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A final word . . .

What is to be done?


This volume was never intended as a scientific analysis (or an historical overview) of the state of Israel's arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. The truth is that only the Israelis know precisely the extent of the power and capability of their Golem. And the history (or at least much of it) of Israel's nuclear ambitions has already been examined elsewhere. Instead, our purpose in this work has been to examine the very real danger posed by Israel's Hell Bomb, a danger that is magnified, as we have seen, by the fact that Israel's leaders — both those in the so-called "mainstream" and those on the so-called "margin" (which moves ever closer to the center) — are quite capable of unleashing The Golem if they deem such action necessary.
There is no other nation on the face of the globe that has placed nuclear weapons at the center of its very existence.
There is no other nation in our world today that perceives its nuclear arsenal to be something sacred.
And let it also be added that, in fact, there is no other nation anywhere that has incorporated into its founding philosophy the concept that its people are a "chosen people" who have a special place in the eye of God, that they are superior to all others.
Although ethnic and religious rivalries and prejudices have often been at the center of controversies all across the globe, there is no other nation — except Israel — that ranks its own people to be ultimately superior to all other peoples and cultures everywhere on this earth.
And yet, despite all of this, Israel itself is a nation that — even within — is rent with domestic turmoil that is inevitably made all the more distressing by ongoing signs of massive corruption and mismanagement, details of which occasionally pop up in the Western press.
So it is that the stability — and very future — of Israel, as a nation, is one that remains in doubt.
While Israel and its partisans would have us believe that "the Arabs" and "the Muslims" are the greater threat to Israel's survival, the reality is that Israel itself is the greatest threat to its own future and that of the Jewish people as a whole.
Although many people (particularly Americans, influenced by the mass media) perceive Israel to be a united and thriving "democracy;' nothing could be further from the truth.
The conflict between factions among the Jewish elite (and the people) of Israel is, at some times, almost as bitter as the conflict between Israel and the peoples of the Arab world.




So when all is said and done, the tiny nation of Israel stands out as a tinderbox of the first and worst order — its endless conflicts with its neighbors only adding to the danger.
Yet, this troubled and troublesome nation of some 5,000,000 people — roughly the size of the state of New Jersey — holds the world hostage. It is that simple.
Through the sheer clout of its lobby in Washington — one which undeniably dictates American foreign policy — coupled with the presence of Israel's nuclear Golem (which, by its existence gives Israel's Washington lobby even further influence) this troubled and troubling racist state (no democracy by any stretch of the imagination) can and must now be counted — horrifyingly enough — as one of the most powerful nations on the face of the planet — if not the most powerful bar none — by virtue of Israel's effective domination of America's media (and thus the American government itself).
It was Israel — and Israel alone — that brought America into the shameful and destructive war against Iraq, one that has displaced millions from their homes in a nation that once thrived.
How many future terrorists have been spawned among young Iraqis who now are living and or destined to live either in exile or in squalid refugee camps, on war-torn streets and in bombed — out buildings in once prosperous cities and villages ravaged by the Israeli — directed American invasion of their native land.
Today the United States stands on the brink of another needless war against the people of Iran. And, again, it is a war "made in Israel."
Israel has driven a wedge between not only the United States and the Arab peoples of the Middle East, but also between the United States and Muslims worldwide, not to mention millions upon millions of other good peoples who resent America's global machinations carried out at the direction of Israel and its lobby in Washington.
American politicians and policy makers, academics and military leaders, intelligence officers and diplomats, are all under the gun: those who dare to speak out in opposition to the intrigues of Israel are threatened, blackmailed, boycotted, smeared and, yes, assassinated.
At home in America, measures have been put in place — legislation such as the so-called "Patriot" Act — that, while ostensibly designed to "fight terrorism," are nothing more than old-fashioned police state-style mechanisms to curtail dissent and set in place an authoritarian regime
The present is very ugly indeed. But the future stands to be much worse, unless, of course, Americans and others stand together to put an end to this madness, before it's too late. And there's no question about it. As I've said before: The time has come. Something has got to be done.




What, then, is to be done?
First of all, retired American military officers and veterans of all ranks who understand the nature of Israel's pernicious influence on American policy must band together to use their good will among the American people to publicize this danger. They must once again step forward, as they did before, to defend America. And they will have the support of most grassroots Americans if they dare to do it.
Our American war veterans must move into the forefront of the political arena, if not as candidates then as unyielding public voices for peace, challenging the power of the Israeli lobby in America.
Office-seekers who tout their allegiance to Israel need to be publicly and loudly denounced, shouted down, exposed as the bought-and-paid-for shills that they are. Americans must forget about niceties and put aside the tired old theory that public officials are due respect. Any politician who continues to support Israel is due no respect. Any politician who supports Israel should be driven out of office.
Americans need to wage vocal public protests outside the real corridors of power. Americans need to forget about picketing the White House and Congress. Instead of bringing 100,000 angry anti-war protestors to Washington to parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, there should be 10,000 angry anti-war protestors outside every synagogue and Jewish community organization in every major city in America.
These are the real centers of political power in the United States, the rallying points for the millions of dollars in campaign contributions that prop up Zionist power in America. Angry rallies in towns and cities across America would alert the average American as to what America's foolish foreign imperial ventures are really all about.
Americans from all walks of life must be prepared to confront their Jewish neighbors and demand that these Jewish Americans cease and desist in supporting organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and all manner of pro-Israel operations that thrive on American soil today.
All of this can — and MUST  — be done peacefully, to be sure.
Americans are good people — non-violent people — but heretofore they have been afraid to confront the trouble-makers in our midst head on. This can no longer be the case.
Americans — including Jewish Americans of good faith who are prepared to defy their self-appointed leaders — must put pressure on the leaders and enablers of the Zionist power bloc and make it clear, in no uncertain terms, that





Americans must be ready to stand up — united — and declare in no uncertain terms, once and for all, that there will be


That simple slogan, repeated enough times in enough places before enough people, will explain — once and for all — what the primary source of trouble in our world really happens to be. People should be prepared to say quite simply


Israel's nuclear Golem stands at the center of this source of trouble and gives Israel the unbridled authority to conduct its affairs at home, in the occupied territories, and in dealing with its neighbors in the region (and in the rest of the world) in a fashion that does not comport with reasonable standards of law or ethics.
In the not-too-distant future, Israel and its partisans must come to recognize one simple reality: they are outnumbered. The Zionist experiment in Palestine has failed, and the consequence is a world in turmoil, a direct result of some forty years of United States intervention in the Middle East on Israel's behalf, working to salvage a failed state that should have never been established in the first place.
As this is written (July 2007), the Palestinians are at war among themselves — again, a result of U.S.-Israeli intrigue — and the Israelis are once again "playing pretend," now hinting that they are amenable to working with the Fatah faction among the Palestinians to bring a settlement of the Palestine question. But those who know the history of the Israelis recognize that it is "all just more of the same."
Israel must be prepared to share power with the Christian and Muslim natives of Palestine. The day of an exclusively Jewish state, with Jewish superiority and second-class status for the Palestinians must — and will — soon come to an end. The wheel of history is turning ever more swiftly in that direction.
The civilized world must be prepared to move toward dismantling Israel's nuclear arsenal and setting in place a new paradigm in Palestine, one that will do so much toward establishing a Just peace that will play a great part in guaranteeing an end to the Middle East flashpoint that revolves around Israel's Golem. Otherwise, there's no question about it: America and the world (including Israel) will be speeding faster and faster down the Road to Armageddon.




The Golem
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