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Table of Contents

Semites and Anti-Semites:
The Conflict of the Ages
Page 11

America’s ‘New Elite’
A Candid & Sympathetic Overview of That Most Difficult Topic
Page 17

Corruption “American” Style: ENRON
The Little-Publicized (But Very Big) Zionist Connection
Page 33

The INSLAW Affair:
Zionist Control of the Courts and the US Justice Department
Page 38

The Bronfman Gang
The Royal Family of American Jewry
Page 46

Two Major Media Giants:
The Meyer-Graham and Newhouse Empires
Page 56

America’s Wealthiest and Most Powerful Jewish Families:
Those Who Reign Supreme
Page 68

Who Towers Behind Trump?
he Strange Story of “The Donald”
Page 97

Cold, Hard Facts & Figures
Zionist Power in America Today —
According to Jewish Sources
Page 101

Jewish Names in the Forbes 400 (2004)
Page 145

A Final Judgment . . .
Page 155

Modern-Day Zionist Philosophers:
“America is The New Jerusalem.”
Page 156

Some Parting Thoughts:
The Wave of the Future
Page 165

Bibliography of Sources
Page 171

Page 173

For Further Reading . . .
Page 177

Page 178

A Letter from the Author
Page 184

The New Jerusalem
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