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eBook Summary: This explosive study combines in 184 pages, for the first time ever between two covers, the amazing facts and figures documenting the massive accumulation of wealth and power by those who have used that influence to direct the course of U.S. foreign and domestic policy today. While there are many historical books on “the Israeli lobby,” Zionism, etc, this is the only book that brings things “up to date” and constitutes a thorough inquiry. What makes this volume so particularly powerful is that the author relied exclusively on Jewish sources to compile the wide-ranging array of data in these pages. All sources are carefully annotated for the reader’s reference.Chapters include a list of prominent figures throughout history accused of “anti-Zionism” and “anti-Semitism,” a dissection of the Bronfman family—“the Royal family of American Zionism,” an eye-opening summary of some 200 little-known, immensely wealthy Zionist families in America; a fascinating inquiry into the infamous Enron and INSLAW affairs, documenting the suppressed “Zionist connection” plus more. An excellent way to introduce new readers to a difficult topic.)

First softcover edition published in 2004. 184 pages (including index)


The New Jerusalem
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