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Many serious 9-11 researchers, to include the late Michael Collins Piper, have come to the conclusion that Zionists orchestrated the attacks on the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon.
While The High Priests of War does not focus upon the specific events that took place on that terrible day of September 11, 2001, it does expose the agenda of "neo-conservatives" behind the scenes who ultimately profited from this treachery. It also traces their intrigues spanning decades which have guided America into disastrous Middle Eastern military adventures.
These neo-conservative enemies within our gates have demonstrated the same ruthless and chameleon-like mentality that we have seen before with such treachery as the Lavon Affair, the JFK assassination, and the assault on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967.
The High Priests of War explains how the American public at large has been victimized by a silent coup. Americans have lost their sovereignty. This is a very grave matter. No genuinely patriotic American should fail to study this issue or take this hard reality sitting down.

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The secret history of how America’s “neo-conservative” Trotskyites came to power and orchestrated the war against Iraq as the first step in their drive for Global Empire, the so-called New World Order. The first-ever book on the role of the “neo-cons” in sparking the debacle in Iraq and the only book that tells the entire story — no holds-barred.
Translated into a variety of languages, acclaimed as the one book that explains the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of the tragic involvement of the United States in the Iraq war.
This fast-paced, carefully-documented 144-page volume has helped spread the word about the REAL reason for the Iraq war and how it is all part of a grand design that is being suppressed by the Controlled Media.



The High Priests of War
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