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eBook Summary: This landmark work pulls no punches in asserting that Israel’s nuclear Hell Bomb is pushing civilization toward global Armageddon, that the perpetuation of this un-controlled weapons program has left the world held hostage. Explains the danger the planet faces as a direct consequence of American collaboration with a nuclear-armed Israel, a nation which has an open historical record of hostility to other peoples, based on little-known Jewish religious teachings that have been the philosophy upon which Israel—since its earliest days—has worked relentlessly to construct an atomic arsenal—its Golem—the foundation of its national security strategy. Demonstrates that America’s international policy has been hijacked by well-heeled supporters of Israel who—in combination with a mass media dominated by Jewish financial interests—have become the masters of America’s destiny and that of mankind itself. Piper calls this phenomenon “the ‘Israelization’ of American foreign policy.” A mammoth record of indisputable facts pointing toward the unmistakable conclusion: That the people of the United States and the world must work together to ensure Israel’s Golem is dismantled.


The Golem
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