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“It’s time to declare war on
The High Priests of War”

. . .Although most — but certainly not all — American anti-communists were sincere, it is vital to now face the sad and uncomfortable truth: the Cold War was largely a fraud.
. . .While the average American was being told to fear the Soviet Union, America’s biggest bankers and industrialists were engaged in extensive trade and other lucrative deals with the Communist Party bosses. And the U.S. government itself was making vast amounts of defense technology and other data available to our purported rival. So yes, the Cold War was very much a fraud.
. . .To finally understand and accept that difficult reality makes it possible for us to reassess the globalist madness of the last 50 years and to prepare for the real battle for survival that lies ahead.
. . .Until Americans are finally prepared to acknowledge that the anti-communist frenzy to which so many devoted their energies was effectively so misdirected and fruitless, there is no sense in fighting any further. For generations we were fighting perceived “enemies” abroad, but the real enemy was here at home — infiltrating and seizing power in the upper ranks of the American national security and intelligence apparatus.
. . .As evidence put forth in this book makes clear, the Soviet threat — however great it may have been at one point in time — was, in more recent decades, clearly on the downward spiral, its strength diminishing. However, the neo-conservative forces, eager to exploit fears of Soviet power in order to play out their own parochial agenda, were exaggerating both Soviet military might and Soviet intentions. And it must be said, quite correctly, that the foundation of the neo-conservative agenda — from the beginning — was not just the security, but also the imperial advancement, of the state of Israel.
. . .We must abandon the archaic rhetoric of the past and focus on the real threat to America — and to the sovereignty of all nations and peoples: the


power-mad imperial forces that are bent on using American resources and
military might to enforce a global police state under the control of a select few: the international elite and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, unprincipled bureaucrats, and the media shills who glorify and attempt to popularize the agenda of the would-be rulers of a Global Plantation that its proponents have stylized as the New World Order.
. . .Although The Spotlight was quite on the mark when it dared to suggest, upon the fall of the Soviet empire, that “communism is dead,” there were those relentless hold-outs who refused to face it. “Oh no,” cried the John Birchers, “communism isn’t really dead. It’s just a ruse. The reds are going underground, just waiting for the opportunity to strike.”
. . .The Birchers and their like-minded throwbacks still believe that Josef Stalin is hiding in a Kremlin closet, ready to jump out and say “boo.” Yet, ironically, only now are the Birchers coming to recognize that the neoconservatives — whom they promoted for years in the pages of their journals such as Review of the News and The New American — are hardly conventional “conservative patriots” in any sense of the term.
. . .The same crowd that rattled its sabers against “the communist threat” has now begun to substitute “the Islamic threat” as the new danger to be vanquished. This comes as no surprise. For years, during the Cold War, American “conservatives” (especially the Birchers) freely (and falsely) declared repeatedly that the Palestine Liberation Organization was part of
a “Soviet-backed terror network,” the facts notwithstanding.
. . .And if truth be told, it is no accident that these myths about the PLO received their widest propagation in the writings of a pro-Israel neo-conservative ideologue, Claire Sterling, whose now-infamous “study,” The Terror Network, became the virtual bible of the Israeli lobby in its campaign to discredit the Palestinian nationalist cause.
. .Now, in the name of “fighting terrorism,” the conservative anti-communist stalwarts have lent their support to the establishment of a police state here at home as a way of “safeguarding liberty.”
. . .In this regard, note that more than 50 years ago — in the early days of
the Cold War — that ex-CIA man William F. Buckley, Jr., the soon-to-be self-appointed “leader” of the American “conservative” movement, laid it on the line. Writing in Commonweal on January 25, 1952 Buckley said


that he was willing to support “Big Government” for “the duration [of the Cold War] because — he proclaimed — only “a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores” could assure total victory over the communist menace.
. . .The anti-communist Cold War is now over, but the anti-Islamic (so-called “anti-terrorist”) Hot War is now under way. And here on American shores we have a new Department of Homeland Security aiming to run roughshod on American liberties all in the guise of protecting those liberties. Why should we be surprised?
. . .The “communist threat” never lay within the Communist Party USA which, as American Free Press pointed out, was controlled at the highest levels by Morris Childs, an asset of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI: a Russian-born Zionist, Childs soured on Soviet-style communism when he detected the echoes of traditional Russian nationalism under Stalin. No, the Communist Party USA, was never a threat, although Hoover — a long-time ally of the Zionist Anti-Defamation League — was manipulating the tiny party for the covert agenda of his behind-the-scenes “advisors.”
. . .Nor did the communist threat lie even within the furthest “liberal” reaches of the Democratic Party. It was not the New Deal or the Fair Deal or Camelot or the Great Society — or Clintonism — that brought a unique updated American-style brand of Bolshevism of the Trotskyite bent to America. Instead, it was the “compassionate conservatism” of the man seriously being hailed as “the New Ronald Reagan”: George W. Bush.
. . .It is no coincidence that — just days into the war against Iraq — the “official” American organ of the Trotskyites — Partisan Review — closed its doors. In truth, the little intellectual journal now had no more reason to exist, for its aim of securing power had been accomplished through the proverbial “back door.”
. . .This book presents a brief but detailed overview of the intrigues of the neo-conservatives. Much more could be written, but it would perhaps belabor the point. Nonetheless, it seems appropriate to conclude, at this juncture, by saying quite simply:

It’s Time to Declare War on the High Priests of War . . .



High Priests of War
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