks to their own lives as the commoners who make up most of the soldiery.
Europe's Biggest Financial Swindle Since World War II by Iris Erlingsdottir, Huffington Post, 16 June 2009, reports one of the most effective forms of populist political action of our era that transcends gender politics:

Fortunately, the Internet has revolutionized Iceland more profoundly than perhaps any other nation. A new Facebook page protesting the government's agreement to pay British and Dutch investors for losses suffered by one of the banks has grown in little over two weeks to include over 31,000 members--over 10% of the entire population (imagine 30 million protesters in America). Dozens of dedicated bloggers (my favorite, Lára Hanna, unfortunately not in English) put together an alternative narrative from the disparate pieces of information they learn from friends and family.

Tired of Waiting, Icelanders Gather to Create a Roadmap for the Future by Alda Sigmundsdottir, Huffington Post, November 11, 2009 reported how Iceland was also showing leadership in grass roots democratic action. She observed that "a unique and highly ambitious social experiment is set to take place here in Iceland on Saturday, November 14...".

On that day, around 1,500 Icelanders will gather in a sports arena in Reykjavík to brainstorm and plan a future vision for our country, and subsequently lay the foundation for the implementation of that vision. The event is dubbed Þjóðfundur -- National Assembly in English -- and it is believed to be the very first time that a statistically-significant portion of a single nation gathers in one place to attempt to reach an agreement on collective values and future vision for their country.

Next came something even more unique, namely "The Referendum that shook the world" of 6 March 2010. In her 9 March interview with Alex Jones, Birgitta Jonsdottir explained how popular pressure moved the President of Iceland, Olafur Grimsson, to call for a national referendum, and how this displeased globalists such as "The Paris Club":

Birgitta: ...It actually surprised me that the President of Iceland decided to listen to the nation, but there was a huge petition. More than 60,000 Icelanders called on him to allow us to have this national referendum. And it was interesting. I had some, there was actually some documents leaked from the U.S. embassy in Iceland, Rejkavik Iceland, and I found it on And it was interesting how the British and the U.S. Treasury were very much interested in doing everything in their power to stop the national referendum. And then the same thing applied to, I got some information that I don't know if you are familiar with the Paris talk. But they were very keen on stopping this national referendum. Because especially in Europe they are very much afraid that like Greece and Ireland the people there will demand to have a national referendum about the situation in their country.
Jones: Oh this is big. This is huge. I mean the magnitude of this, sending the message that this is fraud, we are not paying it. We are about to go to break, but start telling us about the documents and the Paris Club and how the banks don't like what has happened in Iceland.
Birgitta: The Paris Club is a very interesting club. It is sort of a secret club run out of Paris with some of the most powerful nations in the world. They determine the interest rates on nations that have a debt moratorium. Apparently it is the case of Iceland that that national referendum has been discussed in that club. I did a research trying to figure out who was is in the club, who attended the meetings, and it is impossible to find any information, at least on the Internet. So I will actually call on if anybody who listens to this who has any information about the Paris Club please provide me with that information.


RT: Icelandic people refuse to repay Internet bank’s multi-billion debt, 9 March, 2010. Caption: "People in Iceland have rejected their government's pledge to repay a debt of more than US$5 billion left by the collapse of Icesave Internet bank. 93 per cent of people voted `no' in a referendum."


In her 9 March 2010 Alex Jones interview Birgitta claimed that after making their defiant gesture to globalist bankers, the Icelandic people came into a pleasant surprise. Now the bankers were backing off and conceding that maybe Icelanders did not owe so much money after all. Birgitta suspected something far more sinister may be involved with the IMF than merely a bank workout problem.

Birgitta: ...Let us not forget that the bank in question actually has a sustainable amount of assets that can be recovered. And so far what the British and Dutch can claim in it will actually be recovered by at least 88%.
Jones: Yes, that was in the Times of London. They claimed that you all owed them $20,000+ every individual and they had to take over all your infrastructure. Now they go, "Guess what, we don't even need that money. We already had the assets. So it was a giant --just like the banks here that have robbed us are already recording record profits, the same banks that are trying to rob you. I mean that is such a key point that it turns out that they have the assets to begin with.
Birgitta: Yes, and the thing is that they actually decided that Darling, the financial minister of the UK, he decided to move money within his own ministry and then earmark some of it, 700 billion Icelandic to the Icelandic nation, and then expect us to pay full interest, really high interest on that. I mean it is a brilliant scheme, but we will not do it.
Jones: Exactly, you are wise to it. Americans should get wise as well. The collapse of Iceland was a private matter. "Why did they want the people to pay it?" is a question from resistarchipelago.
Birgitta: Well, I mean in general, like every time you look at how the IMF functions, I was actually reading a secret document leaked to Wikileaks. It was a brilliant source if you want to sort of dig deeper into the real conspiracies of our world. And it was a manual from the military sector in the U.S. talking about unconventional warfare. And in the unconventional warfare, the section about financial warfare, they talk about the IMF as one of their choice weapons. So, you know, I encourage people to study how the IMF functions.
Jones: Exactly. It is a private consortium for blowing out countries. And the banks are attacking America. This is a criminal group....



The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, Wikileaks, and other anti-censorship efforts have tremendous potential to combat high level criminality. Conversely, a failure to aggressively assert free speech rights in Iceland, America, and elsewhere around the world may result in global Internet censorship.

RT: Keiser Report №8: Markets! Finance! Scandal!, Jan 14, 2010, caption: "...Keiser also speaks to Birgitta Jonsdottir, leader of The Movement in the Icelandic Parliament, who is taking on the international bankers." Keiser explains why the people who run Goldman Sachs are "suicide bankers" and "financial terrorists" on par with the "Panty Bomber" (see Chapter 39 of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy). At 8:40 into this video, how the Teamsters Union caused Goldman Sachs to back down by threatening a picket. Iceland story at 9:25. How the City of London, ratings agencies, and other outside entities colluded to defraud the people of Iceland. Also, how various corporate media propagandize for corrupt bankers against the public.


Enter the "Modern Media Initiative"

One of the most exciting outgrowths to the "Pots and Pans" Revolution is a growing awareness in Iceland that in order to defend their country against high level subversion, Icelanders must make a special effort to protect free thought and free speech.

Birgitta: ....there are very many very exciting things happening in Iceland. We just spoke for a proposal which was called the Icelandic Media Modern Initiative which has gained worldwide attention. We were suggesting that Iceland will take the lead on freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of expression, by actually modernizing and pulling together the best legislation to protect sources, journalists, whistle-blowers, publishers and ISP hosts in order to get that information out to the general public.
Jones: In fact I have the article right here. Icelandic Modern Media Initiative saying the West is moving, and Europe, England, the U.S., and Canada and Australia to censor the Internet. To shut down free speech. Wired Magazine last week had the headline "Cyber Security: The End of the Open Internet" [Editor's Note: This probably pertains to the article: "Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet" by Ryan Singel,, March 1, 2010] this is really happening, and so now you guys are moving to say, "Look, we will allow Wikileaks to be here. We will allow independent journalism. We want people to move here, and come here, and put their servers here really as an information revolution." The people are finding the power they have to say no to the banks, and this is really growing.
Birgitta: Yes, and I really hope that it, for some reason Icelanders are right now a bit shy about placing themselves as doing anything that would be considered the best --. they don't want to fall in the same pit, so I guess the most skeptical people about this proposal are Icelanders. We however managed to get all the parties in Iceland on this, and three party chair leaders, so I am quite optimistic that we can pass this through the Parliament. We are basically proposing or tasking the government to take on this challenge, because it requires a lot of legislative changes. But you know in general, it has been overwhelming, the support we have got from all over the world.
Jones: And now Greece and Spain and countless others are going to try to follow your example.This is a true revolution against the global banking dictatorship attempting to establish open world government and tyranny...

The Listening Post - On the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. See also the Introduction page for the Icelandic Modern Media Initiavie web site.


Corbettreport — March 20, 2010"Professor Salvör Gissurardóttir of the University of Iceland joins The Corbett Report to discuss the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, a bold set of proposals for reforming Icelandic law relating to whistleblower protection, journalistic source protection, protection from libel tourism, and other ideas that would help to transform Iceland into a global free speech haven." Prof. Gissurardóttir explains how local media failed to inform the citizenry about the growing bank crises until one morning they discovered they were charged with being deep in debt to the British and Dutch governments. IMMI is designed to help fix this.


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