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Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia (above), has been an outspoken advocate for world peace. Shown, at inset, is a photograph of Michael Collins Piper’s late half-brother, F. C. Schellenberg, jumping from a truck during military training prior to his deployment toVietnam. Schellenberg was just one of millions of Americans sent to fight needless foreign wars.





To Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
The Father of Modern Malaysia
and a Front-Line Warrior for World Peace


We must banish war as an option in the settlement of disputes and conflicts between nations; to recognize and define war as ‘legitimized mass murder, as inhuman and uncivilized.’
I call upon the world to reject war totally and to accept peace as the true expression of the humaneness and nobility of humankind, the ultimate measure of the level of civilization humanity should strive for, should attain.
In the name of democracy, freedom and God, the war criminals have waged and continue to wage wars of aggressions and commit heinous war crimes. In the name of peace, we must mount a global effort to prevent war criminals from waging wars and the slaughter of the innocents.
We must be resolute. We must not flinch in the face of adversity. Our cause is just and victory is assured though the struggle will be long and arduous. God willing, peace will prevail.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first steps. We have taken many steps. Let us march forward in this struggle to achieve true civilization, to criminalize war.



To the late F. C. Schellenberg.

He was drafted to fight in the war in Vietnam, yet another war that need not and should not have been fought. Although my big brother returned home to our family — and started his own — the scars of a war that he never talked about to me — except once — brought him to an early death. In many ways, my mother’s first-born son had already died in the jungle in Southeast Asia many years before.

And to Mordechai Vanunu

The world owes a great debt to Mordechai — a prophet for our times. Let us hope both that Mordechai’s warnings about Israel’s nuclear Golem are heeded and that he finally achieves the liberty of which he dreamed during 18 years spent confined in the Hell of an Israeli prison.




The Golem
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