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From the advertisement for My First Days in the White House that appeared in American Free Press, page 19, Issue 42, October 20, 2008:


What Would YOU Do
if YOU Became President?

My First Days in

the White House



In this startling volume — My First Days in the White House — one of America’s most controversial writers lays forth the extraordinary revolutionary reforms he would carry through if he somehow came to occupy the White House . . .


In his new book, MY FIRST DAYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE, Michael Collins Piper spins an imaginative tale of the earth-shaking events that brought about the Second American Revolution which propelled him — quite unexpectedly — into the presidency and of the titanic changes in policy that followed, ultimately leading to a restoration of the American republic and a rejuvenation of America’s long-respected role in global affairs.
If you are familiar with any of Mike’s non-fiction works, you know that this popular writer never pulls any punches. Imagine if he did become president.What might this populist-and nationalist-minded man do if he were president? What would his conversations with outgoing President Bush sound like? Who would serve in an America-first cabinet? How would a real nationalist solve the domestic and international crises America finds itself in today?
We can only pray that the scenario Piper describes as sparking the Second American Revolution doesn’t happen (although it could), but we can still hope that a Second American Revolution does happen and that finally America can once again be the great republic our Founding Fathers intended.
And you may even learn a few things about America’s past and present that you’ve never known before. Piper doesn’t hold back. He calls it as he sees it, addressing a wide variety of issues from a populist and nationalist point of view long suppressed by the Controlled Media in America.



Will there be a Second American
Revolution? Find out in this factual
novel from Michael Collins Piper!






My First Days in the White House
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