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. . .Final Judgment is, beyond question, the most "controversial"—and certainly the most widely denounced—book on what is perhaps the most written-about subject in American history . . .

. . .Yet, most of those who have so hysterically condemned this book have never even read it . . .

. . . Critics viciously attack the author, but they refuse to debate him . . .

. . . This is the one book on the JFK assassination that no major publisher dared print . . .

. . .Despite all this, those open-minded individuals who have dared to read Final Judgment—including some very well-known names—have concluded that this book is the one book that most completely outlines the entirety of the conspiracy that took the life of John F. Kennedy.
. . . Final Judgment presents what the author, Michael Collins Piper, calls “the other side of the jigsaw puzzle”—the long-ignored, but otherwise freely available details (all found in “mainstream” literature), which present a stark new light on the circumstances surrounding JFK’s assassination.
. . .This book demonstrates the strong likelihood Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, collaborated alongside the CIA and the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate in the JFK assassination because President Kennedy was working to prevent Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons of mass destruction, a fact that remained a dark secret for decades.
. . .However, because it was not until the mid-1980’s that the truth about President Kennedy’s behind-the-scenes war with Israel emerged, many otherwise diligent JFK assassination researchers never considered the possibility Israel did have good reason to align with other powerful forces that wanted to remove JFK from the White House.  Once you’ve read Final Judgment you will see the evidence of likely Israeli involvement is there.
. . .Although first published in 1994, only one newspaper, a small Washington-based weekly, even mentioned the book. Despite that, Final Judgment has now sold more than 40,000 copies, achieving he proverbial status of “underground” bestseller.  Yet most Americans never heard of this groundbreaking historical bombshell or of its controversial thesis.

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However, on August 21, 1997, newspapers  across the United States―echoing a report that first appeared in The Lost Angeles Times―told the story of an uproar over a scheduled lecture at a small California college by Michael Collins Piper, the author of Final Judgment.
. . .Pro-Israel  pressure groups were working  overtime to prevent Piper from being heard.  They feared college students would be “too impressionable” and might actually take Piper’s thesis seriously.
. . .Piper was being attacked for daring to speak the truth―the little-known fact that JFK had been embroiled  in a bitter (then-secret) conflict with Israel over its drive to build a  nuclear arsenal, weapons of mass destruction.
. . .What made this so objectionable to the Israeli lobby was that in Final Judgment Piper had documented that there were multiple connections  of Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, to many key players often linked (in other widely-known books on the subject) to the JFK conspiracy―a point missed (or deliberately suppressed) by others who had studied the assassination over the years.
. . .Whether the CIA or “the Mafia” or “the right wing” or “the military industrial complex”―you name it―Piper demonstrates that the Mossad connection is there.  And that’s why his thesis is so “controversial.”
. . .If you initially have any doubts about the thesis, the author himself suggests you first take a look at the comprehensive photo section which summarizes the book . . . and  then, take  it from  there, if you dare.
. . .In recent years, as word about the explosive revelations appearing in Final Judgment began to circulate worldwide, demand for the book became so immense  that second-hand copies were selling on the Internet for as much as $185 per copy, demonstrating the drastic need for re-publication of a new, easily accessible edition of this important work.
. . .While the major media continues to ignore  Final Judgment―as much as is possible―a number of individuals whose expertise cannot be ignored have begun to publicly  lend their support to the thesis, one which becomes all the more significant in light of growing global concern about the proliferations of weapons of mass destruction in Middle East.
. . .The author continues to ask other JFK assassination theorist to debate him publicly about the thesis of Final Judgment and begs for his critics to demonstrate where he has misinterpreted facts or distorted the writings of others who have delved into the subject―but thus far no one has come forth to do so.  They either ignore his work or call him names.
. . .However, thousands of satisfied readers believe Michael Collins Piper has indeed “pinned the tail on the donkey.”

. . .Once you’ve read FINAL JUDGMENT, you’ll never look at the JFK  assassination in the same way again . . .



Final Judgment
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