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... James Angleton and Israeli memorial to him
ebook p. 387 [322d]
  Yitzhak Shamir, Col. George deLannurien, Mickey Cohen
  Jack Ruby, Marilyn Monroe, Menachem Begin
  David Atlee Philips,"Maurice Bishop," George H. W. Bush
  Mordechai Vanunu
ebook p. 389 [322f]
  Victor Marchetti, E. Howard, Joe Trento
  "Dear Mr. Hunt" letter, Richard Perle
  Mark Lane, Marita Lorenz
  CIA asset William R. Corson
ebook p. 391 [322h]
  Frank Sturgis
  CIA Contract operative Gerry Patrick Hemming
  Guillermo Novo, Ignacio, Michael Townley
    IOS head Bernie Cornfeld, Robert Vesco
ebook p. 393 [322j]
Assassinations Committee Director Robert Blakey, Carlos Marcello

Morris Dalitz, Ed Levinson
Jack Anderson, Drew Pearson
Sam Giancana, Lansky partner Hyman Larner
ebook p. 395 [322l
Sam Bronfman, John McCloy, Allen Dulles
Eugene Rostow
Max Fisher, Shaul Eisenberg
  Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
ebook p. 397 [322n]
Arlen Specter, Albert Jenner
Russian-born nobleman George DeMohrenschildt
William Sullivan, Barry Seal
  Former Nazi general Reinhard Gehlen
ebook p. 399 [322p]
ADL-associated publicist Don Levine
Top-secret U.S. intelligence reports about Arab newspapers
The "umbrella man" in Dealey Plaza
Mossad assassinations specialist Michael Harari
ebook p. 401 [322r]
Shah of Iran, CIA Director Richard Helms
  President Richard Nixon
Producer of movie JFK Oliver Stone, Arnon Milchan
Cover of James DiEugenio's Destiny Betrayed
ebook p. 403 [322t]
ADL Director Abe Foxman, Marcia Milchiker
Media frenzy over JFK assassination college course
James Earl Ray suspected Mossad link to King assassination
Jared Taylor, ADL "fact-finder" chief Irwin Suall
ebook p. 405 [322v]
Pro-Israeli John Birch Society Founder Robert Welch
Media mogul S. I. Newhouse, Roy Cohn
Weekly World News cover of Castro and JFK
New York Post headline "HOFFA HAD JFK KILLED"
ebook p. 407 [322x]
Former Illinois Congressman Paul Findley
WorldnetDaily's Joseph Farah
French government document refusing clemency to Pierre Neuville
ebook p. 409 [322z]
President Harry Truman, former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky
Yitzhak Rabin, John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Jack Ruby in Dallas police headquarters
New York Post headline about JFK Jr. death
ebook p. 411 [322bb]
AIPAC founder attacks on JFK
U.S. government publication documenting fierce JFK-Israel conflict
1961 memo from Acting Assistant Secretary of State
Excerpts from Secretary of State Rusk letters
ebook p. 413 [322dd]
Arguments for/against Natl Special Security Arrangement with Israel
Five views of the Mossad Link: "The Mossad Box"
ebook p. 415 [322ff]
The Confusing Picture on Front of the Puzzle
The Other Side of the Jigsaw Puzzle
The third circular "tunnel" model
The fourth "Permindex star" model
ebook p. 417 [322hh]
Mossad connections with key players chart
Barry Chamish, Walter Cronkite
Headline: "Israel Blackmailed Bill With Monica Tapes"
ebook p. 419 [322jj]
50th anniversary celebration of Israel at Union Station, Washington DC
1966 United States Note

Final Judgment
(front and back)
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