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To Leonard Joseph Snyder, Jr.

. . .One of 3,000 Americans who died on September 11, 2001, all of whom were ultimately victims of Zionist intrigues that had nothing to do with America’s interests. The “official” version of “what happened” that day is a Big Lie. For the rest of my life (God willing) I will fight to avenge his death and bring those truly responsible to the bar of justice.

To the Honorable Cynthia McKinney
Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia

. . .For daring to speak out and raise questions about what really happened on 9-11 and about the dangerous U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab world — a policy that has made America many enemies around the globe — Cynthia McKinney was driven from the U.S. Congress in 2002.
. . .A Judas Goat — a former Republican, no less — was recruited to run against Miss McKinney in the Democratic Party primary.GOP organizers moved into the Democratic Party to assist the Judas Goat. Tons of Zionist money poured into Georgia to help Miss McKinney’s challenger. In the end, Miss McKinney was defeated.
. . .But two years later Cynthia McKinney made a comeback and she sits in the U.S. Congress today — a voice for sane policies and one who still does not hesitate to speak the truth. And as this is written, they are moving against her once again. Her voice is one for all good people. Dear God: Let there be more like Cynthia McKinney!

To the Honorable Jim Traficant
Former Democratic Congressman from Ohio

. . .As this is written, Jim sits in a prison cell, railroaded into jail by corrupt federal prosecutors for crimes he did not commit. Jim’s only crime was speaking the truth. Committed to honesty, integrity and justice, Jim paid a mighty price and saw no honesty, integrity or justice on the part of the criminals who put him where he is today. A genuine populist, a man of the people in every sense, Jim Traficant is another victim of The Judas Goats — The Enemy Within.

And to my late Mother — Gloria J. Piper

. . . . . . . . . . . . .— MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER


The Judas Goats

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