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The Unspoken Truth:
Israel's Central Role in the JFK Assassination

. . .Where in the world could anyone come up with the idea that Israel's Mossad had a hand in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? All of the information which, taken together, proves this contention has long been in the public domain. This book, Final Judgment, brings all of these facts together for the first time in a fascinating and frightening scenario that—although controversial—does make sense.

. . .Considering all of the theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that have been circulating for years, how could anyone ever suggest that Israel's Mossad was involved ?
. . .This was the reaction of more than a few people when apprised of the thesis presented in the pages of this book. Yet, I believe, that when you read this volume you will reach the same conclusion: that Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad, did indeed play a critical role in the JFK assassination conspiracy and its cover-up. The evidence is there, as you shall see.
. . .It was in 1989, while re-reading A. J. Weberman and Michael Canfield's Coup d'Etat in America (first published in 1975) that I first stumbled upon a strange reference that ultimately led to my research that is outlined here in the pages of Final Judgment. The reference, simple as it was, appearing on page 41, read as follows:
. . ."After the assassination, an informer for the Secret Service and the FBI who had infiltrated a Cuban exile group and was in the process of selling them machine guns, reported that on November 21, 1963 he was told, 'We now have plenty of money—our new backers are the Jews—as soon as they take care of JFK.' This man had furnished reliable information in the past." (emphasis added)
. . .I barely noticed the reference, but it did intrigue me. Who did this source mean by "the Jews" and why (of all people) would "they" want to "take care of JFK"? I concluded the source meant Jewish gangsters such as Meyer Lansky who wanted to regain their Cuban gambling interests they lost when Castro came to power. This, I thought, had to be the answer.
. . .Frankly, I laid the speculation aside. It was just one lone detail among millions of words written about the JFK assassination. Nearly a year went by before I came across the reference again—while re-reading the same book. I pondered the quote for a moment, thinking, "This isinteresting."
However, I once again cast it aside. I had long ago already concluded that the CIA, in collusion with elements of "the Mafia" and the anti-Castro Cuban exiles, was responsible for the president's assassination.
. . .However, an entire year later—sometime in 1991—I came across a variation of the same quotation cited in the book by Weberman and Canfield. This time it appeared in David Scheim's book, Contract on America, which contends "The Mafia Killed JFK" and which also

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vehemently dismisses any CIA involvement whatsoever. I had read Scheim's book when it first came out in 1988, but I had not noticed the reference (or the similarity to the other one) at that time.
. . .What intrigued me, however, was that Scheim's rendition of the quote deleted the reference to the alleged Jewish backers of the Cuban plotters. My immediate thought was: "What's Scheim trying to hide?" At that moment I finally began to see that this unusual (seemingly minor) detail might, in fact, point toward something much bigger than I had realized.


. . .It was at this time that a new biography of organized crime figure Meyer Lansky was released. Entitled Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life, the book—prepared in cooperation with Lansky's family—was little more than a puff piece for Lansky. I realized immediately that the book still somehow seemed to be missing quite a lot.
. . .It was then that I returned to my library and pulled a book off the shelf that I hadn't re-read in perhaps fifteen years. It was Hank Messick's biography of Lansky. Re-reading this important book I began to see that Meyer Lansky was not just a Mafia advisor as David Scheim, for example, would have his readers believe. Instead, Lansky was "the chairman of the board" of organized crime. All of the Mafia figures that had been repeatedly implicated in the JFK assassination were, in fact, Lansky's front men—his subordinates, his underlings. In short, if "the Mafia" had a hand in the killing of JFK, then Lansky had to have been one of the key players.
. . .Yet, as I quickly began to see in reviewing many of the works which allege that "The Mafia Killed JFK," Lansky's preeminent role was being ignored or otherwise under-played. I was aware of Lansky's close ties to Israel. After all, Lansky fled to Israel when the heat was on in the United States. But how deeply did the Lansky-Israeli connection go? My research into that question began to turn up some interesting facts.


. . .At this juncture, however, I had no reason whatsoever to think that Israel would have had any reason to participate in the JFK assassination conspiracy. However, it was just about the time that I had begun to take a second look at the Lansky connection—in 1991—that several new works were released which provided never-before revealed information about the covert relationship between the United States and Israel.
. . .These books, cited extensively in Final Judgment, made it all too clear that John F. Kennedy had become embroiled in a bitter behind-the-scenes battle with Israel. In fact, Kennedy was at war.
. . .JFK's secret war with Israel was something that even long-time JFK assassination researchers had no reason to know about. Much of the material had long been classified. It was a secret—a deep, dark secret.

. . .Some of JFK's communications with then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion were classified for years, until just recently. Not even top-level intelligence officials with special security clearance were initially allowed access to those explosive documents.
. . .In fact, prior to these more recent revelations, very little about JFK's relations with Israel and the Arab world had ever actually been published anywhere. As historian David Schoenbaum pointed out quite notably in his book, The United States and the State of Israel:
. . . "Submerged among the high-visibility themes of East-West relations, the nuclear arms race and the early dawn of a test ban and nonproliferation, the Berlin and Cuban missile crisis, the perplexities of the newly decolonized Belgian Congo, buoyant hopes for an Alliance for Progress in Latin America, and the deepening quagmire in Vietnam, the Middle East is scarcely even visible in the standard biographies that followed Kennedy's assassination. Even by liberal estimates, Ben-Gurion and Nasser, Israel and Egypt appear on only seven each of Theodore Sorensen's 758, and Arthur M. Schlesinger's 1,031 pages of text." (Emphasis added.)
. . .In short, while JFK assassination researchers were busy probing a wide variety of areas, they were missing the big picture—the secret picture on the other side of the jigsaw puzzle.
. . .So it was that the new revelations about Kennedy's relationship with Israel (and its potential link to the assassination conspiracy) made me realize that there was an unexplored area of research—never before considered—that needed examination.


. . .By this time, then, the long and close relationship between Israel and JFK's foes at the CIA was something that was now being acknowledged. And JFK's own war with the CIA was already common knowledge. At the time of the JFK assassination, however, the depth and breadth of the CIA's relationship with Israel's Mossad, however, was not so commonly known.
. . .The pieces of the puzzle were all there. They simply needed to be put together. With a basic thesis now evolving in my mind, I began re-reading much of the published information about the JFK assassination, his policy toward Israel and the history of organized crime.
. . .And in so doing, I repeatedly found myself stumbling upon new information that continued to verify what was initially in my mind just a theory, but which I now believe to be the truth. By December of 1992 I realized that I had enough material for a book and I began to write it.
. . .But even as I was already in the process of writing the book, I was startled by the vast amount of material that I was continually uncovering—and virtually all of it was in the pages of mainstream sources freely available to anyone who cared to do the research. I thus began to realize that I had indeed begun to assemble a remarkable wealth of material that brought my initial thesis full circle.

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. . .It is the Permindex connection which is the tie that binds—the final proof that the Mossad was at the center of the assassination conspiracy. In Permindex we find all of the critical elements tying the Mossad, the CIA and the Lansky Crime Syndicate together in close-knit intrigue linked directly to the murder of President Kennedy.
. . .Although researchers have devoted much time and energy to pursuing a wide variety of questions relating to the JFK assassination (focusing on many matters that will never be resolved) most have steered clear of Permindex. Those who have referenced it portray Permindex as some sort of remnant of the Third Reich but nothing could be further from the truth.
. . .In fact, understanding the forces behind Permindex is the key to resolving the biggest mystery of this century: the question of not only who killed John F. Kennedy—but why.


     Just before I began the book I mentioned my theory to a rather well-known former United States congressman. He surprised me when he said, "I think you are on to something. I've believed for years that the Mossad was involved in the Kennedy assassination, but I never really took the time to look into it. I'm glad you're doing it, though. It will be an important book. It's a book I would have liked to have written myself."
. . .Then, just after I finished the first draft, I sent a copy of the manuscript to another former member of Congress, Paul Findley, thinking that he might have some interest in the subject. His response was perhaps a bit astonishing. The ex-Congressman wrote me a surprising letter in which he said, "I will mention that over the past four years I have had lengthy correspondence with a retired diplomat from a western European nation whose family (including himself) has had disastrous experiences with Israel and the Mossad. He has been prodding me all that time to do what you have done."—that is, write a book exploring Israel's secret role in the JFK assassination conspiracy.
. . .Congressman Findley then passed the manuscript on to the Frenchman (whose remarkable story you will learn about in these pages) who in turn provided me additional fascinating leads and inside information that helped make the thesis presented in Final Judgment complete.


. . .Israel's Mossad was indeed a primary force behind the JFK assassination conspiracy. The Israeli connection pulls all of the pieces of the puzzle together into one complete picture. The role of the Mossad in the JFK assassination is indeed the "missing link" in the conspiracy. For the sake of history, it is a story that needs to be told.



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