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The BP Disaster Viewed At a Minimum As a LIHOP False Flag Operation


Alex Jones Interview with
Officer Jack McLamb
BP-Gulf Disaster
Inside Job

"...The bomb went off, blew up the oil rig.
So it was all a false flag operation..."


Officer Jack McLamb, Phoenix Police Depart. (1976 - 1986),

24 June 2010, 4th hour


Editor's Notes and transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books

The first segment had Lord Monckton, who was carried over from the 3rd hour of the Alex Jones Show. Jones introduced Officer Jack McLamb at 35 minutes, 52 seconds into the show.

Alex Jones: [35:52] All right, he doesn't need any introduction. He is a Genesis Talk Show host here in the evenings, and a good guy. Been on with us over a hundred times over the last fifteen years. And he has been out there for more than two decades. The most highly decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona history. Of course also a military veteran. And he joins us today. Back in the days of the newsletter, he was one of the icons before there were computers, warning police and military with his "Operation Vampire Killer 2000" and other publications.And he has the sources. Now he was the first to report on this. I have separately seen a gentleman with Zimmerman Oil talking about it. I have seen other news articles by a bunch of publications saying this is the word. But I wanted to go specifically to Jack McLamb. After we see this footage out of Phoenix, Arizona of Senator Kyle, and I talked about this with Lord Monckton last hour, coming out and saying "Look, I was in a private meeting with Obama, President Obama, and he told me `I am going to leave the border open as a way to hold the American people hostage with all the crime and murder down there so they will pass amnesty, which is just legalization, and that is what they are doing. So, yes, they won't let a good crisis go to waste. We know they are blocking all the oil skimmers, blocking the estuary dams, blocking the sand berms, I mean out there actually blocking it. So we know they are blocking it premeditatively and using a crisis. So they are now aiding and abetting and becoming part of the event. So that is the same thing as staging it. We know they gave Anadarko and Halliburton the orders -- that is in the Coast Guard testimony -- from the people on board, to do things that are not done on oil rigs they knew would blow up. But more and more, the evidence is that there was an unscheduled change two hours before. Something that wasn't authorized. And now we will get that Intel from Officer Jack McLamb from his sources that obviously will go unnamed because they don't want to get a bullet in the head. That is what he told me during the break. Jack, good to have you on with us.
Officer Jack McLamb: Good to be on with you Alex. Thanks for all you do for God and country.
Jones: Well I try, and thank you sir. OK, as much as you can tell us, because you have been saying this since early on, that you were the first, what did your Intel sources in Federal law enforcement, local police, and military tell you about what is really going on in the Gulf?
McLamb: Well, it is all staged. It is all staged. They had, as you said, very strange, the Bureau of Land Management on there two hours before the bomb went off. They were doing a very uncharacteristic inspection of an oil rig which the Bureau of Land Management doesn't do. Then two hours after they left, the bomb went off, blew up the oil rig. So it was all a false flag operation to help the oil barons make more money and stop the finding of oil in these offshore oil rigs.
Jones: Because they are monopoly men, just like BP gets 80% of the Alaskan oil.
McLamb: Right.
Jones: And of course they are the big carbon tax pushers. But was this a military source, a police source, was it one source, multiple sources, I mean, give us an idea.
McLamb: It was multiple sources.
Jones: And let me get my timeline right. When did you first start getting this Intel?
McLamb: Oh, about a month ago. Yes, about a month ago. And all the people that I talked to and contacted, and they contacted me, are scared to death of being executed if anybody finds out that they talked to me about it. Yes. And as you say, Zach Zimmerman, is the one that put out that the Bureau of Land Management did an uncharacteristic surprise inspection the day the oil rig blew up. And they were on that oil rig, the Bureau of Land Management, doesn't do oil rig inspections. But they were on this one, and two hours after they left, it blew up. So these sources that have contacted me believe that it was all a false flag operation to also fill the concentration camps. They are talking about picking up 40-50,000 people and putting them in these Halliburton concentration camps.
Jones: Now I saw that. Again, that is all sold like after Katrina as a good thing. I remember seeing that a month ago and then they did deploy the military and now the EPA is talking about evacuating some areas. And they are now calling it "tilt." Reuters and others are reporting that people are getting sick. Two of the workers have died. A captain has committed suicide, so we know they have been lying about the toxicity.
McLamb: Right.
Jones: My intel is they are at least exacerbating this to get their carbon tax passed, and now Obama -- Barry Soetero -- is out promoting that. It is also a smokescreen for the Iran attack they have got geared up. But specifically, you have broken many government documents in the past. Literally hundreds of times. The Phoenix Memo, back in '98, saying patriots and gun-owners were terrorists. Just a new version of that we got from law enforcement last year, MIAC and Homeland Security Reports. So, I mean, Jack you have broken a lot of key news. And we respect your sources. But any other details that your sources gave you. Were these eye witnesses. Were they told by other law enforcement? Give us as much specifics as you can.
McLamb: Well, they just said that they were in meetings where this was talked about, blowing up this oil rig. And of course the oil barons are part of the Communist-Zionist controllers of our nation today. And they were in meetings talking about how they were going to blow this thing up, so we had Wachovia, who is owned by Wells Fargo Bank, sell two and a half million shares two weeks before it blew up. Swiss Bank UBS sold two million shares, 97% of their stock. Wachovia sold 98% of their BP stock. And Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their BP stock. And Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, he has been on the news a lot today, he sold all of his stock. 1.4 million worth of BP stock just a couple of weeks before the bomb went off. So it is the same as 9/11, brother.
Jones: I thought it was 33%, but then I read he had sold even more later, and Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their stock.
McLamb: Right.
Jones: But now when you talk about Israel involvement, I had not really -- I mean, federal government, BLM, I mean this whole combine of interests wanting to push for it, but I do see it as a distraction as Israel and U.S. forces do openly say they may nuke Iran. And boy that is just going to be terrible. And the Iranians say they are going to break the Gaza blockade which is insane. We don't want war here. We want all these sides to stop what they are doing. So you specifically talked to sources --law enforcement, military, who were in meetings, when they were talking about government blew it up -- or may have blown it up --
McLamb: Yes.
Jones: Or they were in meetings talking about how they were going to blow it up?
McLamb: How they were going to. This was before it happened. And so Halliburton was on that oil rig just hours before it blew up, and the Bureau of Land Management was there too. So one of those organizations planted the bomb on the oil rig according to my sources.
Jones: Wow, I wish those sources could -- I would think they would be in more danger not speaking out. I mean, I cannot imagine government or corporate espionage groups having more than three or four people in a meeting where this would be discussed. That is something you would keep compartmentalized, so --.
McLamb: Oh yes, it is definitely compartmentalized. But I have contacts. I had a Top Secret Clearance during the Vietnam War and was back on these secret intel bases and made a lot of contacts with intel people --
Jones: Weren't you in Cambodia?
McLamb: No, I never went to Cambodia.
Jones: Oh, that was Butch Paul who was in black ops in Cambodia, that's right.
McLamb: No, I was 17-18 years of age -- I enlisted when I was 17, and I was the first American 16 year old that was taken by the Navy divers and taught to use scuba gear and certified in scuba gear in the Washington District of Criminals. And so I went to my recruiter and I told him I was certified in scuba gear by the Navy divers had wanted to be part of the UDT, the Underwater Demolition Team. They are called the SEALs today.
Jones: Yes, that is Jesse Ventura, yes.
McLamb: The recruiter said "Sure, sign here." So I was stupid enough to sign up. Then they put me back in these intel bases in the jungle with a Top Secret clearance. And it helped because I met a lot of people that were --
Jones: No, no, Jack, we know that you headed a premiere organization, police and military against the New World Order and all these sources. I just -- this is pretty big. I mean I believe you have these sources, I mean it is just amazing to be here talking to you, and you are saying you have multiple sources. I mean one source to be specific who said they were in on a meeting when the government was discussing sabotaging it with an explosive, or two people?
McLamb: Yes, two people. Two people.
Jones: OK, there are other sources -- I mean do you have any other Intel from what other people generally in law enforcement think?
McLamb: Well, I was called the other day and was told I was going to get an email, and I got an email that Cheney and Bush and Halliburton purchased an oil cleaning firm two weeks before the blow-up of the oil platform.
Jones: Yes, Boots and Coots. I know, that is confirmed.
McLamb: Right. And so I am getting some good information, it is just -- now we have a scared BP insider predicted that it was blown up on purpose. You know. We have Dennis Whitney, now he did not give us his name, but we went to trace his IP address, back to Dennis Whitney, so he may end up dead, but he is scared --
Jones: Well, that is not too good.
McLamb: Yes, he is really scared.
Jones: OK, well we will try to --
McLamb: He is a BP insider and he said that it was blown up on purpose. A false flag operation.
Jones: OK, well they can also IP spoofs. We will have to look into that. Wow. Jack McLamb is our guest. This is getting crazier by the moment. Well, there is no doubt we are going into tyranny. They are openly talking about shutting the web off. They are openly talking about arresting dissidents. They have got Southern Poverty Law Center reports -- the Southern Poverty Law Center called me by my first name -- they said "Oh, Alex isn't calling for violence," but what he is saying will cause his followers to.
McLamb: [Laughter].
Jones: I mean they must really be concerned about us if they are trying to demonize us. I mean Jack, we have never called for violence, have we?
McLamb: No, I haven't called for violence, and you haven't either, Alex. But the Southern Poverty Pimp Law Center is a Communist-Zionist led organization. And they hate America just like the ADL hates America and they want to see us destroyed. So they are doing everything they can to destroy you, me, and everybody they can who is trying to help save America.
Jones: Yes, Jack, my whole issue on that front is I know the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL are bad guys. I don't think that -- you use the term Zionist. I don't think everybody who believes Israel has a right to exist, thought, is part of the overall New World Order operation. I mean, there are different variants in different groups out there.
McLamb: That is true, Alex. Very true. Yes.
Jones: I mean, that is another issue, though, is that I know Petraeus is bad news. General Petraeus, known as Betray-Us. But this other guy McChrystal was fingered as the one who covered up the Pat Tillman murder. We know that was a murder.
McLamb: That is right.
Jones: It has come out that was a cover-up and a lie and the Army Coroner has come out and said it was a murder.
McLamb: Yes.
Jones: So we have that going on. Shot at a distance. They came up and shot him three times in the head to make sure he was dead. But then you expand on that, McChrystal is Bilderberg attendee. He is a CFR fellow. And so things must not be going well if the top globalists like McChrystal is removed by Obama. You think that was just thin-skin or what is the info you have got on that front?
McLamb: Well, I think that from what I am hearing, that McChrystal could not be trusted. You know, he was siding with America against the globalists and so even though he was a CFR and other connections they say he couldn't be trusted. And Petraeus, General Betray-Us, can be trusted 100% they say.
Jones: Yes, I wonder if he didn't say the right thing at Bilderberg? You know he was just there three weeks ago. It is on record that General McChrystal, Stanley McChrystal was there.
McLamb: Yes.
Jones: And then meanwhile they said he fainted. I have seen people have seizures. Petraeus clearly had a seizure.
McLamb: That is true. That is true. They are scared of McChrystal, and so they have gotten rid of him, and he may end up dead according to my sources.
Jones: Well yes, he was in the Delta Force. They don't actually like real warriors. They like people who are having seizures.
McLamb: Yes.
Jones: They like fainters, not fighters. Stay there, let us come back. And of course your web sites, we will plug that too. Stay with us. [51:03 into the break]
Jones: [54:07 back from break] I asked Jack, because he is a big Teddy Bear, he is a really nice guy, I asked him why did he give this BP insider who sent you an email, his name out? And, he said, "Well, because his name was on the IP address, and the government reads all the email that comes into my office." Which of course they do. They want to know what law enforcement and military are thinking. That is why if you are going to send an email, you need to send it from a dummy account or something else, because that is a good point that Jack made, because he is trying to protect that person. But who knows, that could have been a spoof name as well, there are all sorts of tricks on the web. When we have got law enforcement, military, Intel-type stuff, we first call, make phone calls, confirm it is accurate, and then we erase all the material. You know, the communications we receive, believe me, you get an FBI document, you call the FBI agent's name up with a control number, they start freaking out, and then you know it is real. Plus, you know how to read this stuff after a while and tell them it is real. But we will continue to investigate this overall. But Officer Jack McLamb is our guest. Don't forget my web sites are and And don't think that just because you are awake to what is happening, your friends and family are. They are ready to be awakened. Now is the time, and it is life and death that we expose this system. Jack, I mean America finally realizes we are going into tyranny, and you have all these corrupt special interests that are just in a free for all looting this country and other nations. I just hope people pray for this nation.
McLamb: I hope they do too. I ask them every day on my show to pray for the nation. Yes. Let me say something, Alex. I am really happy that you said what you did about there is a lot of good Jews out there. And I have five web sites written by millions and millions of Jews against the Communist-Zionists. We have, we have got,, and, and so millions and millions of Jews have gotten together to stand up and talk against the Communist-Zionists who have been in control of Israel since 1948 and are still in control over them today, and are causing all the wars, and are causing all the violence over there. They created Hamas 20 years ago to bomb them regularly every few weeks. And they created the Hamas organization to bomb them so that they could destroy the Palestinians --
Jones: Jack -- Jack, here is my issue, though, is that I have run into different groups that say that Catholics are all evil and run everything or that Jews are all evil and run everything. I am just trying to fight the New World Order and trying to get everyone together against the New World Order. And one of those sites you mentioned makes up outlandish things that are 100% false about me, and so that is my issue. Criticising Israel and some of the different veins of Zionism, because in some of my research there are a lot of different flavors of it, that is one thing, and we have guests on that do that, my only other issue is that I have seen from the camp that thinks that Israel literally is Beelzebub, I have seen a lot of dishonesty from those crowds. And just amazing stuff. But there is no doubt Israel is pushing to start a war with Iran, and I am firmly against that. And I am firmly against all this aid to all these foreign countries. I believe in what George Washington said. I ran out of time for Taylor, Michael, and David and others. Jack, I really appreciate you coming on to talk about that BP information.
McLamb: Well, God Bless you so much Alex for what you do for our country. My nine grandchildren thank you too, brother. .
Jones: Well, we appreciate you too, Jack. Let me say bye to you at the end of the show. There is some separate stuff. I wanted to talk to you, to ask you about how that fellow who snuck into Bohemian Grove who was your web master is doing. Because they set him up and put him in prison. This is not a bed of roses, what we do here, folks. This is really hard core, hard core situation. Retransmission starts now,, God Bless you all, see you back tomorrow, 11:00 AM, great job crew, Lord Monckton, coming up, Judge Andrew Napolitano and more. [58:45].



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The BP Disaster Viewed At a Minimum As a LIHOP False Flag Operation

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