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Updated Addresses and
Other Postscript Information

by William Fox
Mike Piper Report
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(July 2019)


*  Michael Collins Piper (born 1960) was found dead in a motel room in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho on Saturday, May 30, 2015.  While ruled a "natural death" by the local county coroner, William Fox explained in his July 30, 2015 interview with Dr. James Fetzer (Real Deal Episode No. 84) that there are significant grounds to suspect foul play.  See the online transcript of this show titled “The Death of Michael Collins Piper” and its MP3 download links at the America First Institute website (short URL:

*, which points to, remains active as a primary source of information on Mike Piper and his works.  This is the original website authorized by Mike Piper and run by William Fox, publisher of and the creator of this ebook.  In regard to other websites listed on the copyright page of  this ebook, namely and that have been run by Mark Glenn, only was still functioning when tested in July 2019.

*  The website for American Free Press remains and the website of its sister publication, The Barnes Review, remains  FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS, run by American Free Press, transitioned into and then into the AFP Online Store at  In Jan 2015 American Free Press and The Barnes Review moved to 16000 Trade Zone Avenue, Unit 406, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774.  The toll free phone number 1-888-699-NEWS (6397) remained the same.

*  Jim Traficant was released from prison on September 2, 2009.  Michael Collins Piper wrote a series of articles published in American Free Press (also archived at which described the hero’s welcome provided by AFP staff members and other developments in the Traficant saga.  These articles archived at included “Jim Traficant Finally Out of Jail” (American Free Press, Sept 14, 2009), “Traficant on National Television: Israel Has Stranglehold on U.S.,” “Former Rep. Comes Out Swinging at Homecoming,” “All New Evidence Discovered Proving Jim Traficant Was Victim of Frame-Up” (American Free Press, Sept 21-28), “Jim Traficant for President? You Bet!” (AFP Dec 28, 2009), and “Attendees Brave Winter Weather to Meet `Jimbo’: What’s Next on the Agenda for Gutsy Ex-Congresssman?” (AFP, March 1, 2010)

*  Shortly after his homecoming, Jim Traficant began to contribute numerous articles for the American Free Press (AFP), such as “Demjanjuk Fights for Life: Former Rep. Jim Traficant is again going to bat for an Ohio workman accused of being a Nazi camp guard”, AFP, November 23, 2009, “A Requiem for John Demjanjuk”, April 21, 2012,  “Axing IRS & Fed Key to U.S. Economic Recovery”, October 23, 2012, and “Keep the Spotlight on Bilderberg,” June 10, 2013.  Many articles by Jim Traficant, as well as articles written by AFP correspondents about him, can be found in the online archives by using “Traficant” and other search terms.

*  Jim Traficant remained an outspoken and courageous public activist from the time he left prison to the very end.  See, for example, page 12 of the free online PDF of the Oct 3, 2011, Issue 40 of American Free Press which featured the articles “Social Security: Who’s Entitled?” by Jim Traficant and “Jim Traficant Talks Tough in Cincinnati by AFP Outreach Director Pete Papaherakles.  See also “AFP PODCAST: Jim Traficant ‘Unravels’ Bilderberg” an interview of Jim Traficant by AFP correspondent Dave Gahary, June 4, 2013, “Traficant Urges Investigation of U.S. Taxpayer Funding of Bilderberg”by Mark Anderson, June 21, 2013, “AFP PODCAST: Traficant, Papaherakles at Bilderberg (Day 3 Update)” hosted by Dave Gahary,, June 14, 2013, and “Jim Traficant Is Coming Back to Washington!” by Jim Traficant, AFP, June 25, 2014. 

*  Jim Traficant died on September 27, 2014 under circumstance many regard as highly suspicious.  See, for example, the article  “Was Jim Traficant Murdered?” by Pete Papaherakles,, Oct 11, 2014.  He was eulogized in Jim Traficant Remembered: All-American Hero” by Pete Papaherakles and Paul Angel, AFP, October 3, 2014.  The article “Big Names Celebrate Traficant”, by Pete Papaherakles, AFP, December 7. 2014, described the memorial service held for Jim Traficant in Youngstown, Ohio.  The articleAFP Hosts Jim Traficant Memorial” by Victor Thorn, AFP, Sept 18, 2015, noted not only the continuing tribute paid to the memory of Jim Traficant a year after his death, but also the continuing suspicions many astute individuals retained regarding the strange circumstances of his death. “VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHS: Traficant Conference”, Nov 14, 2015 provided some follow up photos of the memorial service.

* Jim Traficant’s widow, Tish Traficant, gave an interview titled “Jim Traficant's widow talks about their life together” to WFMJ-TV, Youngstown, Ohio (part of the NBC Television Network), Nov 30, 2014.  (She has continued to receive mail via the address listed on the contact page  of this ebook that reproduces information from page 8 of the 2005 softcover edition, namely 429 N. Main St., Poland, OH 44514).  The 21 WFMJ story stated:

..."We had a happy home. Very happy life. Very, very happy home life," said Tish.
She talks about her life with the man she met when she was 15 years old, who she was married nearly 47 years to. The Jim Traficant she knew was different from what the public saw.
"He was fun. He was quiet at home. Very, quiet at home. He had a great sense of humor. There was laughter always in our home. And we bantered back and forth all the time and would laugh about it."
Jim Traficant loved their two daughters and six grandchildren...
... Over the past two months since Jim's passing, Tish has received 300 letters that have comforted her in this time of grief.
"I've gotten tons of letters from people that he did things for that I never knew about cause he never talked about.. never did he say what he had done privately for anyone. But, now I'm reading them and it's nice.. nice to hear it"...

*  The article “Jim Traficant Comes Alive in a New Book Dedicated to this Great Man,”, Nov 4, 2015, noted that the book Beam Me Up! The Writings of Jim Traficant published by American Free Press “ our tribute to James A. Traficant: a collection of more than 150 of his best columns, taken from the pages of AFP. Topics covered include eliminating the Internal Revenue Service, unfair taxes, illegal immigration, the outrageous U.S. national debt, relations with the state of Israel, the Federal Reserve scam and many, many more.”  A compendium of Jim Traficant’s famous one minute speeches before Congress can also be found in the book he wrote titled America’s Last Minuteman published in 2011 by Sports Calendar International, New York ( After his death, Jim Traficant continued to be referenced as a patriotic populist hero in articles such as “One in Nine Congressmen Is ‘Re-Educated’ in Israel” by John Friend, AFP, Sept 29, 2017 and “Former Georgia Rep. Says D.C. ‘Occupied by Zionists” by Dave Gahary (about his talk with former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney [D-GA], AFP, August 18, 2018). Last, but not least, as of July 2019, the AmericanFreePressBookstore continued to offer a softcover version of Target: TRAFICANT.

* In regard to the websites for Jim Traficant listed on page 97, Chapter 14 of the 2005 softcover edition of Target: TRAFICANT, all of these websites were tested in July 2019 and none of them provided content regarding Jim Traficant anymore.   These websites listed were:,,,  However, the website, which describes itself as “Project Freedom USA – Jim Traficant – Official Website” was still operating.   It is worth adding that the creator of this ebook and proprietor of hopes to help keep the memories of both Jim Traficant and Michael Collins Piper alive and even add new material over time.