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.Perhaps it is possible to separate Jewish interests from Israeli interests, but the trick is yet to be turned. What touches Israel touches global Jewry, and vice versa. Purists and theoreticians may argue about the separation of church and state, Jews and Israelis, Judaism and Zionism, but in the real world the connection is hard, fast, and seemingly indivisible.
  — Jewish-American author, Gerald Krefetz
in Jews & Money: The Myths & the Reality



It must be recognized, as it rarely is in histories of the Jews, that [the] expressed resentments and indictments against the Jews were not entirely fictitious libels or maliciously revived and activated stereotypes simply disseminated by paranoid hate merchants from the grab bag of the anti-Semitic pre-modern past.There was just enough empirical truth in these negative, overblown, and over-generated images to give them persuasive force.
  — Dr. Norman Cantor
The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews



When we speak of the Jewish religion, we only think of the Bible, of the religion of Moses; that is an illusion; the Jews of the Middle Ages were Talmudists; they have not all ceased to be so. Even today the Talmud takes precedence in authority over the Bible. The Archives Israelites recognizes the absolute authority of the Talmud over the Bible and the Univers Israelite says, “During 2,000 years the Talmud has been and still is an object of veneration for the Israelites of whom it is the religious code.”
  — Viscount Leon de Poncins
The Secret Powers Behind Revolution



Meyer Rothschild was a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions.
  —S. J. Cohen
The Exemplary Life of the Immortal Banker
Mr. Meyer Amschel Rothschild

The New Babylon
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