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Publisher's Note

. . .A Note from the Publisher . . .*

. . . "When Final Judgment was temporarily out of print, second-hand book dealers were selling copies over the Internet for as much as $185 each. And this is a book that certain people refuse to acknowledge even exists!"

. . . Few people know it, but it takes as few as 40,000 copies to be sold for a book to reach the New York Times best-seller list. What far fewer people know—but book dealers can attest to it—is that there have actually even been books listed by the Times as "best sellers" even though the books have not yet actually been printed! Advance orders from book dealers—presumably—make this unusual phenomenon possible.
. . .Whatever the case, there's much more to the story behind the story of "best-sellers" than meets the eye. And it's a story that most of the major names in the publishing industry probably would prefer left untold.
. . .Nonetheless, a number of books dealing with the JFK assassination have reached the Times' list. Interestingly enough, though, Mark Lane's ground-breaking international best-seller, Rush to Judgment—whichdid reach the Times list—was never once reviewed by the Times, which tells us that it is the source of "all the news that's fit to print," until long after the book had become an international cause celebre.
. . .In more recent years, particularly in the wake of the release of Oliver Stone's Hollywood blockbuster, JFK, several more volumes did reach the Times' best-seller list. Final Judgment was not one of those volumes. This despite the fact that nearly 8,000 copies of Final Judgment were sold within two weeks of the book's release in January of 1994—this as a response to a single advertisement in a relatively small national weekly newspaper.
. . .Since then, no more than 300 copies of the book were purchased in bulk by dealers. All other sales were to individual buyers. In one instance, however, an enthusiastic reader purchased 100 additional copies after his favorable reception of the first two copies he ordered. Now, as a result of direct mail promotions, many thousands more copies of Final Judgment are being sold across the country with more than 40,000 copies in circulation.
. . . When the book was temporarily out of print—in the fall of 2003—there was so much demand that second-hand copies were being sold by used book dealers over the Internet for as much—at one point—as $185 a copy. Clearly, there's obviously a little bit of interest in a book that some people don't even want to admit exists!
. . .That Final Judgment has already sold so exceedingly well is quite remarkable, considering the general lack of publicity that the book has received. One much-touted JFK assassination work, The Plot to Kill the President, by former House Assassinations Committee director G. Robert Blakey, received widespread national promotion when it was released by a New York Times book publishing affiliate in 1981. Yet, Blakey's book,

*Authored by the American Free Press, publisher of the soft cover edition

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according to Blakey himself, sold only some 20,000 copies—far less than Final Judgment which received no mass media promotion whatsoever.
. . .So if you've never read anything about the JFK assassination, Final Judgment will be the only book you ever need read on the subject. If, on the other hand, you have read one or more earlier volumes on the subject, you'll be amazed at the explosive new revelations appearing in Final Judgment.
. . .Don't look for analysis of "where the shots came from" or "how many shots were fired" or "how many assassins were involved." None of that appears here. Dissecting the assassination conspiracy in its entirety, Final Judgment ties together little-known details that have been ignored or misunderstood (or even covered up) by other authors—whether by accident or by design. Final Judgment focuses on the most important question of all: Who was ultimately responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
. . .Once you've read Final Judgment, you'll never look at the JFK assassination the same way again. And you may never again trust the media to tell you all of the facts about any other important event that shaped the course of history. Above all, you'll understand how the JFK assassination conspiracy evolved as it did and why—at least until the advent of Final Judgment—the truth had never been told.
. . .It is important to note that since the first release of Final Judgment, only a handful of minor errors have been brought to the author's attention. The errors, however, had nothing whatsoever to do with the thesis of the book and were based on the research of others. Those errors have been corrected. Otherwise the conclusions reached remain unchanged.
. . .Final Judgment stands unchallenged. The only criticism has been ad homenim. Yet, name-calling does not a successful challenge make. If anything, hysterical and malicious defamation—especially considering the sources—lends credence, in its own way, to the thesis of the book.
. . .So there is indeed much more to be learned about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Final Judgment points the direction for those who wish to pursue the matter further. Final Judgment is—at least for the time being—precisely what its title suggests.
. . .Michael Collins Piper has done the work necessary to assemble this volume. Now it is up to the readers to make sure that the message imparted within these pages reaches the widest audience possible. When you've finished the book, pass it on to a friend. Order extra copies to donate to libraries and to give to opinion makers in your community. Write letters to the editors of local newspapers about the book. Call radio talk shows.
. . .Let the American people know the truth. It's all up to you. This book, if read by enough people, could play a major part—just as did the assassination of President Kennedy—in reshaping the course of world affairs. But that can only happen if enough people—who will be mad as Hell when they learn the truth—take action.
. ..Now, prepare for a remarkable journey and learn—at long last—who really killed John F. Kennedy . . . and why.

Final Judgment
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