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Was the First Shot in Israel’s War to Achieve Nuclear Supremacy Fired in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22, 1963?

. . . [John F. ]Kennedy placed the limitation of the nuclear arms race at the center of American foreign policy. . . . Israel’s nuclear enterprise was in direct contradiction with the principles of his policy. . . .
The correspondent for Ha’aretz in Washington during the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies, Amos Elon, filed a report saying that in a background talk with James Reston of The New York Times, Kennedy had said that in nuclear matters [Israeli Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion was a “wild man.”


  —Israeli historian Michael Karpin
The Bomb in the Basement:
How Israel Went Nuclear and
What That Means for theWorld




The murder of American President John F. Kennedy brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure being applied by the U.S. administration on the government of Israel to discontinue the nuclear program.
[In Israel and the Bomb, Avner] Cohen demonstrates at length the pressures applied by Kennedy on Ben-Gurion . . . in which Kennedy makes it quite clear to the Israeli prime minister that he will under no circumstances agree to Israel becoming a nuclear state. The book implied that, had Kennedy remained alive, it is doubtful whether Israel would today have a nuclear option.


  —Reuven Pedatzer in Israel’s Ha’aretz,
Feb. 5, 1999, reviewing Avner Cohen’s
Israel and the Bomb.



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