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Over my long years in the American nationalist movement, I’ve made a lot of good friends, but one of the very best of them all is Paul Christian Wolff (left), a world-traveling Hell-raiser and raconteur par excellence. Paul was once investigated by the FBI because he was considered too friendly to the Palestinian people. Paul and I always said that it would take a military coup to get America back into shape.


Another of my longtime partners in crime was the late Boyd “Pete” Godlove, a hard-drinking no-nonsense retired iron worker. Pete and I are shown here at a meeting of the Populist Party, during which time we were working (unsuccessfully) to dislodge the corrupt elements that had infiltrated the party. Pete died and left $50,000 to Liberty Lobby, the populist Institution by which I was long employed, but a Masonic “fix” in a Maryland state court resulted in Liberty Lobby losing Pete’s legacy.  I was in the courtroom that day and witnessed the Masonic legal legerdemain and could hardly believe that it had happened. But happen it did, right before my very eyes.


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In 2008, the Wave of the Future Came
Crashing Down on American Shores . . .

In 2004 — just four short years before the Second American Revolution which bought me to the presidency — the parting thoughts in the final pages of my fourth book, The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America, put forth a scenario for what I suggested (rightly) was a much-needed Second American Revolution.
While the obvious temptation is to say that my words were prophetic, the truth is that anyone who understood the realities of the American political system and the ongoing course of world affairs at that time would have to concur that any serious revolution could only come about precisely as I described. Here is what I wrote:

If enough Americans in enough places across this broad land are willing to stand up and speak out and lend their support to those in positions of power who are concerned about the rise of Zionist power in America, it is likely that those in high places who do have serious questions about this problem will be more inclined than ever before to likewise stand up and speak out on their own.
In short, we can have "revolution from above" — for revolution from below, at this time, seems highly unlikely.
The first American Revolution was the product of discontented intellectuals, military leaders, and businessmen and the coming Second American Revolution will inevitably arise from the same sources.
That's why grass-roots Americans must remain vigilant. They must continue to support independent voices in the free media and — when the time comes — rally behind those in high places who finally have the guts to say, "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."
The Wave of the Future is rolling fast toward American shores and the whole world is watching.
That wave will come crashing down with a resounding roar * unlike anything yet heard in history and, ultimately — whatever it takes — Americans will declare forthrightly and boldly, in no uncertain terms, that our nation is The New Jerusalem for all people — not just for a self-worshipping and clannish elite few.  [*Pg 18]
When that happens — and only then — can we rest assured America (and the world) will be on the real road to salvation, not on the road Those Who Reign Supreme would have us travel . . . the road to destruction.

And so it was that the Second American Revolution came, much in the way that I described could happen, but it came at a high cost for us all. And it came with the crashing roar of The Wave of the Future that I predicted so accurately.
But I never expected that I would ride that wave all the way to the White House.
In the face of what was entirely possible — outright global extinction in the wake of another Hellish and needless war brought upon us by our Jewish misrulers — the American military, backed by the angry American people, rose up together in their righteous might and brought the corrupt tyrants to their knees. We smashed a rotten system that deserved its fate.
Here then is the story of my first days in the White House and of the subsequent reforms in our national life and in the course of world affairs that I helped play a part in effecting with the help of good people all over America and good people all over the globe.




My First Days in the White House
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