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An Apology From the Author . . .

"I Missed the Missing Link."

. . . "Michael Collins Piper does much more than convince readers of the multi-layered conspiracy to remove JFK from office: he convinces us that the facts have always been right before our eyes."

From a review of Final Judgment
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. . . One of the problems with writing a book is that no matter how hard an author researches his subject, he's bound to miss a few significant items the first time around. Since Final Judgment was first released in 1994, I've repeatedly kicked myself for having passed by more than a few such details that I believe lend credence to the theory that this book puts forth.
. . .Up through and including the fourth edition of Final Judgment, I repeatedly made the point that former New Orleans Jim Garrison who prosecuted trade executive Clay Shaw for conspiracy in the JFK assassination had no inkling of any Mossad connection to the assassination. But it now seems that I was wrong.
. . .After the fourth edition of Final Judgment was released, I made the somewhat unsettling discovery that Garrison apparently did indeed realize that the Mossad was connected to the conspiracy—and the information had been there for me to find it, if I had looked in the right place.
. . .Although I had scanned the quite extensive Internet web site of veteran JFK assassination researcher A. J. Weberman ( I found something which amazed me, to say the least. On his web site, Weberman made the following remarkable assertion:

. . .This researcher knew Jim Garrison in the mid-1970's. Garrison wanted me to find a publisher for a manuscript he had written on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When I read the manuscript I found that it was a fictional work that placed the blame for John Kennedy's death on the Mossad—the Israeli intelligence service.

. . .Considering all the grief to which I had been subjected over the past several years—even including criticism coming from some defenders of the Garrison investigation—I could barely believe what I had read.
. . .If A. J. Weberman is to be believed, Jim Garrison himself had indeed figured out—somehow, not surprisingly—that there was good reason to believe that the Mossad had been involved in the crime of the century.

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. . .But Garrison himself evidently concluded (quite correctly, I might add) that it was not in his interests to say so—at least not publicly and certainly not in any of his non-fiction writings on the subject. So Garrison decided instead to put his thesis in a novel, but it was a novel that obviously was never published. I doubt that Garrison's family will be attempting to put the unpublished manuscript (if it still exists) on the market any time soon.
. . .Weberman's revelation is sure to make many defenders of Jim Garrison uncomfortable, but it does provide astounding confirmation that the thesis that has been put forth in Final Judgment does have some genuine support from a figure who has become both a villain and an icon in the lore of the JFK assassination conspiracy.
. . .Garrison's reported theorizing of Mossad involvement does not, of course, prove that the Mossad was involved in the JFK assassination, but it does lend credence to what has been so widely criticized (but without refutation, I might add) in the pages of Final Judgment.
. . .The question, naturally, arises: was Weberman lying about Garrison's Mossad theory, and if so, why would Weberman make this allegation? This is not for me to answer. I am only here to tell you that this is what Weberman has said.
. . .If Weberman is not lying, are we then to believe that Garrison was simply having some sort of twisted fun, that he concocted this scenario for his own peculiar purposes? This, of course, seems highly unlikely.
. . .Thus we are left with the fact of what Weberman has alleged about Garrison's apparent suppositions, coupled with the reality that Final Judgment has now come forth documenting the "how" and the "why" of Mossad involvement in the JFK assassination conspiracy.
. . .And as much as it may dismay Israel and its powerful lobby in America, represented by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith and other powerful forces, there are a lot of people—in growing numbers—who do believe that Final Judgment presents a scenario that does make sense, one that makes as much sense or more than many of the other standard theories on the subject, the ADL's hysterical efforts to silence me (but not refute me) notwithstanding.
. . .So despite the subtitle of my book, in a sense I actually initially missed "the missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy"—the fact that Jim Garrison had indeed recognized the Mossad connection.
. . .Only now am I finally able to bring this vital detail to my readers. I only wish I had done it earlier.
. . .Keeping all of this in mind, I invite the readers of Final Judgment to read what I have written, and re-written, and revised and up-dated and to determine for themselves if Jim Garrison's apparent suspicions were indeed on the mark and that Israel and its Mossad were primary players alongside the CIA in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

                                                                          —Michael Collins Piper
                                                                               Washington, DC

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