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A World Held Hostage . . .

The existence of Israel’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction is the world’s greatest “open secret.” Unfortunately, many Americans, sadly, think that Israel’s atomic Hellfire is simply splendid, a gift from God. However, most knowledgeable people across the face of our planet — people of all creeds and colors — don’t share that view. And because the people of our world — the overwhelming vast majority — do not share that view, they have begun to perceive the United States as hardly more than a shameless and shameful tool of Israel.
While some have been heard to suggest that the situation is quite the opposite, that Israel is, rather to the contrary, a tool of the United States, the entirety of the material assembled in the pages of this volume should convince them otherwise.
In any case, what is distinctly beyond debate is that the so-called “special relationship” between the United States and Israel is, as one critic has written, a “poisonous relationship” that does not bode well for the future of mankind—and that, needless to say, is putting it mildly.
There have been a number of important works, largely by Jewish authors (including several Israelis) which have explored, in some depth, the until recently little-known history of Israel’s drive for nuclear weapons. However, this book, The Golem, is designed to explain how the reality of Israel’s nuclear bomb—which we have dubbed “The Golem”—has become an ever-present reality (a dangerous and frightening one) that has had a destructive impact on the course of the conduct of U.S. foreign policy.
The existence of this Golem has likewise provided Israel’s powermad lobby in Washington with added clout far above and beyond the millions (really billions) of political cash at the lobby’s disposal. Together this has made Israel and its adherents in America the unchallenged dictators of the American system.
Both of America’s major political parties are tightly controlled at the highest levels by the Jewish lobby and are ready and willing to do whatever that lobby demands. In addition, we find that all of the major newsmagazines, all of the major newspapers, and all of the major broadcast networks are firmly in the hands of Jewish families and financial interests with a deep commitment to promoting the interests of Israel and global Zionism. In truth, those who control the media in America control the American process and use it to advance the Zionist agenda. The death of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 put an end to JFK’s steadfast effort to prevent Israel from setting in place the cornerstone of its longstanding national security agenda: the construction of a nuclear arsenal. And the subsequent political assassination of President Richard Nixon who—like JFK— dared to challenge Israel behind the scenes cemented Israel’s power over the American system and further advanced its nuclear agenda.
Since that time Israel has steamed forward, flexing its inordinate and certainly unrivaled political muscle over America, using the threat of its nuclear capacity to blackmail and extort and coerce the United States and the West—really the entire civilized world—into accepting Israel’s national (and international) agenda, one that is rooted in the age-old racist and ethnocentric worldview of Zionism and its philosophical antecedents in the Jewish body of laws known as the Talmud.
Although the Zionist-dominated media regularly promotes horror stories (and false ones at that) about “anti-Christian” passages in the Koran, that same media ignores vile, hate-filled rhetoric in the Talmud aimed at non-Jews. And make no mistake about it, Israel’s Talmudic ideology is a dangerous one, particularly since it is so foundational to Israel’s geopolitical agenda which pivots on Israel’s nuclear arsenal.
In short, we live in a world held hostage by Israel’s nuclear Golem. And even if you have never heard the term “Golem” — which is likely — you will soon understand why that unusual term is so remarkably accurate (and so profound) in using to describe Israel’s Hell Bomb.
Never in the entire history of mankind has civilization been so directly threatened with such an enemy. Still, amazingly, a substantial number of Americans have yet to recognize this horrific danger.
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has said that the people of the world are the planet’s “second greatest superpower” and that through their joint efforts war can finally be put to rest forever. Let us hope that he is correct. My wish is that this book can be an effective tool in the hands of this second greatest super-power.
If this book accomplishes anything, let it be simply this: to set the stage for Americans to come to their senses and rise up in their most righteous might and demand, once and for all, that the Zionist-corrupted elements inside the corridors of American power be brought to heel, that the mechanism of control in the hands of Israel and its lobby in Washington be forcibly dismantled, that a new American system — freed from the grip of Zionism — closes ranks with the peoples of this planet and forces Israel and the international Zionist movement to join the community of mankind and do away with its monster, its nuclear Golem.
If and when that happens we may be one step closer toward stopping the destruction of our world as we know it today.





The Golem
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