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An Introduction to Part 1


In 1981 highly-regarded American author Eustace Mullins (left) obtained 500 pages of previously classified files the FBI had kept on Mullins — a patriotic American — going as far back as 1951. While many pages were redacted — blacked out — supposedly for reasons of “national security,” the amazing files made it clear that the FBI targeted Mullins for destruction precisely because he criticized Zionist power in America, particularly his pivotal exposé of the control of the U.S. Federal Reserve System by the Rothschild banking dynasty. The files revealed the FBI had even pondered a scheme to silence Mullins by having him committed to a lunatic asylum. This 1959 memo (above) to FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover — from his Jewish deputy, Alex Rosen — shows a scribbled note from Hoover, saying the Mullins case was “top priority” and that FBI agents should “see that some action is taken.” In the pages of The Judas Goats we will learn much more about such secret police and spying operations and other efforts to crush political dissent in America.


An Introduction to Part I

Some basic historical background . . .

An Ugly and Sordid History

. . .The breadth and scope of the intrigues of The Judas Goats — The Enemy Within are ultimately quite staggering.However the initial chapters that follow in this section are designed to provide a primer on the nature of the efforts by these enemies of American nationalism to infiltrate and destroy (or otherwise manipulate and control) their political opposition in America.This historical overview lays the groundwork for understanding much of what follows.
. . .So, although, for example, the FBI’s notorious COINTELPRO infiltration operations were actually officially instituted in the early 1960s, the historical record shows that going back to the years preceding World War II, groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith were already manipulating the FBI in a terror campaign against American nationalists.
. . .Therefore, we shall see the name of the ADL pop up again and again, not only in this section, but throughout the pages of this book. And although the FBI (and other federal agencies, such as the CIA) will often appear as what might be described as “villains” in these pages, there are many good folks within those agencies who reject the machinations of The Enemy Within and who have actually sought to dislodge some Zionist troublemakers when given the opportunity.
. . .That said, let’s look at the facts . . .

The Judas Goats

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