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Thomas Jefferson: Judaism a "depraved religion"


Although the beloved author of the Declaration of Independence,Thomas Jefferson, was a firm advocate for religious liberty in America for Jews and all people, what has been carefully censored from the history books is the absolute fact that Jefferson clearly considered the Jewish religion to be quite abominable. Writing to John Adams on Oct. 13, 1813, the widely-read intellectual commented on the Talmud and other Jewish teachings:“What a wretched depravity of sentiment and manners must have prevailed before such corrupt maxims could have obtained credit! It is impossible to collect from these writings a consistent series of moral doctrine." Describing himself as “a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus,” Jefferson wrote toWilliam Short (on Oct. 31, 1819) that he considered Jesus “the greatest of all the reformers of the depraved religion of his own country,” adding in a subsequent letter to Short (Aug. 4, 1820) that while Christ preached “philanthropy and universal charity and benevolence,” the Jews followed teachings that instilled in them “the most antisocial spirit towards other nations.” Jefferson wrote that Jesus—as a “reformer of the superstitions of a nation,”was in an“ever dangerous”position by opposing “the priests of the superstition”—the Pharisees—whom he described as “a blood thirsty race . . . cruel and remorseless as the Being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel.” Were he alive today, Jefferson would fight against the NewWorld Order: the dream of a global Jewish imperium.

The pilgrimage of Sen. John McCain and his good Jewish friend Sen. Joe Lieberman (both left) to the London headquarters of Lord Jacob Rothschild (right) symbolized the reach of the Rothschild Empire onto American shores. These two American elected officials are among the foremost proponents of the New World Order today.




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Those Who Reign Supreme:
John McCain—Just One of Many
American Disciples of the Rothschild Empire


Some cynics say that Sen. John McCain’s visit to London in the spring of 2008 to attend a fundraiser for his presidential candidacy hosted by Lord Jacob Rothschild of the international banking empire may have been quite simply a case of McCain going directly to Rothschild for his marching orders rather than having them transmitted through one of the many Rothschild retainers who make it their duty to tell politicians worldwide what to do and when and how to do it.
As if to underscore his allegiances, prior to paying court to Rothschild, McCain made a visit to Israel, the Middle East state that counts the Rothschild family as among its chief patrons, to the point that an earlier Rothschild, Edmond, of the Paris-based arm of the international banking family, is honored on Israel’s currency today.
Perhaps not surprisingly, McCain was accompanied to the Rothschild gala (and to Israel) by his good Jewish friend and fellow devotee of Israel, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), who endorsed McCain and was often being mentioned as either a vice-presidential running mate for McCain or as a likely secretary of state in a McCain administration.
Although McCain’s sponsor, Lord Rothschild (as a citizen of Britain) was not permitted by American law to make campaign contributions directly to McCain, Rothschild was permitted, however, to host a big-ticket fundraising reception for McCain attended by Americans in London in the Rothschild sphere of influence who were willing to pay a minimum of $1,000 per person for the privilege of mixing it up with the American candidate who was then clearly the Rothschild family’s favorite for the GOP nomination.
That the Rothschild empire would support McCain should come as no surprise to those familiar with McCain’s record.
First of all, McCain has been a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Although, on Oct, 30, 1993, The Washington Post described the CFR as “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States,” saying that they are “the people who, for more than half a century, have managed our international affairs and our military-industrial complex,” what the Post did not say was that the CFR is actually only a New York-based division of the grandly-named Royal Institute of International Affairs, which has functioned as the foreign policy-making arm of the Rothschild Dynasty, long the prime mover, behind the scenes, of Britain’s imperial ventures, the real force behind the so-called “British” Empire.
So those who prefer to talk about the CFR as being the driving force behind the New World Order — but who avoid mentioning the Rothschild connection — are being disingenuous, at best.




In addition, of course, McCain’s own backstage connections in his home state of Arizona are equally intriguing and point even further to the reasons why the Rothschilds are enamored with McCain.
As American Free Press — first and singularly in the media — pointed out, McCain’s late father-in-law, Jim Hensley, was a top figure in the organized crime network surrounding one Kemper Marley who acted as front man in Arizona for the Bronfman family — key players in a powerful Jewish crime syndicate that is often popularly (though inaccurately) referred to as “the Mafia”—who used Marley to control both major parties in that state.
The Bronfman family have long been allied with the Rothschilds as among the leading billionaire patrons of Israel and the global Zionist movement, so much so that Edgar Bronfman, head of the dynasty, was, for many years, chief of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), which is now lorded over by his son Matthew, who is chairman of the WJC’s governing board. (Later in this volume, we will explore the Bronfman family in some detail.)
In 2000, when McCain first ran for president, Edgar Bronfman was a contributor to his campaign. And at the time McCain included among his closest advisors the ubiquitous voice for Jewish interests, William Kristol of the stridently pro-Israel neo-conservative journal, The Weekly Standard, whose owner, media baron Rupert Murdoch, rose to wealth and power through the sponsorship of the Rothschild and Bronfman families.
And Kristol, it should be noted, has attended the secretive Bilderberg meetings that are sponsored annually by the Rothschild family in partnership with their American henchmen, the Rockefeller family. (For a complete history of Bilderberg from the one journalist who has traveled the globe for 30 years following their activities, see Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.)
So the McCain-Bronfman-Rothschild connection is intimate on multiple levels and explains much about McCain’s long-standing tendency to be a feverish advocate for Israeli (and Jewish) interests.
McCain has said that he is “driven” by “Wilsonian principles,” — the internationalist philosophy that U.S. military might should be used to enforce what ultimately is indeed the NewWorld Order.
And the record shows that McCain has long been part of an elite group promoting U.S. military action in defense of Israel. According to the Aug. 2, 1996 issue of the London-based Jewish Chronicle, McCain was a member of the self-styled Commission on America’s National Interest that issued a report rating Israel as a “blue chip” interest for the United States worth “spending serious treasure and serious blood on,” — a conclusion many might question. The report ranked Israel’s survival “on a par with preventing nuclear, biological and nuclear attacks on the U.S. as a vital American interest.” The Chronicle summarized the report, quoting the group, with the headline: “Americans ‘should go to war to defend Israel.’”




In 2006, for his enthusiastic efforts on Israel’s behalf, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) gave McCain its “distinguished service award” named in memory of the late Sen.Henry M. Jackson (D-Wash.), another“ Goy” who — like McCain — shamelessly worked ‘round-the-clock on behalf of Jewish and Israeli interests while serving in Congress.
To be hailed by JINSA, however, is a dubious honor, inasmuch as several people associated with JINSA including its founder Stephen Bryen, and Bryen’s close friend, Richard Perle (another regular attendee at the meetings of the aforementioned Bilderberg group) as well as Pau Wolfowitz (briefly, most recently, president of the World Bank) have all been investigated by the FBI in past years on suspicion of espionage on behalf of Israel.
In the spring of 2008, McCain received the formal public endorsement of the unrivaled royal family of international Zionism — the Rothschilds. Later, as if to emphasize the point, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, the American-born wife of Evelyn de Rothschild — another of the London-based Rothschilds — quit her post on the Democratic Party’s national policy committee (from which she had been a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential ambitions) and endorsed McCain over Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.
Ironically, though, in this same context, it should be noted that the aforementioned longtime McCain supporter (and Rothschild satellite) Edgar Bronfman declined to support McCain after the Republican presidential nominee picked controversial Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Although Mrs. Palin was a fervent supporter of Israel, Bronfman found the woman distasteful and chose to support Barack Obama instead.
But the fact is that Obama himself — despite rumors suggesting that he was less than friendly to Israel — has a history of his own of having been operating under the tutelage of powerful Jewish interests with ties to Israel and the Jewish organized crime syndicate: namely, the Chicago-based Crown and Pritzker families (more about whom later in these pages).
So the bottom line remains that, in the 2008 presidential election, the Rothschild Dynasty and the New Pharisees had effective control over both of the presidential candidates of the major parties in the United States.
In any case, it should be said that there is absolutely no question that the Rothschilds constitute the “Royal Family of International Jewry.” Israeli writer Amos Elon in his book, Founder: A Portrait of the First Rothschild and His Time, published in 1996, reported the story of a certain Jew who, when asked why Jews were so proud when they had no princes and no part in any government, replied: “We are not princes, yet we govern them.”
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, an eminent modern-day Jewish religious arbiter and popularly-published spokesman for Jewish concerns, has written: “To this day, the Rothschilds remain the aristocrats of Jewish life . . .‘the’ symbols




of wealth.” (Amazingly, for the record of accuracy, Telushkin nonetheless asserted that the Rothschilds are no longer the richest family among the Jews — an assertion which reality, as outlined in the pages of The New Babylon, suggests otherwise.)
And that the Rothschild heritage has always been devoted to the principles of their Jewish faith is a point that must not be forgotten. It is integral to understanding the entirety of the role that the Rothschild family and their satellites in the international banking world have played in shaping the course of global affairs: their singular pursuit of a New World Order.
In our opening pages, we cited one of Rothschild family founder Meyer’s earliest biographers — an admiring one at that — as saying that “Rothschild was a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions.” And that pivotal fact is worth citing once again.
Famed Jewish historian Chaim Bermant noted that Meyer Amschel, the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, was educated in a rabbinical school and that he “cherished every Jewish tradition.” His wife, Gittel, was the classic Jewish matriarch of legend, as all accounts of the Rothschild family attest.
Of the Rothschilds, Israeli historian Amos Elon, in his own biography of the Rothschild’s founding father, wrote: “Unlike other assimilated Jews, they emphasized, even flaunted, their ethnicity and religion.”
The Rothschilds were indeed very religious Jews — very religious. Amschel in Frankfurt (Meyer’s son) retained his “old Hebrew customs and habits” and it was said that he was regarded as “the most religious Jew in Frankfurt,” and even had a synagogue in his own house. The Rothschilds did not trust converts from Judaism to Christianity. “It is a bad thing,” said James Rothschild, “when one has to deal with an apostate.”
According to Niall Ferguson’s recent (Rothschild family-assisted) study of the Rothschild family, the Rothschilds were particularly tenacious in their religiosity: “Any weakening of Jewish unity struck [the Rothschilds] as self defeating in a hostile world.”
The Rothschilds were known to have persecuted a member of their own family, Hannah, who married a Gentile and converted to Christianity. Niall Ferguson noted that Hannah had “crossed one of the few barriers which remained between the Rothschilds and the European social elite, and perhaps the only one which the Rothschilds themselves wished to preserve.” So there is no question that the Rothschilds did maintain a Talmudic and Judeo-centric attitude, despite their common intercourse with the Christian crowned heads and noble families of Europe.
And this is noteworthy, inasmuch as other Jewish banking families in England did intermarry on a wide-ranging basis with scores of members of England’s aristocratic families. (To put it bluntly: The Jews got the titles and the prestige and the English aristocrats got the Jewish money!)




Niall Ferguson noted there had been an era when the Rothschilds had “a mythic, talismanic status in the eyes of other Jews; not only the Jews of the Kings, but also the ‘Kings of the Jews’ — at once exalted by their wealth and yet mindful of their own lowly origin.”
As early as 1835 and 1836, even the little Niles (Ohio) Weekly Register in the new American nation, commented that“The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking . . . .” and added, pointedly:

We see the descendants of Judah after persecution of 2,000 years peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent in the hollow of their hands.
The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand with equal ease, from St. Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington.
Baron Rothschild . . . is the true King of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing . . .
They are the brokers and counselors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What more can they desire?

The recognition that this family emerged to have such immense power was quite well summarized by Thomas Duncombe, a member of the British parliament, who said in the late 1870s, that

There is . . . a secret influence behind the throne, whose form is never seen, whose name is never breathed, who has access to all the secrets of State. . . . Closely connected with this invisible, this incorporeal person, stands a most solid and substantial form, a new, and formidable power, till these days unknown in Europe; master of unbounded wealth, he boasts that he is the arbiter of peace and war, and that the credit of nations depends upon his nod; his correspondents are innumerable; his couriers outrun those of sovereign princes and absolute sovereigns; ministers of state are in his pay. Paramount in the cabinets of continental Europe, he aspires to the domination of our own . . .That such secret influences do exist are a matter of notoriety . . . I believe their object to be as impure as the means by which their power has been acquired, and denounce them and their agents . . .

One of the great crusaders against the Rothschild Empire in the 19th Century was an eloquent Frenchman, Edouard Drumont. One of his famed




works was The Jews Against France. Speaking of the phenomenon of Jewish power, he wrote:

Thanks to their genius as conspirators and traffickers, they have reconstituted a Money Power which is formidable, not only on account of the innate power which money possesses, but also because the Jews have diminished or destroyed the other Powers so that theirs alone remains standing; because they have modeled, shaped, a society in which money is the true master of everything. This Money Power, like all powers, looks after its own interests, it goes in the direction which seems the most profitable.

The recognition that the Rothschilds were very much an “international” family, in more ways than one, came to be a part of the lore surrounding this immense empire of money. John Reeves wrote The Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers of Nations, published in 1887 and asserted quite directly: “The Rothschilds belong to no one nationality. They are cosmopolitan . . . They belong to no party. They were ready to grow rich at the expense of friend and foe alike.”
The famed German nobleman and widely-traveled author Prince Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von Pückler-Muskau compared Rothschild with the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan, he said, was a ruler of all believers, while Rothschild was “the creditor of all rulers.”
German economist Freidrich List said Rothschild was “the pride of Israel, the mighty lender and master of all the coined and uncoined silver and gold in the old world, before whose money box Kings and Emperors humbly bow.” In short, as Rothschild biographer Niall Ferguson noted — Rothschild was “The King of Kings.” It might be added, though, that most people (at least in the West) would consider Jesus Christ the King of Kings.
In 1830 the aforementioned Niles (Ohio) Weekly Register spoke of the Rothschild family as being those who would reclaim the Holy Land for the Jewish people, foreshadowing the fact that — indeed — the Rothschilds would emerge as the chief patrons of the Zionist movement that led to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948:

[The Rothschilds] are wealthy beyond desire, perhaps even avarice; and so situated, it is quite reasonable to suppose that they may seek something else to gratify their ambition . . .
If secured in the possession [of Palestine], which may be brought about by money, they might instantly, as it were, gather a large nation together, soon to become capable of defending itself and having a wonderful influence over the commerce and condi-




tion of the East — rendering Judah again the place of deposit of a large portion of the wealth of the “ancient world.”
To the Sultan [of the Ottoman Empire], the country [Palestine] is of no great value, but in the hands of the Jews, directed by such men as the Rothschilds, what might it not become, and in a short period of time?

That the Rothschilds were perceived in an almost mystical fashion is very clear, inasmuch as there were those who predicted (quite accurately) that not only Palestine but all of Europe would fall into the hands of the Rothschild Empire.
In October 1840, the French journal, Univers said: “On David’s throne, once it is restored, there will sit that financial dynasty which all Europe recognizes and to which all Europe submits.”
French socialist Charles Fourier said, “The restoration of the Hebrews [to Palestine] would be a splendid coronation for the gentlemen of the House of Rothschild. Like Esra and Serubabel, they can lead the Hebrews back to Jerusalem and once again erect the throne of David and Solomon in order to call into being a Rothschild dynasty.”
Interestingly, in the early years of its flowering, the British-Jewish “Cousinhood” — as so dubbed by Chaim Bermant — was, according to Bermant, anti-Zionist “almost to a man,” opposing the establishment of a Jewish state. In particular — and this is of special note — the Rothschilds were especially fervent in opposition to Zionism, more so perhaps than other members of those interlocking families.
Lionel Rothschild was one of the few exceptions among the Rothschilds opposing Zionism, and in 1915, upon the death of his father, he became head of the family — he was thus “The” Rothschild — and assuming his position in the House of Lords, his support for Zionism gave an immense boost to the Zionist cause. It was Lionel to whom the famed Balfour Declaration was addressed. However, it was Baron Edmond de Rothschild (of France) who was known by the Jews of Palestine as “the Known Benefactor” for his generous patronage of Zionism and with the conversion of this Jewish dynasty to support for Zionism, the state of Israel ultimately came into being.

Thus, the power of International Jewish Finance — dominated by the Rothschild Dynasty — adopted Zionism as a formal part of the drive for a Jewish Utopia. The foundation for the rise of the New World Order was set in place. And world history was set on an all new — and perilous — course.

The New Babylon
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