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From American Free Press, Page A-1, Volume XIII, Number 40 October 7, 2013:



Here’s the never-before-explained “template for terror” first used in the JFK asssassination and later in the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9-11 tragedy that followed . . .

Sandy Hook and Boston are the latest
of this pernicious evil . . .

In the works for over a decade, this is the one book that points the definitive finger of blame at the singular force behind the major terrorist conspiracies that have rocked America in modern times . . .

Don’t let them confuse you as they did with 9-11, the OKC bombing, and the JFK assassination . . .

Immediately after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy a few honest investigators began digging into what really happened on Nov. 22, 1963. In the years that followed, there was a deliberate attempt by the controlled Media Monopoly to smear the honest researchers at the same time a flood of misinformation and disinformation about the assassination was deliberately injected into the public domain.
All sorts of misleading “theories” and phony “research” muddied the waters, redirecting attention away from WHO was responsible and into focusing instead into endless competing and distracting arguments about HOW the assassination was carried out.  As a consequence, truth seekers got bogged down in complicated discussions about how many shots were fired, where those shots hit JFK and how many assassins were involved.
The same type of thing happened after the Oklahoma City bombing and then with 9-11 and it even took place during the past year in the wake of the tragedies at Sandy Hook and Boston.
There has been a plethora of theories relating largely to inconsequential details about how these conspiracies were orchestrated and the consequence has been that much of the independent research has become bogged down in forensic and scientific debate (much of it actually ill-founded).
The result is that even many Americans who suspect there’s something wrong with the U.S. government’s “official” versions of “what happened” in these cases begin to reject the idea that real conspiracies were behind these events. The truth seekers are dismissed as “nuts.”
Finally: the one full-length book that cuts to the chase and says WHO orchestrated these events and explains the “template for terror” and the insidious propaganda measures used to CONFUSE good Americans from ever seeing the truth.You’ll be astounded at what you learn . . .



False Flags: Template for Terror
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