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To Ruth Cramer Waters, the first person ever to tell me
that the Zionists had immense power in America.

To my lifelong friend, Colonel Dallas Texas Naylor,
An unabashed patriot whose own life was all too short.

To the more than One Hundred Million Victims
of Zionism and Communism worldwide.

To the Muslim and Christian Survivors (and Victims)
of the Palestinian Holocaust—“The Nakba.”

To Nicholas II, Czar of Russia,
The First Martyr of the 20th Century
butchered by Zionist assassins.

To John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
Publicly executed for his effort to stop Israel’s
mad drive to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

To His Holiness, Pope Pius XII,
Whose memory has been ritually soiled by the forces of hate.

To Lawrence Dennis, Charles Coughlin, Paquita DeShishmareff,
Arnold Leese, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Ezra Pound —
Along with many others, they were crucified for speaking out.

To Eustace Mullins, the American intellectual whose studies
introduced me to the intrigues few would ever write about.

To Ernst Zundel, Hans Schmidt, Fredrick Toben, Udo Walendy,
Just four — among thousands — jailed for daring to question
the official “interpretations” of 20th century history.

To Paul Christian Wolff, a dear friend, confidant and
advisor, whose insights and humor will never be matched.

And to all of the future leaders — in the United States
and around the world — who will play a part
in making the necessary adjustments that will
bring true liberty to all peoples on our planet.

— MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER.n . . . . . . . . . . .


The New Jerusalem
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