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To the Grand Strategist
of Global Resistance and Combat
Against the New World Order


Few know the name “Francois Genoud,” yet, for some sixty years this Swiss banker, publisher and geopolitical thinker — once described as “the most mysterious man in Europe” — was the preeminent — albeit behind-the-scenes — strategist working for global cooperation between nationalists across the planet who sought to dislodge the Rothschild Empire’s relentless drive for an imperial New World Order, the ancient dream energized by the Hellish teachings of the Babylonian Talmud.
In the closing days of World War II and afterward, Genoud played an instrumental role in the escape of anti-communist European refugees whose sole crime was to stand in defense of their nations in the face of vengeance crazed Communist and Judaist forces that were over-running the continent.
There are perhaps thousands of people living across the planet today who owe their very existence to the fact that Genoud rescued their forebears from certain torture and execution meted out by Victor’s Justice.
As far back as 1936, the young Genoud forged what became a lifelong friendship and working relationship with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the spiritual leader of the Muslims of Palestine who — along with their Christian brothers — ultimately suffered the great catastrophe of 1948 known as the Nakba, the theft of their native land, driven from their ancestral homes at gunpoint into exile, many of them into squalid open cesspools — so-called “refugee camps” — in which so many of their descendants still languish.
In 1958 Genoud founded the Banque Commerciale Arabe in Geneva from which he managed the finances of nationalist forces in the Arab world that were seeking independence from Rothschild Empire-dominated imperial enterprises. Among other efforts, Genoud played a major role in facilitating the rise of the independent Arab Republic of Algeria.
In the years that followed, Genoud — a devoted supporter of the Palestinian cause — worked with the Christian founders of the famed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, George Habash and Dr.Waddi Haddad, who fondly dubbed his Swiss colleague “Sheik Francois.” And, needless to say, Genoud was a major patron of the Palestine Liberation Organization. In dedicated concert with other friends — such as American nationalist Willis Carto and former German General Otto Remer — Genoud also sought to advance the cause of bringing history — particularly that surrounding the events ofWorldWar II — into accord with the facts. And with another longtime associate, outspoken French attorney Jacques Verges, the dynamic Genoud continued to remain a force in combating global Zionist imperialism until the end of his remarkable career.

What a man—Sheik Francois!


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