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Semites & Anti-Semites —
The Conflict of the Ages

. . .Despite the fact that most of the substantive material within this volume is taken from books by Jewish authors citing — perhaps actually bragging about — Jewish wealth and Jewish power, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith will undoubtedly defame this volume as a work of “anti-Semitism” if indeed they even dare mention it at all.
. . .Right up front, let it be noted that we are not here to say that Jewish people in America do not deserve the massive and unprecedented wealth and the consequential power that they have accumulated (and which is documented in this volume).
. . .The fact of considerable Jewish wealth and power is not the issue.
. . .What is at issue is how the Jewish community has exercised its wealth and power — in league with a hard core group of fundamentalist Christian allies — particularly in the arena of influencing U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab world.
. . .The truth is that two of the great tragedies of our new century — the 9- 11 terrorist outrage resulting in the deaths of 3,000 Americans and the unnecessary and disastrous American invasion of Iraq that has resulted in countless lives being lost and ten times that many being butchered and maimed — are both a direct consequence of U.S. policy in the Middle East, a policy that has been dictated by the “Jewish lobby” in Washington and actively encouraged by the American media monopoly that is, for all intents and purposes, largely owned by a handful of families and financial interests who are Jewish supporters of Israel.
. . .How many more such tragedies will occur because American Jews have accumulated so much power and have used it to bend American policy in such a parochial fashion, forcing America’s elected and appointed officials to carry out policies that, more often than not, are contrary to America’s interests? How many more innocent people have to die? How much longer will an influential special interest group continue to dominate U.S. foreign policy?
. . .These very serious questions standing alone demonstrate why a study of precisely what wealth and power has been captured by the Jewish elite in America is fully within the realm of thoroughly acceptable and logical public discussion, despite what the well-funded and often hysterical demonizers at the ADL might say to the contrary.

12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER

. . . To be sure, it is not only in foreign policy that Jewish influence makes its presence felt. The influence of Jewish organizations in shaping modern-day (and most disastrous) U.S. immigration policy was paramount.
. . .Likewise with Jewish influence in issues such as separation of church and state and the institution of “thought control” measures that infringe on First Amendment freedoms. The range of issues is endless.
. . .However, of course, those who raise questions about Jewish influence are hit with the always damaging charge of “anti-Semitism.”
. . .And — at least in the past — those who have been tarred with that ugly label have faced the most egregious forms of public censure and opprobrium, not to mention economic sanctions and, on more than one occasion, acts of terrorism, the last of which is of no surprise considering the fact that modern-day terrorism has its origins in the activities of the so-called Jewish “defense” organizations that drove the British out of Palestine prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948.
. . .In recent years, however, if groups such as the ADL are to be believed, anti-Semitism is growing by leaps and bounds. In the past several years, dozens of books and thousands of magazine articles have raised the specter of a “new anti-Semitism.”
. . .And even the esteemed Webster’s Dictionary has now broadened the definition of anti-Semitism to include “opposition to Zionism” and “sympathy for the opponents of Israel” — two categories that would probably include literally billions of people all across the face of the planet.
. . .In that regard it is perhaps no wonder that some years ago, even before the purported “outbreak” of the “new anti-Semitism,” the most popular song in Israel was “The Whole World Is Against Us,” reflecting a mindset that is most revealing, to say the very least.
. . .The fact is that the “anti-Semitic” bugaboo that the ADL has profited from so immensely has become so tired and worn that it now seems — if the ADL is to be believed — that virtually everybody is an anti-Semite (or at least potentially one)!
. . .History shows that a wide-ranging array of individuals have been accused by the ADL — or by like-minded “hater hunters” such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center — of either being “anti-Semitic” and/or insufficiently supportive of the demands of the Jewish people and, in more mod-

INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . 13

ern times, of the state of Israel. And we’re not talking about Adolf Hitler here! Instead, the list of those standing accused of “anti-Semitism” is impressive indeed, virtually a catalogue of some of the most respected personages of their respective eras. While the list is by no means complete, it is representative.
. . .First of all, there is an extensive list of former public officials of recent years — liberal and conservative alike — who have been dubbed as “anti-Semites” outright, accused of making “anti-Semitic” remarks, or otherwise charged with hostility to “tiny Israel.” Those accused include such eminent names as:

• President Richard Nixon

• President John F. Kennedy
• President Jimmy Carter • President George H. W. Bush
• President Gerald Ford • President Harry Truman
• Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.) • Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-Ark.)
• Sen. Charles Percy (R-Ill.) • Sen. Jim Abourezk (D-S.D.)
• Sen. Adlai Stevenson (D-Ill.) • Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.)
• Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) • Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif.)
• Rep. Ed Zshau (R-Calif.) • Rep. Mary Rose Oakar (D-Ohio)
• Rep. Mervin Dymally (D-Calif.) • Rep. Gus Savage (D-Ill.)
• Rep. John R. Rarick (D-La.) • Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas)
• Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) • Rep. Earl Hilliard (D-Ala.)
• UN Ambassador Bill Scranton • UN Ambassador Andrew Young
• Governor John B. Connally (D-Texas) • Defense Secretary James Forrestall
• Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger • Secretary of State James Baker

. . .At least three current members of Congress (as of the 2004 elections) have been hit with the smear of “anti-Semitism” at one time or another:

• Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark (D-Calif.) • Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.)
• Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.)

. . .Yes, even Hillary! And do recall that in the 2004 presidential campaign, no less than former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean — whose own wife is Jewish—was suspected of being less than loyal to the interests of Israel.
. . .As a consequence, Dean saw his hard-driving presidential campaign sabotaged in the Iowa caucuses by — according to the Jewish newspaper Forward — a substantial turnout of Jewish voters in favor of Sen. John


14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER

Kerry (D-Mass.) whose own campaign had, until then, been faltering.
. . .The Jewish elite simply could not accept the idea that a maverick politician such as Dean — who opposed the Iraq war that the major American Jewish organizations (and Israel) supported — could be within striking distance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. Thus, the switch to Kerry who — as we now know — just happens to be of Jewish extraction himself.
. . .In the past — aside from the politicians — there have been some rather well-known American military figures accused of being “anti-Semitic” or somehow hostile to the state of Israel. They include such notables as:

• Gen. George Patton
• Gen. George C. Marshall
• Gen. George Stratemeyer
• Gen. Albert Wedemeyer
• Gen. George V. Strong (Chief of Military Intelligence – 1942-45)
• Maj. Gen. George Moseley (U.S. Army Asst Chief of Staff)
• Col. Sherman Miles (Chief of Military Intelligence)
• Gen. George Brown (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)
• Adm. Thomas Moorer (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)
• Gen. Pedro Del Valle (U.S. Marines)

. In recent years, several well-known entertainers, literary figures, commentators and others — including at least one Jewish rabbi and one Jewish newsman — have also been charged with “anti-Semitism,” or being hostile to Israel, in one form or another. They include:

• Mel Gibson • Marlon Brando
• Michael Jackson • Steve Carlton
• Gore Vidal • Robert Mitchum
• Mark Lane • Alfred Lilienthal
• Rabbi Elmer Berger • Dr. Billy Graham
• Mike Wallace (“Sixty Minutes”) • Peter Jennings (“ABC News”)

. . .Several Black leaders have also been accused (or suspected) of being
“anti-Semitic.” They include:

• Rev. Martin Luther King • Rev. Jesse Jackson
• Minister Louis Farrakhan • Malcolm X

INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .15

. . .And note that on April 28, 1993 the San Francisco Weekly reported that a former ADL official, Henry Schwarzschild, had revealed that King was one of those under regular surveillance by the ADL, which then turned the fruits of its labor over to the FBI.
. . .In fact, while the FBI was indeed engaged in spying on Rev. King, the ADL was doing likewise, considering King a “loose cannon,” according to Schwarzschild. So not even an esteemed African-American civil rights leader was immune from the suspicions of the ADL!
. . .The truth is that anyone — repeat anyone — who has any substantial point of view on any subject and chooses to express it in a public forum is considered subject to surveillance by the ADL, acting as the unofficial “thought police” for the Zionist elite in America.
. . .To even begin listing the array of current non-American world leaders who have been charged with anti-Semitism (in the Webster definition of the word) would belabor the point, although Malaysia’s world-reknowned former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Muhammed is probably among the best known of those who have been hit with this smear. And he is just one of those respected names recently subjected to the charge.
. . .The roll call of notable figures of the past accused of “anti-Semitism” is worth citing. The list includes such writers, philosophers, artists, composers and inventors as:

• Walt Disney • Thomas Edison
• Charles A. Lindbergh • Henry Ford
• H. L. Mencken • Theodore Dreiser
• Nathaniel Hawthorne • Ernest Hemingway
• Lord Byron • Thomas Carlyle
• Henry James • Henry Adams
• T. S. Eliot • George Eliot
• Washington Irving • Truman Capote
• Carl Jung • F. Scott Fitzgerald
• Jack Kerouc • Percy Shelley
• Rudyard Kipling • H. G. Wells
• D. H. Lawrence • Franz Liszt
• James Russell Lowell • Somerset Maugham
• Henry Miller • Eugene O’Neill

16 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER


• C. Northcote Parkinson • Sir Walter Scott
• Ezra Pound • George Sand
• George Bernard Shaw • Johannes Brahms
• Richard Wagner • William Faulkner
• Robert Louis Stevenson • George Orwell

Oh, the list goes on and on . . .

. . . And so the next time you hear someone charged with being “anti-Semitic” (or something along those lines), the person being so accused is actually in some fairly distinguished company. It’s not just those crazy “neo-Nazis” in funny uniforms who are accused of being less than friendly to the Zionists. They even said it about Walt Disney!
. . .And as we’ve seen already, the Jewish elite in America don’t have much to brag about when it comes to bigotry, as demonstrated by the little- known story of America’s first Jewish congressman, Lewis Levin, whom we met in the opening pages of this volume. In his fight to keep Irish Catholics out of the United States, it was Levin who truly pioneered very real bigotry in America.
. . .The next time your Jewish neighbor starts bellyaching about “anti- Semitism,” you might mention Levin.
. . .You see, it’s not only “the poor persecuted Jews” who’ve suffered, although sometimes one might think otherwise, based on what we hear in the media which often proclaims Jewish suffering “unique.” In fact, the Jewish elites have helped make others suffer. Their exercise of power and influence has not always been for the best.
. . .In any case, all of that having been said, let’s take a look at some cold, hard facts about Those Who Reign Supreme in America today.
. . .As we’ll see, beyond question, “the poor persecuted Jews” have actually done pretty well in America and that’s why it is no stretch of the imagination to call America . . . The New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem
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