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Soft cover edition summary by American Free Press:

Recent revelations about illegal domestic spying by the Bush administration are nothing new . . . It’s just the tip of a deep, dirty iceberg. Now for the first time the shocking never-beforetold story of the infiltration and subversion of the American nationalist movement. The eye-opening account of the long-term effort to destroy the patriot movement from within .
IT HARDLY SEEMS POSSIBLE, but the one and only Michael Collins Piper has done it again! The internationally-acclaimed author of three stunning no-holds-barred blockbuster best-sellers has come back with yet another volume that is sure to be a classic reference work for years to come. Now, in this incredible new work, Piper is tackling one of the least understood and most controversial arenas in American political life today.
CONTROLLED OPPOSITION? Piper rips the veil off the shocking never-before-told story of the infiltration and subversion of the American nationalist movement by enemy agents provocateurs and the creation of “controlled opposition” groups by the powers that be. This is the amazing story of how federal intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and the FBI—in league with private spy organizations such as the ADL—have been manipulated by the alien force of international political Zionism and its ideological twin, Trotskyite communism. Masquerading today behind the mask of “patriotism” and “anti-communism,” burrowing deep within the American system, they have wedged their way into a position of power and influence beyond anything one might ever imagine possible. But there’s much, much more in 376 fact-filled pages. Piper unmasks the traitors—who’ve posed as “patriots”—and, as usual, Piper pulls no punches and names names. And some of those names may surprise you. There are enemy agents within our midst and THE JUDAS GOATS—THE ENEMY WITHIN tells it like it is. Between two covers—for the first time—is the whole sordid history as only the detail-oriented nononsense Michael Collins Piper could tell it. This is an amazing book and most certainly not only the first of its kind, but one which will remain the standard on the topic.

eBook Summary by America First Books:

Many American feel both horror and helplessness as this country seems to be on skid-lock towards disaster, with escalating out of control Third World immigration, increasing suppression of civil liberties, reckless foreign war-making, skyrocketing debt, breathtaking Israeli arrogance, pervasive drug culture, tens of millions of "lifestyle" abortions, and hosts of other evils.
This book documents a very important aspect of an "ecological" explanation regarding how we have arrived at our dilemna. On one level, it is really simple. America has failed to evolve political counter-predators powerful enough to keep in check highly organized and determined predators pushing for unlimited government growth, internationalism, imperialism, multi-racialism, multiculturalism, and blank check pro-Zionism.
One might wonder with the vast amount of wealth still distributed in pockets in the heartland, combined with America's vast intellectual resources, why traditional American conservatives have been so anemic, disunified, and ineffective -- especially when so much is at stake.
The short answer is that the American right has been consistently attacked from multiple sources. It has been attacked from without by the controlled media as well as thwarted from within by infiltration and disinformation tactics. As a consequence, many American traditional conservative organizations have typically evolved into "evil characteratures," "cartoony," and even misguided and corrupt versions of truly authentic and effective grass roots political movements. To add fuel to the fire, infiltration has helped increase fear, paranoia, and cat fights within patriotic political groups at a time when America desperately needs open disclosure, debate, and unifed action over fundamental principles.
The total lack of any honesty or sense of chivalry by infiltrators is hardly wise in the long run. It brutalizes traditional American conservatives and generates cynicism. It sweeps escalating political problems under the rug rather than resolve them. It ultimately pushes patriots towards forming "nations within a nation" with their own special operations capabilities necessary to countermand the dirty tricks. The ultimate consequence of Judas Goat poison could be a national breakup or Civil War II as envisioned by author Tom Chittum.
This book is essential reading to help honest Americans understand the nearly limitless criminal skullduggery of their political enemies who infest the highest levels of federal, corporate, media, and international financial power.


From The Barnes Review Newsletter
October 2006, Volume 1, Issue 4

From the pen of TBR Contributing Editor Michael Collins Piper comes a twisted tale of infiltration and subversion, deceit and sabotage -- all directed from the highest levels and designed to destroy the nationalist movement in America. The CIA, FBI, Mossad and the ADL try to ruin the likes of Joe McCarthy, Eustace Mullins, Liberty Lobby and many more!

For the first time, here’s the shocking, never-before-told story of the infiltration and subversion of the American nationalist movement and an eye-opening account of the long-term effort to destroy the patriot movement from within.


You’ve heard of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, of the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO operations, and of the CIA’s OPERATION CHAOS and its mind-control program known as MK-ULTRA. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. In The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within, Michael Collins Piper tackles these topics and many, many more.
You’ll find out how the ADL and other Zionist groups have been manipulating federal intelligence agencies, local police departments, prominent media figures and utilizing bought-and-paid for think tanks and other organizations.
You’ll finally understand what “Controlled Opposition” is really all about—and how this divisive method of political manipulation originated in the bowels of the Soviet KGB and how, today, Zionist trouble-makers are using this process to eviscerate the American nationalist movement from within.
Piper names names and pulls no punches. You’ll read about the top KKK leader who was really a murderer and FBI informant. You’ll learn about the FBI plot to consign populist author Eustace Mullins to a lunatic asylum. You’ll discover how left-wing Communist Trotskyites transmogrified into the “leaders” of the American “conservative” movement today. You’ll find out why what Piper calls “the Israelization of America” threatens to destroy us and may well even spark a nuclear holocaust.
Here’s the shocking truth about how a clique of Trotskyite-Zionist millionaires manipulated America’s beloved anticommunist icon, Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. Here’s the story of what really happened in Oklahoma City—Piper’s firstever full-length exposition as to how the Mossad’s tentacles reached into the heart of the plot from the beginning. Plus more on the Israeli connection to the first attack on the World Trade Center. And then there’s the amazing story of the ADL’s agent inside the Vatican II conference that “changed” the course of the Catholic Church.
And if you don’t trust Bill or Hillary Clinton, you’ll get the scoop on their own longtime connections to the CIA. What about Newt Gingrich, who’s still aiming for the presidency? Here’s his shady story. What about the ADL’s secret role in sparking the holocaust at Waco?
This is not a book for the faint-hearted. It is a book for those who are interested in unraveling the real story of how the American nationalist movement has been deliberately infiltrated and distorted by enemy agents provocateurs—a panoramic story that reaches from the days of the Bolshevik Revolution up to World War II and on through the Cold War and Vietnam and beyond, right up to the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, and today.
What do the high priests of war and the globalists have in store for America? What are they doing to wreck the Constitution and our Bill of Rights? This is the one book that tells the whole sordid story as only Michael Collins Piper could tell it. Get your hot-off-the- press copy today. This is a big book that you need to read and learn from. Get yours today from TBR.

John Tiffany
Assistant Editor, The Barnes Review

Uncovering the Judas Goats with Michael Collins Piper
Politically Correct Apostate
Sunday, October 15, 2006
By Curt Maynard

Having just finished reading Michael Collins Piper’s latest book The Judas Goats, I am once again amazed by his insightful analysis of what is truly one of the greatest problems facing the world today and that is the misunderstanding of nationalism and what that means for the future of mankind. My own view on the matter is admittedly simple, I see, in the words of Zeppelin front man Robert Plant, “two paths we can go by,” and that is either Internationalism or Nationalism. We already have Internationalism as manifested by the frenetic pursuit in establishing the global economy and with it the inevitable emergence of a one world government, a “New World Order,” by any other name. The Zionist media would have us believe that it’s inevitable, that it can’t be stopped, but the fact is, this idea is founded on nothing more than the mantras associated with it. Nationalism has received nothing but bad press in the Zionist dominated media ever since WWII, and when bad press alone wasn’t able to stop the materialization of Nationalist thought somewhere in the world, the Zionists pressured their proxy agent, the United States of America to intercede in some manner, usually militarily. This is exactly what happened in Serbia, after the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Serbs sought to establish, rightfully, their suzerainty over an area that had traditionally been heavily Slavic in orientation, but was also mixed with Turks and their descendants.
The Zionist media never attempted to understand the Serbian point of view, rather they sought only to stifle the expression of Nationalism among the Serb people; they saw the emergence of Serbia under Milosevic as a threat and for that reason and that reason alone, the Zionist media found itself allied with Muslims in Bosnia, Macedonia, and Albania. It wasn’t out of a sense of altruism and benevolence that the Zionists allied themselves with the region's Muslims as clearly evidenced by the recent conduct of the Zionist state of Israel in the Middle East, and their co-ethnics coverage of the wars in the American, Canadian, French, German and British media, it was simply a matter of stifling the expression of Nationalist sentiment among a population in Eastern Europe. They’d do the same if that expression manifested itself in Southeast Asia or Central and South America. Nationalism is the greatest enemy of Internationalism; they are diametrically opposed political paradigms and cannot coexist in perpetuity. It is essential, in the minds of the power elite; that all expressions of Nationalism fail and fail quickly, lest someone notice that under such a system, a semblance of peace and prosperity might emerge; Nationalism cannot be part of the future they intend for the world, anymore than the expression of traditional Islamic thought and the societies built around such views.  
I am in no way attempting to mitigate any atrocities the Serbs may have committed against the Muslims in the region, but I will say that atrocities have been committed on both sides, but only the Serbs were subjected to any media scrutiny. Because of the Zionist media, the entire world was aware of the so-called ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Serbs, yet very few people in America are today aware of the fact that many Serbs have been ethnically cleansed and/or murdered by their former victims since Serbia’s capitulation following the American led bombing campaign.
However, Nationalism, unlike Internationalism, can respect the sovereignty of another nation. Nationalism, according to Wikipedia can be defined as “an ideology that holds that a nation is the fundamental unit for human social life, and takes precedence over any other social and political principles. Nationalism makes certain political claims based upon this belief: above all, the claim that the nation is the only legitimate basis for the state, that each nation is entitled to its own state, and that the borders of the state should be congruent with the borders of the nation.” Internationalism on the other hand demands that there be no borders or national sovereignty, in a nutshell Internationalism is a theory constructed around the idea that “members of the working class should act in solidarity towards world revolution and support working people in other countries, rather than following their respective national governments. Proletarian internationalism is summed up in the slogan, Workers of all countries, unite!,” which according to Wikipedia, “is the last line of The Communist Manifesto.”  
What that means of course is that nation states, and their inhabitants, cannot expect to have their sovereign rights recognized in an Internationalist world, they cannot expect any real level of security, if the media says that a country is engaged in activities that aren’t conducive to the views of the “free” world [meaning the media apparatus] then that nation's government, regardless of whether or not it was democratically elected to power, can expect to be overthrown in one way or another, either from the inside by way of a treasonous coup or from the outside in some ambiguous “police action.” That’s just the way it is, either we embrace a political philosophy that has a modicum of respect for the sovereignty of the nation state and its people or we adopt an approach that respects nothing but raw power and intrigue, cloaking itself in the so called respectability of “world consensus.”  
Although Piper’s book The Judas Goats is full of pertinent information from beginning to end, some of its greatest points were established in the last dozen pages. In respect to exposing Zionist intrigue and its influence in the American media and on the American government, Piper states that we [inclusive in every sense] “can no longer assume that the average American knows what better informed Americans know. For they don’t know what we know. It’s our job to make average Americans know what we know by simply telling them the truth in no uncertain, vague or “coded” terms.”[1] Truer words have never been spoken, the Zionists cannot operate in the light of day, they cannot continue their charade if they are being scrutinized, thus they rely on subterfuge and deception in order to keep the sheep in the dark. At this juncture there is no longer any point or purpose to holding back, we don’t have much more time, we either extricate ourselves from the grip of Jewish Supremacism in the very near future or we capitulate to the slavery the Zionist entity has in mind for us all. It’s time to call a spade a spade!
Piper states in no uncertain terms, “We can no longer continue worrying about offending ‘the nice Jewish man next door whose sister lives in Israel’… If the nice Jewish man resents the fact that grassroots Americans don’t like the way the Israeli lobby is dictating U.S. foreign policy to the detriment of America’s interests, that’s his problem.”[2]  
There is no other choice, the time is now, we either break free or we submit totally to what the New World Order has in store for us.
Piper’s book was written with the intent of exposing the numerous “Judas Goats,” or traitors within the ranks of the American Nationalist movement, which additionally includes the traditional conservative movement as well, but the book becomes considerably more than that, it’s a veritable treatise outlining the subversive strategies employed by America’s power elite – Piper uncovers and fully exposes the Machiavellian policies employed against the American people themselves, and how the government works hand in hand with the media apparatus to betray the very people they are supposed to protect. More so than any other book I aware of, Piper’s book details how the Zionist power elite infiltrate every single movement in the United States, whether it be of the socialist, nationalist, or anarchist persuasion, whether it be right-wing or left-wing, whether it be conservative or liberal, the groups are infiltrated and either steered away from any platform that might include criticism of Israel, Zionism or organized Jewry or they are thoroughly discredited, usually as a result of actions taken from within the group by the Judas Goats themselves and the inevitable negative media coverage that is certain to follow. Zionists have totally dominated African-America movements over the last 100 years and are currently worming their way into pro-illegal immigrant movements here in the United States in an effort to do what they have always done in the past, infiltrate, dominate or destroy.  
Piper sums it up by penning:
“Even more politically astute Americans fail to understand how U.S. government intelligence agencies and allied private spy organizations not only infiltrate undercover agents into “dissident” organizations of both the “left” and the “right,” but even also “create” dissident groups in order to monitor the dissenters. Government infiltration, manipulation and outright creation of political movements in America has a long and sordid history – and one that did not begin in America.”
By saying that of course, Piper means this type of government behavior originated in Russia under the Bolsheviks, which as we all know by now means under the Jewish Supremacists that absolutely dominated the Bolshevik government of the early Soviet Union. Piper successfully ties in the so called “neo-conservative,” movement of today, with its true Trotskyite origins, he reveals that there isn’t a dimes worth of a difference between the Internationalists under Leon Trotsky and the Internationalists of the modern era – they still seek to spread their poison around the world with the ultimate goal of establishing a One World Government under the tutelage of Talmudic Judaism and destroying anyone or anything that stands in their way. In a recent “Open Letter to the President of Iran,” the illustrious John “Birdman” Bryant noted the fact that the neo-conservatives,” have even gone so far as to hire former KGB and Stasi officials to properly prepare the way for the introduction of the modern American Police State.
Piper leads off The Judas Goats in the way of an introduction with the following words, “Nationalism is the wave of the future [and is the] prime target of the global forces of Zionism and Internationalism.”  
Without a doubt Piper is correct, nationalism must be the way of the future, with two paths before us, one in which the world is composed of many nation states governed by representatives of such states or one in which a One World Government sweeps aside all pretense and the few govern the masses with an iron hand and the cruelty of an impersonal bureaucracy, the likes of which we have never seen before, nor could even imagine, we must choose nationalism, we don’t really have a choice, it’s a matter of freedom or slavery, life or death.  
In The Judas Goats, Piper introduces the reader to several tried and true nationalists, good people like Willis Carto, Pat Buchanan, and Eustace Mullins, individuals that have sacrificed a great deal so that future Americans might learn that America hasn’t always embraced the Internationalist worldview it does today and the author also introduces the reader to the Judas Goats themselves, people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michael Moore, David Horowitz, Oliver North and many, many others. The aforementioned care not what happens to their neighbor, all they care about is the wealth and fame that comes along with their treasonous duplicity – they cast their neighbor to the crocodile hoping to be the last eaten.  
The author reveals James Mitchell Rosenberg, the “ADL’s favorite Nazi,” a Jew who infiltrated the American far right back in the late 1970’s, pretending to be a non-Jew named “Jimmy Anderson,” who then became one of the most ‘outspoken and outrageous American “right wing” extremists’” of all time, inciting racial violence at every opportunity, all the while dressed in a Nazi uniform. Eventually Rosenberg’s true identity was discovered and he has since faded from the scene, but not before the damage was done, he had done his part to discredit nationalism by “creating” problems where none had previously existed and then calling on his friends in the media to cover his violent rhetoric in an effort to alienate the average American from anything that even sounded like nationalism. Piper also details the story behind another ADL “plant,” a gentleman named Mordechai Levy who assumed the moniker “James Guttman,” in an effort to infiltrate the Klan and generate as much negative attention as possible by staging a rally where he hoped to foment violence and capture it on video, editing it where necessary, so that that he might show that Klan in the worst possible light – fortunately he wasn’t successful and nobody got hurt.
The author convincingly proves that the John Birch Society itself, an organization considered for years to be the paragon of American conservatism, was in actuality nothing more than a CIA/FBI/ADL front, set up in order to monitor the American conservative movement from the inside and to subvert any and all expressions of true nationalism among its membership. Piper also details the story of one Roy Bullock, an ADL mole that attempted to infiltrate the Liberty Lobby – fortunately Piper saw through his lies and identified him early on as an agent provocateur, and he wasn’t able to do any damage to the Liberty Lobby or The Spotlight, an associated publication world famous for its fearless journalism. Eventually Roy Bullock became embroiled in an embarrassing scandal of monumental proportions involving the ADL and the Los Angeles police department – Bullock had been using a police officer named Tom Gerard to steal information from LAPD files and then was passing it along to the ADL, information they had no right to have, and no doubt intended to use against whomever it was they were seeking information on. The entire scandal blew up in the face of the ADL, but much of it went unnoticed by average Americans because the largely Jewish media suppressed the story and its implications.
Uncovering an excellent source, Piper cites a gentleman by the name of Morris Horton within the body of The Judas Goats who had some special insight into the Zionist question. A voice from the past, Horton reinforces Piper’s modern day thesis in that he wrote in 1969:
“There is no genuine validity in either the “Right” or the “Left” positions in politics. These are artificial Jew invented positions. Jewish control of communications is absolutely essential to the success of this power system. Jewish political quackery would not long survive exposure. The Right-Left age is the Jewish age, and it is an age which, on the world stage, is now receding into the past. If America continues to live in this past, then America has no future.”[3]
Of course Morris meant that the Zionist media exploited the so-called differences between the right and left in order to dominate the issues themselves – the Zionist media could be relied on to emphasize what supported the Zionist agenda and suppress what didn’t. This isn’t something new, patriotic Americans have been quite vocal about Jewish control of the American media for more than ninety years. Such eminent American military officers as General Mosley, General Patton, General Fries, General Willoughby, General Wedemeyer, General Stratemeyer, General Pedro del Valle were convinced to a man that Jews wielded a disproportionate influence in various American institutions but most especially in the media, where they felt public opinion was being manipulated in such a way as to advance Jewish interests [Later Zionist interests] and discredit those who sought to draw the American peoples attention to these matters. It is safe to say that no other American minority group has to the extent of Jews been accused of the same manipulative and/or hegemonic influence. As an example, one never hears the idea that African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, or Arab-Americans dominate the media; it is and has always been always Jewish-Americans.
In an article this blogger wrote earlier this year entitled “There’s the Big Lie and then there’s the Really Big Lie,” I pointed out that the so called “Big Lie,” didn’t originate with whom the media would like you to believe it did, that is Adolf Hitler, the term was utilized by Hitler to describe a technique Jews had been using through their monopoly on the German press as far back as first decade of the Twentieth Century in Germany – and that is the creation or fabrication of history and the present. The modern American media would have you believe that 9-11 was carried out by 19 Arabs armed with box cutters, and a deep hatred towards Americans because of our “freedoms,” despite the overwhelming evidence that implicates the United States government itself, the state of Israel and the Zionist Fifth Column media here in America. This is an example of the “Big Lie,” at work – who would ever believe that our own government, and a so-called Middle Eastern ally with the complicity of the mainstream media would ever engage in the mass murder of American citizens? It’s outrageous! It’s too fantastic to even consider! It’s crazy! Nonetheless there it is, there is no way in hell that 9-11 was carried out by 19 Arabs with bad attitudes. There is no way in hell that the World Trade Center towers [plural] collapsed as a result of being hit by airplanes. There is no way in hell that building number 7 should have collapsed that day either, after all it wasn’t even hit by an airplane, but it did, all 47 stories of it.
Fortunately Americans seem to be in the early stages of figuring this out – a poll released by CBS News on 10/09/06 revealed that 83% of those polled believe George Bush is either lying about why we’re in Iraq or is “hiding something.” The truth is, George Bush is both lying and hiding something – he’s hiding the fact that he’s complicit in 9-11 and used the treasonous attacks as an excuse to lie to the American public in an effort to further the Zionist agenda by justifying the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Zio-American government is just about ready to launch another terrorist attack, but this time it’ll be used as an excuse to attack Iran. Will we, the American people stand for it again? Will we willingly give up our children to be drafted and ground to pieces by the Zionist war machine?
Will we continue to tolerate a media that splashes the face of any Arab that happens to be supportive of the Palestinians plight all over the cover of every news magazine, newspaper, and television network in this country, all the while denouncing him as a terrorist, when that same media refuses to report stories that are vastly more significant, but involve Jews committing acts of terror against the people of the United States of America? This is happening right now, at this moment, did you know that Al Qaeda’s most recent spokesperson is an American Jew from California named Adam Pearlman whose grandfather was a board member of the Anti-Defamation League? It’s a fact, yet the media isn’t telling you that. Have you heard of Ariel Weinmann? No? You should have, he was arrested approximately five months ago for having stolen Top Secret data directly related to America’s National Security in that it was connected with to the targeting of nuclear missiles and gave it to Israel? Did you know that the American media did everything it could to lie about Weinmann, to suggest that he wasn’t a Jew and that he didn’t give that information to the Zionist state? It’s true!
Piper’s The Judas Goats is a book that explains how all this happens – it discards pointless ambiguities and gets right to the core of the problem. One cannot afford not to have Michael Collins Piper’s book The Judas Goats in their research library, it’s a must have, especially as an addition two of Piper’s other books, The High Priests of War and The New Jerusalem.

Curt Maynard
The Politically Correct Apostate

[1] Piper, Michael C. The Judas Goats. 2006. American Free Press. Pg. 343.
[2] Piper, Michael C. The Judas Goats. 2006. American Free Press. Pg. 344.
[3] Piper, Michael C. The Judas Goats. 2006. American Free Press. Pg. 150

Below are two reviews of The Judas Goats that have been posted at Amazon:
Link to Amazon reviews HERE.

9 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Star Rating: One of the Most Remarkable Books, October 23, 2006
By Sample Reviewer One

For those who have followed patriotic and nationalist movements and leaders in the U.S. and have been disturbed by the turn events have taken, this book unveils an enormous of amount of information about the various individuals who have acted as Judas Goats in the opinion of the author. These people have in a variety of ways been co-opted by what Piper calls the "Enemy Within." Actually, Piper usually refers to the Judas Goats themselves as the "Enemy Within."

I have to say Piper is right on the money, pretty much all the time. The degree to which the Judas Goats are culpable individually is difficult to gauge. In most cases he cites I would say they are quite guilty.

I have seen before my very eyes the Neocons seize control of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. It's astonishing that this group which represents the antithesis of conservatism has somehow inveigled itself in groups and institutions where it has no legitimate place. Midge Decter heading the Philadelphia Society, for example.

This book, however, reveals the deep corruption of the Right has been going on long before the Neocons ever dreamed of "leaving" Trotskyism and socialism. Robert Welch is a most interesting example of a conservative who appears to have been bought off by this lobby. In some cases, I am not very certain if the movement leaders were co-opted with financial enticements or whether something else was involved, such as just plain blindness to the situation, a real possibility considering how concentrated media power is here in the U.S., not to mention huge parts of the rest of the Western world.

This should be required reading by all patriotic Americans, especially those in positions of power and influence, such as journalists, Army, Navy, and Air Force brass and police officers who love their own country and its Constitution more than they fear the infiltrating enemy (the one that attacked the USS Liberty and didn't warn us about the likely attacks on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, not to mention one that intervenes in our politics to such an extent that it dominates our foreign policy in the Middle East). Afterall, America belongs to Americans, not Israelis and Israeli loyalists, as much as the latter two groups seem to think otherwise.

This book is a cornucopia of information and should be of great use to anyone who sees the struggle now is between basically the Zionist and Zionist-oriented international elites, their pathetic fellow travellers, and the poor folks who have been fooled into doing their bidding (people who are actually fighting against their own interests) and the rest of us who get to suffer from the Zionist and Zionist-oriented elites' unending quest for ever greater wealth, power, and "status."

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Star Rating: A fascinating historical analysis of the infiltration and subversion of the American patriotic movement! October 24, 2006
By Sample Reviewer Two

Michael Collins Piper has done an outstanding job once again in presenting an in-depth expose of the elements within this country who are destroying this great nation in the interests of a cabal that has global hegemony as its goal. The book examines the origins and the modi operandi of the traitors within our borders who have promoted themselves as patriotic Americans but in actuality have functioned as dupes for those nefarious characters who wish to destroy the constitutional foundations of our republic and to establish a "tyranny of the plutocrats". Many of the individuals whom I admired growing up in this country whom the popular media portrayed as being exemplary, America first patriots were not really loyal to this nation according to the research conducted by Piper. Money and greed can corrupt anyone, and principles are the first to be sacrificed when seeking fame and recognition.

Piper has done a thorough and precise analysis of the historical trends over the past sixty years and the groups that have tried to manipulate and to profit from the outcomes of significant events such as World War II, the Middle East conflict, the social revolutions of the 60's in America, and this so called "war on terror". The author does not seek to blame any ethnicity or political group for hijacking patriotism and promoting "globalism" to benefit only the super rich. He is genuinely pro-American and wants to revert to the essence of the republic that was founded out of rebellion from colonial bondage. Piper makes noteworthy references to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and their warnings against foreign intervention and alliances for this nation, which they foresaw as bringing substantial complications to this nation.

This well written and documented book should be a must read for social science (political science, history, economics, etc.) students. The impending dangers facing this country has to be understood by those who are searching for valid and logical explanations to the causes of the political and economic problems in this society. True patriots will also be astounded by the factual information presented in the text. While Michael Collins Piper may not be invited to any book signing ceremonies at Barnes and Noble, his book is priceless in the attempt to inform and to educate the masses in the tradition of his other great works such as FINAL JUDGMENT, THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR, and NEW JERUSALEM.

First softcover edition published in September 2006. 366 pages (including index)

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The Judas Goats

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