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. . Cutting through veritable mountains of misinformation and silence, this is the book that describes the little-known trial of Mel Mermelstein vs. the Institute for Historical Review and Liberty Lobby.
. . .Working from a six-foot pile of sworn depositions, court filings and trial records, the author confronts the most untouchable issue of our day, the so-called "Holocaust" of six million Jews by the Nazis.
. . .Neither the author, Michael Collins Piper, nor the IHR nor Liberty Lobby "deny the Holocaust." But they know – as do all criminal investigators and millions of murder mystery fans – that "the truth is in the details." And to get at the truth of the holocaust, allegedly the greatest crime of history, the details have to be known.
. . .The trial of the IHR and Liberty Lobby became the trial of Mel Mermelstein, as the reader will see. The book contains only a fraction of the whole truth about the holocaust but it is important for that reason.
. . .As it turned out, Mel Mermelstein, the self-described "best witness" to the holocaust, with the aid of five law firms, the entire press of the world and a Jewish judge, came out a bad loser against two institutions with no Establishment support whatsoever and the hostility of the press.
. . .The book will be a revelation to most readers and a bitter pill to many who may have forgotten that in America those who debunk sacred cows have rights as well as those who worship them.
. . .The author is a correspondent for The Spotlight. He is also the author of Final Judgment, a controversial "underground best-seller" that sheds stark new light on the big secret about the JFK assassination conspiracy.


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