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The End of an Empire

My FIRST DAYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE were momentous days indeed, for I had the rare opportunity of playing a key role in reorganizing a government and a system that had been, for many years — almost a century — totally and thoroughly corrupt and corrupted by the evils of Communism and Zionism and their corollary, unfettered Capitalism — call it "Super Capitalism" if you will.
Serious students of history recognized that Zionism and Communism were evil twins, just as Communism and Capitalism were actually, for all intents and purposes, one and the same. Communism was nothing more than — as we all know now well know (too well) — a malign force created by international super-capitalism (and by Jewish Zionist capitalists at that) — namely the forces of the Rothschild Empire and their international satellites — as yet another means whereby to impose their predatory plutocratic whims and will upon the peoples of the planet.
Although Russia, of course, was a long-time target of the international Jewish plutocrats who funded the Jewish Bolshevik revolution, the little-understood irony is that, in fact, it was the United States that first fell victim to these same vultures without even a shot being fired.
In 1913 — several years before the Bolshevik Revolution — we saw established on American soil the Federal Reserve System, the institution of a privately-controlled money monopoly that became central to a global imperial system in the hands of the Rothschild Empire, operating out of London and the great capitals of Europe.
In the subsequent decades that followed, leading ultimately to its culmination with the election of — or rather the theft of the election by — George W. Bush in the year 2000, we saw the American republic diminished. No, in fact, we saw the American republic die.
We saw a dictatorship by the plutocracy. And let us be candid about this: largely a Jewish plutocracy, one which misruled America through the Federal Reserve and its corrupt practices of money manipulation.
They were looting the American people and propping up their corrupt usurious system for their own greedy interests. And all the while they were increasing their power and influence through their growing control of the so-called "mainstream" media in America.  [Pg 20]
In the earliest days of the 21st Century, as Jewish-Zionist power reached its zenith, we witnessed the war in Iraq not followed long after by the insane and devastating attack on Iran by the Bush administration (as directed by the Jewish plutocratic forces that controlled that administration). And this led to the events that we now call the Second American Revolution, the Second American War for Independence.
Perhaps this was something that was inevitable from almost the beginning, certainly inevitable since the year 1913.
A free people will always fight to regain their sovereignty once it has been taken away. And un-free people will fight to gain liberty they've never had. The plutocrats and their bought-and-paid-for and blackmailed politicians will always be outnumbered. And when elements of the military choose to lead the revolution, or join with the revolutionaries, then the plutocrats and the politicians lose control of the guns and the ammunition. And so it goes. That's exactly what happened in America.
I would not have chosen to assume the presidency in the circumstances that I did, but I was pleased to do it and thus had the opportunity to enforce reforms — and the word "enforce" is relevant here — that brought America back onto a sane course.
We restored America's past favorable image in the eyes of people around the globe by adopting policies designed specifically to break the back of the very forces that had brought America and the world to the brink of a nuclear war, thus forcing the people and patriotic elements in the military to stand up in revolution in order to reclaim our republic.
Were I able to rewrite history, needless to say, and should I have chosen in that rewrite of history to have placed myself in the White House, ideally my assumption of the presidency would have been through the course of a genuinely "honest" election in which there was no vote fraud, no violence, one in which I was popularly chosen as president by a majority of all of the American people.
However, in real life, circumstances dictated otherwise, circumstances beyond my control and beyond that of the average American. We know, of course, that since at least the 1970s the American electoral process had been thoroughly corrupted, even at all levels, with the advent of computerized vote counting in popular elections. This computerized vote counting — dubbed "votescam" by the old Spotlight newspaper for * which I wrote for many years — was controlled at the top by the Jewish masters of the mass media, the media monopoly, and this made it possible for these power brokers to dictate, when necessary, the "final" vote count of all elections of consequence, and needless to say, most especially the American presidency. [*Pg 21]
After I assumed the presidency, and with the assistance of those who made it their business to fight corruption and those behind the corruption, we were able to uncover long-buried computerized files — thanks to what we might call some "pressure" on those responsible — and we were able to determine, to a large extent, which elections had been "fixed" and we were also able to determine which politicians had been in on the "fix."
There were, of course, many politicians who were not in on the fix, per se. On the other hand, there were many who were, and those individuals have been duly punished.
As you know, the Second American Revolution was actively supported by substantial (really overwhelming) numbers of the U.S. military and then, in the immediate hours and days that followed, by good honest law enforcement people across the nation who saw that the rebels were good patriots. And these forces were supported by untold thousands of Americans from all walks of life, especially among those American nationalists (like myself) who had been warning for years that there was a very real need for a Second American Revolution.
Working together we were able to take into custody all of those members of the United States Congress and all relevant political figures around the country who did not lend their support to the revolution.
There were many in Congress who did lend their support to the revolution and let it be said for the record that there were among those individuals several who may not have been of the best character. Many of them had voting records that should have brought them shame but instead, with support from the masters of the media, prior to the revolution, those controlled politicians achieved much fame and fortune.
But needless to say, when the revolution began, there were many such politicians who joined the people in rebellion. In a sense, they, too, were being liberated from their masters. Unfortunately, there were many other politicians who clung to the old order, the established corrupt system, and quite a few of them lost their lives during revolution.  [Pg 22]
This is what does happen during revolutions.
As you'll recall, during the four years following the revolution, there was a period of military rule, at which time I served as President, supported by the military. (Later, in these pages, of course, I'll describe how that unlikely turn of events did indeed come about.) I had always been a civilian, but I was pleased to be supported by the military.
In fact, in the years that preceded the revolution, I had spoken repeatedly, on my nightly radio talk forum on the Republic Broadcasting Network and in writing in American Free Press, of the need for a Second American Revolution and prayed that the military would bring it about. I hoped that good people in the highest ranks of our nation's leadership — in the military, in the CIA, the FBI, the federal law enforcement community, all good people in government — would break with the power elite and stage a military coup d'état, setting a revolution in motion when it became apparent that a revolution was necessary.
And, of course, during the closing years of the George W. Bush presidency, which was under the control of his Jewish handlers — dare I even call it a "presidency," the term "dictatorship" would be far better — such a revolution became necessary and indeed did happen.
In any case, new elections were ultimately held in 2010 to fill the vacant offices in the United States Congress, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate. However, as a measure of reform, of course, all incumbent members of Congress who had survived the revolution were barred for life from seeking a return to elective office.
There were a few unfortunate losses there, among some of those incumbents who had supported the revolution, but it was a fresh start, giving great opportunities for many other good people to compete in genuinely honest elections overseen by the military and local law enforcement in combination with grass-roots citizens' election monitoring groups across the country. Paper ballots were once again re-instituted and there was genuine "transparency."
So as a consequence of the nature of these new elections, we remained confident that because of the presence of the military, there would be neither computerized vote fraud nor old-time "ballot box stuffing" which, in some respects, was perhaps somewhat more honest — certainly more transparent — than the fixing of elections by computers. [Pg 23]
In any event, the elections were held and an entire new Congress was set in place. What a fresh start!
The matter of the state legislatures was a matter best left to the hands of the states, as we were trying to return our government to the conventional and traditional system of respect for states' rights that existed in this country prior to the decline of the American republic.
Subsequently, of course, the new Congress, at the direction of the presidency and in consultation with the executive branch, began laying the groundwork for an entire overhaul of our American federal election process to become effective with the 2018 federal elections: the institution of the system of proportional representation which, as we know now, gave rise to a fully-flourishing multi-party system on American soil, laying waste to the tired and worn and thoroughly corrupt and corrupted Republican and Democratic monopoly that had contributed so much to the demise of the old America that was ultimately reborn in the Second American Revolution. But more about that later.

The bottom line is that the Second American Revolution brought to heel the international plutocrats at long last. The Rothschild dynasty and all of those powerful criminals in their sphere of influence were exorcised as the Satanic forces that they were.
It truly was the end of an empire — an evil empire — and a new beginning for not only America but of all mankind.
But it came at great cost . . .

. . .


My First Days in the White House
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