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How I Discovered The Problem of Israel:



Since I first began writing and speaking publicly — roughly some 25 years ago while still in my early 20s — I have repeatedly been asked (both here in the United States and around the world) how I came to my particular point of view, particularly in regard to the U.S. “special relationship” with Israel. It seems appropriate to use this forum to answer that question for those who are interested.
Having always been interested in politics since I was about seven or eight years old, I actually started out being interested in the history of the Civil War. From there it developed into a growing interest in U.S. political affairs in general. Like many folks I believed in the myth that politics was “Democrat vs. Republican” and later I bought into the theory that there was a real difference between “liberals” and “conservatives.”
Ultimately, however, I came to see that the real difference was between the nationalists and the internationalists, and, in the end, it became clear to me that the primary — virtually unchallenged — power force in American affairs was the role of the Jewish lobby and the global Zionist agenda. How I came to that realization was a learning process in itself — and a very personal one at that.
You see, as a child — during the Vietnam War — I was very much against the war because I was just instinctively anti-war. And then I eventually saw the effect that the war had on my older brother, who was drafted and sent to Vietnam. He is dead today. He survived the Vietnam War, but he never completely recovered from the physical and psychological impact of the war. This book — The Golem — is dedicated in part to my brother. Sadly, he was just one of many victims of war.
And yet, ironically — if I must tell the entire truth, and I will — my brother was a firm supporter of the policies of George W. Bush. Like many good patriotic Americans, my brother — a traditional conservative — was taken in by the Zionist propaganda of Fox News and other “conservative” outlets rampant today.
In some respects, my brother would probably reject the basic foundation of this book, if only because its thesis runs so contrary to the propaganda line that he came to accept during his too-short life.
In any case, being very, very anti-war, I began studying U.S. foreign policy. By the time I was about 16 years old, I had pretty much come to the conclusion that the primary powder keg — the foremost problem — for U.S. foreign policy was the Middle East. And that was precisely — I determined — because of all-out U.S. support for Israel.
As a consequence of that, I believe that we were victim of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Whoever was responsible for 9-11— and I do believe that Israel was the prime mover behind 9-11, a subject that I am going to explore in a forthcoming book — the bottom line is that the 9-11 tragedy was a direct outgrowth of the U.S. involvement in the Middle East, specifically, U.S. favoritism for Israel. Even if — as George Bush contends — radical Muslims were responsible for 9-11 — it still links back to U.S. partisanship on behalf of Israel.
Years and years ago I told anyone who would listen that — ultimately — the United States would be the victim of a terrorist attack from the Muslim world as a consequence of our Middle East policy, and while the United States was the victim of a massive terrorist attack, I do not believe — as I’ve said — that the Muslims were responsible.
But in a certain sense I have been vindicated, at least if George W. Bush’s lies are to be believed. And many good Americans believe those lies. But they seem incapable of making a connection between that so-called “Muslim terrorist attack” and the corrupt policies of the American government in the conduct of our nation’s foreign policy.
Now, of course, we have found ourselves embroiled in this war in Iraq. And if the Zionists and their controlled politicians like George W. Bush have their way, we will get into a war against Iran.
So, needless to say, as I have always said: The one thing which is consistent about U.S. Middle East policy is the fact that it is based on lies, bullying and double standards. This policy must be.



A Reflective Essay by Michael Collins Piper




As a consequence of my interest in the Middle East, I obviously did a lot of reading on the topic and discovered that there was one aspect of U.S. Middle East policy that was hardly explored at all in published material on the subject: the fact that John F. Kennedy was engaged in a secret behind the scenes war with Israel, attempting to stop Israel's relentless drive to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
Having always been interested in the JFK assassination, I soon found in my own research, there was good solid reason to believe that Israel had indeed played a major role in that crime which had such a profound impact on the course of U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab world.
The publication of my own book on the JFK assassination, Final Judgment, led me into further research in the realm of U.S. foreign policy, and, as a consequence, my subsequent books relating to The Problem of Israel and its impact on our world began to materialize. Frankly, I believe that my body of work will stand the test of time.
In due course, as a result of my efforts, I have had the opportunity to travel to places I never expected to travel and meet many fine people all across this planet who share my concerns. As a result, I am convinced — now more than ever — that in the end there will be a final solution to The Problem of Israel.



The Golem
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