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A very personal note from the author . . .

. . .It’s difficult to admit, but in two of my most important endeavors, I’ve failed. Since my school days, I predicted repeatedly that because of our biased U.S. Middle East policy, favoring imperial Israel over the Arab states and the beleaguered Palestinians, our nation would ultimately be the victim of a terrorist attack. On September 11, 2001 it finally happened. I had worked relentlessly to reform Middle East policy, but no one heeded my warnings and 3,000 Americans died.
. . .For years I was also working to prevent America from getting involved in a senseless Middle East war on behalf of Israel. I saw no national interest in our kids being butchered defending Israel. Yet, America is now embroiled in Iraq and it’s likely we’ll send our boys and girls to fight and die against other Arab states and against the Islamic Republic of Iran. So, again, I failed.
. . .Now, as a consequence of revulsion toward U.S. policy (recognized as being directed by the powerful Zionist lobby), more and more people worldwide are turning against America. Meanwhile, many of my fellow Americans — particularly the loved ones of our troops—are coming to realize it was Zionist influence that led to U.S. involvement in Iraq.
. . .For years there have been concerns a global uprising against the Jewish people could happen. Many have warned of the rise of “the new anti-Semitism.” Americans and people across the planet are angry at the power of the wealthy Zionist elite and their drive for a international imperium using U.S. resources (and lives) to achieve their aim. As such, it is possible there could be a worldwide anti-Jewish rebellion.
. . .And if it does happen I want to remembered afterward as “The American Schindler” who rescued good Jewish folks who opposed Israeli misdeeds and all manner of Zionist intrigue. And those corrupt and venal non-Jewish politicians, journalists, educators and others who supported Israel, because they were paid to, or blackmailed, or because it was a “good career move,” will hang their heads in shame.
. . .Rather than allowing Jewish folks to continue on the dangerous racist supremacist course of calling themselves “God’s Chosen People,” Americans should join those of us who’ve been working to bring the Jewish people into the community of nations.
. . .Let us break the back of the Zionist lobby. Let us change U.S. policy. I hope to have just one success, even if I’ve otherwise failed! This book is an endeavor toward preventing tragedy and it’s my hope that all good people can learn something about the very real dangers presented by The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within.



The occultic Baphomet symbol — an all-too familiar goat-headed figure often used in Satanic rites — is also known as the Judas Goat. Here the Judas Goat is shown iconically reigning over a 19th Century Scottish Rite Freemasonic initiation ceremony that seems to be deifying this Evil Force.


The Judas Goats

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