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A Black Perspective

An Introduction
by Robert L. Brock

A Black American's Perspective
on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

. . .As an American of African slave descent, as a U.S. Army veteran of World War II, and as a long-time laborer within the African-American community, I have a special interest in finding out precisely who killed President John F. Kennedy and why.
. . .John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert Kennedy, put a great deal on the line when they stepped forward and identified themselves with the cause of justice for Blacks in America. To be sure, Jack and Bobby were savvy politicians, conscious of the growing and increasingly influential Black voting bloc in America. Thus, for reasons of their own, they had made a conscious decision to align themselves politically with Americans of African slave descent. However, at the same time Jack and Bobby also truly believed that it was time that the Black man and Black woman in America deserved an even break.
. . .Through their words and—more significantly—through their actions, the Kennedy brothers were bringing a previously-disenfranchised people under the protection of the Kennedy dynasty. Had John Kennedy lived and been elected to a second term, the Black voting bloc—for years to come—would have ultimately become part of a Kennedy political powerhouse.
. . .Throughout the 20th century the Black political apparatus in America was dominated at the highest levels—particularly in the all-important financial realm—by Jewish influence. Organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, one of the foremost elements in the powerful Israeli lobby, aggressively dictated the internal affairs and the public course and discourse of what were ostensibly "Black"—or, in the parlance of the day, "Negro"—civil rights organizations.
. . .However, with the advent of the Kennedy presidency, Americans of African slave descent now had an effective and eloquent spokesman in the White House itself. This essentially had the effect of moving the ADL, for example, out of the loop. The ADL was no longer the "middleman" divvying up the civil rights crumbs for Blacks in America.
. . .John F. Kennedy, for all intents and purposes, had emerged as a white "mainstream" voice for Black America's political empowerment. As President of the United States, speaking out on behalf of Black concerns, John F. Kennedy short-circuited the long-time domination of the Black community by Jewish financial interests and placed himself in the center of the civil rights debate. The ADL and other "civil rights" organizations funded by the Jewish financial interests were pushed aside and made irrelevant. A white man of Irish Catholic descent—the grandson of a saloon

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keeper—became Black America's unlikely spokesman and co-opted the Jewish overseers of the civil rights movement in America.
. . .As a consequence, I do believe—as do many other Americans of African slave descent—that this is one of the reasons that the powers-that­-be within America's plutocratic elite determined that John F. Kennedy's presidency had to be brought to premature closure.
. . .What's more, all of this came at a time when independent Black voices such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were themselves rising in popularity and influence—much, it seems, to the dismay of the Jewish community. We now know that although we have heard much in the media about J. Edgar Hoover's war on Dr. King, it was the ADL that was providing the foot soldiers for this war—a fact that the ADL would much prefer be kept under wraps. A former ADL official has admitted (and as Michael Collins Piper documents in Final Judgment) it was the ADL that was actually doing much of the surveillance of Dr. King, the illicit fruits of which, in turn, were channeled by the ADL to J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.
. . .Dr. King and Malcolm X and others knew the way of the Black ghetto. They understood how Black America was being manipulated. They knew how the drug and gambling and prostitution rackets of Meyer Lansky—a major ADL contributor—were eviscerating Black America. They dared to speak out. For that, both Martin and Malcolm ultimately paid the price.
. . .When all is said and done, there's no question in my mind that we will find that those who slew those dreamers were also behind the murder of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby. This is why I take great pleasure in penning this brief introduction to Michael Collins Piper's remarkable book. I believe that Final Judgment provides the answer to the mystery of who really killed John F. Kennedy—and why.
. . .I will say this for the record: I have nothing but contempt for those cowardly white liberals who portray themselves as admirers of JFK's stand on civil rights and say that they want to find the real murderers of President Kennedy but who otherwise ignore or suppress the facts put forth in Final Judgment. They are frauds and phonies. They are afraid of the truth. They are profiteers who are trading on the death of President Kennedy but covering up all of the facts that are there before them.
. . .There is no other book ever written that explains the JFK assassination conspiracy so honestly or which makes everything about the JFK assassination conspiracy so crystal clear. Once you've read Final Judgment you'll understand the big picture.
. . .Michael Collins Piper has stepped right up into the footlights of center stage and, like one of those great Broadway impresarios, Piper has presented a spell-binding scenario outlining the entirety of the JFK assassination conspiracy more powerful and more convincing than any before. I think you'll agree.

  ROBERT L. BROCK, Founder
The Self Determination Committee


Final Judgment
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