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. .The Secret History of How America’s “Neo-Conservative” Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire

. The report that follows is based on this foundation:

. .THAT the war against Iraq being waged by the American administration of President George W. Bush is not only contrary to traditional “conservative” American principles, but contrary to all principles of American foreign policy during the last half-century;

. . .THAT the war against Iraq is being waged for far more broad-ranging purposes than “regime change” or “eliminating weapons of mass destruction”; first and foremost, as part of an overall effort to establish the United States as the sole international super-power, capable military and economically, to suppress any nations and/or peoples who dare to challenge American hegemony;

. . .THAT the war against Iraq is simply a first step in a long-standing, wide-ranging plan to launch an even more aggressive move against the entire Arab Middle East in order to “remake the Arab world” to secure the survival of — and expand the power of — the state of Israel;

. . .THAT the war against Iraq is only the initial target of this carefully planned scheme and that, ultimately, other Arab and Muslim states are slated for outright extinction or some form of occupation or control by American military and political forces (in alliance with Israel);

. .. THAT the war against Iraq and the plan for the subjugation of the Arab people is quite simply a modified, modernized adaptation of the historic Zionist dream of “Greater Israel,” adjusted to meet the demands of



the international oil companies, which are, in turn, fully prepared to share the aim of dominating the oil-producing states of the Arab world in partnership with the state of Israel;

. . .THAT the war against Iraq was deliberately orchestrated by a small but powerful network of hard-line “right wing” Zionist elements — the self-styled “neo-conservatives” — at the highest levels of the Bush administration, skillfully aided and abetted by like-minded persons in public policy organizations, think tanks, publications and other institutions, all of which are closely interconnected and, in turn, linked to hard-line “Likudnik” forces in Israel;

. . .THAT the war against Iraq and the additional moves by the United States against the Arab world that are slated to follow can be traced to Zionist political intrigue inside the upper levels of the U.S. intelligence community, reaching as far back as the early 1970s, and that many of the same players involved in that activity are now guiding Bush administration policy today;

. . .THAT the war against Iraq is an adjunct to the previously-declared “war against terrorism” which was, in itself, part of a long-evolving and carefully coordinated propaganda campaign founded on the theory that terrorism is somehow an “Arab” trait.

. . .This report will examine all of these aspects, citing a wide variety of sources, and will focus largely on given facts that have received wide circulation in the “mainstream” English-language press in the United States.

. . .The facts will speak for themselves. At any time this report delves into speculation or opinion, such views will be duly noted or otherwise clearly apparent.


High Priests of War
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