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Israel’s Prisoner of Conscience Speaks:


The time has come for U.S.and Europe to inform all the people in the Middle East that Israel has all the atomic weapons. It is time to prepare all the states and people for the future NWs. [Nuclear wars.]
Because Israel is not yet ready to respect all the democracy standards, human rights, this means Israel is moving toward a nuclear war in the future.
All this talk and the meetings are not going to bring any peace. They are just helping Israelis to cheat themselves. As long as The Wall exists, the occupation, the settlements, the refugee camps, there will never be any peace.
The Jews of Israel must wake up from their Zionist dreams, wake up from the policy of Ben Gurion and Shimon Peres who trust atomic weapons. Theymake nuclear war inevitable.
So the U.S. and European obligation is tomake it very clear and open, that the war is coming.


March 27, 2007
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Nominated repeatedly for the Nobel Peace Prize, former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu spent 18 years in prison in Israel, eleven years in solitary confinement, convicted of treason and espionage for having (in 1986) given The London Sunday Times inside information regarding Israel’s program for the construction of atomic weapons of mass destruction. Since his release from prison, in 2004, Vanunu has repeatedly been targeted by Israeli authorities for his continuing refusal to abide by Israel’s demand that he cease having contact with foreign journalists. Vanunu wishes to leave Israel but the Israeli government will not permit that. The Jerusalem Post reported — on July 25, 2004 — that Vanunu charged in an interview with the London-based Arabic newspaper, al-Hayat, that he believed that John F. Kennedy’s assassination was the direct result of JFK’s efforts to prevent Israel from building nuclear weapons. Vanunu was first introduced to this thesis, put forth in Michael Collins Piper’s book, Final Judgment, by another prominent Israeli dissident, Israel Shamir. Piper is one of those with whom Vanunu spoke, defying Israel’s ban on his contact with foreign journalists.


The Golem
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