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Final Judgment Progress

The "Big Book" on the JFK Assassination

It just keeps getting bigger and better.
The remarkable story of Final Judgment . . .

. . .The data, which follows, demonstrates the remarkable growth of this unusual volume as it has evolved since it was first published.

  • The first edition of Final Judgment, published in January of 1994, was 335 pages in length, featuring an all-black cover, and was documented with 677 footnotes. This edition was not indexed. (Copies printed: 3,000)

  • The second edition of Final Judgment, published in March of 1994, was precisely the same text, but featured a black cover highlighted by a red stripe referring to the book as "the new underground best-seller." (Copies printed: 5,000)

  • The third edition of Final Judgment, released in 1995, was revised and updated and now included an index, an additional appendix, a "who's who" of the JFK conspiracy and other data, and was expanded to 385 pages, with 746 footnotes. The gold-tinted cover illustrated an ancient Jewish parchment. (Copies printed: 6,000)

  • The fourth edition of Final Judgment, released in July of 1998, was expanded to a total of 672 pages, including 26 pages of photographs and other new material such as a new introduction by the author and eight additional appendices. This edition was documented with 1069 footnotes and featured an extended new "question and answer" section. The cover of this volume (similar to the covers of the fifth and sixth editions) featured photographs of a number of players in the JFK conspiracy. (Copies printed: two printings totaling 11,000)

  • The fifth edition of Final Judgment—publishedin July of 2000—was a grand total of 760 pages (657 numbered pages), including a new foreword and a lengthy new afterword as well as ten additional pages of photos and other material, featuring 1114 footnotes. All of the other relevant material incorporated into the third and fourth editions appeared in the 5th edition. (Copies printed: 5,000)

  • The sixth (soft cover) edition of Final Judgment, a slightly enlarged grand total of 768 pages (including photos and introductory pages), incorporates all data from previous editions plus significant new material. Some deletions of subheadings were made to accommodate important factual information added. This volume is the second printing of the 6th edition and includes a number of textual additions not appearing in the first printing of the 6th edition. The author continues to hope this will be his "last word" on the subject. (Copies printed: 15,500)

  • This Jan 2007 ebook edition includes internal hyperlink navigation.


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