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Acknowledgements—and Intrigue . . .

. . .Having written a book on such a "controversial" topic as the JFK assassination—coupling that subject with a highly "sensational" thesis—has proven quite an adventure. It has been rewarding, if not sometimes frustrating. It's brought me a lot of new friends—and lots of enemies, too!
. . .Since the first edition was released, I've received so many letters of congratulation and appreciated comments of many people I respect who have said—as one put it: "I think you've pinned the tail on the donkey."
. . .Never having styled myself as an "expert" on the JFK assassination, I protest when anyone introduces me as such. In fact, despite what many have assumed, the subject has never been a particular preoccupation of mine. There are others who have devoted much more time to the topic. And I am very familiar with their work.
. . .However, there are many JFK assassination researchers who refuse to admit that there is even any basis for my thesis. There are those who don't wish to even acknowledge the very existence of this book—it's that "controversial."
. . .In the pages that follow, I pull no punches in naming names or pointing out why I believe some "researchers" are disingenuous and perhaps even compromised, bought off by the forces responsible for the JFK assassination. I don't believe I'm overstating the case at all.
. . .Some fools have suggested Final Judgment is "Arab propaganda." No Arab government or financial interest—or even any Arab-American source—had any hand in preparing, publishing or distributing this book. Only in later 2001—a full year after the publication of the fifth English-language edition—did a privately owned Arabic-language publishing house issue a translation of the book.
. . .This work is mine alone.
. . .Some critics pointed out that I was an employee of Liberty Lobby, the populist institution that published the (now-defunct) national weekly newspaper, The Spotlight. These critics note that Liberty Lobby questioned U.S. favoritism toward Israel. All of this is true. However, for this I make no apologies nor, for that matter, are any apologies due.
. . .In fact, as this new edition of Final Judgment is being delivered to the publisher, the global media is focused on Israel and the Middle East . . . and the publications and voices of the Israeli lobby in America are crying (true or not) that "The Whole World is Against Us."
. . .So, it was precisely my association with Liberty Lobby that enabled me to gain special insights—particularly vis-à-vis U.S. policy toward Israel—which assisted tremendously in the preparation of this book. Other JFK researchers have not had this unusual advantage.
. . .What's more, as you'll see in Final Judgment, Liberty Lobby became embroiled in a heated libel trial after ex-CIA figure E. Howard Hunt brought a lawsuit against Liberty Lobby for publishing an article alleging the CIA intended to frame Hunt for involvement in the JFK assassination.

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. . .Handling The Spotlight's successful defense, appropriately enough, was Mark Lane, dean of the Warren Commission critics. Lane put aside presumed ideological differences with Liberty Lobby and skillfully used the Hunt case to explore the JFK assassination in a legal forum—the first such opportunity since Jim Garrison's ill-fated prosecution of Clay Shaw.
. . .Thus, following the Hunt case from the "inside"—and later studying Lane's account of the affair in Plausible Denial—gaveme a unique vantage point others haven't had. I thank Mark Lane—and Willis Carto, the founder of Liberty Lobby—for this opportunity.
. . .Willis Carto's encouragement and enthusiasm were most important in making this book possible. The title for Final Judgment was his suggestion and right on target.
. . .As for Mark Lane, let it be noted that had he not written one word after Rush to Judgment—thebook that proved the Warren Commission Report a fraud—we would still be indebted to Mark for that alone.
. . .Although many books from others came later, Mark's singular crusade convinced the world there was much more to the story. Mark and his one-­of-a-kind wife, Trish, are tremendous human beings and valued friends.
. . .In Final Judgment you will also meet another remarkable individual: a former French intelligence officer who provided me with stunning "inside" information that forced me to rewrite the first draft of Final Judgment, thereby bringing my thesis full circle. Had it not been for his input, this book would not be complete.
. . .The name of my French source, Pierre Neuville, was unveiled for the first time in the fifth edition of Final Judgment, but the Mossad—of course—knew his identity from the beginning.
. . .Although the first draft presented—I think—a compelling indictment of Mossad complicity in the JFK assassination, my French source pointed me in a direction that convinced me—and many readers—that Final Judgment was on the mark.
. . .History owes a debt to the well-known and respected former U.S. congressman, Paul Findley—a liberal, no "right-wing extremist"—who introduced me to this French source and vouched for his credibility. Only recently did I formally identify Findley as the conduit, but, again, it was no mystery to those who make it their business to know these things.
. . .Another former U.S. Congressman—the late John G. Schmitz—told me of his own long-time suspicion of Mossad involvement in the JFK assassination (based on his own inquiries) and encouraged me to write this book, saying it was a book he would have liked to have written.
. . .A rather colorful international businessman intimately associated with several prominent figures mentioned in Final Judgment gave me a rather firm endorsement of this book's thesis, saying succinctly: "I think that's pretty much what happened." Considering this gentleman's connections, his assessment is very telling indeed.
. . .Although they've certainly never endorsed my thesis, several authors upon whose works I relied extensively do confirm the secret war between

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JFK and Israel and suggest (in my view) that behind-the-scenes intrigue in the U.S.-Israeli relationship is relevant to the events of November 22, 1963.
. . .Stephen Green, Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, and Seymour Hersh, in their own studies of U.S. Middle East policy (Taking Sides, Dangerous Liaison, and The Samson Option, respectively), provided the foundation upon which much of my own research was conducted.
. . .In 1998—four years after the first release of Final Judgment—Israelihistorian Avner Cohen, author of Israel and the Bomb, came along and his book (certainly unintentionally) has given great credence to my thesis.
. . .Cohen told a mutual acquaintance—I'm sure he'd be shocked to know we even know somebody mutually—that he was horrified to learn (while doing an Internet search for data on his own book) about the existence of Final Judgment and its thesis. Of course, Cohen rushed to assert his view that rejects the idea of Israeli involvement in the JFK assassination, but the genie is out of the bottle and the world now knows that Israel and JFK were not the "special friends" some would have us believe.
. . .A little-noticed—but important—book, There's a Fish in the Courthouse, by Gary Wean, enriched my own work considerably. Unfortunately, Gary now claims my book "plagiarized" his and that I was "forced" to acknowledge his work, which, of course, was clearly quoted and cited and prominently acknowledged from the start.
. . .Nobody "forced" me into giving his book the recognition it was due. In fact, Gary's friend, Wade Frazier, has pointed out that I'm one of the few who has even given any credence or publicity to Gary.
. . .A special "thanks" to a very real friend, Tom Valentine, host of the popular Radio Free America. When no others would, Tom gave me the opportunity to discuss this book and has continually given me much encouragement. (Among other things, by the way, Tom's also a fabulous source of information on alternative health. Check out
. . .Several other radio hosts, including Jack Stockwell and Barbara Jean at "K-TALK" in Salt Lake City, and "One Eyed Jack" Jackson in Springfield, Illinois, Bill Boshears in Cincinnati, Ron Muhammed in San Diego, Victor Thorn and Lisa "Vicki" Guliani (of and Rick Adams at WALE in Providence, Rhode Island have also dared to have me on.
. . .Ex-CIA official Victor Marchetti's counsel was appreciated, although my longtime buddy makes me chuckle when he says he still believes "The KGB killed JFK." As publisher of New American View, Victor and his right hand, Donna McGrath, kept a watch on the Israeli lobby in Washington.
. . .Vince Ryan, John Tiffany, Travis McCoy and Jim Yarbrough, among others, provided helpful suggestions during the writing of Final Judgment. Each, in his own way, contributed to this volume.
. . .Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, the brash and wonderful pioneer American critic of America's disastrous Middle East policy, was most supportive.
. . .A warm nod of appreciation to the late H. Keith Thompson whose support for my work honored me tremendously.
. . .From the start, Van Loman has been a valued confidante, providing sharp insights and remarkable leads that brought the book full circle.

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. . .A tremendous, albeit-belated word of thanks to Bill Grimstad for putting me onto Frank Sturgis' little-noted Mossad connection, a rather relevant point—and that's putting it lightly—that escaped my own research.
. . .Tom Kerr, Bill W., Reg O., Martin Williams, Tony Blizzard, and others provided editing which improved this book considerably. Bob "H. L." Diehli's humor and support has also been encouraging.
. . .Friendly words from the late Ace Hayes, firebrand publisher of the Portland Free Press, and Daniel Brandt of NameBase Newsline proved the point that the JFK assassination is not a matter of "right" or "left," as some naïve folks still believe. Those old labels are gone with the wind.
. . .God bless Dr. Herbert Calhoun, the former State Department official whose no-holds-barred endorsement of Final Judgment has absolutely floored my critics who do know that there are a lot of others in high places who agree with Calhoun, but just aren't yet ready to say it publicly.
. . .Counsel from British writer Gordon Thomas was very much appreciated. Thanks also to Gordon's colleagues at The European for publishing a detailed exposition of my controversial research.
. . .The hearty endorsement from no-nonsense Idaho attorney Edgar Steele (see has certainly helped spread the word.
. . .And I would be remiss in failing to mention Sid and Wwoolf at and Russ at playtowinmoney .com and the folks at who have generously promoted Final Judgment.
. . .Alan Jones' excellent synopsis of Final Judgment in How the World Really Works (see has really been a boost. And Carol Adler, the courageous maverick publisher of many fascinating "controversial" titles (see also stands out for her interest in my work.
. . .To Christopher and Helje Bollyn: You're gutsy people and good friends. The same to Professor Ray Goodwin who put his career on the line by telling his students Final Judgment is the "last word" on the JFK affair.
. . .Thanks to others who provided moral support along the way: Blayne Hutzel, Paul Wolff, Pete Godlove, Dale Crowley, Robert Boody, Mark Lillis, Mary and Mae, the travel agents, Tom McIntyre, Joe Power, Ed Harrington, George Kadar, Joe Fields, Jim Scott, Robert Wolfe, Larry Showell, R. H. Showell, Greg Garnett, Jerry Myers, Donald Malloy, David Lewis, Dan Hinton, James Jakes, Anne Cronin, Julia Foster, Trisha Katson, Ann Brown, Helen Nunley, Marie Zittel, Agi, Mike, Nick, Jim, Judy, Ruby Lee, George, Will, Ricky, DVS, Steve, James the Poet—and last but far from least—that special dog, Brute, and all my other four-legged friends too numerous to mention.
. . .My mother—always my worst critic—read the volume and became convinced, her initial doubts notwithstanding. Too bad my father didn't live to see the book published. He would have been proud.
. . .All of this having been said, I now leave it up to the reader to determine if I have indeed "pinned the tail on the donkey."





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