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Closing Notes from Publisher and Author

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In the end, it’s not “fiction” . . .

. . .

What you have read in the preceding pages has been a work of fiction — a historical novel, so to speak — interwoven with historical facts and often hard-to-accept (and sometimes very ugly) political realities presented by the author, Michael Collins Piper, in the form of a reflective “memoir.”
Frankly, at first, we were hesitant to publish this book for the simple reason that over the years we have found that many Americans — even those who are tuned in to some of the intrigues of our ruling class — are somewhat disinclined to read works of fiction, even those that present political discussion that is in sync with their own world view.
However, Mike’s provocative book — and it is provocative — lays out some uncomfortable truths that need to be addressed. So for that reason we decided it was time to venture into the realm of fiction. Really, though, in the end, is it “fiction”?
The author of this work — Michael Collins Piper — has been responsible for some of the most momentous non-fiction works published during the past 25 years.
As a correspondent for The Spotlight newspaper and then for American Free Press and in the pages of the bimonthly historical journal, The Barnes Review, as well as in his capacity as a radio commentator on the Republic Broadcasting Network, Piper has emerged as one of the best-known figures in the American nationalist movement, respected internationally for his forthright efforts on behalf of truth and justice.
Thus, in the pages that follow we present for your inspection an overview of Piper’s full-length books addressing various aspects of the problems facing our planet today.


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Dear Reader:

It is, of course, quite audacious to put forth a book with a title such as MY FIRST DAYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. And needless to say, I do it very much with tongue in cheek.

Nonetheless, the intent of this volume is very serious indeed.

And while I don't ever expect to occupy the White House under any circumstances, especially not through such an unlikely scenario as portrayed in this volume, I do believe we need SOMEONE in the White House to carry out precisely the kind of policies that I've outlined here in this volume.

It does seem unlikely that America will ever have real reform unless there is a massive revolution in this country — and I do pray that it will happen — but my real fear is that there will have to be some gigantic and torturous cataclysm (such as described in this volume) if we are ever to have a much-needed Second American Revolution.

I always appreciated the continuing expressions of support and constructive criticism I've received from my readers over the years. I always look forward to your e-mails and letters and hearing what you have to say.


* America First Books editor note: Michael Collins Piper died in 2015.




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