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Although this elderly Jewish peasant (left) and bloated plutocrat Nathan Rothschild (right) lived quite different lives, both were disciples of the Talmud which guided the Rothschild Empire in its assembly of power from which the entire global Jewish community received vast benefit. Jews worldwide, it is said, considered Rothschild not only the “King of the Jews” but also the “King of Kings.” The angry anti-Jewish caricature below parodied Jewish emancipation in Europe, suggesting that Jews expected their new-found liberties to allow them to profit even further at the expense of the Christians. In truth, Jewish wealth and power did expand exponentially.



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Intertwined Realities —
Jews, Israel, Money & Power:
Taboo Topics in our Modern World

Writing, as he was, from a German perspective in 1879, at a time when Germany was consolidating as a nation, Wilhelm Marr — who loudly dared to challenge Jewish financial power (and who is often credited with coining the term “anti-Semitism”) — predicted Jewish finance would reign supreme in his native land, but at great cost.

Yes, Jewry shall raise Germany to a world power and make it the new Palestine of Europe. It won’t come about by violent revolution but by the voice of the people itself, as soon as German society has reached that highest level of social bankruptcy and perplexity toward which we are rushing headlong.
Don’t blame Jewry for this . . . Our Germanic element has shown itself culturally and historically powerless, incapable of achievement, before alien domination.
This is a fact, a raw, pitiless fact.

Marr charged that the Jewish-controlled media in Germany impacted upon all aspects of society: “State, church, Catholicism, Protestantism, credo, and dogma must bow before the Jewish Areopagus, the daily press,” he said. (And it is indeed interesting that even then — as Marr noted — there was a growing concern with Jewish influence over “the daily press.”)
And just as Marr predicted, there did indeed arise a state of bankruptcy and decay within Germany in the years following World War I, and Jewry did rise to a preeminent position in Germany, more so than ever before.
However, of course, there was, in 1933, a popular revolution in Germany, through the ballot box, that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist GermanWorkers Party and this resulted in the diminution of Jewish influence in Germany where the Jewish powers had reigned supreme. Germany was no longer, as Marr had said, “the new Palestine.”
In truth, of course,we now see the situation in America today being akin to the situation in Germany prior to the German Revolution of 1933. America’s economy is in a shambles, with Wall Street pirates — many of them, even perhaps most of them, Jewish — having brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy, even as an American president — GeorgeW. Bush — decimated the nation’s treasure (and the blood of its youth) in pursuit of wars demanded by the Jewish lobby. Yet, the Jewish power interests — all acting in the sphere of influence of the Rothschild Empire — do continue to hold sway over the course of American affairs.




Professor Norman Cantor — a respected Jewish scholar — encapsulated the immense power of the Jews in America today. In his controversial book, The Sacred Chain, widely criticized for its candor, Cantor wrote:

Jews in the four decades after 1940 came home in American society to suburban comfort, to penetration of academia and the privileged bastions of the learned professions, to corporate business, to politics and government and controlling levels of the media. Jews were over-represented in the learned professions by a factor of five or six.
In 1994 Jews were only three percent of the American population but their impact was equivalent to an ethnic group comprising twenty percent of the population.
Nothing in Jewish history equaled this degree of Jewish accession to power, wealth and prominence.
Not in Muslim Spain, not in early 20th century Germany, not in Israel itself, because there were no comparable levels of wealth and power on a world-class scale in that small country to attain.

Cantor concluded: “The Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the titans of bygone eras, they have been superseded by the Jew as flawless achiever . . . .”
As such, it has become an open secret in our world today that there is a 300 pound gorilla in the room — the role of the Organized Jewish Community — generally, though not always correctly, known as “the Zionist movement” — that is a preeminent power in our modern society, not only in the United States but in most of theWest and elsewhere across the planet.
The Jewish Power Interests have achieved a premier position in the United States today and now (and not necessarily as a consequence, perhaps in spite of, Jewish influence) the United States stands as virtually the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, perhaps rivaled only — in all reality — by Israel itself. So it is that the American Jewish community has become the unrivaled elite in the United States today. We may call them “the new elite.” They are those who reign supreme.
It must always be borne in mind, however, that the foremost influence within the Jewish community has been, for several hundred years, the European based Rothschild Empire. This dynasty has extended its tentacles onto American soil, to the extent that, today, there are wealthy and powerful Jewish families and financial interests operating in the sphere of the Rothschilds who are substantial in and of themselves. However, ultimately, the roots of this Jewish power network in America goes back to the Rothschild family of Europe which had established itself as the premier



banking concern directing global affairs through their influence in such nations as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and, of course, England.
In our modern era and in times preceding us, many people sometimes described as “anti-Semites” have been heard to use the term “the Jews” in discussing various aspects of American and international affairs, both relating to domestic matters and to the conduct of the various foreign policies of the nation states. However, it would be incorrect to say that the use of the term “the Jews” refers, in fact, to all people of the Jewish faith.
In fact, many of those persons who use the term “the Jews” often use that term in reference to the conduct, or perhaps we should say “misconduct,” of the state of Israel or those Jews inAmerica and elsewhere who lend their support to Israel.
Yet, there is another aspect in regard to the use of that term“the Jews” that is also perhaps even more preeminent. And again the use of the term does not refer to all Jewish people, whether in Israel or elsewhere.
No, instead, the use of that term “the Jews” in a loose and perhaps general sense, in this regard, actually refers to the International Money Power. And this International Money Power, which has a definitive Jewish aspect to its nature, stems from the intrigues and machinations of a global banking dynasty, the Rothschild Empire, whose tentacles span the globe.
In turn, we find that — through the ages — there was a long-standing Jewish dream for the establishment of a global order — a new imperium — a New World Order, if you will. And at the top of that New World Order pyramid we find the name Rothschild. The House of Rothschild and its empire are the foundation for that New World Order.
There were many Jewish bankers and Jewish usurers in those many years that preceded the rise of the Rothschild Empire at the end of the 18th Century, but it was not until the rise of the Rothschild dynasty that this International Money Power emerged as the force that it did evolve to be.
There were Jewish bankers and usurers, active in many places throughout Western Civilization and reaching into the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America — but it was not until the rise of the Rothschild dynasty that this power achieved a unity it had never seen before.
And, in fact, it might be said — quite correctly — that the rise of the Rothschilds set in place a “royal family” of international Jewry, indeed a royal family of international finance.
And in the years, decades, centuries that followed, the Rothschild fortune, popularly known in Europe as “The Fortune,” did become a central force in the international conduct of monetary policy and, as a consequence, in the conduct of the international policies of the various nation states, the various royal families and even indeed the various “democracies” that were in place and which evolved during that time frame in which the Rothschild



Empire remained a constant, ever-present force operating, not just behind the scenes, but quite overtly in its influence upon the governments and peoples, not only in the “civilized” world, but, ultimately, throughout the entire world as the British Empire — in particular — reached across the globe with, in many respects, the British Foreign Office a virtual arm of the Rothschild dynasty.
Likewise in other European nations — rivals to Britain — they began to extend their reach onto other continents. The various branches of the Rothschild family in Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, Naples, along with satellite influences in Hong Kong, Shanghai, even in Australia, began to flex their power.
Thus, in this respect, the term “the Jews” has often been applied to the International Money Power and this International Money Power, for a combination of reasons — religious, philosophical, economic, all combined together in a geopolitical force — did indeed lay the groundwork for what is popularly known today as “The NewWorld Order.”
This New World Order — which revolves around the operations of the Rothschild Empire as it has instituted itself as a predatory force within the affairs of the nations, most especially today the United States — has, in fact, been intertwined with long-standing Jewish philosophy going back to the days of the Babylonian Talmud which is the guiding force behind Jewish religious thinking today. So in this respect we do have before us a New Babylon.
Ultimately it is not a coincidence that the charge of “anti-Semitism” is leveled at individuals and institutions that have dared to raise criticisms of the role of the International Money Power in world affairs, even those that have not specifically referenced its Jewish influences and antecedents. This has been a common phenomenon over the centuries.
In more recent times those who have dared, for example, to criticize the privately-owned and controlled money monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System — which, in fact, as we shall see, was a creation of Rothschild-connected international banking forces operating on American soil — have, at the very least, been “suspected” of anti-Semitism or perceived to be “potential” anti-Semites, by daring even to raise the issue of the propriety of the existence of this system. Any discussion of the International Money Power, any discussion of what is referred to as “the NewWorld Order,” is considered “anti-Semitism” or potential “anti-Semitism” precisely because any discussion of or research into these topics, if carried out to its ultimate conclusion, would point in the direction of the Rothschild family, the princes of the Jewish world elite.
In 1777, Maria Theresa, the Empress of Austria, said, “I know of no more troublesome pest to the State than that nation which brings people to a state of poverty by fraud, usury and financial contracts, and which carries out all kinds of evil practices which an honorable man would abominate.”



The nature of this plutocratic edifice, its predatory structure, was pinpointed in a provocative and detailed report issued by the German government in 1940, a study which focused on the Rothschild (and before that, primarily Jewish) financial stranglehold over the British Empire. Entitled How Jewry Turned England into a Plutocratic State,” the study asserted:

By plutocracy one understands a form of government in which the election of its members rest upon their possessing wealth. The word plutocracy is derived from the Greek roots = riches and kratein = to rule. Plutocracy therefore means: the rule of moneypower, or more freely expressed: the government of Jewish gold.
The historical example of a state ruled by riches and possession is Carthage, in which the Jewish element was also represented. It was governed by the rich merchants, who were represented by a kind of “lower house” named “the Council of the Three Hundred” and a “upper house” named “the Council of the Thirty”. The people were barred from exercising any influence on the government.
For Jewry plutocracy is the most suitable form of government. Through plutocracy the immense Jewish capitalism, without respect to the number of Jews represented, of necessity procures a governing, political position, for a plutocratic state, as history teaches us, a small Jewish clique can dictate to a great state, if it is in possession of the necessary amount of capital.

The recognition of this plutocracy, in many respects, came to be what many critics referred to as “the Jewish Problem,” resulting in the rise of anti- Jewish feelings that even many Jewish writers themselves, in turn, likewise referred to as “the Jewish Problem.” And it is a problem that remains to this day — as even Jewish writers have repeatedly acknowledged.
Pope Clement VIII (who reigned from 1592 to 1605) said, in no uncertain
terms, “All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty, especially farmers [and] working class people. . . .”
In regard to this plutocratic domination, the words of German Jewish industrialist and political figure Walter Rathenau (1867-1922) will be recalled. Writing in 1909 in Vienna’s Neue Freie Presse, Rathenau said: “Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, guide the economic destinies of the continent and seek their successors among their followers.”
Although apologists have claimed that in this provocative statement Rathenau did not suggest that those 300 were Jews or that they ruled over the heads of the national governments, nonetheless he did say what he said. Theodore Fritsch, the German writer who was well known for his criti-


cisms of Jewish power and who was the author of the best-selling work, Handbook of the Jewish Question, reflected upon Rathenau’s remarks. Fritsch noted in his 1922 essay, "The Desperate Act of a Desperate People” (which, in fact, was written upon the assassination of Rathenau) that Rathenau’s words were “a remarkable avowal” that had not been fully understand in all of its consequences. Fritsch assessed the matter:

From the consequences in which it was said, it was clear that [Rathenau] was not talking about ruling princes and statesmen but rather a power group standing outside government which possesses the means to enforce its will upon the world, including the governments. Furthermore, since he spoke of the naming of successors, it is obvious that there is a firmly structured organization operating according to definite principles and a division of offices and systematically pursuing its goals.

This, said Fritsch,“substantiates nothing less than the fact that a closed society, a shadow government or a super government, has existed for a long time and that it directs economic and political events over the heads of nations and governments.”
What was the source of this shadow government, asked Fritsch? He provided the answer: “Jewish high finance and its paid lackeys, allied and spread throughout the entire world.”
Fritsch pointed out that many people failed to draw proper conclusions from the facts put forth by Rathenau. Reflecting upon the destructive tragedy ofWorld War I, Fritsch said:

If the 300 men of the secret world government directed the destiny of the world, what was [that] world war all about? Would the 300 have been unable to prevent it? Since they did not prevent [the war] they must have wanted it. If the 300 money powers made world policy for decades, they therefore also made the world war. Perhaps [they did so] in order finally to erect their mastery in the open and to drive out the princes.

“It is time,” wrote Fritsch, “that the nations finally recognize this and bring the guilty to account.” He noted that the works of Henry Ford, published in The International Jew, delivered “exhaustive proof” as to how the Jewish financial interests set the first world war in motion. Of the Jewish plutocrats, Fritsch wrote that “He who boasts even secretly that he directs the destiny of the world ought now to possess the courage and decency to take the responsibility for the political events of the world.”


Ironically, Fritsch died in 1933, just at the time when his native land of Germany began working to dismantle the power of the Rothschild Empire on European soil, even as the groundwork was in place for the rise of the Zionist state in the years that followed World War II, not long afterward.
In fact, the plutocratic elite — the Jewish aristocracy in the whirl of the Rothschild dynasty — in fact, the Rothschilds most especially — made the rise of political Zionism possible. Zionism was an outgrowth of the global Imperialism that arose in the swath of expanding plutocratic wealth and power across the planet.
The late Palestinian-American philosopher Edward Said noted the synchronicity between Zionism and Imperialism, writing that: “When we talk about Zionism and Imperialism, we are talking about a family of ideas, belonging to the same dynasty, springing out of the same seed.” Said referred to the Zionist-Imperialist construct (in the context of the Zionist occupation of Palestine) as “a whole system of confinement, dispossession, exploitation and oppression that still holds us down and denies us our inalienable rights as human beings,” and yet the truth is that Zionist occupation of Palestine is only but a microcosm, to speak, reflecting the Zionist occupation of the entire globe — the establishment of the Jewish Power Elite as the would-be arbiters of the course of world affairs, bar none.
But there are those who attempt to draw distinctions between the Rothschilds and “the average Jew,” between the Zionist movement and “the average Jew.” A popular and well-meaning refrain, often heard as an almost ritualistic chant among a certain segment of Americans who style themselves as “patriots” is that “The average American Jew is just as much a victim of the Rothschild Empire as every other American.” The “patriots” will add further that “The average American Jew is not part of the problem. If the average American Jew was made aware of the intrigues of the Rothschilds, he would become as outraged as every other American who does understand the nature of the problem.”
In a similar vein, we often hear these same patriots assert that “Not all Jews support Zionism.” They add that “Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism.” These patriots hasten to point out that there are groups of Jews, such as the Neturei Karta, who actively oppose Zionism. However, referring to the Neturei Karta, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin — a widely-read publicist for what is very much recognized as “the” Jewish point of view in our modern times — has said this:

Anti-Zionists often point to the Neturei Karta as proof that one can oppose Israel’s right to exist without being anti-Semitic. However, pointing to the Neturei Karta to prove anything about Jewish life is pointless.


This tiny group is as un-representative of Jewish views as the snake-handling sects of West Virginia — which pass around poisonous snakes during church services — are of Christianity.
Nor indeed do the Neturei Karta accept the anti-Zionist contention that the Jews are only a religion, and not a people. Furthermore, they do believe in the right of the Jews to the land of Israel and trust that someday God will send the Messiah — dressed no doubt in the distinctive garb of the Neturei Karta — to restore all the Jews there.

And there are many American Jews who are not members of Neturei Karta who’ve been outspoken critics of Israel and active opponents of Zionism including several longtime friends of this author: 1) the esteemed Dr. Alfred Lilienthal (who died at age 94 on Oct. 6, 2008); 2) the late Haviv Schieber, one of the founding fathers of Israel and part of the Jabotinsky movement that spawned the neo-conservative network in America today; 3) the late Jack Bernstein, author of the widely-heralded work, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel; and 4) Mark Lane, the pioneering critic of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and an unswerving advocate for civil liberties for all.
Likewise there are other American Jews who are critics of Israel, but not necessarily anti-Zionist per se. All of that having been said, however, it is true that, in the bigger picture, most American Jews — the overwhelming majority of American Jews — have allowed themselves to be herded like sheep into the camp of Zionism and support Israel, right or wrong.
Two modern day Jewish writers who have obsessed on the subject of “anti-Semitism” are Dennis Praeger and his colleague, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. Their book, Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti-Semitism (republished in 2003) has said, among other things, that the Jewish claim that they are chosen by God “to achieve the mission of bringing the world to God and His moral law” has been a major cause of anti-Semitism.
In addition, they have said that the raison d’etre of Judaism has been to change the world for the better and that this attempt to change the world, “to challenge the gods, religious or secular, of the societies around them, and to make moral demands on others (even when not done expressly in the name of Judaism) has constantly been a source of tension.”
And it is interesting to note that Praeger and Telushkin acknowledge that many of these “moral demands” made upon others by Jews have not always been done “expressly in the name of Judaism.”
(One might conclude from this that the two are suggesting that Jews have used “front” groups to pursue their agenda: groups and spokesmen that are not Jewish per se but which are advocating a Jewish agenda. The sug-



gestion that Jews have made “moral demands” on others recalls, in a fashion, German politician Adolf Stoecker’s reference, on one occasion to Jewish “pretensions of importance.” He also reminded people of what he called the “degree of intolerance [toward non-Jews] that will soon be unbearable” that has been a constant phenomenon, particularly in Jewish writings.)
Praeger and Telushkin also claim that there has been “profound envy and hostility among many non-Jews” because of the fact that, as the two authors proclaim, “the Jews have led higher-quality lives than their non-Jewish neighbors in almost every society where they have lived.”
(The two Jewish publicists do not seem to be cognizant of the fact that much of the criticism of the Jewish people has emerged from the fact that the Jews have been perceived by others to have exploited non-Jews and that this exploitation has allowed Jews to live “higher-quality lives.”)
Another reason for anti-Semitism, they say, is because others objected to the way the Jews “lived by their all-encompassing set of laws” and because “the Jews also asserted their own national identity.” According to Praeger and Telushkin, this assertion of identity was threatening to the nationalism of others. They add further that “the implication of illegitimacy to everyone else’s gods by the Jews has also caused anti-Semitism.”
This is interesting in that the average Christian, especially in America, would generally believe that the Jewish God is also the Christian God, although, implicitly, the two Jewish writers are admitting otherwise — a point that may confound many who simply do not understand that the Christian God is most definitely NOT the Jewish God, misunderstandings, misinformation — and Jewish-sponsored dis-information — notwithstanding.
The Jews, you see, want Christians to believe that they share the God of Israel with the Jews when, in the actual Jewish view, nothing could be further from the truth. And, in fact, the Jewish view, at least in this respect, is quite accurate for, as informed Christians know — and as we’ve said — the Christian God is NOT and NEVER has been the Jewish God
It is interesting to note that the authors also say that the Jew is both a member of the Jewish people and the Jewish religion “and this has been so since the beginning of Jewish history.” To deny that nationhood is a component of Judaism, they write, is “as untenable as to deny that God orTorah are components of Judaism.” Praeger and Telushkin assert that “this is particularly evident today, since Jewish nationhood is the one component of Judaism with which both religious and committed secular Jews identify.”
The authors do not comment on frequent assertions, appearing in Jewish publications, that Jews are genetically or otherwise intellectually superior to non-Jews. Preeminent examples are the much-heralded April 2007 article “Jewish Genius” by Charles Murray in Commentary, the voice of the American Jewish Committee, a similar Commentary essay, entitled


“Chosenness and Its Enemies,” published in December of 2008, and the no holds- barred October 16, 2005 article (published in New York magazine) entitled “Are Jews Smarter?” which featured a quotation from Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League who remarked, "If it's a genetic condition, it's not for us to embrace or reject. It is what it is, and that's the way the genetic cookie crumbles."
The author of that last article added that she detected “a note of pride” in Foxman’s voice in reflecting upon purported Jewish intellectual superiority to all others, this coming from one — Foxman — who proclaims his mission to fight theories of racial supremacism!)
In these pages we shall see that many preeminent Jewish writers forthrightly express Jewish solidarity, Jewish exclusivity, Jewish chosen-ness and even Jewish superiority and Jewish supremacy.
George Bernard Shaw once said that it was no coincidence that the Nazis — in promoting what was described (although not necessarily correctly) as a theme of “racial superiority” — were echoing the Jewish doctrine of a “chosen” people. In that same vein, in 1971, Religion in Life, a liberal Methodist journal, said “It is not surprising that Hitler retaliated against the chosen race by decreeing that it was not the Jewish, but the Aryan race, that was chosen.”
This assertion of Judaism and Jewish identity as outlined by these Jewish writers — who do reflect the modern-day Jewish outlook toward the world — runs counter to the grand theme of well-wishers who hoped to bring the Jewish people into the community of nations and to assimilate them into each of the nations in which they lived as a people.
Count Stanislaus de Clermont-Tonnerre expressed this humanitarian outlook (that the Jews — as a group — reject) when he said in 1789 in the French national assembly — during the debate over the question of whether to grant Jews equal rights — that “the Jews should be denied everything as a nation, but granted everything as individuals. . . .There cannot be one nation within another nation.”
The aforementioned respected Jewish advocates, Praeger and Telushkin complain that such an attitude toward the Jews was essentially this: “To be equal to non-Jews, the Jews would have to abandon their Jewish national identity; that was the price of emancipation.” And so it is that the Jews reject assimilation and continue to insist they are “God’s Chosen People” standing above all others.
Praeger and Telushkin addressed the question as to how American Jews would react if war broke out between the modern state of Israel and the United States. They make the extraordinary assertion that it is a “fact” that “democracies do not go to war against one another,” and that the only way in which the U.S. and Israel could find themselves at war with one another


would be if either country “abandoned its democratic and other moral principles.” This, in itself, is interesting inasmuch as there are those who (rightly) question whether or not the two countries do indeed follow “democratic and other moral principles.”
However, in any event, Praeger and Telushkin say that if Israel and the United States did find themselves at war, an individual — whether Jew, Christian or atheist — “would be obligated to follow the dictates of his moral values which are (or should be) higher than all governments. Loyalty to any country should never mean supporting the country’s policies when they are morally wrong.”
In a sense, then, it is possible — by their judgment (representing the mainstream of Jewish thinking today) — that American Jews could oppose the United States if they believed that U.S. policies toward Israel under some particular circumstance could be “morally wrong.”
While polls taken within the American Jewish community suggest there are those who find problems with many of Israel’s actions — domestically and internationally — many of these same people will admit, when pushed to the wall, that they would find it difficult to take up arms against Israel if Israel were perceived to be a threat in some way to the United States.
Now, of course, the average response from the organized Jewish community in the United States is to say that there would “never” be any instance where Israel would stand in opposition to the United States because, after all, despite the occasional differences between the United States and Israel — or so they say — Israel and the United States are steadfast friends. “Israel and the United States are one,” they are often heard to proclaim — perhaps a little too enthusiastically, as if they don’t really even believe that themselves.
All of this is a broad assumption, of course, as if to suggest that under no circumstances could the United States and Israel ever have a serious disagreement that could injure the much-touted “special relationship”between the two presumed “allies.”
So taken together then, this presents a problem when discussing the integrally and intricately related question of the Rothschild Empire and the International Money Power and the manner in which they are so entwined with the state of Israel and the global Zionist movement, which, in itself, in all modern-day reality, goes far beyond the state of Israel.
Zionism, as we understood it, on a general basis, in its first official incarnation at the turn of the 19th Century, was supposed to be a drive to establish a Jewish homeland, but it has reached far beyond that. And today, no matter how much one might protest, the fact remains that the interests of the state of Israel are linked to the cultural, political, financial, religious and philosophical — indeed emotional — concerns and interests of the world Jewish community.They are virtually inseparable.



And when the Rothschild family did commit itself to the Zionist movement and the state of Israel that emerged in Palestine, that was a major geopolitical development on the world stage. Prior to that time there were (as we noted earlier) many powerful Jewish families — including key members of the Rothschild family — who were, in fact, hardly supportive, indeed actually opposed to, the concept of establishing a Jewish state — anywhere.
But with the evolution of the Rothschild Empire moving in support of a Jewish state, this marked a critical juncture and one that has not showed any signs of diminishing. So no matter how much we would hope (or pretend) that the Jewish people, in the United States, for example, in particular, would ever be willing to support any move by the United States to withdraw its support for Israel or even make any movement to curtail Israel’s ventures in the Middle East, even in the name of preserving Israel in the face of danger, we have to recognize that the American Jewish community as a whole, through the egis of their leadership, have bound themselves in a most strident fashion to the furtherance of the interests of Israel.
Furthermore, we must consider the fact that Israel, thanks largely to the patronage of the United States, through the annual infusion of untold billions of dollars from the United States, not to mention other untold billions provided to Israel by Germany in reparations payments for “the Holocaust,” has emerged in and of itself as a super-power on the global stage.
Standing alone, Israel is one of the world’s nuclear powers, putting Israel in an undisputed position of being not only a central force in the Middle East but around the planet. Israel’s nuclear missiles are not just aimed at Cairo and Baghdad and Tehran and Tripoli and Riyadh. Israel also has missiles aimed at Moscow and Rome and Berlin and Paris.
So we have Israel — a creation originally of Rothschild Empire patronage — acting as a preeminent geopolitical and military force in the world arena. And inasmuch as the lobby for Israel has become a potent force in the United States entirely separate from the general Jewish agenda on domestic issues, the fact remains that Israel is itself an extension, yet another tentacle, of the Rothschild family and their International Money Power.
This is truly amazing when we realize that Israel is an entirely artificial creation, an entirely concocted artificial state which has no historic foundation, despite many myths to the contrary. (For an exploration of this little understood subject, see John Tiffany’s powerful exposition — “Ancient Israel: Myth vs. Reality — in the May/June 2007 issue of The Barnes Review.)
In a modern context, however, the establishment of Israel in 1948 — and the intrigues surrounding it — go back to the Balfour Declaration and, as we shall see, that involved the effort by the British to get the United States involved in the war in the Old World that became known as World War I.
The Balfour Declaration — dated November 2, 1917 — written by British




Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Britain’s Lord Rothschild asserted a “declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations” and that the British government viewed “with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”
In fact, the Balfour Declaration was the consequence of international intrigue that was designed specifically for the purpose of bringing the United States into the war in Europe between Britain and Germany. The intent was to utilize powerful Jewish interests in the United States in pressuring President Woodrow Wilson to provide American blood and treasure to the British war effort. In return for their assistance on behalf of Britain, the Jewish warmongers were promised Britain’s assistance in the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
Lest anyone believe this is some extraordinary conspiracy theory, please note that in 1936, in a then-confidential memo (long ago made public) to the British Commission on Palestine, James Malcolm, a central figure in the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the Balfour Declaration, stated flatly that the first object in the series of events orchestrating the declaration “was to enlist the very considerable and necessary influence of the Jews, and especially of the Zionist or Nationalist Jews, to help us bring America into the War at the most critical period of the hostilities.”
Writing in Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine, Samuel Landman — who at the period of the negotiations leading to the Balfour Declaration, was secretary to the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann (and who later served as secretary of the World Zionist Organization) — confirmed Malcolm’s assessment of the circumstances saying:

The only way (which proved so to be) to induce the American President to come into the war was to secure the cooperation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favour of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis.

So what does all of this mean? To put it bluntly, simply: the Jews got the United States involved in World War I. The subsequent events that led to WorldWar II — certainly — and later U.S. involvement in the Middle East can be summarized likewise. In short, Jewish power led to the loss of 53,000 American lives in World War I and 292,131 more in World War II — wars fought largely — if not solely — for Jewish interests.
That having been said,we are not here to propound the thesis that all Jews are in sync with the demands of the International Money Power, nor


are all Jews inclined to support the demands of the Jewish lobby in the United States (whether in terms of its agenda, either domestically or internationally), nor are even all Jews in Israel a part of the problem.
But, needless to say, the sorry fact remains that there are a substantial number of powerful Jewish organizations that do have a major impact on shaping the mindset of “the Jews” and here, in reference to the Jews we are referring to the Jews as a people, and not just the International Money Power which is in the grip of the Rothschild Empire, the royal family of international Jewry. These organizations have influential chapters operating all across America and the West. They include not only the ADL and the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee — not to mention the infamous American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — but many others. Their impact on the thinking of the greater number of Jewish people is tremendous in scope and depth.
And this is not to suggest that all of these organizations are necessarily in lock-step agreement with one another. They are not. There are differences of opinion on a variety of issues. However, in the bigger picture, they are concerned with the needs and desires of the Jewish community as a whole. At the same time, though, they would not have their power and influence if it were not for the fact that they are, when all is said and done, an integral part of the international power network of the Rothschild dynasty inasmuch as it exists as the primary financial force governing and directing not only the worldwide Jewish community, but, through its influence in the various nation states, the very policies of those countries. And today, most especially, sad to say from an American perspective, the United States of America.
The United States of America is, indeed, the primary military and financial
bulwark of The New World Order — the Jewish dream of a global Imperium. That is the sad but simple truth.
For many years so many American patriots were obsessed with the idea that the United Nations was somehow going to be — and still may be (they think) — the mechanism by which a New World Order would be instituted, but as we have noted, the United Nations has been sidelined. This is a point that cannot be overemphasized. This is a point that has been reflected upon elsewhere. This author’s books, The High Priests ofWar, The Golem and The Judas Goats have reflected in some detail on this matter.
But the fact remains that the United States stands as the foremost mechanism for the creation of a New World Order. This uncomfortable reality is one that cannot be denied, one that presents a sorry situation American patriots must now reckon with. And, in that regard, it is also a fact that is well known by people around the globe who understand (more so than most Americans) that the American government is held captive by the mass media and those who control that media: the International Money Power.


Those nations around the globe and those leaders therein who have stood up to the International Money Power have been targeted for destruction. Saddam Hussein of Iraq was among the most notable of recent years. But it cannot be denied — though there will be those who will be uncomfortable with this assertion — that Adolf Hitler himself was, in fact, the first major figure of modern times targeted for destruction precisely because of the policies that he sought to institute — economic and social policies that were designed to diminish the role of international Jewish finance in controlling and directing the course of Germany’s — and Europe’s — future.
There could be much more written here about the situation in Germany before the rise of Hitler, but suffice it to say, once again, the reason Hitler was targeted for destruction was that Hitler was asserting German national sovereignty in the face of the Jewish plutocracy and what is referred to today as the New World Order.
In this respect, then, in our modern day we likewise often find reference in the major broadcast and print media to people and institutions who have been cast in the role of demons and villains, ranging from outspoken American nationalist figures such as Willis Carto and David Duke (the latter whom the media constantly reminds us is a “former leader of the Ku Klux Klan”) — to persons such as Black Muslim leader Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam and a host of additional figures — a handful of politicians, academics, commentators and others — who are openly and regularly defamed as “anti-Semites” for daring to criticize Israel or question the Jewish agenda in any way, shape or form, no matter how justifiably.
However, there is an interesting twist on this, for there are many figures both in the United States and elsewhere who are not necessarily cast as “anti- Semites” per se but who are attacked by the mass media — which is, in fact, substantially in the hands of Jewish families and financial interests — as being “anti-American” — even called “communists” or denounced as being in the sway of Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
We refer specifically, in the first place here, to Venezuela’s hard-driving strongman, Hugo Chavez, an unabashed nationalist. He has been a primary target of the mass media in the United States.
Another target is Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The American media has raised questions about Putin, suggesting he is a throwback to Czarism or Stalinism or a horrible modern-day combination thereof. Seldom, though, in the mass circulation media — at least initially — did we hear it hinted outright that either Chavez or Putin might be anti-Jewish or — as the term is most commonly rendered — “anti-Semitic.” But they were reviled as great villains.
However, note this: in small circulation journals of great influence that circulate in Jewish circles, as well as in politically-oriented (ostensibly “secular”) journals such as Rupert Murdoch’s pro-Israel Weekly Standard, we did



indeed find accusations of anti-Semitism leveled at Chavez and Putin.
It wasn’t until relatively recently that The Washington Post featured a prominently-placed commentary by Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, in which Foxman specifically addressed what he called Chavez’s “anti-Semitism.”
However, such rumblings about Chavez and Putin (and many others) in the Jewish press had been regular and long-standing.
The point is that the manner in which the mass media addressed this issue — or otherwise not addressed this issue — has been interesting.
For popular consumption, people such as nationalist leaders of the stripe of Chavez and Putin (and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) have been cast by the mass media as “anti-American” villains, but we were not told the real reason why they were being cast so: The reason being that all of these leaders and their countries do stand in opposition to Jewish power and influence, in opposition to the Jewish Utopia, that is, The New World Order.
And we would be remiss in not mentioning Malaysia’s outspoken longtime former prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who has been a foremost critic of attempts by international predators to dictate the policies of his own republic. Dr. Mahathir has likewise come under fire as an “anti- Semite” for daring to stand up to Zionist Imperialism.
In fact, Dr. Mahathir represents the thinking of many people — big names and people not so well known alike.
(And I am proud to say that I have had the pleasure of spending time with Dr. Mahathir who is, as I have said repeatedly, both a gentle man and a gentleman. My book, The Golem, detailing Israel’s drive for nuclear supremacy, is dedicated in part to this genuine leader in the cause of world peace.)
The case of another powerful Southeast Asian statesman — Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines — also comes to mind.
And here I can bring some first-hand information that will come as a shock to those who prefer to worship the myth that Jews are no more influential politically and financially than other groups on our planet today.
In the late 1980s, the weekly populist newspaper for which I was a correspondent, The Spotlight, featured a series of disturbing articles detailing how the international plutocratic interests — working through the Reagan administration and the CIA (and Israel’s Mossad) — were working to dislodge Marcos as ruler of the Philippines. The reason was that Marcos was refusing to knuckle under to the plutocratic elite, refusing to allow his national policies to be dictated by the powers-that-be. In addition, Marcos was in control of a massive gold treasure that these interests wanted for themselves.
In fact, as The Spotlight reported, Marcos’ vast personal wealth was as a consequence of his having procured a substantial portion of a gold hoard accumulated by the Japanese duringWorldWar II, as the Japanese looted the



Asian nations that they conquered. In short, Marcos’wealth did not come — contrary to reports by the “mainstream” media — from embezzling money from his nation’s treasury or from U.S. foreign aid to the Philippines.
As it was, Ferdinand Marcos became aware of the truthful reportage by The Spotlight and its chief correspondent, Andrew St. George, and later invited St. George to visit with him at the Marcos family home in exile in Hawaii. Not only did St. George have the pleasure of spending time with the Marcos family at their villa in Honolulu, but our publisher, Willis Carto, and I myself — on other occasions — did likewise.
In fact, I spent an entire very memorable day at the Marcos home, mostly in the company of Imelda, who is quite the charmer and who was justly known as “the most beautiful woman in Asia.” And although the president was quite busy, he took time off to stop by for a few minutes and said, quite pointedly, “Thank you for all of the good work that The Spotlight is doing. We have appreciated it very much.”
And it was for good reason that Imelda told me — in utmost candor but quite casually and with some reflection — that “As long as we were in good standing with the Jewish people in New York, everything went well for us. But when they turned against us, everything fell apart.”
This is exactly what she said to me that day in April of 1987 as we sat on her veranda overlooking the Pacific sharing a box of chocolates.
And I can tell you that although I certainly knew of the immense power of international Jewry, her comment sent chills down my spine.
I kid you not.
Here was one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the face of the planet telling me in no uncertain terms that it was — well — the Jews, who had brought about the demise of the Marcos regime.
When Imelda referred to “the Jewish people in New York,” she didn’t mean the rabbis in the diamond district, or the furriers on Fifth Avenue, or the Orthodox butchers in Brooklyn or the pawnbrokers in Harlem. No, she meant the international banking houses of the Rothschild Empire.
And it should be pointed out — in light of the ongoing financial scandal that is creating such havoc in the American system — that The Spotlight specifically named Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the now-infamous figure behind the AIG insurance giant, as one of the key behind-the-scenes players in the conspiracy to destroy the Marcos family.
And it likewise is no coincidence that Zionist hard-liner Paul Wolfowitz, who later rose to fame as one of the “neo-conservatives” in the George W. Bush administration, pushing for the war against Iraq, was also one of those acting in concert against Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.
One final note about Mrs. Marcos and her famous “shoe collection.” Contrary to the lies of the Zionist-controlled media, the fact is that most of


the many thousands of shoes held in her famous closets at Malacanang Palace in Manila had actually been gifts to her from the Philippine shoe industry. She told me this herself. It seems that virtually every time one of the shoe companies brought out a new line, they would send the First Lady samples in every color. Many of the shoes didn’t even fit!
But it would have been unseemly, of course, for the First Lady of the republic to be discovered dumping the shoes in the palace trash, so consequently they were put away — only to be discovered when the palace was over-run after the CIA- and Mossad-directed coup d’etat that forced the Marcos family into exile and made into a sensational cause celebre by the worldwide media, which used those very shoes as “evidence” that somehow the Marcos’s had embezzled millions — maybe billions — from their nation’s treasury, when nothing, as we have seen, could be further from the truth.
And just for the record, the day I visited Imelda she laughingly pointed out to me that she was wearing a $10 pair of sandals she had purchased at a chain discount store.
So although Imelda’s now-legendary shoe collection was well known to every man, woman and child who opened a newspaper or a magazine everywhere across the globe and was the subject of countless comic monologues on television and caricatured in cartoons for weeks on end, hundreds of millions of people all over the world knew absolutely nothing about the gold that was the real source of their wealth.
Thus, utilizing lies and disinformation, the American media made villains of the Marcos family just as they have made villains of so many others who have stood up to the Jewish elite, in one form or another, for the past century. It is a fact of political life that cannot be denied, any more than one can deny the preeminent role of Jewish influence in the mass media today.
So press manipulation of public perception in the United States of foreign leaders is craftily calculated and represents a very real agenda which is, in fact, the agenda of international Zionism as it is intertwined with the International Money Power: the Rothschild Empire and its global tentacles, that power bloc which we can, in fact, correctly refer to — as it has been referred to throughout the centuries — as “the Jews.”
The great American poet Ezra Pound — an unswerving critic of the Jewish plutocrats, indeed all plutocrats — foreshadowed the rise of nationalist leaders such as Ferdinand Marcos, Vladimir Putin,Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Dr. Mahathir Mohamad when he wrote:

Parts of the world prefer local control, of their own money power and credit. It may be deplorable (in the eyes of Wall Street and Washington) that such aspirations toward personal and national liberty still persist, but so it is.



Some people, some nations, prefer their own administration, to that of Baruch and . . . the Sassoons, and the problem is: how many more millions of British, Russians, and Americans of both the northern and southern American continents, plus Zulus, Basutos, Hottentots, etc. and the lower, so-called lower races, phantom governments, Maccabees and their sequelae, are expected to die in the attempt to crush out European and Japanese independence?
Why should all men under 40 be expected to die or be maimed in support of flagrant injustice, monopoly and a dirty attempt to strangle and starve out 30 nations?

Pound had it right. The concept of the global plutocracy and the preeminent role of the International Jewish Money Power is something that does indeed affect the course of global affairs.
These are uncomfortable matters of discussion, in particular for the average American,who has been conditioned by the mass media to be wary of examining matters relating to the Jewish people in other than the most positive fashion. The image of “the terrors of Adolf Hitler” has been the subject of nightmares for many Americans who have been repeatedly advised of the sufferings of the Jewish people, but these Americans are unaware of many of the events which led to the rise of Hitler and the circumstances which resulted in the uprooting of Jewish people during WorldWar II.
And it should be emphasized that there were millions upon millions throughout Europe — people of many nations and cultures — who rallied behind Hitler’s policies regarding the Jewish Money Power. And even Jewish historian, Saul Friedlander, in his two-volume work on the Holocaust, has noted the little-known fact that many leaders and members of the anti-Nazi resistance movements in various nations actually endorsed Hitler’s policies toward the Jewish money power, despite the fact they still opposed German troops occupying their homelands — an amazing fact indeed.
But all of this is just a preliminary (albeit necessarily lengthy) introductory commentary on an explosive topic that must be fully understood. All of this has been put forth to acknowledge the “controversial” nature of this subject about which so much has been written and yet still remains so esoteric and mysterious, thanks in part to the often foolish and outlandish themes about the New World Order that emanate from “big names” and “big mouths” in the alternative media, on Internet radio, and in a raft of silly videos and other works that fail to address the big picture.

Thus, we begin our study of the facts — not the myths — about the Rothschild Empire and what the NewWorld Order really does constitute, the widespread falsehoods and misinformation notwithstanding . . .


The New Babylon
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